Dusk till dawn episode 23



⏰ CHAPTER 23 ⏰

🌻 Rachel’s POV 🌻

I got home and sat angrily on the couch

How can a father be so cruel to his child?!
I can’t even begin to imagine how bad Michael must feel to have such an uncaring father
And worse? The only family member whom he loves is now against him too
I sighed
Then I decided to call James

🗨️ “Rachel” he called

“How heartless can you be James? You didn’t even call me to ask after Michael neither did you come to check up on him”

🗨️ “Sorry, I was busy with something but am on my way to the hospital now, I need to speak with Michael anyway”

“So you are going to the hospital not because you care about him but because you need to speak with him? You are slowly taking after the man you hate most James, you slowly emulating your Dad and if you don’t curb your rash emotions now, you might become worse than him” I said and ended the call

🌻 Micheal’s POV 🌻

“Julia!!!” I exclaimed as I ran down the stairs from the last floor of the hospital

“Where are you going, you aren’t supposed to be running like that!!” Nanny yelled as I ran past her

I got outside the hospital and looked around

She was just here
Where is she now?!

And then I saw her
As the men chasing her caught her and put her in a car

“Julia!” I yelled as I ran in the direction of the car and I almost bumped into a car coming into the parking lot

“Michael?” James said as he looked out the car window

“I thought you were still recovering, why…..”

“That car” I pointed at the car “Julia is in there we have to follow her” I quickly got into his car and he looked at me surprised

“Be fast!!” I yelled and he started driving following the car

The car stopped at a red traffic light and we quickly got down and ran to where the car was

“Julia!!” James exclaimed when she saw Julia from the car window

“James…” Julia cried

James tried to force the car door open and the men quickly drove in a high speed ignoring the traffic light

“We have to follow them!!” James exclaimed and we ran back to our car

By the time we got to the car and got the car started, we couldn’t see them again neither did we see the direction the followed
Nevertheless James drove around aimlessly without a direction

“I have to save her” he kept repeating

“Ahhh” I suddenly groaned as I felt pain on my chest

“What’s wrong Michael?” James pain on my chest

“I….. I can’t breathe…..it’s……it’s so painful….to….to breathe” I stuttered

“What?! Hold on Michael, I’ll take you back to the hospital right away

He turned the car around and drove off in a high speed

“Ahhh!!!” I screamed in pain
Each time I try to breath, I feel a heart wrenching pain on my chest

“Hang on Michael, we’ll be there soon” James said as he glanced at me but I was slowly loosing consciousness

🌻 James POV 🌻

“Michael don’t close your eyes! Michael stay with with me, look at me!!” I yelled and he slowly looked at me

“Don’t go out on me Michael, stay with me okay?” I said as I pressed hard on the accelerator

“James…..” Michael said weakly

“Yes Michael, keep on talking, don’t fall asleep, do not fall asleep”

“You…..do you….be….. believe me now?….. I….. I didn’t kid…..nap…… Julia” he stuttered

“I believe you Michael and am so sorry for doubting you in the first place”

“James…. I….. I can…… barely…..see you” he said as his eyelids started closing

“No Michael, we are almost there, stay with me, you have to keep talking, keep talking!!!” I yelled but his eyes were already closing

I got to the hospital, carried him out of the car and ran into the hospital

“Stay with me Michael, you can’t leave me, you must not leave me!”

The nurses brought a stretcher and took Michael from
I followed them till the door of the operation room where I was stopped and restricted from entering

“Nothing must happen to my brother doctor, you must save him” I said to the doctor

“I’ll do my best” he said rushed inside the operation room

“James” Nanny called as she walked up to me

“Where’s Michael? The doctor warned him not to do anything stressful but he suddenly ran out of the hospital some times ago, do you know…..”

“Am sorry Nanny” I cried as I hugged her “Am so sorry”

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🌻 Stefan’s POV 🌻

“Okay stop!!” Sarah said panting
“Why exactly are we running?” She asked

“I….. Umm…..”

“Don’t even think of lying Stefan cause you aren’t even good at it so tell me what am missing, what the hell is going on here?” Sarah asked and I sighed

“Things is, James think Michael isn’t the one that kidnapped Julia”

“Why will he think that?! We have proof, Julia’s parents saw him!” She said

“Yeah that’s what I thought but guess what I just happened to hear when I went back to get my car key?”

“What did you hear?” She asked

“Promise you won’t shout?”

“I’ve been a teacher for a bunch of troublesome teenagers for years now, trust me there’s nothing you’ll say that I haven’t heard before so spill” she said and I nodded

“Julia’s parents aren’t really Julia’s parents”

“What?!!!” She exclaimed

“You shouted” I said

“Who wouldn’t shout on hearing what you just said? I mean how is that possible?!”

“I have no idea Sarah that’s why we need to meet up with James right away”

“Yeah, where are we meeting him?” Sarah asked

“I’ll call him” I brought out my phone and called James

“What’s wrong?” Sarah asked

“Michael, he’s in a critical condition and is being operated on” I said

🌻 Mr Whistler’s POV 🌻

“Wait here” I said to my driver and he nodded

I angrily walked in to the house I kept Julia hostage

The 3 men I hired were there with Julia

“Sir….” I slapped him before he could complete his words

“How could let her try escaping?!!” I yelled “What if you were not able to capture her back! Is such a small girl more than you 3 combined or did I hire the wrong people!”

“Sorry Sir, it won’t happen again” they apologised

“It better not cause if it those, I promise you, you won’t live to see the sunset of that day”

“Take it easy on then Whistler, they weren’t slow, I was just very fast” Julia and I faced her

“Did you just call me Whistler?”

“If you dislike me calling you by last names then you can just tell me your first name, I’ll call you with that” she said and I took a gun from one of the men standing beside me and pointed it at her

“You aren’t going to kill me” she said

“Think so?” I said as I cocked the gun

“You still need me, you still need me to keep James by your side”

“You aren’t the only way I have of controlling James so I can kill you now if I want to” I said and she closed her eyes

“Kill me then”

“You don’t seem to be afraid of death” I said

“Death? I don’t know how but am oddly familiar with death and I am certainly not afraid of it, only thing an sad about is that am not able tell James how much I love him and am not able to say goodbye to my poor parents” she said and I laughed

“How foolish and clueless you are, you have no parents in this world Julia, you are all alone” I said as I dropped the gun

“What…..did you do something to my parents? What did you do to my parents?!!” She yelled and I laughed again

“I didn’t touch your parents, fate did, long ago” I said and faced one of the men

“Did James see her?” I asked and he nodded

“Your two sons saw her, both James and Michael” he said and I sighed

“I’ll have to go clean up the mess your negligence has caused”

🌻 Jame’s POV 🌻

Nanny and I waited outside the operation room
The doctor was still inside with Michael

“Please be fine Michael, please be fine” I prayed silently

“James” Stefan called as he walked in with Sarah

“Are you okay man?” He asked and I nodded

“How’s Michael doing?” Sarah asked

“We don’t know yet”

“But what happened man? I thought he was recovering” Stefan said

“According to the doctor, after that huge asthma attack he got due to his allergy, he was unable to breath for hours and his lung swelled up, making breathing a bit hard for him, he was going to recover in a few days if he followed the doctor’s instructions and stayed away from any kind of stress but….”

“But he ran out today to help Julia” I said interrupting Nanny “He neglected his health just to save Julia and I was suspecting him of kidnapping her, Rachel was right, I am slowly turning into the monster I hate”

“You shouldn’t blame yourself James” Nanny said as she hugged me “Everything will be fine”

“James” Stefan called and I looked up “You’ll want to know what we found out at the Campbell’s place”

“What did you find out?” I asked and he looked around

“You sure it’s safe to speak here?”

“Don’t worry, Nanny is with me, she can be trusted” I said and he nodded

“Mr and Mrs Campbell aren’t Julia’s parents”

“What!!!” I exclaimed

“I overheard them arguing and apparently they’ve been acting as Julia parents for years, Mr Campbell was telling his wife he wanted to quit the act but his wife persuaded him saying everything is almost over”

“Wait a minute, slow down, you lost me at Mr and Mrs Campbell isn’t Julia’s parents” I said

“I was as shocked as you are too” Sarah said

“If they aren’t Julia’s parents then who are they? And why have they been acting like her parents for years?” I asked……

……..to be continued…….