Dusk till dawn episode 24



⏰ CHAPTER 24 ⏰

🌻 James POV 🌻

“What happened to Michael?” Rachel ran to meet us panting “I…. I went to his hospital room and the nurse told me he was here, he was doing fine when I left him in the morning so what happened to him now?!”

I slowly lowered my head and Rachel looked at me

“Was it you? Were you the cause of this? What did you do to Michael James!!” She yelled and Nanny held her

“It’s not his fault Rachel, calm down and come over here, I’ll explain what happened” Nanny said as she took Rachel away

“Am I the only one left in awe with the Rachel just spoke to James?” Stefan asked

“You are not Stefan, I am awed too, I thought she loves James but with the she just yelled at him, one will think he loved Michael instead of him” Sarah said

The doctor came out of the operation room and we all have to meet him

“He is fine, for now” he said “But we’ll have to keep him under strict monitoring, he should not be made to undergo any kind of stress that increases his breathing rate else I don’t think I’ll be able to save him next time”

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“There won’t be a next time doctor, I’ll make sure of that” I assured

🌻 Mr Whistler’s POV 🌻

“You called for me Sir” Tyler said as he walked into my office

“I need you to do something for me, something of the book and classified”

“What’s it Sir?” He asked

“It seems history might just repeat itself again” I said and looked at him “Remember how Andrea died?”

“Yes sir” he nodded

“If am not obeyed, someone might die again that way and I need your help to make it happen but first I need you to deliver a message to Michael”

🌻 Micheal’s POV 🌻

“Are you okay? Are you in pain anywhere?” James and Rachel asked looking worried and I smiled

The two people I love most is on my side right now

“What’s up with the smile? Did you wake up from a good dream?” Stefan asked and I chuckled

“Rather than waking up from a dream, I feel am still in one” I said

James placed his hand on my shoulders affectionately

“Never give me such a scare again” he said

“Am sorry” I said with a smile

“And stop smiling, you have a creepy smile” he said and I chuckled

“What creepy smile, I love his smile” Rachel said

“Woah!!!!” Stefan and Sarah exclaimed

“Okay, are you guys dating?” Sarah asked

“What! Da…. dating?!” Rachel exclaimed

“With the way you were so worried before, you even threatened……” Sarah was saying but Rachel quickly covered her mouth

“I think you’ve said enough” Rachel said

“Will you two stop teasing my brother? What about you guys? You are always together and there’s this closeness between you two, are you dating?” James asked and they coughed

“How can you think of such a thing James” Sarah said

“Yeah, am only with her cause you asked me to go with her to Julia’s place” Stefan said and we laughed

All the people I love is right here with me, I hope this to be my happy ending

The door opened and Tyler walked in
Everywhere was suddenly silent as everyone stared at him

“Why did you guys stop? One could hear your laughter and chattering from down the hall” Tyler said

“When can’t keep laughing when a double-crosser and deceitful person like you walks into the room” Stefan said

Rachel’s phone suddenly rang and she picked it up

“Am sorry guys, I have to go, there’s an emergency at my office, I’ll be back in no time” Rachel said and ran out

“Don’t mind me, am just here to deliver a message” Tyler said

“Mr Whistler knows all that happened today and he doesn’t want to deceive anyone anymore, Julia is with him and she could die if you all don’t obey him, he wants you to sign this” he said as he gave me some documents

I read the papers and James collected it from me and read it too

“What does it say?” Stefan asked

“Nonsense!” James said and threw the papers away “He wants Michael to take the blame of kidnapping Julia and go to jail for it, you aren’t signing any papers Michaell”

“Wha…..what about Julia?” I asked

“He won’t kill Julia, he needs Julia to control me” James said

“Maybe that’s true” Tyler said “But Rachel isn’t of much importance to Mr Whistler”

“He won’t dare touch Rachel!” I said

“Have you guys suddenly forgotten how Andrea died? There’s nothing Mr Whistler can’t do and that includes making Rachel get into an accident in the next 10 minutes if you don’t sign those papers” Tyler said

“Give….. give me the papers, I’ll…. I’ll sign it” I quickly said

“What are you saying Michael, you aren’t signing anything!” James said

“You don’t know our father!!” I yelled “I’ve lived with him for the past 15 years and I know very well what he is capable of, he…. He hates me and he won’t hesitate to kill Rachel just to see me hurt”


“I can’t let her die! I love her James, I love her!!” I yelled as tears rolled down my face

“Please calm down Michael” Stefan said

“Yes, doctor said you shouldn’t be so stressed up” Sarah said

“I don’t care what the doctor said, I can’t let her die!” I said as I made to get down from my bed and pick up the documents but James held me back

“Look at me Michael, look at me!!” James yelled as he held my shoulders

“Do you trust me?” He asked and I nodded

“I won’t let what happened to Andrea and I happen to you and Rachel, I won’t let her die, I’ll save her for you so you have trust me and not sign those papers okay?” He said

“Will you trust your elder brother on this?” He asked again and I nodded

“Don’t…. don’t let her die” I said

“She won’t” he said and took his car keys

“Stefan, make sure to keep this asshole here till I come back with Rachel” James said as he walked out
…….to be continued……