Vanity Episode 5

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As Adwoa Wusua entered the room and was admiring the interior decoration and the arrangements of the things in the mansion she decided to take selfie in the room with all the expensive things that were in there, she had plans to make much noise on the social media with the pictures she was about to take. She took different pictures at different locations in the mansion and after she felt she had taken enough pictures she sat down to upload some on Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat forgetting the purpose of entering into the mansion, first she went to Facebook but the Facebook app was taking long to open so she chose to use Opera mini to browse and do the uploading, but typing her location, adding her mood or what she was doing at that time and pressed on the upload button, an option came for her to tag along someone who was in the picture. She quickly went back to her gallary to zoom and check the picture very well, that was the time that she realised someone was truly in the picture laying down just at the bottom of the staircase in the room, out of curiosity she went close to the person lying there to find out why and how he was lying on the bear floor like that but as she got closer and saw the person lying there she scre-med and took to her heels to raise an alarm to the others. Apparently Nana Yaw Adane Dankyi was the one lying on the floor with his head broken and blood seriously oozing out of his head with his left leg broken, as she ran out of the mansion scre-ming the bodyguards came to her rescue to enquire what was persuing her and when she broke the news as to what she had discovered some of the guards rushed to the mansion whiles the others stayed with her, as they went in to check on what Adjoa Wusua said, Nana Yaw was lying there motionless but as they run a quick check on him, he was still alive so they immediately called for an ambulance to come and convey him to the hospital and after that they also called the police to come in and run investigations as to what led to the incident or accident. In no time the ambulance was in but even before they conveyed Nana Yaw to the hospital some police personnels entered the mansion, about four(4) men in uniform and two(2) others who were in civilian dresses, they took some pictures of Nana Yaw before the ambulance service personnels moved the body, after that they started asking people in the room questions and it was through the questioning that they were informed that Adjoa Wusua was the one who reported or raised alarm for everyone to know what had happened. The senior officer amongst them who was a detective spoke and told Adjoa Wusua that she had to come along with them to the police station to write her statement down before they will know what to do next.

How was Belinda Adjoa Owusua going to defend herself now? Her only hope was for the birthday boy (Nana Yaw Adane Dankyi) to stay alive and give his side of the story as to what really led to his current predicament, as she was been esc-rted to the police car she called Esi Haizel to come to her rescue but there was nothing she could do at that moment to savage or curtail the current plight of Adjoa Wusua, Esi Haizel tried coming closer to Adjoa Wusua to ask her some questions but she was impeded from doing that and she was told to make a follow up to the police station she(Adjoa Wusua) was been sent to. An annoucement was made that the party was over so everyone can take leave of the place to their respective homes, the chief guard ordered his boys to be very vigilant as the guest we leaving the mansion so no one will take an unauthorised thing from the place. Esi Haizel made a follow up to the police station with Adjoa Wusua’s handbag and belongs, she asked the female police officer on duty that night if she could sign for her bail but she was told it was a wrong time and that even Adjoa Wusua’s statement had not been written so she advised Esi Haizel to go home and come back the in the morning to check if her statement had been taken down, right in her face Adjoa Wusua was moved from counter back and was sent to the female cell. The cell leader scre-med at Adjoa Wusua that if she was not having money she should get some from her friend or sister before entering her cell or else she won’t like the reception she was going to get when she was locked up finally, Adjoa Wusua was feeling big and pompous to succ-mb to what she heard and the female police officer did a body check on her to make sure she wasn’t carrying any foreign material on her to harm herself or any inmate, when she was satisfied that she was clean the cell door was opened and Adjoa Wusua was pushed into the cell.


As Adjoa Wusua was pushed into the cell she was welcomed with a very pleasant slap from the cell leader, she tried retaliating but she ended up been lynched by the senior inmates of the cell, all this while Esi Haizel was pleading with the police to order the inmates to stop attacking her sister or better still bring her out from the cell so she sits behind the counter with her but the lady officer refused to hid to Esi Haizel’s plea. She told Esi that if she had money on her she should hurriedly bring it out to convince the inmates from attacking her sister any further, Esi quickly brought out two(2) fifty (50)cedis note and handed it over to the lady officer to give it to the cell leader and her cell commando’s, as the lady officer got the money she called the name of the cell leader to prompt her that the lady who they were giving her a welcome party had settled her cell dues so they should cancel and stop any further assaults they were inflicting on Adwoa Wusua, Mama Terror the lady’s sister has paid for her cell fee and its even twice the amount you were requesting for said the lady office.

Mama Terror: Officer you sure say you nor dey do me wayo for there, because you nor say I nor dey take my money matter dey joke, if I see say nah lie you lie me then ego be you for here, I go make confussion for here wey no bruv go talk some for here.

Lady Officer: Mama Terror have I ever played pranks on you before?

Mama Terror: Nah you never do such thing before so I go trust you for this matter top, see take fifty (50)cedis put my account in,side then twenty (20)cedis each into my cell commando’s them account in,side then the ten (10)cedis wey go lef for back take put the cell dues in,side, enor that.

Esi Haizel requested to speak with Adwoa Wusua to find out if she was okay in there, Mama Terror gave Adwoa the chance to come to the door to speak with her sister.

Esi Haizel: Adwoa are you okay over there?

Adwoa Wusua: Even if am not okay my sister do I have a choice, I happen to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. My prayer now is for Nana Yaw to come out and openly give his statement which will vindicate me for the allegations that have I have been tagged with. Before I forget please call Eddysongs tomorrow and break the news to him, he might be of great help to me now that I don’t have anyone to defend me.

Esi Haizel: Then why don’t I call him now, where did you place his call card?

Adwoa Wusua: Its already late my dear and I believe he might be far asleep by now, let’s wait till tomorrow morning then you get in touch with him, the call card is in left corner of my purse. As at now I will entreat you to go home and rest so that you can get much strenght tomorrow to come bail me from here if the need arises for someone to bail me out. Don’t worry to much because after all its people I find myself here with and please put my phone off so no one bothers you with calls.

Mama Terror: My sister make you nor worry I go give your sister a better place she go bed, for now she be my tourist for here so I go give am VIP treatment.

Esi Haizel: Thank you Mama Terror for your assurance, Adwoa I will take leave now and I promise to be here early tomorrow morning with your breakfast and everything you might need. Good night

Adwoa Wusua: Okay my sister please take it easy with yourself, I know everything happens for a reason.

On this note Esi Haizel takes leave to her house whiles Adwoa Wusua was also given a nice place to sleep for her very first time of her life to be involved with a police related issue. That night was the longest night Adwoa Wusua had ever encountered in her life, she blamed herself on different times as to why she even entered the mansion in the first place, every question she asked herself started with the phrase “What if”, she regretted scre-ming to alert the others on what she had stumbled upon. At the latter part she had to accept her fate and try to catch some sleep for herself because even if she stayed awake all night long it wouldn’t change anything or the fact that she was behind bars for that very night, as at that very moment the edge she got to urinate earlier on had deminished in her system and the alcoholic content in her had also cleared from her blood stream but another thing that frightened Adwoa Wusua was, what if Nana Yaw didn’t wake up again to tell the doctor or doctors what actually led to his injury, how was she going to defend herself when eventually the case was arranged before the law court?

Who was going to believe her side of the story? What if she couldn’t defend herself well, what was going to be her fate?

If she was going to be sentenced to jail how many years was she going to serve or receive?

Was it how her dreams and life going to end?

So what was going to happen to her dresses, shoes, handbags and the numerous ladies caps and hats she had bought.

This was really a wake-up call for her to ignite the bond she had with God because if there was a time she needed a turning point in her life, then this was the very time if not then everything she had or owned will become “VANITY ”

To be continued

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