ERUKA (episode 17)

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I got a call from home, mother was sick, so I needed to travel since Julio was rounding up with school.
Dave came back and gave me money to restock the empty slot that Kuma emptied up, i didn’t bother to tell him who was behind it all.
I asked Tara to go and manage the busy slot, while the second sales girl came to Tara’s slot, and I have to employ another sales girl.
I was so busy through out that week, I couldn’t hang out or visit Dave and he totally understood and even assisted with few things, for like a week I did not see Dave, but we usually talk over the phone
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He called me one day and asked if I can come down immediately to his house, with the way he called I asked if there was a problem and he said that I should come first.
so I closed up and rush down to his house
On getting there I met Mara, she saw me and started smiling, she was well seated in Dave’s living room, I was already angry that Dave will allow her into his house,
Before I could say anything Mara stood and started talking
“Well, I just have to tell Dave the truth, he deserve to know, I don’t want you to end up hurting him so since you are hiding it from him I decided to search him out and came down, I’m only after his goodwill…
I looked at her wondering what she was upto this time, Dave was seated, he wasn’t looking at me, he was just looking straight out, to nothing in particular, I breathed deeply, wondering the kind of lies that Mara has told Dave, I wasn’t worried or scared I just wanted her to say what she has to say, because I was already angry that Dave allowed Mara to come into his house and start feeding him with lies, and instead of him to push her out, he has to call me over because of whatever Mara has told him
“what happened to the pregnancy, why didn’t you tell Dave that you were pregnant for Bazil, I thought you will tell him, because I asked you to do the needful, I told you that your man deserve to know the truth, after you told me about being pregnant for Bazil, and you don’t want to go back to him again because of your new man, who I never knew was Dave, I advised you as a friend before you start hating me, I told you to let your new man know the truth, but you said you can’t tell him because you don’t want to loose him, Eruka you told me clearly that you will pretend as if the pregnancy is for him so that he won’t know, well is obvious that you eventually aborted it
Dave looked up at me this time and I was already angry, I ignored Mara and face Dave
“is this why you called me here, this is not necessary Dave, for you to have allowed her into your house means that you believed what she said, what is this pregnancy issue really all about…
Dave spoke up
“Ruka, i suppose to be asking you that, i was only shock that you never mentioned anything about being pregnant before now, when do you intend to tell me all about it, you were pregnant for you ex yet you never mentioned it, everything that Mara just said… you seem to agree with it all, you did not even defend yourself or argue… which means is true, it means that the period you were sick, it was all because of the pregnancy which you later aborted…
“That’s not true, I was never pregnant for Bazil, it just a normal sickness, Julio said it was typhoid, which has entered into my blood stream, how do you expect me to argue with a mad woman, a desperate lair…you know Mara is lying, she wants to get back to you by all means I did not expect you to even reason her words over mine, or letting her into your house over this rubbish…
“she knocked and immediately I opened the door, she pushed her way into the house, I did not let her in
“but you are already considering her word over mine, how could you even think I will hide such thing from you, when I was sick, with all the vomiting and feverish feeling, I actually thought it was a pregnancy symptom, I told Mara my fear, i thought i was even talking with a human not knowing she’s a devil, because she volunteered to recover my money from Bazil i thought she was truly nice, I never knew she was after her own pocket, all her niceness was to her advantage, I never told her I was pregnant, I just told her I was throwing up, she was the same person that said it was a sign of pregnancy, I started thinking so too until Julio eventually came and I took a pregnancy test and it was confirmed that I wasn’t, I don’t need to explain all this to you because I felt it wasn’t necessary, all that matters to me is you but with you sitting here with somebody that’s ready to do anything to get back to you and listening to her I’m really disappointed…did she also told you that she was behind the disappearance of Kuma with my goods…
I watched as he raised an eye ball, he stood up, I watch Mara straight face, her smile was turning into a frown
“Mara, why will you do such a thing, you are so evil, Ruka you did not tell me she was behind it all, Mara, look here…you can say anything to her but if you touch her or her business you will be having me to contend with, stop disturbing Ruka over what you can not have, Mara is being over seven years, no amount of fight or word will get me back to you, Ruka is my woman and nothing will change that fact. Ruka, I’m sorry if I hurt you, I’m sorry, is all my fault, I take all the blame, Mara is a desperate woman but with the way she’s doing things it may land her into a bigger trouble soon, Mara please leave my house and I don’t ever want to see you close to me and stay away from Ruka, she is not your problem, if you have any issue with me then say it to me, leave my woman alone…
Mara frown suddenly turned into a sad smile, she cat walked round the house before saying to Dave
“I will leave Eruka alone, and also you but you kept something with me and never bother to ask about it, so leaving you alone will be difficult until you take up your responsibility, did Ruka knows that you have a son who you never bother to ask if he eats or drinks, you are so safe centered Dave, you never cared about your child…
“What are you talking about…I don’t understand you, what child, how…a son with who…
“I was carrying your child before we broke up, and even after I told you about the pregnancy you denied it and never care, but yes, you
have a son, you traveled out and no one could reach you, now you are back, all I want is for you to be the father that you were meant to be to your child…
I blinked severally in shock trying to ascertain what I was hearing, Dave looked at me not knowing what to say…
“the pregnancy wasn’t for me, I told you that, you were sleeping with my friends just to spite me and when you became pregnant you came wanting me to claim what that is not mine…Mara…please stop this madness, stop it…
“I wasn’t fighting Ruka because I want you…all I wanted is for you to be close to your child, I didn’t want to tell you this way, but you know all this things, you just decided to keep it away from Ruka, our baby boy is at home with my parents, he is growing and I have always told him that his father traveled but will come back soon, and now you are back, I don’t want to keep begging you to come and see your son, we forgive you for abandoning us and hooking up with another woman, I’m giving you till next week to come and get your son or I will bring him here my self.
She turned and walked away. Dave combed his hand into his hair, which was a low cut, he pulled at his bears before turning to look at me, he hærd on a chair, so I asked
“is it true…do you have a child with her…
He buried his head in his hand before looking up at me…
“I don’t know…I don’t know Ruka…I’m sorry, but I can’t say if is mine or not, I know she later had a child and I didn’t want to get close because she hurt me…so bad, I was still hurting before I left the country, I don’t know if is mine or not…until DNA reveals that, but for now i..
“you never told me she had a child, you only told me she cheated on you with another guy…why didn’t you tell me
“There was nothing to tell Ruka, I said I knew she had a child but I cared less because I was very angry with her, but if she said the baby is mine…then I don’t know…hmmm…i’m just confuse Ruka…maybe she maybe right, the boy is probably mine and if is true then I need to be in his life…
“and in the life of Mara too, like this is exactly what she has always wanted…now she is already getting you to where she wants you, you never said anything about having a child and suddenly everything is all changing just in a twinkle of an eye, look at the way you are feeling restless…I guess you aren’t the man of your word, you said you don’t go back to your vomit, you said you gives second chance but never third, and is obvious you will even give a fifth chance and also eat up your vomit… you will give more chance to anybody that’s ready to get you down with the right word…this is unbelievable…
I turned and started walking away, he stood and started walking towards me…calling me to stop but I was really fuming, so I walked out
I went home, and when he drove down that evening I didn’t even open the door for him neither did i take his calls, he stayed outside before leaving.
The next day I packed my bag, it was a good opportunity to ease off, to breathe fresh air, I packed up my bag and traveled so early the following morning to go  and see mother.
To be continued.. 
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