Forced Mate

Forced mate Episode 20

💢Forced Mate💢
Married To The Alpha

💥Chapter 20💥
Jayden’s POV

“What did you say?” I asked my fashion design manager to repeat himself

“The designers that were supposed to design the line of lady’s clothings, they all suddenly quitted” he said in a shaky voice

“Quit?!” I laughed “Do not joke with me!! We already told the media to expect an amazing clothing line from us in 4 days, 4 days!!!” I yelled and he flinched

“Am sorry Sir, I have no idea why they quitted” he said

“Oh I do not care about their reason for quitting, I do not care about them at all! What I do care about is for you to get the best designers in the country and make the Lady’s Line of Clothings that’s supposed to premiere in 4 days a reality!!”

“Yes Sir, I’ll try my best to get new designers Sir” he said

“Well go get started!” I yelled and he scurried away

“A bunch of useless people” I scoffed

Landon’s POV
“Faster!!” I yelled at the wolf warriors as they practiced with the sticks

“We have an impending attack coming, the demon wolf is still out there and we have no idea when or how he’ll attack, we have to be prepared, we have to be strong” I said as I walked within them

“And what is the first warriors rule?” I asked as I suddenly grabbed one of them and threw him on the ground
“Always be on your guard!!” I said

The warriors continued training and I went into the Mansion to get a glass of water

I went to the kitchen and met Brie standing on her toes and struggling to take a plate from up the shelf

I went closer to her and got the plate
She turned and flinched when she saw me face

I dropped the plate in front of her and made to leave

“Landon” she called and I stopped

“Landon about what I said to you before…..”

“I understood” I said “I understood what you said before and there’s nothing more to say, you hate me for what I did in my past and I get it, there’s nothing more you should say” I said and walked out

Luna’s POV
I stayed home all day, thinking about what the priestess said

Jayden’s hatred can only be tamed by love
But how do you love a monster? How do you love someone as ruthless as Jayden?

I sighed
The moment he pulled out a person’s heart on our wedding night, I knew I was in for a lifetime of troubles and this marriage was doomed

It was getting dark and I heard the sound of a car
He’s back

Moments later, the door opened and he walked in
He is stressed out, I could feel it

“Are you okay?” I asked as he sat on the couch and got water from the jug on table

“Any reason why I won’t be okay?” he asked

“Well, no…. you just…. you look stressed”

“Am fine” he replied

“Have you eaten? Should I get you your food or…….”

“Can you just be silent?!!” he yelled and I quickly nodded

“Good” he said

He went into bathroom and minutes later, he was back on the bed ready to sleep

I don’t know how am going to do it but I’ll will bring out the light in you Jayden
You were always by my side as a kid and you always helped me, now it’s my turn to return the favor

Bella’s POV
“Is something going on with you and Landon?” I asked Brie “You guys don’t talk again like you normally do”

“Yeah, it’s my fault actually, I hurt his feelings” Brie said

“Well apologise and make up with him, I miss the Brianna and Landon friendship, you guys use to be so close as kids” I said she smiled

“So tell me about the guy you’ve been going to meet recently” Brie winked

“How did you know?! I never told anyone”

“Well am not just anyone, am your twin, so tell me about him, his name, his family, where he’s from, his everything, I want to know everything” Brie said and I sighed

“Am afraid even I don’t know all that. All I know is he’s dangerous, he’s someone I should probably avoid but I can’t bring myself to”

“But you guys are friends right? Can’t you just ask him about himself or something?” Brie asked

“I did ask and you know what he said? He said the moment I find out all about him, I’ll be in danger and he’ll probably have to kill me himself, so it’s better to know nothing of each other if we want to continue being friends” I said sadly

“That’s so…..”

“I know, it’s sad, weird, dangerous, all in one but I just….. I want to stay away from him Brie I really do but my wolf keeps calling out to him, I like it when am with him even though I know he’s dangerous” I said

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“Maybe should meet the priestess, if your wolf is calling out to him then he might be your destined mate” Brie said and I shook my head

“No, he can’t be…. he can’t be my destined mate, I know nothing about him!”

“Am just saying……”

“He is not my destined Mate” I said and walked out

The Mansion felt stuffy so I walked out into the night
The night breeze was cool and refreshing

I walked farther into the woods and then I heard some movements
I quickly hid behind a tree
The movement got closer and I got myself ready to attack if it happened to be a predator
Then figure came into veiw and it was Kilan!!
He passed by the tree I hid without seeing me

What is he doing here?
He wore a black hood, I wouldn’t have been able to recognize him if not for the moon light that had shone on his face

I quietly followed him
I need to know why he’s here
I need to know who he is

Then I saw two more figures up ahead
They were standing in a dark area and I couldn’t see their faces

Kilan walked up to them and they spoke in hushed tones for some minutes
Then Kilan turned to leave while the other two continued discussing
Who are they?!

I tried to follow Kilan back but I suddenly lost him, I couldn’t see him anymore
I turned to look for him and he suddenly superspeed and was standing right in front of me


“I told you, you can’t ever sneak up on me” he said as he quickly snapped my neck and everything became blank…..

Luna’s POV

…..Brie and I paced round the living room

“Where is he?” Brie asked looking worried

“He’ll be back soon Brie, maybe he just went into the woods to punch his anger out on some trees” I said

The door suddenly flew open and Jayden walked in, dragging Audrey’s brutally injured body along with him
His suit was stained with blood and Audrey was wounded really badly

Then everything suddenly changed and I saw Jayden pulling out Audrey’s heart

“Each life he takes draws him closer to his dark end and when The Demon Wolf arrives, Jayden Ashford shall meet his doom” A cold voice said and I screamed and forcefully opened my eyes….

I looked around panting
It was a dream, it was all a dream
Thank God it was just a dream

“Did you see me in your dream? I heard you shout” Jayden said and I turned to see him dressing up

“Apparently I did and it was a really bad dream, you were about to kill Audrey in my dream” I said

“And you call it a bad dream?” he said

“Killing someone is always bad Jayden”

“Even if the person is as bad as Audrey?” he asked and I scoffed

“If anyone should be killed for being bad it’s you” I muttered

“Maybe you aren’t aware, but werewolves have super hearing too” he said as he wore his Jacket

“What? I didn’t say anything” I denied

“So my super hearing lied?”

“No, your super hearing heard wrong, I just said…… What I said was that I should probably go with you to work today” I said and he scoffed

“You are still not good at lying” he said

“No am not lying, I really should go with you, am your personal assistant after all” I said

“Am living in 5 minutes, do not keep me waiting then” he said and I hurried to the bathroom……

Landon drove us to the company
We walked into the company and we bumped into Audrey

“Hey Jayden” She smiled

“What are you doing here?” Jayden asked

“Am a contracted model for your company remember?” Audrey said

“You must be really eager to die, coming here like this” Jayden said

“Oh it’s not my death you should be worried about. Heard you are currently having some problem with your company, you are supposed to release a Ladies Clothing line in 3 days and I heard all your designers have quitted and apparently, your fashion design manager is not able to get new designers either. If you aren’t able to design a new Ladies Clothing line in 3 days time like you promised the Fashion world? It will really speak bad of your company and you and I knows that nothing destroys a company faster than a bad reputation, so dearest Jayden, it isn’t my death you should worry about but the death of your company” Audrey said

“You have a hand in this don’t you? You got all my designers to quit” Jayden said and she shrugged

“Who knows? Maybe I did it, maybe I didn’t” she smiled and made to walk away but then stopped

“Oh I forgot to ask, how is Brianna? Is her leg okay? I fractured her leg pretty badly when we fought days ago, am just wondering if she has healed well” She grinned and finally walked out

I looked at Jayden and I could feel the anger coming from him in waves

“Jayden?” I called

He suddenly turned back and got into one of his cars in the Company’s parking lot and I quickly got in with him

“Jayden, where are you going?” I asked but he remained focused on the road as he drove off in a high speed

He drove us back to the Mansion and walked into living room

“Brianna!!!” he yelled as he walked in

“Jayden, I was about to phone you, I haven’t seen Bella this morning, she didn’t even…… Are you okay? You look angry” Brie said

“Did you fight with Audrey?” Jayden asked and Brie remained silent

“I asked you a question Brianna and I hate repeating myself” Jayden said

“Yes I did, we fought, Audrey and I, it was on the night Luna went MIA when she ran out of the hospital” Brie explained

“What did she do to you?” Jayden asked

“It’s was just a fracture Jayden, Landon saved me in time”

“And you didn’t deem it necessary to let me know this?!!” Jayden yelled

“I didn’t tell you because I knew you’ll go into this protective brother mode and do something totally unnecessary” Brie said

“Audrey touched you, she hurt you and no one hurts someone I care about!” Jayden said and walked out

“Where are you…..” I couldn’t complete my words as he suddenly superspeed off

“He’s going to do something bad Luna, he’s going to do something bad that’s how he is and that’s why I didn’t tell him” Brie said

“I just think he’s sad he couldn’t protect you, that’s all” I said

“No this is more than that, ever since my mate died during his battle to become an Alpha, my mate’s death made me weak and he always blamed himself for that up till today, once I had went out to a coffee shop and a bartender spilled coffee on me, Jayden broke the bartender’s arm for being reckless around me, he would’ve killed him if I hadn’t intervened” Brie said


“It was the main reason I traveled out with Bella, he always went around killing people when something happens to me so am telling you Luna, he’s gone off to do something bad” Brie said

“Well, let’s just hope you are wrong” I said…

An hour passed and Jayden was still not back
Brie and I paced round the living room

“Where is he?” Brie asked looking worried

“He’ll be back soon Brie, maybe he just went into the woods to punch his anger out on some trees” I said knowing fully well that am wrong
Jayden isn’t the type that gets rid of his anger by just punching trees

The door suddenly flew open and Jayden walked in, dragging Audrey’s mortally injured body along with him
His suit was stained with blood and Audrey was wounded real bad

“Apologise!” Jayden said as he pushed Audrey to her knees in front of Brianna

Then I remembered my dream
He’s dark side is growing by each day
He is going to kill her……


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