ERUKA (episode 18)

© Oby Chinyere
It was a long journey, while I was still in,side the bus I started thinking of the wh0le thing again, I know Mara has always wanted to win by all means, and having a son for Dave which he never mentioned to me was very shocking.
Dave was angry that I didn’t tell him about ever being pregnant of which I wasn’t, he was angry whenever I keep things away from him but he kept a huge secret from me all this while and never mentioned it until the truth surfaced out
How could he do that, now Mara will feel like a winner, i felt so tired of all this trouble, Bazil was silently dealing with me until I found out and ended it all, I thought it was all going to be smooth with Dave but is being so rough, Mara is making everything seem so difficult, I have had a lot to chew already and I’m tired of everything, I definitely don’t want to die because of men, with or without them my business will still stand strong no matter the challenges, if Mara want to win let her go ahead, she’s already a winner, is better I loose and have my peace of mind, everyday threat and trouble all because of a man, maybe I wasn’t meant to be in a relationsh¡p, a good one, everything will be all smooth until a man shows up it will become so challenging and rough,
I know Dave is a nice man, he has always love and supported me, he deserve somebody better definitely not somebody like Mara, except if she eventually change and turn a new leaf of which I doubt she will ever change, I have tolerated so much from Mara all because of Dave, why will Dave even hide such thing from me, he has a child with Mara and never told me.
I kept thinking to myself as I looked out of the window, the bus was speeding but my mind was not at peace, I was angry with myself for not having luck in relationsh¡ps like others do, I was still angry with Bazil who took me for a fool all because of love sake, it was because of him I met somebody like Mara, and I thought she will help me deal with him but she end up stocking up her pocket, which was her initial plan but I never knew, I was even more angry with Dave for having a son with somebody who sees me as an enemy, if this is the way it will all end then let it be, I’m so tired of everything, I just feel like having my peace again, focusing on my business and opening more slot on a good location, I’m really pained but I just need to console myself with the future plans of being a great successful business woman.
I blink back tears as I thought of Dave and what he might be doing at the moment, as I thought of him and Mara and swallowed hærd, I’m so done with men trouble, is just too much of pain, does love has to hurt this way, why does it has to even hurt at all, life is just unfair, what do Dave even have to tell me, at the end I will still fall out, he would have probably told me to have patient with him so that he can sort out with Mara and while I’m being patient he will eventually fall for her tricks and then comes with another excuse of “Ruka, I’m sorry I just have to focus on my child, I hav…
“Are you alright…you are crying…
I blinked, I didn’t know I was sniffing and shedding tears already, I was buried in my thoughts, I wiped my eyes before turning see who just spoke to me.
We sat two on each roll in,side the bus, while I was sitting close to the window another person that I didn’t care to check if is a man or woman was sitting beside me, when I look at the person, it was a young man, I can’t dispute the fact that he was a fine young man and got height too, he has a well pointed nose and a jean jacket was hanging around his neck, he wore a face cap, probably same age with me or I’m even older.
“I’m fine…thank you.
I returned my attention to the window I just wanted to be left alone, I don’t want anybody showing care because at the end I will be the one to get hurt, just like Mara has just showed up from nowhere that night, she pretend to care now she has not stop tormenting me ever since. I can’t keep a good relationsh¡p with people because everyone can’t be like me, they will act all nice in the beginning at the end they will began to show their true colour…
“I’m Rich…
I almost laughed out, why will he tell me that he is rich did I complain to him that I’m poor, is only a dumb and lazy girl that will fall for this, If he is rich or poor he is just not my problem, I have enough problem already
“Why are you telling me that you are rich, what exactly do you want me to do with that information, did I complain to you that am poor or I need your money…
“no…no..that’s not what I meant, my name is Richærd, and almost all my friends call me Rich so I got too comfortable with it, pardon me…
I Look at him and turn back my face to the window, if he can understand body language he will know that i don’t want to be close to anyone or to be disturbed, he should just focus on his problem and leave me with mine, we are only sitting together because of the journey
“you act as if you aren’t friendly but deep down you are and you got a very friendly soul, you are have a very loving personality… I’m sorry if I’m disturbing you, I just wanted to see if I can ease off whatever that is stressing you out, you look so bothered and worried over something, I have being watching you ever since I joined you on this seat, maybe I should keep talking just to distract you from whatever that’s troubling, it will be better listening to me than to the worries on your mind, even if you don’t feel like talking, it will be better that way than allowing the trouble in your mind to weigh you down…
He kept talking and I kept mute, I just went on ignoring him, I never said a word, despite my face was still looking out of the window I was listening to all he was saying and his trick was really working, as much as I did not care where he comes from or who he is I can’t help but listen to him, he mentioned where he came from, which was not too far from my hometown, his father is a doctor but retired and his mother is a matron, he is a psychologist, he was going to visit his grandmother, his parents lives in the big city, he got his own place last year and moved out, he visits his parents sometimes, his parents only got him and his elder brother, who is a biochemist and also married and living outside the country with his wife and two kids, Richærd mentioned that despite his grandma has people attending to her needs she still want him to come around sometimes, he said his grandmother does not joke with him and he loves her so much and since he is free he decided to go and spend some time with her which will make her happy, he suddenly removes his face cap and I quietly turned and looked at him, he has a strands of
white hair, the white hair was on a straight line, he later wore the cap back and said he got it from his grandmother, that his father has same line of white hair when he was very young but not so much like his, and now he has retired he has it all over his hair and it was all from his grandmother’s bloodline, his elder brother, Phil does not have even a single white hair…
I got so tired of listening and slept off, I woke up to people getting down from the bus, the bus wasn’t moving again and i noticed my head was relaxing on his shoulder, and he has covered me up with the jacket that was previously on his neck, I straighten and yawn before standing up
I looked up at him and he smile and nodded before saying
“You’re welcome even though I didn’t get a thank you from you…
I stretched my numb hands before saying to him
“Your tricks work real fast on me, anyway thank you “Rich”
“My grandma’s driver is coming to get me if you don’t mind, you can wait so that we can also drop you off at your place
“You have done much already…I will find my way…
He nodded and didn’t push further, I picked up my luggage he picked up his, I started walking away but I still look back at him, I noticed an older man who I guess is the driver came to meet him with a bold smile, they exchange hand shake and pleasantries and the older man collected his bags from him, before getting into the car he turned and before I will look away he caught me and waved me good bye and I waved back, I was walking down to where I will get a motor bike that will convey me down, I hærd a car horn, and it was him.
“I was hoping you will change your mind and allow us to take you to your place…
I stood and put a straight face despite he was smiling, i quietly nodded and he came down and carried my things to the boot of the car and opened the car door and I slip into the back seat while he sat in the front with the driver
“Thank you for joining us miss…I don’t even know your name…is all good, please this is my grandma’s driver and body guard…can you see his muscles…hahahha,
The older man turn and greeted me with a big grin, he was laughing at Richærd’s joke, I replied back respectfully with a smile
“…We call him Jones. Please direct him on how to get to your place…
I directed him as he drove down until we finally get to my place, I came down and he helped me take out my luggage, my sister Mia ran out and threw herself into my arm, and mother came out laughing too, I went into her arms, and hug her, I was all surprise that she was so active and looks healthy after she called me and told me she was critically ill, I decided not to ask yet, mother asked who Richærd and Jones was I told her they are my friends, and they just helped me down, she went to thank them too, they waved me good bye before driving off
That night as mother cook in the kitchen I asked Mia, my kid sister when mother recovered because she looks so healthy
“Mama was never sick, she just came up with that idea so that you can come home, she misses you, I also miss you Ruka, and mama knows that you are focusing on your business and it will be difficult for you to abandon it and come home so she decided to do that
We were still talking when mother came in,side, before I can say anything on why she has to lie with her health just to get me home she spoke up
“Eruka, you know everything is not about money, sometimes you just take a little break, visit the people you left at home and spend time with them, I know we talk over the phone almost everyday but it can’t be compared with the joy in my heart on seeing you seated here with me, I just wanted to see you Eruka, and that’s the only thing I can think off…. I’m glad you are home, and I thank God everyday for you, I spoke with your sister, Julio this evening, she said your phone was switched off, she wanted to know if you are home, she said you should try and call Dave, I don’t know who is Dave, but she said you will understand, why do you even have to off your phone when you are on a journey, don’t you know is risky, I was also trying to reach you after you called early this morning that you are about to take a bus, since then your phone has being off I was almost worried before you came in…Eruka, you have being the backbone of this family ever since your father left us, God raised you up to be a great blessing to us all, your sister Julio is a nurse, look at me and Mia, God knew that I have nobody and he used you to clean my tears and I thank God everyday for you and I pray you get the man that will compliment you in every way, i always pray that God will separate you from any man like your father, who will make you cry, God will always bless you with a good man at just the right time…

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We ate dinner and mother was still talking until I went to bed, the following morning, I woke up late, I switched on my phone, and I saw Dave’s messages, and before I stood up from the bed he called, I picked up
“Ruka…hello Ruka…
“Good morning Dave…
“Ruka, what’s all this, I have being searching for you, your sales girls says you traveled, I don’t understand…where did you travel to…you never told me that you were travelling…Ruka..i’m sorry…please don’t do this to me…I’m sorry for everything i….hello Ruka…Please hold on somebody is at the door, please be on the phone with me, don’t end the call yet let me check who is knocking hærd on my door this morning
I can hear him unlocking the door.
“my honey pie…good morning…hope you dreamt of me…i guess Eruka finally left you to father your child in peace, please excuse me I just want to check on you this morning to know how you are doing…have you had breakfast yet…I can make something for us…after which you can make love to me like you use to do back then in school…do you still remember how you use to mo-n when ever you are at it, I really miss those time…I taste even more sweet now than before…
“Mara please leave my house…ah…stop it…aww…stop this nonsense and leave…leave this minute…stop touching me…are you crazy…Mar…hello…hello…Ruka…please I will call you back…I..
I quietly end the call, I decided not to switch off my phone but to put it on vibration so that I can know when customers calls, I will be able to call Tara immediately to go and deliver to them, this was not a day to cry, I try not to think of whatever that was happening with him and Mara…I stood up and freshen up for the day, I assisted Mia in making food.
I was in mother’s shop that afternoon where she sales food items when I saw Jones driving Richærd down to my place, after Richærd came down, Jones drove off.
I came out from mother’s shop and greeted Richærd, he wore another face cap, different from yesterday, he responded with a big smile and came to greet mother, who recorg-nized him immediately, we sat outside mother’s shop as he kept talking about one thing or the other, i listened to him but sometimes my mind still wander away as i thought of Dave and Mara.
To be continued… 
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