Finding Love

Finding love – episode 6

Finding Love (episode 6)

One beautiful thing about genuine love is that; you can’t fake it, force it or break it. I guess God made ‘Love’ that way so that people wouldn’t manipulate or abuse it. I was so furious and angry with Tjay’s puppets for having the audacity to touch me. They clearly thought they were crazy, but I was about to show those puppets what crazy actually meant. I was in beast mode!

“How dare you! Would you take your fingers off me this very moment else I’m calling the police” I angrily warned. At that moment, Alex was already pissed, so he stood up and confronted them. “What’s the meaning of all this nonsense? I believe you all are matured adults and probably went to school at least, so I see no reason as to why you can’t understand simple English; she said she doesn’t want to follow you, so why all this display of stupidity?” Alex furiously said.

It was clear that these guys were not thinking of leaving my hand anytime soon; as they were still holding my hand and gently dragging me. Alex held his peace when he realised that the situation was already creating a little scene. He brought out his phone and dailed his dad’s number; that was a brilliant quick course of action because his dad was quite influential, so he knew some top police officials.

As Alex was talking to his dad on phone, one of Tjay’s boys got a phone call and suddenly left me and walked away afterwards. It was obvious that Tjay had given them the order to abort mission, as he realised that things were about to get messy. When they left, Alex and I angrily walked out of the mall and boarded a taxi home.

On our way back to my apartment, I started tearing up and laid my head on Alex’s chest. I could feel his anger by they way his heart was beating uncontrollably. Just as I was about to say something to him, my phone rang. I looked to see who was calling but the number had no name. Deep down in my heart, I knew it was Tjay calling because the last two numbers looked familiar.

At first, I didn’t want to pick up but he called again. Alex started suspecting that I had something up my sleeves, hence my refusal to pick the call. “Why don’t you want to pick up?” He inquired, “I think it’s Tjay calling, so I don’t want to pick” I replied in a low tone. Alex acted cool and didn’t want to push it further, but I knew that he was burning within.

We finally arrived home and entered in,side my apartment. Immediately we settled down, I started telling Alex everything concerning Tjay and made sure to leave no stone unturned. I started from how we met, down to every single detail. When I was done, it took a little while for Alex to digest the wh0le information and after he was done, he smiled for the first time since after the mall incident.

Seeing Alex smile again, brought unexplainable joy and relief to my heart. I was so happy that he trusted and believed me, without making a fuss out of the wh0le Tjay situation. That single act, made me respect and admire Alex the more; he was truly matured indeed. “I’m lucky to have you” I confessed, “I’m blessed to have you” he replied smiling.

The day was almost coming to an end, so I had to quickly prepare something for us to eat before nightfall. In no time, food was ready and we both ate happily and talked about random things.

It was time for Alex to go lodge in a hotel but I didn’t want him to go. I asked him to stay but he insisted on still lodging. “Baby there’s no way I’m letting you go tonight, I need you here with me” I said and he smiled; “Your wish is my command and to be honest, I really don’t want to lodge tonight but want to rather be here with you” Alex said.

Knowing that Alex would be spending the night over, made me so happy. I was secretly dying for his touch and could give up anything, just to feel his touch again that night. We still hadn’t made Love yet, maybe because I was still a V-rgin and he knew about my V-rginity status too.

Alex was always very careful whenever he was handling me; he knew I was fragile and naive when it came to the aspect of intimacy. Alex mastered my wh0le body so well and knew my weakest point. He was my daddy and lover at the same time; the one man whose touch I always craved for.

That night was one of my most beautiful moments with Alex, cause we reached a wh0le new level of intimacy. I really wanted to give him my V-rginity that night but just couldn’t because I knew premarital s€× was wrong. It was a great night to remember. We cuddled eachother and slept afterwards.

Alex had to travel back the next day and it made me so sad. We said our last goodbyes in the morning before he departed. I had to go to school that morning because I had classes to attend. I had a sad countenance all through that day because a major source of my happiness wasn’t there with me. Alex called me immediately he arrived home and we talked for a long time before ending the call.

Just when I was feeling sad because he was few miles away from me, I didn’t know that he was about to go to a far away place where we would be thousands and thousands of miles away from each other. My heart!

Remember how I made mention of some doc-ments I saw, lying on the front seat of his car the first day he picked me up? Well apparently, those doc-ments actually belonged to Alex; those were his travel doc-ments to Canada to go further his education.

It turns out that he wasn’t expecting to get in but eventually got accepted to go for his Masters. I got to hear about this heartbreaking news one fateful afternoon.

I was in school when I got a call from Alex, I excitedly picked up because it was almost weekend and I felt he was calling to inform me that he would be coming over for the weekend. “Hi baby” I greeted, Hey babe, how are you?” He asked and I replied saying ‘Fine!’. “Can’t wait to see you this weekend, what would you want me to cook for you?” I excitedly asked and he said “Baby we need to talk, there’s something I need to tell you”.

Hearing those words from his mouth, gave me a little panic attack because I started wondering if everything was alright. “Is everything Ok?” I curiously asked and he said ‘Yes’!’, “So what’s it? What do you want to talk to me about?” I added.

Alex took a deep breath and said “I’m traveling to Canada next week”. I almost dropped dead and scre-med “What!”

End of episode 6 😉

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