Dusk till dawn episode 26



⏰ CHAPTER 26 ⏰

🌻 James POV 🌻

“What?!” I said unsure of what I heard

“You heard me James, Julia is Andrea, your childhood first love, the one you’ve been mourning for years” Dad said

“You are a big liar!!” I yelled “Andrea has been dead for over 12 years now, you are just saying this to try and save your skin”

“You know am not lying James, you know there’s some truth in what am saying, don’t tell me you didn’t notice anything similar between Andrea and Julia, have Julia never reminded you of Andrea?” He asked and the memories rushed into my head

All the times I had mistook Julia for Andrea

“Is…..is my…. Andrea really….. really alive, is she really Julia?” I stuttered and Dad nodded

“But…..but how? She died right in my arms”

“She didn’t, she went into a coma in your arms and while she was being treated, I had made the doctor fake her death and give you a false announcement cause I knew how rebellious you are and I knew she will make the perfect weapon to use in controlling you later on and it seemed like fate was on my side when Andrea finally woke up and she lost her memory, she couldn’t remember anything at all including her name so I gave her a new identity and a new parent” Dad took his phone from the desk

“I’ll let you speak to your Andrea once” he dialled his phone

“Give the phone to Julia, oh I meant Andrea” he said over the phone and then handed it to me

“An….. Julia” I stuttered not sure of which name to call her

🗨️ “James!” She called and a tear rolled down my face “James get me out of here please, am tired of this place I want to come back” she cried and my heart broke

“You’ll be back home Julia, I’ll bring you back home I promise” I said and Dad collected the phone and ended the call

“Will you really that promise you just made?” He asked

“What do you want?!” I glared at him

“Simple, let me leave before the cops arrive and do not follow me” he said

“And what do I get in return?”

“I’ll text you where to meet Julia and I when am safely out of here”

“How do I know you’ll really keep your end of the bargain?” I asked

“You don’t, you don’t have any choice but to trust me cause if you don’t, I won’t go down alone, your pretty love will go with me” he smirked

“Nothing must happen to her” I said

“Then do as I say and let me go”

“You aren’t really thinking of letting him go are you? We both know you can’t trust a word he says, the cops will be here soon, they’ll arrest him and get Julia’s whereabouts from him” Stefan said and Dad laughed

“Do you really think that I didn’t think that far, the moment the news of my arrest spreads out, my men will find out and they will kill Julia immediately so are you willing to take the risk?”

“Come on James, don’t tell me you believe him, he’s obviously bluffing” Stefan said

“You do not know me Stefan, you do not know what am capable of and unless you want me to show you how I treat those I don’t like, you will keep shut” Dad said and turned to me “You know what am capable of and more than you, Tyler knows if am bluffing or not” he said and I looked at Tyler

“I don’t think his bluffing James” Tyler said “If he kills Julia, it won’t be the first time he’ll be doing it before, he has done worse to people James, much worse just to achieve his aim”


“Enough!!” I yelled cutting Stefan short

“2 days” I said to Dad “If you do not contact me in 2 days I will find you myself and no matter how long it takes me, I will find you and I will kill you”

He chuckled and looked at me “Don’t worry James, I’ll definitely contact you, you just made me into a wanted person destroying all I’ve worked for so I must get my revenge on all of you, see you when that time comes”

He walked out, entered his car and drove out of the Mansion

“I hope you won’t regret your decision in the end James” Stefan said

Soon, the police siren was heard and the cops trooped into the Mansion

“We finally got the arrest warrant, where is Mr Whistler?” They asked

I walked out and drove out of the Mansion in a high speed

🌻 Micheal’s POV 🌻

“Did it work? Is he finally arrested? Where’s James” I asked curiously as Tyler and Stefan walked in

“What’s going on?” Rachel asked but they remained quiet

“Come on guys, speak up!!” I yelled

“He left before the cops arrived” Stefan said

“And why did you guys let him leave?!”

“He was going kill Andrea” Tyler said

“Who’s Andrea and why….. Wait a minute, which Andrea are referring cause the one I know is dead” I said

“Apparently she’s still alive and she’s Julia” Stefan said


“Mr Whistler faked her death back then” Tyler said and my jaw dropped


“Where is James?” I asked again

“He left, I don’t know where” Stefan said

“Where could he have gone to? He must be so heartbroken right now” Sarah said

“Give me your car keys Rachel” I said to Rachel

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“Why? Where are you going?” She asked

“I might have an idea to where James is” I said as I took the car key from Rachel

“But the doctor…..”

“I need to be there for my brother!” I said and then sighed “I won’t stress myself up, I promise you I’ll be fine okay?” Rachel nodded and I walked out


“Where are coming from James, I’ve been waiting for you?” The 10 year old me asked

“Sorry Mickey, Dad isn’t in right?” James asked and I nodded

“You had a fight with Dad again didn’t you?”

“We always have a fight Micheal, you know that” he said

“So you went off to Andrea’s place again?”

“How did you guess that?!” He looked at me surprised

“You told me remember? Andrea’s home is like a safe haven for you, you always go there when you are sad or heartbroken” I said and he smiled

“You know me so well Micheal”

*****Flashback Ends******

I drove straight to Glovers road, to Andrea’s home 12 years ago

I packed in front of an old looking house which used to be like any other average house back then

The house was handed over to James when Andrea and her father died but he never sold it out so it’s still here

I walked into house and it reeked of abandonment

Could you be here James?
Do I still know you enough to guess right where you are just like when we were young?

I heard a whimpering sound I quickly turned around

“James?” He sat with his head on his knees right beside the door

“James” I called as I crouched beside him and he looked up with teary eyes

“She’s alive Micheal, my Andrea is alive!” He said and I nodded

“I mourned her 12 years and fate decided to pity me Micheal, fate decided to bring her back to me, she was by my side all this while and I had no idea” he said

“But you know now and you can make things right”

“How can I Micheal? How can I when fate only gave me a taste of happiness and took it away again, Dad can kill her anytime and there’s absolutely nothing I can do, it hurts Micheal, to know that the one you love is in danger yet you are able to do nothing to save her!” He cried and I placed his head on my shoulder

“We will find her James, fate will smile on you again, am sure it will” I said and he sobbed……

Days passed and I was discharged from the hospital and we all went back to the Mansion

All Dad’s fraudulent deeds were revealed thanks to Tyler and he was placed on a Nationwide hunt

The company he sacrificed his own family for, was collapsing and he was on the run

And James? He barely talks to anyone
Dad has not contacted him like he promised and it’s slowly killing him
He goes out early in the morning and comes back late in the night doing god knows what
Nanny was the only one trying to help us back to our normal selves cause Dad being on the run had it toll on each of us

“James didn’t eat again?” I asked as Nanny walked down the stairs with a tray of food and she nodded

“It breaks me to see him like this Micheal, he didn’t eat any breakfast too neither did he eat lunch and now he’s skipping dinner again” Nanny said and I collected the tray from her

“Don’t worry, I’ll make sure he eats”

“Please do Micheal, please” Nanny said and I mustered up a smile

I climbed up the stairs and took the tray to James room and I met him dressing up

“Are you going somewhere?” I asked surprised and he faced me

“I need you to do something very important for me Micheal” he said….

🌻 James POV 🌻

I drove out of the Mansion into the night
I drove far to the port at the edge of the city

I got to the dock and I stepped out of my car

“Am here alone as you requested, come out here you coward!” I yelled as I turned in a circle trying to find him

“Come out!!”

“How bad of you address your own father as a coward James” he said and I followed the trail of the voice and I saw them out of an empty ship with…..with Julia

“Julia!” I yelled as I made to run to her

“An inch further and I’ll blow her brain out” Dad said as he pointed a gun to Julia’s head and I stopped on my track

“It’s a trap James, you shouldn’t have come” Julia cried

“You’ve become a fool James, did you really think I’ll hand her back to you alive? After all you and your foolish brother have done by destroying the company I worked and sacrificed everything for, did you think I’ll let you take her freely?! I didn’t call you here to take her James, I called you to witness her death for real this time” he said as he aimed at her head

“No no please, please Dad don’t this, I’ll do whatever you want just don’t take her away from me again!!” I yelled

“Too late” he said as he made to shoot her but the police siren suddenly filled up the place and the cars closed in on us

Michael, Stefan and Tyler stepped out of the car along with the cops

“Drop your weapon!” The cops yelled and Dad laughed

“I know you James and did you think I didn’t expect this? My company was all I lived for and now that it’s gone, I will go down but not alone” he said as he shot his gun

“Julia!!!” I yelled as I ran to catch her

“Julia, no, stay with me” I said and she a tear rolled down her face

“James” she muttered as her eyes closed

“Don’t do this to me again Andrea, you can’t die on me again!!!” I yelled……

……to be continued…..


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