Enchanted By A Cursed Prince

Enchanted by a cursed prince episode 55 – 56

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(h¡s personal taste from anoth£r world )

✍️by authoress gabby Daniel ✍️
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Chapter 55 & 56


✍️authoress gabby pov ✍️


“$h£’s pregnant” Th£ doctor words kept r!ng!ng !nto k!ng Norman’s ears

h£ stared at h¡s face releas!ng h¡s grip from th£ doctors collar s1©wly

” Th£ queen is pregnant? “K!ng Norman asked aga!n to be sure if h£ h£ard well

Th£ doctor smile dis₱|@y!ng h¡s cute dimples

“yes my K!ng…. Th£ queen Is pregnant” Th£ doctor replied

“yes!! “K!ng Norman suddenly s¢r**med

“my pr!ncess is pregnant “h£ s¢r**med,, h£ smile suddenly and ₱v||ed th£ doctor !nto a hug

Th£ doctor was shocked and tried to ₱v|| ©vt but k!ng Norman h£ld h¡m firmly

h£ let go after a while and rush ©vt …….h£ hurried h¡s pace as h£ walked to h£r ward. h£ opened it and entered before shutt!ng it beh!nd

h¡s saw h£r fac!ng th£ wall….. j√$t h£r face was bandaged.

K!ng Norman could see h£r eyes opened and as if $h£ noticed h¡s pres£nce, $h£ turned to face h¡m

A tears dropped off h£r eyes mere see!ng h¡m

“don’t you dare cry! “h£ said seriously and touch£d th£ bandage on h£r face

“my b©dy… It’s burn!ng…it hurt!”$h£ cried and a tears escaped h¡s eyes too

h£ took h£r [email protected] and planted a klzz on it

“I’m sorry my pr!ncess…..i’m sorry for everyth!ng h£ made you pa$$ through “h£ muttered

“I miss you !nsanely,,,,, I love you”h£ klzzed h£r [email protected] aga!n. Giselle shut h£r eyes and let th£ tears rolled d©wΠ h£r face

“you’ll be f!ne pr!ncess “h£ said star!ng at h£r stomach and smile sadly

“go to b£d……i will stay all night and watch you sleep” h£ said and $h£ nodded s1©wly. K!ng Norman touch£d h£r stomach as $h£ shut h£r eyes

“gonna be a fath£r soon”h£ thought and smile widely , roam!ng h¡s [email protected] on h£r stomach….. h¡s joy knew no bounds

h£ stood up and klzz h£r hair and resume star!ng at h£r face as $h£ slept peacefvlly
Jim!n kept walk!ng d©wΠ th£ lonely road of New Orleans….. h£ covered h¡s hair with th£ cap of th£ hoodie h£ was putt!ng on. h£ tugged h¡s [email protected] !nto h¡s [email protected] pocket as h£ walked

h¡s kept walk!ng until h£ stopped opposite a house. Th£ same house h£ had grown…… Th£ same house h¡s parents had lived.

h£ walked to th£ door. h£ raised h¡s [email protected] and balled h¡s fist to give th£ door a knock. h¡s [email protected] hang !n th£ air as h£ f!nd it [email protected] to knock

“how was h¡s moth£r gonna received h¡m?…. How will it feel to be [email protected]¢k home after so many years??” h£ thought

“h¡s kid sister that was still !n th£ belle wh£n h£ was abducted.. How is $h£ gonna look like right now?… Cute? Endeavour?? Pretty face??….. Is $h£ gonna be a bone !n h¡s throat? “h£ thought and chuckled on h¡s own thought

h£ smiled sadly aga!n…..

“was h£ really worthy to come [email protected]¢k home?? “h£ thought aga!n

“I tortured someone …… I listened to th£ devil who locked me up….i went aga!nst fath£r’s teach!ng….. I’m really not worthy to come [email protected]¢k home as your son….. I’m bad “h£ said and h£ b¡t£ on h¡s lower l¡p to suppress h¡s tears

h£ h£ard th£ [email protected] of door knob twist!ng and h£ quickly hid

Th£ door opened widely and h£ saw h¡s moth£r walked ©vt.

It’s dark so no one will [email protected] see h¡m !n th£ corner h£ was hid!ng

Tanaish brought h£r scarf. $h£ covered h£r hair with it and wr*₱ped th£ rema!n!ng length of it @r0vnd h£r shoulders

$h£ walked d©wΠ th£ road as $h£ h£ed to th£ nearby church. Jim!n followed h£r secretly as $h£ entered th£ church

Tanaish looked @r0vnd and jim!n quickly hid…. $h£ h£aved before walk!ng to th£ alter. $h£ knelt d©wΠ and soonest h£r tears started ₱0ur!ng d©wΠ aga!n

“please Lord…. Br!ng [email protected]¢k my son….. I believe h£’s still alive….. I begged of you ” $h£ said cry!ng so [email protected] already

“Mum!! “Jim!n wh¡spered to h¡mself as h£ started cry!ng too

h£’s hurt!ng and same with h¡s moth£r.

“I know I’m a devil….. I hated Giselle with©vt no reason. I treated h£r badly….. It wasn’t h£r fault that jim!n left…… $h£ did all h£r best to make us happy . My husband was sick and $h£ had to work !n th£ palace j√$t for h¡m…. $h£ went through h£ll too but I never for once thought of it…… $h£’s a pure soul who lost h£r parents. $h£ loves me despite th£ way I hated h£r….. Please Lord forgive me for all I have committed…….keep h£r safe. Please I’m sorry…… I miss my son! Please br!ng h¡m [email protected]¢k to me” Tanisha said and Jim!n [email protected]

“Giselle never did anyth!ng”h£ wh¡spered and cried m©r£

“$h£ took ¢ar£ of my family and still I hurt h£r….. I’m a devil”h£ cried m©r£ and ru$h£d ©vt unable to bear th£ scene anym©r£


“hurry up mom…. we’re gonna miss Giselle welcome [email protected]¢k party ” Audrey said as $h£ f!ni$h£d up with th£ park!ng

Th£y’re gonna be stay!ng !n th£ palace till Giselle gives birth

“hold on… I’ll soon be done” Tanaish replied from th£ bathroom

$h£ came ©vt after some m!nutes….. $h£ was dressed up already

Today was Giselle welcome party. $h£ has been !n th£ hospital for a month now. Lots of people visited h£r at th£ hospital br!ng!ng gifts for h£r and th£ unborn pr!nce

Th£ happ!ness on th£ day $h£ was told $h£’s pregnant was ©vt of th£ world

h£r joy def!nitely means no bounds. j√$t a week ago th£ dermatologist had stopped everyone from see!ng h£r except K!ng Norman. h£ wants everyone one to be surprised on how h£’s gonna treat h£r b©dy.

S!nce th£ Maxillofacial surgeons has did th£ facial surgery on h£r face already, it was much easier s!nce th£ scar !n th£ left side of h£r face was gone…

“let’s go! ” Tanaish replied and Audrey nodded



Th£ night seems m©r£ beautiful…… Music filled th£ air

Th£ Royal families, !nclud!ng th£ guards and maids all l!ned up wait!ng for th£ arrival of th£ K!ng and h¡s queen

“Th£y’re h£re! “Th£ chief guard announced. Th£ music stopped and everywh£re was silent wait!ng for th£ K!ng and Queen to come d©wΠ from th£ car

“I’m nervous! “Giselle said as $h£ wasn’t mak!ng effort to come ©vt of th£ car

K!ng Norman smile and touch£d th£ side of h£r face. No m©r£ scar….. It was gloomy. $h£ looks m©r£ beautiful

“you’re so f!ne…. “h£ said and Giselle rolled h£r eyes

“you kept say!ng that for th£ hundredth time today”$h£ replied and h£ giggled

h£ felt so lucky to have h£r

“I’m lucky”h£ said touch!ng h¡s hair

“stop say!ng that…. I’m nervous “$h£ replied

“Should I carry you! ” h£ said and $h£ shook h£r h£ad

“nope! I will walk…. j√$t own me t!ght”$h£ replied

“sure”h£ replied

“!n 1….” K!ng Norman said and $h£ breath£ ©vt


$h£ ₱u$h£d th£ car door opened, same with h¡m

Everyone started clapp!ng as th£y both came ©vt

“Only h£avens!! ”

“is that our queen…… Oh no it’s an angel”

“h£r sk!n is fv¢k!ng gloomy”

“Th£…. th£ scar…. It’s gone ”

m©r£ and m©r£ wh¡sper!ng arose

“is that Giselle”Audrey asked with h£r m©vth dropped as th£ gla$$ of dr!nk fell off h£r [email protected]

“$h£’s cute…. I can’t believe th¡s”$h£ added still not shutt!ng h£r m©vth

K!ng Norman walked !n arm with Giselle….. Th£y came to Queen Emily who opened h£r arms widely to hugged th£m both

“son”$h£ called as th£y ₱v||ed ©vt of th£ hug

“Moth£r” h£ flu$h£d and h¡s moth£r poke h¡s nose

“my daughter….. You’re gonna be a moth£r”$h£ said and touch£d h£r hair mak!ng Giselle flu$h£d

“You’re so beautiful “$h£ added mak!ng Giselle Chuckled

Why will everyone keeps tell!ng h£r that

“ALL HAIL Th£ QUEEN AND K!nG” A guard said

“ALL HAIL Th£ K!nG AND QUEEN”Th£ people repeated

Pr!ncess Cel!ne sneaked ©vt of th£ palace as everyone seems to be engrossed !n th£ fun

$h£ wasn’t look!ng and had to bumped !nto someone

“sneak!ng right”$h£ h£ard h£r broth£r voice….. It was pr!nce Rex

$h£ gulped d©wΠ and started pick!ng on h£r f!ng£rs
$h£ felt awkward ab©vt h£r broth£r th¡s days and $h£ [email protected] stared at h¡m

“Cel!ne….. “Pr!nce Rex called try!ng to hold h£r but $h£ withdraw immediately

“I’m sorry”h£ breath£d ©vt

“Noth!ng happened….. It’s f!ne”$h£ said !n a rush and ran ©vt

“Why can’t $h£ j√$t talked to me normally “h£ [email protected] and ran h¡s f!ng£rs !n h¡s hair


Giselle took a sub from h£r dr!nk…… K!ng Norman has gone ©vt to get someth!ng

$h£ stared at th£ guy seat!ng at th£ corner. h¡s hoodie cap was cover!ng h¡s face. h¡s attention was j√$t on h£r moth£r

h£ rem©v£d h¡s gaze from Tanaish and looked up to stare directly !nto Giselle eyes

Th£y both stared at each oth£r for a while and h£ was th£ first to look away

h£ stood up immediately and left…….

“jim!n! “Giselle muttered and started follow!ng h¡m

“wait up! “$h£ said !ncreas!ng h£r pace

$h£ caught up with h¡m at th£ hall way and h£ld h¡m from beh!nd

“h£y”$h£ muttered turn!ng h¡m @r0vnd s1©wly

“Jim!n! “$h£ called aga!n

h£ looked d©wΠ not able to stare at h£r

“Thank you for sav!ng me”$h£ said

“I’m sorry for what I did”h£ said and $h£ nodded

“Why not come [email protected]¢k home Jim!n…….Mom miss you “$h£ said and h£ shook h¡s h£ad

“I can’t….. I feel so guilty….. I feel m©r£ alike th£ devil “h£ said

Giselle quickly placed h£r f!ng£rs on h¡s l¡p

“shhhhhhhh…..! Don’t say that”$h£ wh¡spered

“you’re my big broth£r and not a devil……..i know it’s [email protected] but please get over it…… Mummy missed you…… Your two kid sisters missed you too….. So please come [email protected]¢k home quick enough “h£ said and a tears dropped off h¡s eyes

“I got a car!ng, beautiful and amaz!ng sister….. Despite how I treated you yet you still love me…. You’re such an amaz!ng soul sister “h£ said and Giselle chuckled

“I love you ” h£ muttered and $h£ smile

At that moment k!ng Norman walked !nto th£ hall and h£ard

“I love you too” $h£ replied and tiptoon h£r knees to klzzed h¡s foreh£ad

h£ blu$h£d before walk!ng ©vt. A gla$$ fell beh!nd Giselle and that’s wh£n $h£ turned and see k!ng Norman

“Baby! ”

$h£ walked towards h¡m and tried hugg!ng h¡m but h£ walked anyway

It hurt h£r as h£ll

“was wrong! “$h£ thought as a tears threaten!ng to [email protected]||
Th£ party was over and everyone retired to b£d.
K!ng Norman pretended to be sleep!ng wh£n it was obvious h£ was awake

“Baby….. Did I do anyth!ng wrong?? “$h£ asked

“I never said that….. Go to b£d pr!ncess”h£ replied

“I won’t… Pls talk to me! “$h£ said turn!ng h¡m to face h£r

K!ng Norman ₱v||ed h£r to h¡mself and capture h£r l¡p immediately

$h£ opened h£r m©vth !n read!ness and klzzed h¡m [email protected]¢k

Th£ klzz was so [email protected] and possessive.

Th£y kept klzz!ng non stop……Th£y broke th£ klzz and Giselle stared at h¡s dark eyes as th£y both catch th£ir breath

“you’re m!ne…. Only m!ne”h£ replied and slammed h¡s l¡p on h£r aga!n

h¡s [email protected] travelled under h£r nightie…… h£ ₱v||ed d©wΠ h£r [email protected] and !nserted one f!ng£r mak!ng h£r [email protected]

h£ attach£d h¡s l¡ps to h£r neck, nibbl!ng and klzz!ng h¡s way up to h£r earlobe.,

h£ added anoth£r f!ng£r mak!ng it two !nto h£r and $h£ bit d©wΠ on h£r l¡p to suppress h£r [email protected], h£ ₱u$h£d !n h¡s f!ng£rs deeper !nto h£r …

“Jeez!, Baby ” $h£ [email protected] loudly

“I love you ” $h£ wh¡spered as h¡s f!ng£rs m©v£d l |ns!de h£r and ₱ush!ng h£r to th£ edge.

“Nor…. ma…n ” $h£ stuttered

[email protected] my name loudly”h£ said still f!ng£r fv¢k!ng h£r

h£ widened h£r legs m©r£ and h£ cont!nued to f*ck h£r honey pot with h¡s f!ng£rs.

“Norman ah!” $h£ [email protected] sharply, hold!ng th£ $h£ets !n h£r palms

h£ m©v£d d©wΠ h£r honeypotand before $h£ could breath, h¡s f!ng£rs were replaced with h¡s t0Πge !n h£r honeypot,

h£r legs started shak!ng as a wave of ₱1ea$vre ru$h£d through h£r

h£ stopped |¡¢k!ng and ₱u$h£d h¡s f!ng£rs !nto h£r aga!n, mak!ng h£r s¢r**m

“Damn… Norman!!! fv¢k me already ” $h£ said loudly, hold!ng fistfuls of h£r hair, h£r legs were shak!ng $h£ was almost closed to pre ¢vm

K!ng Norman smirked and ₱v||ed h¡s f!ng£rs

“F*ck!” $h£ said

“let’s go to b£d pr!ncess “h£ said [email protected]!ng d©wΠ aga!n and h£r eyes widened

“no! no!! You can’t sleep….. not now that I want you”$h£ said and h£ smile

“but you told h¡m you love h¡m…. th£ guy at th£ hall way”h£ t£@$ed cover!ng h¡mself with th£ duvet
“baby you misconstrue everyth!ng “$h£ said

“I didn’t say you should expla!n “h£ replied and smile

“please baby…. I’m so w€t and ready. Don’t punish me ” $h£ begged

“Pls F*ck me already” $h£ breath£d breathlessly

“Tell me I’m th£ only one you will tell I love you”h£ smile and |¡¢ked h¡s l¡p

“you’re th£ only one I will tell”$h£ replied !n a rush

“tell me I’m th£ th£ only one that you’re gonna klzz h¡s foreh£ad ” h£ said

“I’m only gonna klzz your foreh£ad…. Only yours” $h£ replied

“Pls Norman!!! Baby…. Don’t do th¡s to me”$h£ begged

“I’m th£ only one that can touch you”h£ said and $h£ nodded !nsanely

“yes baby….. It’s only you! “$h£ cried ©vt

h£ smile and raise h¡s face

“go to b£d baby”h£ said and klzzed h£r foreh£ad

“Norman!! ” $h£ s¢r**med ready to give h¡m a punch but h£ stood up and ran

“I’m fv¢k!ng gonna kill you myself but before that you will f!nish what you started “$h£ replied and started chas!ng h¡m

“fv¢k me!!! “$h£ s¢r**med chas!ng h¡m


See k!ng and queen o😏😏

fv¢k me…… s£× can do wonders🚶😁🙃

My baby is begg!ng😂😂😂

Jim!n….. Hmmm

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