Forced mate episode 31

💢Forced Mate💢
Married To The Alpha

💥Chapter 31💥
Jayden’s POV


“I guess we are long overdue for a proper introduction” he said

“What the hell are you doing with that sword Landon? Where is the Demon Wolf!!” I yelled

“Well you are looking right at him” Landon said

“No, you aren’t the Demon Wolf, you can not be the Demon Wolf, this is all some kind of trick!” I said and he laughed

“You have always underestimated me Jayden, all of you! have always looked down on me!” he said
“But that was the plan anyway, I needed to make you all see me as a friend and not perceive me as a foe, oh I’ve carried on this ruse for so many years, it feels good to finally come out in the open”

“You….. We’ve known each other since we were kids, we’ll always play together till your father decided to stage a coup so how….. Is this supposed to be a revenge? Cause I killed your father?” I asked managing to get the words out of my mouth

“Oh no, it’s absolutely nothing like that I assure you, my father was a controlling dick and I hated him too, this all about my desire for power, I hate being overshadowed Jayden, a truly powerful wolf challenges authority!”

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I wanted to speak but I was too shocked to

“Do you still not understand? Allow me to give you a detailed explanation then” he said
“I agree I was an innocent little kid and back then I honestly loved you all, especially dear Brianna but I also couldn’t deny how weak I was, you Jayden always had everyone’s attention whenever we were together, you were such an attention seeker you know that? When my father decided to go against your parents, he killed your father and your mother ran away with you, I also agree I did miss you guys at first but then my mother slowly taught me how to be powerful, she would train me for the whole day, I got so skilled yet I felt something missing, the first time she asked me to kill some servants but I couldn’t do it, I was thrown in the deepest part of the woods to wallow in my weakness and that happened several times. I always wondered what was wrong, I trained really well, I was very much skilled yet why do I still feel so weak? In one of the nights my parents left me alone in the woods as punishment, I cried my eyes out but then I realized my innocence was the one dragging me down, my innocence made me weak! So I decided to not be that innocent little kid anymore, that night I stood up from the woods and went home, and when I got home, I killed each and every servant they had asked me to kill and in that moment, I knew what true power felt like, and I liked it”

“When you came that night to the Mansion, in revenge of your mother’s murder, I saw you, you and Owen, I saw you both coming and I saw you going after my father, I was going to attack you but you seemed really angry and powerful as you killed everyone that stood in your way, so I decided to run, I was going to escape but stupid Owen caught up with me, unlike Jayden, he knew immediately he saw me that I was up to no good so he tried to kill me, I was going to control myself but I knew that was a fruitless effort, apart from the fact that he’s trying to kill me and I needed to defend myself, he was the mate of someone I have always wanted for myself, he was posing as your mate Brianna! A position meant for me and only me! Even if he didn’t come after me, I would’ve found him, and I would’ve killed him anyway”

“You….. you killed Owen?” Brie stuttered

“And I enjoyed every moment of it” Landon smiled “After Owen had met his end by my hand, I was going to escape but my Mom caught me and told me Jayden had killed my father, she wanted me to fight you Jayden, she told me this was the moment I have been training for, it was finally time to fulfill my destiny and kill you, she brought me to you and commanded me to kill you but how could she say my destiny is just to kill you Jayden, that sounded insulting to me, was the years of training and ruthlessness just to prepare me to kill a wolf, just one werewolf? I wanted more than that, I had a big dream, one I knew I had to go to great lengths to achieve, so I pulled her heart out, I hated being commanded anyway. If I had tried to escape after that you’ll have killed me, so I waved a pitiful story and I pledged my allegiance to you and like a fool, you believed me and spared my life. But you were just a means to an end, just a road to achieve my dream. How foolish you are Jayden, taking the son of the man that tried to kill your whole family under your roof, am sure you’ll regret that decision before the night ends”

“This is all a lie” Brie said “Everything you told me Landon, was it all a lie!!!”

“Oh come on, not all, I did tell you some truth, I told you I was monster, I told you I killed my mother and I told you I want you, those we’re all true” he chuckled

“So you really killed Owen? You really think I’ll still want you after hearing all you just spitted out? You will never have me Landon!” Brie yelled

“But you do not have a choice in the matter dear Brianna, you will be mine, if your brother wants to save his pack” he said

“You can not do anything to my pack, you only have Audrey and his brother by your side and for betraying me Landon, you shall meet your death!” I said and he laughed

“Do you still think so little” Audrey said

“Why do you think I stayed undercover with you all those years? Why do you think I waited so long to finally attack? Audrey and Killan aren’t my only people Jayden, all those years while I played a dummy to you guys I was planning, working for this day, the werewolf community has 7 different packs Jayden and I’ve conqured six! Why did you think I killed the betas you placed as spies in the other packs? It was so you wouldn’t know what’s coming till it has arrived. Years ago when you came for your mother’s revenge, your were much stronger than me so I didn’t fight you, I decided to study my superior, then do better! You had so much power Jayden but you wasted it on a small dream, your aim was just to rule your pack and make sure they are safe, such an irrelevant dream. I have a big dream Jayden, a dream to be the King of all the werewolf packs!! I am already King to 6 Packs, yours will be added to that count today!!”

“What on Earth did this Demon offer you Audrey? What did he offer you that you sold your pack to him?!!” I yelled

“Your heart” Audrey said “He promised to deliver your heart to me on a silver platter and I was quite mesmerized. You know when he first approached me, I was quite surprised too, Landon is the last person one would ever suspect to be evil but in time I realized how powerful he is, he is everything you are not! For killing my father Jayden, my brother and I stood by him so we could avenge our father’s death!”

“Okay, are you guys being really serious? Is this really happening? You Kilan…. you were Audrey’s brother all this while? Why didn’t you tell me!!!” Bella yelled

“I told you I have a sister, I also told you my name is Kilan Castle and am sure you knew my sister is Audrey Castle too so…. ”

“Stop! Just stop!” Bella yelled “And you Landon, what the hell is the meaning of this nonsense?”

“Oh dear Bella, you’ve always had a sharp mouth but your utterance might lead you to your grave this time around” Landon said

“You will not touch her! You will not touch any of my people!!” I yelled

“But as we speak my army is scattered round the woods hunting down your pack Jayden”

“Call them off Landon!” I said

“Well make me” he smiled

“Fine, I thought of you as a brother Landon but that was the biggest mistake I ever made, you shall die tonight, and you will die by my hands” I said as I made to attack him but Luna held me back

“No, Jayden don’t” she said looking terrified


“He will kill you, I saw it” her voice quavered

“Oh enough of this!” Landon said
His fangs all came out and he howled

There were sudden footsteps and we were soon surrounded by a large army
A man wearing a hood walked from within the woods and stood by Landon’s side

Luna’s POV
I was scared, things are going out of control and there’s nothing I can do about it

“You don’t need to fight him brother, this is personal for me, this fight is between me and Landon” Brie said as she superspeed to Landon but she was suddenly thrown back to the ground with a wave of hand by the hooded man standing with Landon

“Was that….. Was that magic?” Bella stuttered

“Come on Richard, don’t hurt Brie, I care about her” Landon said

“Ahhhh!!” I groaned as I suddenly got a skull cracking headache

“What’s wrong?” Jayden asked

The pain was like a lightening bolt coming straight to my head, and I could feel very where the lightening is coming from

“The man” I muttered “The hooded man”

“It’s has been such a long time Luna” A voice sounded in my head

“Did you hear that? The man spoke to me, did you hear?” I asked looking terrified

“No one said anything Luna” Bella said

“Richard, what did you do?” Landon asked and the hooded man brought down his hood revealing his face

“It’s been such a long time daughter, I’ve waited ages for this moment” he smiled……