Esther My Landlord's Daughter

Esther my landlord’s daughter episode 1 – 2

*Esther My Landlord’s Daughter*



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*Episode 1*

It was a sunny saturday afternoon, I was seated with my *laptop at my verandah, trying to complete a script I was working on for a client who has been on my neck recently when I saw m* y landlady coming towards me.

Oga writer abeg I wan see you, she said.

Any problem ma, I asked.

Yes oh, the is fire on the mountain, she said.

Esther My daughter don carry belle, and she talk say na you deh responsible, she added.

My laptop almost fell from my laps.

Ma I don’t understand, Esther pointed at me saying I’m responsible for her pregnancy, I said confused.

Yes oh Mr writer, she said.

Saii I have entered one chance, could it be that the c*ndom busted or did she….. God, so many confused thoughts running through my mind.

I remember when I first parked into this compound, I was attracted to it because the environment was neat and clean and also very quiet, a very good environment for writers like me.

I moved into my selfcon, as a bachelor I didn’t much and also didn’t have much. I arranged everything in my abode the way I wanted and after everything, I prepared a small meal, ate and relaxed.

The next day, I explored the compound. I found out that most of my neighbors were single and only few were married or a family.

Since I didn’t have a job yet aside Writing to a local station which I did everyday. I was at home often. This brought a little problem between the compound. It was rumoured that I was a yahoo boy, that I don’t work, yet I use an iphone and also own an apple laptop.

At first I didn’t keep ears for the rumors, because I’m a very quiet and simple person by nature not untill the day I came back and found some government officials at the front of my flat.

We’re from the EFCC and we’ve received several news saying your an internet fraudster, said a fat elderly man.

So here’s a warrant, he said, showing me a paper, we have direct order to search you, your home, your cellphone, your laptop and everything you own, he added.

By now everybody in my compound had gather to see what will happen, some were even recording with their phones.

I smiles and told the man to search every nook and crane in my abode, and also my laptop and my phone. For more lovely stories hi D law on +2348163633066

I sat down outside while the man and his colleagues when to do their job. It surprised everyone that I wasn’t panicking or feeling scared. But why will I when I’m innocent.
The was one particular man that was looking at me like we’ve met before.

After searching everything including my phone and laptop, they were about leaving when the man that was looking at me seriously asked me if I was Savvy. I was surprised, but I told him yes.

He smiled and told his colleagues that I’m a writer not an internet fraudster. He further explained to them that I’m his daughter crush and it’s from her he got to read more of my stories.

He told them if they remember when he was laughing at the office and telling them a story of a young man who a calabar girl wanted killing with s£x, and they replied yes.

He told them that I’m the young man who experienced it and also the one who wrote it.
Trust me its never a dull moment with Mr p stories on zero seven zero three eight seven four five one one nine through his story groups
His explanation solved everything, he even handed me a card containing his house address, inviting me to a dinner at his house, adding that his daughter will be so happy.

I collected it and smiled.

My neighbors apologized to me and said the were just being vigilant. I told them it was the right thing they did and that I wasn’t angry.

The evening of that day, a knock landed on my door, I told who ever was there to come in and Esther my landlord’s daughter entered.

*Episode 2

I was surprise to see Esther.

Good evening uncle, she greeted.

You can call me Savvy, pls I’m not old, I said and she smiled.

So you’re really Savvy, she asked.

Yes…., I said.

I’m one of your favorite readers on Facebook, she said. But the truth is that I was confused because on Facebook you seem so friendly but in reality you don’t talk to anybody, She added. I know how many times I wanted coming up to you to verify if truly it was you, but because of the way you live your life with no friends and worst still the rumors you were a yahoo boy, really discouraged me.

You don’t mean it, I said.

I do, infact it was the rumor that really made my Dad caution me to stay away from you, he said yahoo boys always go for Young girls like me, she added.

So does he know your here, I asked.

Yes, he even asked me to invite you over for dinner, she said.

Okay, I said, standing up.

So what’s your favorite story, I asked, and how come I never recognized you, have we been chatting lately.

We did, you even told me this evening on Facebook what happened to you, before I came here. She said.

Don’t tell me you’re…..

Yes I am, she replied me, cutting me off.

Woah, that’s wonderful, I said.

Yes, I remember you promised me you’ll take me on a tour the day we’ll meet, she said.

Saii, I remember promising her we’ll go on a tour the day we’ll meet, because she was really on my neck on seeing me.
And she’s not the first, I make those promises to girls, because I know they’ll never see me, not that I’m a stingy type, but because I’m not that outing type of person. So I do that to make them allow me rest.

Oh yeah, let’s see how this weekend goes, I said before we left my room.

Dinner that evening with Esther’s family was cool, I got to know her dad, her mum, infact everybody in the house, even relatives that were leaving close by. They were just fun to be with.

After dinner, Esther walked me to my room, after insisting and insisting.

Can I ask for a favour, she said, when we got to my door.

Yes, sure, I said.

Can you please tell me a story before I go to bed, she said.

Sure, I’ll send it to you on FB, I said, opening my door.

No, she said holding my hand, which startled me.

I’m sorry she said letting go of my hand. I don’t want you to send it for me, I want to hear it from your mouth.

Hmmm, I sighed, what will your dad say about you staying out late, I don’t want any issue, I complained.

Don’t worry, my parent are heavy sleepers and also my room has two doors, and so before walking you, I told them I’m off to bed, and I know they won’t disturb me. She said.

Hmmm, your smart, how old are you, I asked.

I’m 22, she replied me.

Alright, come in, I said.

She sat close to me the bed, supporting herself with a pillow.

Are you comfortable, I asked.

Yes, very well, she replied me.

Okay, once upon a time……..
Before I could even finish the story, she was already sleeping.

I smiled to myself, I don’t know why, but I was feeling very happy, maybe because this is my first time of telling someone a story and not just any body, one of my favorites.

I tapped her and she woke up.

The end, I said when I knew she was really awake.

You’re through, oh I’m sorry I slept off, the story was very interesting, she said, scrubbing her eyes with her hand.

It’s okay, come let me drop you off, I said.

Can I sleep here please, when it’s 5am I’ll go back home, she said.
I feel like spending more time with you, because it feels like I’m dreaming and I’m afraid when I wake up I might not see you anymore, she said.

I was touched, i couldn’t say no to her.

Okay, i said, and she jumped up happily.

I’ll sleep on the couch over there, while you have the bed, I said.

She frowned.

What’s the problem, I asked.

Is that how to treat your favorite reader, she said making a baby face.

I’m letting my guard down, I said in my thoughts, but calabar boys no the take last Sha.

Alright, we both sleep on the bed, I said.

She stood up and went into the bathroom, minutes later she came out, with my towel wrapped around her.

I went into the bathroom, giving her time to change.

I also took my bath, by the time I came out, she was already on the bed, with my big polo on.

Sorry, can I borrow it, she asked.

Sure why not, are you comfortable in it, I asked.

Yes, she replied me.

I laid on the other side of the bed, facing the wall.

Minutes later, I turned and saw she was already asleep.

Maybe she purposefully raised the polo up because I could see she was bare, and had nothing under her.

I smiled to myself and said, Man no de fall for awoof food.

I laid down and slept

Esther My Landlord’s Daughter

To be continued

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