Endless Love

Endless Love – episode 1

 Endless Love
.Episode 1

Gabriel’s Pov
“We are done, Gabriel”,Alicia spat in my face.
“What do u mean we are done after all we shared?”
“We shared nothing,after all I wasn’t interested in u anyway”
“What!…And u made me believe you love me”
“I have no other choice”
“But I loved u”
“And I don’t love u… just stay away from me please”,as she walked away.
How could she at with my feelings. I loved her all along and she hurt me this way. She was only interested in my money.
Gabriel Sanchez was the world most famous billionaire. He owns galleries and hotels. He lost his parents when he was six and since then he lived with his nanny,Mrs Rose in Las Vegas.
I reached home thinking. I thought my nanny was asleep but she wasn’t. She saw how devastated I was.
“What’s wrong son”
“She broke up with me”
” Oh dear I’m sorry”,as she hugged me
“She never loved me”
“You will oneday find someone who would love u”
“I hope so….good night”
“Good night dear”
As I entered the room i started crying and also cursing myself. I love Alicia.
How can I cope without her.
The next morning I packed my stuff ready to visit my island. I just want to forget her. if she doesn’t want to accept me so be it….
“Son,won t u have breakfast”
“No nanny. Actually I have to go to my island. I just need to forget everything”.
“I understand… safe trip”
At 8:30pm I reached my island with my private jet.l took a drink as I studied at the beauty of the ocean.
Blue’s Pov
I can’t remove my tail,it’s stuck between these rocks. What am I going to do now. I can’t shout for help because I will get killed. Humans are really dangerous. Because of them I’m now the last mermaid.My parents died because they wanted to protect me from them.
Suddenly I looked through the window on the island and I saw a guy drinking.
He’s beautiful,I thought.
“Help…. “,I scre-med and waved so he could see me. He reached the ocean.
“Please help me…. “,I begged.
“What’s wrong”
“I can’t remove my tail,please help…..”,and he jumped into the water,as he managed to remove the rock from my tail.
“Thanks…”,as I tried to swim but I can’t flap my tail.l am hurt. As I was checking my tail,I realised I was in his arms as he sent me to his room.
He dried my tail as it turned to legs,that was when I could see the bruises. My hair covered my br-asts but I was still unclad in front of him.
“Wear this”,as he hand me his shirt. He went in for his medicine box as he applied the ointment on my feet.
“Please easy…..”,I begged
“okay”,and he smiled.
“I’m Gabriel”
“I’m blue”…

“I’m Gabriel”
“I’m Blue”
“I should have known that all along since the day u saved me”
“I did?”
“Yes..You were smallish by then….that was when my father boat was crushed but u saved me”,he said
“But how come you knew it was me”
“Your necklace”
“Oh okay. l have saved a lot but I never knew u”
“I always knew u and dreamt of oneday meeting u”
“That’s nice”
“Okay”,as he bandaged my foot.
“Actually thanks for saving me and I promise to leave by tomorrow”
“No stay for some days when u are better then you can go”
“Good night Blue”
“Good night Gabriel”,and slowly he closed the door. I really don’t remember this guy though but he is nice.
Gabriel’s Pov
Hmm,she has grown really fast and she us really beautiful too.She has always been my crush and I always dream of her.Without her I would have been dead with my parents too. l will make sure she spends days with me so I would forget about Alicia.
It was 6am,as I prepared breakfast for her.The moment I entered the room she was unclad.My eyes went flying wide. She has a nice body shape but I guess she wasn’t surprise at all so I turned.
“I’m done. You can turn now”
“Good morning. l brought u breakfast”
“Breakfast? What’s that?”
“You don’t know?”,as she nodded no.
“Well breakfast is a light meal we take in the morning”
“Oh okay”
“So tell me about yourself Blue”
“There is nothing special about me”
“A mermaid has nothing special huh”
“I heard mermaid have magical powers and they do grant wishes”
“Yes they do”
“So tell me about your powers”
“I makes things hot and turn water into ice”
“So have u attend school”
“No I guess “
“Then i have a lot to teach u”
“Come with me to my library..”
“okay…”,as I grabbed her hands to the library. She looked s€×y on my shirt.
“You own this”,she asked surprisingly.
“Oh I love books a lot”,as she moved closer to the book shelf and took one of the science books..
I realised within six minutes she had read more than 10 books. I was really amazed.l say down as I stared at her. She is really beautiful.l liked the colour of her hair..
it’s black with white stripes in it.Her pink l-ips so arousing. l just feel like k-ssing her..

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