Echoes of Loneliness

Echoes of Loneliness Episode 33 – 34


Echoes of Loneliness

Part 33 – Let The Game Begin

Me: Hey sweetheart

Warona: Hey sister

Me: Are you hungry?

Warona: No

Me: Are you sure?

Warona: Yes

Me: Okay, go freshen up

Warona: Hold on, please tell me something

Me: What is it?

Warona: What is s£x?

Me: Huh?

Warona: s£x?

Where did she get this word from?

Me: Uhm… I… s£x is… Uhm… Yes, a male and a female. For example, today I went to the hospital and found out what the s£x of my baby is

Warona: Huh?

Me: Oh God. Waro baby, s£x is a male and a female

Warona: What is a male and a female?

Me: A male is a boy and a female is a girl

Warona: (Smiles) Really?

Me: Yes

Warona: So what did that girl mean when she said that very soon men will have s£x with me?

Me: Huh?

People are now provoking me. Who said such disturbing things to my little sister? I swear to God, I am being provoked and I will retaliate. I am not going to let this go.

Warona: She said that very soon men will have s£x with me

Me: Who said that?

Warona: Mumsy

Is Mumsy back? Didn’t she go to Thabo’s house with Alicia?

Me: Mumsy?

Warona: Yes

Me: When did she say those things to you?

Warona: Yesterday

Me: And you are only telling me today?

Warona: I forgot to tell you, sorry

Me: Well, she didn’t mean anything

Warona: But she wasn’t saying it for the first time

Me: Really?

Warona: Yes

Me: Go freshen up, I’ll ask her what she meant

Warona: Aren’t you bathing me today?

Me: I am coming. Go to the bathroom so long

Warona: Okay

Me: Kisses?

She kissed me and went to the bathroom.

I swear to God, I am not going to let Mumsy get away with this. Didn’t Alicia tell her that she shouldn’t mess with me?

[An Hour Later]

Waro is sleeping so I thought that I should go and check up on Rita. I heard that she is out of danger now and she’s conscious. She’s a “die hard” just like Alicia.


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found Joseph and Rita arguing about Alex. It’s quite clear that Alex makes them restless.

Me: Hey Rita, how are you?

Rita: Not now Wame, please leave

Me: I want to apologize to you for what I did



Who is this Alex?

Rita: WAME!!!

Me: Sorry. I am leaving

Joseph: Wame, wait

Me: Yes?

Joseph: I have his photo. He’s a real fool. He sent me a note with his photo

No Joseph, Alex is not a fool. He really wanted you to have his photo so you are a fool.

Rita: Honey, why are you telling her?

Joseph: Because I already asked her to help me. Don’t worry, she can be trusted

Rita: Did you tell her everything?

Joseph: No

Rita: Good then. I also trust her

I wonder what is “Everything”.

Joseph: And I also gave her a phone today to help me find Alex on social media


Okay, no problem

Me: May I see his photo please? I actually have so many people by the name Alex on Facebook

Rita: The surname should be Evans

Me: (Smiles) Really?

Rita: Yes. Why are you smiling?

Me: Because I have someone by the name Alex Evans on Facebook

Rita: You do?

Me: Yes

Rita: Honey, show Wame the photo of Alex

It’s quite clear that Joseph told Rita everything but he lied about the phone, I mean I had the phone for so long.

Joseph: Sure

Joseph showed me the photo.

Rita: Is he the same person you have on Facebook?

Me: Yes. He’s really handsome

Rita: I know and you are also beautiful so do your work

Me: Should I text him?

Rita: Yes

Me: Okay. I’ll leave now

Rita: Where are you going? Text him right here

Me: Oh. Well, I am going to get the phone. It’s in my bedroom

Rita: Okay, hurry up

Me: Joseph did not know Alex’s surname so how do you know his surname, Rita?

Rita: Joshua just told us his surname

Me: I see. Where’s Joshua?

Rita: He went out

Me: Okay

Rita: Go and get the phone

Me: Cool

I went to my bedroom and quickly called Alex. I warned him about everything. I also told him that I am going to text him in Rita and Joseph’s presence.

I then cleared the call history and everything else that needed to be cleared then went back to Rita and Joseph.

Me: What should I say to him?

Rita: “Hey handsome, do you want to meet?”

Me: What? Are you…

I kept quiet. I almost asked her if she’s crazy.

Joseph: No Wame, don’t listen to Rita

Rita: But…

Joseph: Rita please

Me: Okay, I am on Facebook now

Rita: Who’s Lesego Modisane?

Me: My Facebook name

Rita: Oh, but why?

Me: It doesn’t matter. It’s just a name I love

Rita: Did you have to use Nina’s surname?

Me: I like her so yes


Okay then. Text Alex

Me: Sure

Lord, please don’t let Alex say something that will make both Rita and Joseph suspect us. Amen.

[Facebook Conversation]

Me: Hey Alex

Alex: Hi, do I know you?

Me: No, you don’t

Alex: Okay, how may I help you?

Me: How are you?

Alex: I am fine thanks and you?

Me: I am also fine. You are really handsome hey

Alex: Thank you. Unfortunately I can’t tell you that you are beautiful because I haven’t checked your pictures

Me: I understand

Alex: Do you give me permission to check them?

Me: Of course (With a winking face)

[Five Minutes Later]

Alex: Wow, you are very beautiful (With inlove emoji)

Me: Thank you (With a blushing face)

Alex: I actually didn’t know that I have you on Facebook. I am interested in you

Me: Really?

Alex: Yes, really

Me: Don’t you have a girlfriend?

Alex: No. I am a very busy person. I don’t have time for some things

Me: Get a life

Alex: Give me a life (With a smiling face)

Me: Let’s skype?

Alex: Let me get back to you later. I am still busy with some work

Me: Sure. Later then

Alex: Later (With a smiling face)

I logged off and looked at Rita.

Me: What do you think?

Rita: Great start

Joseph: Yes, you did good. No man can resist you. You are really beautiful

Rita: Joseph, stop it

Joseph: I am just complimenting her

Me: (Smiles) Thank you, Joseph

Rita: Wame, leave. I need to speak to my husband. Let us know when Alex is ready to skype with you

Me: Sure

I left.

This is just the beginning of good life. I can’t wait to be free.

God, I thank you for Alex’s life. I don’t know a lot about him but I already like him. He’s a real definition of a real friend.

Part 34 – Step Three


Wame just walked in my room and locked the door.

Me: Hey honey

Wame: Who are you?

Me: Huh?


Me: What do you mean?

Wame: Why did you lie to me?

Me: About what?

Wame: Everything

Me: What are you talking about?

Wame: Aren’t you my mother’s twin sister?

How does she know?

Me: Uhm… Me?

Wame: Are you the one who killed my mother?

She just broke my heart.

Me: How can you ask me that question?

Wame: And how can you lie to me?

Me: I didn’t lie to you, I just kept the truth from you

Wame: But why?

Me: Because you are still weak. You will never be able to handle the truth

Wame: Weak?

Me: Yes

Wame: I am not

Me: You are.

Wame: I am not. Just tell me the truth

Me: No Wame

Wame: You are just like Rita

Me: I can never be like her

Wame: Who killed my parents?

Me: I don’t know. Some people say that it was an accident, some people say that…

Wame: I don’t want to hear that. My parents were murdered. It’s obvious now and you know the people who murdered my parents

Warona knocked on the door. I can tell that it’s Warona, she’s forever making noise especially when the door is locked.

Me: That must be Warona, I’ll get the door

Wame: Sure

I opened the door for Warona.

Warona: Mother, have you seen my sister?

Me: Come inside

Warona: No, I want my sister

Me: She’s inside

Warona: In your room?

Me: Yes. Don’t just stand outside. Come in

Warona: Okay

She came inside.

Warona: Sister, I am hungry

Wame: Okay, let’s go

Warona: Why do you look sad?

Wame: I am not sad

Warona: Mother Nina, is she…


Warona: Why are you yelling at me?

Wame: Let’s go

Warona: Did the two of you fight?

Me: No honey, Wame was just telling me that she is missing her mother and father

Warona: Oh, make her feel better then

Me: How?

Warona: Hug her. She always hug and kiss me when I am sad

Wame stormed out of the room.

Warona: Aunt… Uhh… Mother Nina, my sister is very upset. You are very bad. Don’t be like Rita

She also left.

I can never be like Rita and I don’t know what happened to my sister and her husband. I loved my sister just like the way Wame loves Warona.

[Hours Later]


Mumsy and Alicia are back. They found me in the kitchen.

Alicia: Hi, Wame

Me: Sure

Mumsy: Hey babe

Me: Who’s your “babe”?

Mumsy: What’s wrong with you?

Me: Why did you do it?

Mumsy: Do what?

Me: What gives you the right to tell my little sister that men will soon have s£x with her?

Mumsy: Me? I didn’t

Me: Really?

Mumsy: Yes, I didn’t. You can even ask Alicia

Alicia: Me? I don’t know anything

Mumsy: Alicia, what are you saying?

Alicia: But it’s the truth

She quickly left the kitchen, leaving Mumsy behind.

Me: Do you want a fight?

Mumsy: No

Me: You are going to have to tell my sister different meaning of your words or else I’ll send you to the grave

Mumsy: Where’s your sister?

Me: She’s in my room. Come with me

Mumsy: Okay

Me: You smell bad. Why didn’t you bath after sleeping with those men?

Mumsy: Uhh…

Me: Come with me

We went to my bedroom. We found Michaela with Warona and Kate.

Michaela: What is she doing here?

Me: She came to speak to Warona

Michaela: About what?

Me: Just wait. Mumsy, speak

Mumsy: Warona honey, do you remember the things I said to you? Well I meant that God will soon bless you

Warona: But you said men…

Mumsy: Men is the other name for God

Warona and Kate srarted laughing.

Kate: You are so old and stupid. Why?

Warona: How can she not be stupid when her friend is Alicia?

They laughed even more.

I am getting worried now. I need to get my sister out of this place before I lose her to the bad world. She’s really growing up, it’s scary.

Mumsy: Ask your sister

Kate: One man, two men

Mumsy: Huh?

Kate: The teacher said men is a group of males

Warona: Wow, Kate. You are so smart. I wish I could be in your class. My teacher does not teach us big things but my sister told me that a male is a boy and a female is a girl

Kate: That’s true. Listen to me Waro, Joseph alone is a man but when Joseph is with Joshua both of them are men

Warona: Oh, I didn’t know

Kate: Now you know

Warona: Can I go to your class tomorrow?

Kate: I am five years old and you are only four years old so you can’t

Warona: But do you promise to teach me the things I don’t know?

Kate: Sure

Warona: Joseph and Joshua are men so what about Rita and Mother Nina?

I can’t believe that they forgot about Mumsy. I had to tell Mumsy to leave because these children will keep on ignoring her. I hope that she’ll stay away from my sister.

Kate: Rita and aunt Nina are women

Warona: Oh, but why?

Kate: Because they are females. A group of females is girls or women. Rita and aunt Nina are older than us so they are not girls but women. You and I are girls

Warona: (Smiles) Wow, thank you for teaching me

Kate: You are my friend so I will always teach you

I looked at Michaela who couldn’t stop smiling.

Me: They are beautiful, aren’t they?

Michaela: Very beautiful and they are really growing up

Me: That’s true

Michaela: Thank you

Me: For what?

Michaela: You helped me love my sister. You told me that I should never abandon her and you also love her like she’s your own sister. Look at her, she’s so intelligent and happy

Me: It’s because of love. Keep on loving her, she’ll bring happiness in your life

Michaela: That’s true

The guard came in and told me that Joseph wants to see me right now so I took my phone and followed the guard.

On my way to see Joseph, the door bell rang so I told the guard that I will get the door and go to see Joseph.

I then walked to the door and opened it. The man standing at the door looks familiar. Where did I see him?

Me: Hey, are you looking for the owners of the orphanage?

Him: Yes

Me: And who are you?

Him: Keith Evans. Can’t you recognize me?

Me: Alex’s brother? What are you doing here?

Him: I am here for step three

Me: Huh?

“Wame, I called you. Did you have to get the door when there are so many people around?” Said Joseph walking towards the door. He was busy on the phone. I can’t wait for him to look at the person standing at the door. Obviously they know one another.

To be continued…

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