Fate Of Love

Fate of love episode 3 – 4



Sharon arranged her clothes inside her box, and Nadia her American friend asked.

“Are you sure about this Sharon, you are going back to Korea?”.

“That’s what my dad wants”.

“Then what about what you want Sharon”. Nadia asked again.

Sharon sighs and sits on the bed.

“When it comes to my dad, I have no say in life, he makes decisions for me, which I have to obey he was the one who sent me to America when I was just 3 years old, and he strictly told me never to return to Korea, and now he wants me back, what am I going to do there in Korea”.

“But that where you came from Sharon, yes you have been in America all your life, but you still look so much like a Korean girl”.

“I know that Nadia, but just like you said I have lived in America all my life, I have adapted to the life here, I know no one in Korean, and you already know Korean right, they have a certain language, how they speak, how they write, and even their food, is so different from the ones I have gotten used to here in America”. Sharon said in a sad tone.

“So tell your dad you can’t go back to Korea”.

“I can’t do that Nadia, I can’t disobey my dad, he is a monster when he is angry, and that what I don’t want to see”

“So what are you going to do now”.

“Am going back to Korea, I hope I do find someone who I can become friends with”.

“Okay Sharon if you say so”.

Sharon looks at her and bits her lips.


“Are you sure about that Violet”. Nikky asked Violet as they walked down the street.

“Yes am sure of it Nikky, Jesse likes me”. Violet said smiling.

“And what if he wasn’t referring to you Violet”.

“And who else will be be referring to Nikky, those carzy girls only chase after him, because he is so handsome”.

“And what about you Violet”. Nikky asked.

“Yes Jesse is handsome and cute, but that not the only reason I love him Nikky”.

“Fine, whatever Violet”. Nikky said and scoffs.

“I wonder why he hasn’t told me he loves me yet”. Violet said blushing with a smile.

“Can you please don’t get your hopes high up yet, remember Jesse has a lot of girls, that throws themselves at him, and these are f**king damn rich”.

“Who cares if they are rich Nikky, the important thing is that Jesse is not dating any of those girls, and I won’t let anyone have him”.

“You don’t own him Violet”.

“Well I do Nikky, and now that I know he has feelings for him, I won’t allow anyone to take him from him, not even you”.

Nikky looks at Violet in surprised.

“Me!!!!, Come-on Violet we have been friends for so many years, you should know me by now, I don’t like guys who are so handsome just like Jesse, it makes me feel insecure, but if truly you are the one Jesse is indirectly referring to, then am cheering up for the both of you”. Nikky said giving Violet a high thumbs up and Violet blushed so hard.


Sharon sits quietly inside the plane going to Korea, as she writes on her dairy, apart from Nadia, her dairy was the only one she talks to since she was calm quiet and not well socialize.

*Dear diary, am going back to my world, or should I say a world am not familiar with, a world where I know no one, a world which came to me all of a sudden, I wonder what awaits me in that world, will I find love…. happiness….or may be sadness, that I can’t tell……*. Sharon covers her dairy and looks at the window wishing she could have a say in her life.


Janet sits by the roadside looking so sad and Jesse approach her smiling.

“Mom, I got you your food you……….what wrong mom”. Jesse asked when he noticed the saddest in her face.

“I haven’t sold any of my slippers Jesse, every one keeps ignoring as if I and my slippers are invisible”.

“That not a problem mom”.

“And why not Jesse, are you going to buy all of this, you don’t even make enough money for the wines you make”. Janet said looking angry, because to her, Jesse was adding to it .

Jesse smiles and said.

“Don’t worry mom, your slippers will just be sold in a twinkle of an eye”.

“And how Jesse, are you a magician, just go home Jesse, you are just adding to my problem”.

“Mom!!, Relax, just trust me on this okay, am going to help you sell all your slippers”. He said with a smile, making him more cute.

Janet watch him, as he picks up a few slippers waving it in the air.

“Come and buy your slippers, is the best you can find in Guryoung, Ms to you want to buy a pair of slippers”. Jesse said smiling.

The girl looks at him and nods quickly.

“Of course I will, how much is it”. She said blushing looking at his cute face.

“Just a thousand won”.

“Really, am going to take five”. The girl said smiling and Janet looks at her with surprised.

“Okay ms”.

“You are so handsome”. She said smiling.

“And you are beautiful too”. Jesse said with a smile and Winkle at her.

“OMG!!!!!!!!!!!, Am going for 10 of these”. The girl said again lost in admiration, and Janet was more shocked.

“You want ten”. Jesse asked with a smile, and the girl nods admiring his cute face.

Jesse Gives her ten slippers, and she took it with her eyes crushing all-over Jesse.

“You can keep the change, I hope we see next time “.

“Me too beautiful”. Jesse said and winkles at her again, and the girl blushed so hard and leaves.

“Who wants a pair of slippers”. Jesse said smiling, and to Janet’s surprise, lots of girls gathered around Jesse.

“Me! Me! Me! Me”. The girls said jumping.

“I need four”.

“I need 8, oh my God, you are so handsome, can we take a picture”.

“How about I buy all of these slippers will you go out on a date with me”. One of the girls said touching his cheeks.

And Jesse smiles, making the girls who gathered around him loose control the more.

“No, am going to buy all of this, don’t go out with her but me”. Another girl said.

“No, go on a date with me, any going to double the price”. Another said.

“No it should be me, I can pay triple times the price of all these slippers, go on date with me”. Another girl said.

Janet just look at them in shock, here she was trying to sell a pair of slippers, but couldn’t and now these girls are even fighting on who is going to buy all the pairs of slippers, just to go on a date with Jesse.

And for the first time, she was so happy to have given birth to a handsome and cute son, she just watch them as they continue gathering around Jesse, who keeps deceiving them with his cute smiles and winkles.

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Sharon stands at the airport, waiting for her dad, she keeps sighing looking around and she could hear some people speaking in a language, she doesn’t even understand.

“Where could my dad be”. Sharon asked no one in particular as she looks around the airport in search of her dad, and then a girl about her age approach her.

“Annyeonghaseyo”. She said with a smile and Sharon just looked at her with a confused face, wondering what the girl in front of her was saying, it seems like the girl understand her facial expressions and quickly said.

“Oh, am so sorry ma.sharon, I forgot you aren’t familiar with the korea language”. She said smiling.

“Who are you”. Sharon asked looking at her.

“My name is Millet, your dad employed me yesterday as your personal maid” . Millet said smiling.

“Oh I see, so you are the one my dad asked to pick me up”. Sharon asked again .

“Yes ma.sharon “. Millet said smiling.

Sharon nods with a sad face, she and her dad have not seen each other for 18 years and he couldn’t even come to the airport to pick her.

“Let go ma.sharon”. Millet said smiling.

“Wait, what was the meaning of what you said earlier, Anny……….”.

“Oh you mean Annyeonghaseyo”. Millet asked and Sharon nods her head.

“It means hello”. Millet said with a smile, and Sharon nods her head wondering what kind of language was that, what with the use of using such words, can’t they just say *Hello* in English. Sharon wonders inwardly.

“Let go ma.sharion”.

“Just call me Sharon Millet, we are of the same, so I prefer you just call me Sharon”.

“Okay Sharon, I will take your things, welcome to Korea ma.. I mean Sharon”. Millet said smiling.

Sharon smiles a little.

“Welcome to the world of the unknown Sharon”. Sharon said inwardly.


Don Roman mansion

Sharon gets down from the car and was shocked to see the mansion in front of her, the mansion was big and so beautiful, and the compound was wide enough to start another building construction, and there were lot of bodyguards guiding the mansion. She knows they were rich, but not to this extent, did her dad start another business, Sharon thought inwardly looking at the mansion.

“We should go in now Sharon”. Millet said bringing Sharon back to life.

Sharon looks at her and nods, as she follows Millet inside and the bodyguards bows to her as she enters inside the house.

On entering the house, Sharon became more stunned, the mansion was indeed so beautiful, she keeps looking around the house as she follows Millet.

“This will be your room Sharon”.

Sharon nods and enters the room looking around, how did her dad become more weathdy over the years. Sharon wonders looking around.

“Sha…. Sharon”. Millet call and Sharon looks at her.

“If you need anything, you can call me through the home call phone”. Millet said pointing at to the home call phone.

Sharon looks at it and then to her.

“I will Millet, and if my dad comes can you please tell me”.

“I will Sharon”. Millet answers smiling and leaves.

Sharon looks around the room and sighs.

Violet sits outside the house looking at the sky and Jesse approach her.

“Hi Violet”. He waves at her smiling.

Violet looks at him and scoffs.

“Are you just coming home”.

“Yes, why”.

“Really Jesse, I guess you went out on a date with one of those crazy girls again”.

“Of course not Violet, my life doesn’t revolve around them okay”.

“Then where did you go”.

“I went out to search for an investor for my wines Violet”.

“So do you find any one”.

Jesse sighs and said. “No I didn’t”.

“And why not Jesse, your wines are always the best”.

“Say that to those good for nothing rich people, they can’t invest on it, because am poor, they said they don’t trust poor people like me, and it makes me wonder, are poor that useless that they can’t be trusted on business, why do the rich always gets what they want”. Jesse said looking upset .

“That because they can easily bribe their way into anything they want”. Violet answers.

Jesse sighs and sits beside Violet.

“Here you go”. He said giving her a nylon bag.

“What is this”. Violet asked opening the nylon bag, and Jesse looks at her.

“You brought me kimchi, but I thought you said you didn’t make any sales today”.

“No I didn’t, but I was on my way coming, when I see it been sold on the street, so I thought of you”.

“Really”. Violet asked between smiles.

“Yes Violet, why you don’t want it”.

“Of course I do, is my favorite”. She said smiling, Jesse chuckles with a smile and rest his head on Violet’s shoulder.

“What are you doing Jesse”.

“Can I just stay like this for a while, am so tired”. Jesse said adjusting his head on her shoulder, and wrapped his hands around her waist like a baby, closing his eyes.

Violet chuckles with a smile.

“You are really crazy you Know that”. Violet said between smiles.

“I know that”. Jesse said with his ears wrapping his hands all-over her waist..

Violet looks at the sleeping beauty in front of him and smiles, then she looks at the kimchi she was holding and blush so hard, so Jesse thinks of her anywhere he goes, she thought smiling, and she was so convinced that Jesse has feelings for her, and she can’t wait for the day Jesse will confess his feelings for her, she continues looking at the sleeping Jesse lost in admiration for his good looks.

Don Roman mansion

Sharon opens her eyes and she almost got an heart attack, when she see her dad.

“Dad!!!!!!. She said getting up from the bed quickly looking so scared.

“Is that how lazy you are when you were in America”.

“Am sorry Dad”. Sharon said bitting her lips.

“You are so unbelievable Sharon, have your bath and come down stairs for breakfast.

“Am not hungry yet”.

“Did you just say something”. Don-Roman asked coldly and Sharon quickly shakes her .

“No I didn’t, I .be at the dinning table soon”.

“Good”. Don-Roman said and leaves the room.

Sharon sighs and sits in the bed and bits her lips.

“How could he be so cold towards me, don’t he even Miss me at all, he didn’t even show a sign that he is happy to see me after so many years”. Sharon said and sighs.


Sharon came downstairs after having her bath..

“Why did you take so long to come downstairs Sharon, and you the heck are you dolling your self up for”.

“No one dad”

“Go and wipe that off, and let this be the last time you are ever going to put on make-up in this mansion understand”.

“Yes dad”. Sharon answers obediently.

“So what are you waiting for, go and wipe that nonsense off your face!!!!!”. He yells and Sharon quickly ran upstairs.

She enters her room and sits on the bed, visible tears could be seen from her eyes.

“Was this the reason he ask me to come back to Korea, so he can always tell me what to do, because he knows I have no say in all his commands, will there be a reason for me to be happy here in Korea”. She said with a teary voice.



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