Forced Mate

Forced mate episode 32

Married To The Alpha

💥Chapter 32💥
Luna’s POV

“It’s been such a long time daughter, I’ve waited ages for this moment” he smiled

“Wh….what” I stuttered

“What’s going on Richard?” Landon asked looking surprised too

“Daughter” he repeated again in a scrawny voice as he moved closer to me and Jayden quickly stood in front of me

“Who are you?” Jayden asked

“Remember Landon, when you came to me and told me to make you powerful, at first I refused but when I found of your lineage I decided help, I told you that you’ll lead me to someone I’ve been searching for, and there she is, my very own daughter, move away Jayden, I must see my daughter, it’s been so long” he said

“No…. don’t…. don’t let him close to me Jayden” I shivered clutching onto Jayden

“You aren’t going anywhere near my wife” Jayden said maintaining his stance

“Do not make me ask twice” he said but Jayden remained standing
Then he waved his hand and Jayden went flying to the ground far away

“No!!!” I yelled

“How dare you touch my brother!” Bella came angrily at Richard but she met the same fate as Jayden

“There is no one to protect you now daughter, no one to shield you from me now, at last!” he said as he traced his long finger down my face

“I…..I was told you were dead” I said

“A lie that was told by those that wanted to bring me down! But here I am Luna, am back, and am back for revenge, there are people after us Luna, people who made our lives miserable, we both have immense powers, so join me Luna, join your father and together we’ll be unstoppable” he smiled

“No” I shook my head “Just let my family and I go please” I pleaded

“They aren’t your family, I am your only real family!!” he yelled

“They the only family I know, please, I want to be with them” I said

“Fine, if you are not with me then you are against me, you will die and your family shall die with you” he said as he grabbed my throat

Jayden superspeed to help me but Landon stood in his way and so a fight started
Brie and Bella wanted to help me too but Audrey and Kilan stopped them and they started a fight too

“You… are….. killing…. me” I stuttered as Richard griped my throat tightly

“That is the plan Luna, I offered you a position by my side and you refused, your refusal means death” he laughed

I tried to fight back but I couldn’t
I could feel the life slowly slipping out of me

“Please…. please” I pleaded but he was deaf to my pleas

“Step away from her!!” someone yelled and Richard went flying to the floor and my throat was finally let free

I panted then I turned to see who had just saved my life

“Daisy!!! How….”

“I know you have a lot of questions, I should’ve told you everything from the beginning but I promise if we survive tonight, I’ll explain everything to you” she said as she stood in front of me

Richard stood back up angrily

“I should’ve known they’ll send someone to stop me as usual but this makes no difference, I will kill you little one” he said

I looked around and everyone was on a fight, Brie against Audrey, Bella against Killan and Jayden against Landon

Brie’s POV
“You’ve gotten stronger” Audrey said as as she stood up from the ground

“And you’ve gotten weaker” I smiled

“Or maybe I just haven’t showed you my full strength yet” she said as she superspeed towards me and dug her long fingers across my face

Bella’s POV
“Come on! Fight me you backstabber!!!” I yelled at Killan

“I do not want to fight you Bella, but I will if I have to” he said

“Oh don’t pretend you care about me now when you’ve been planning against my family for a long time!”

“I had no idea they were your family!!” he yelled “I had no idea you were related to Jayden Ashford”

“And even if you did, if you knew that I was Jayden’s sister, would’ve have changed anything?” I asked and he hesitated for a moment
“Answer me!!” I yelled

“No it wouldn’t!!” he yelled back “It wouldn’t have changed a thing! Jayden killed my father, he ripped out his heart!! One way or another I was going to take my revenge, Landon promised Audrey and I revenge, so we stood by him”

“I hate you” I said as I slapped him
“I hate you so much!” I slapped him again yet he stood still
“Fight me” I hit his chest “Why won’t you fight me back!!!” he yelled

“My fight is not with you Bella, I….I care about you” he said and I stopped hitting him

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“I am a sister to the one you call your enemy, do you really still care about me?” I asked

“Am not supposed to but I cannot stop myself Bella, I….I love you” he said

“I….. I…..” I suddenly felt a hand burst into my chest through my back. I could feel the person’s grip round my heart and before I could say anything else, I felt my heart ripping out and everything became blank….

Kilan’s POV
“Noo!!!” I yelled as I caught Bella’s falling body

“You killed her!!” I yelled at Audrey “I told not to touch her yet you ripped out her heart!”

“She’s our enemy Kilan, get over it and stop being so weak” she said and walked away

I looked back at Bella’s body

“No, this can’t be happening, I…. I still have a lot of things to tell you Bella, you cannot die just yet, you cannot die!” I cried

Brie’s POV
I saw Bella’s body on the ground and I managed to stand up
My face was covered in blood and I could barely see well

I wanted to cry but I had to be strong
“How dare you kill her!!!” I yelled as I superspeed towards Audrey to fight her again

She grabbed me by the throat and smiled
“The only reason I haven’t killed you too is because Landon wants you alive” she said as she threw me to the ground and walked away

Jayden’s POV
“Bella!!!” I screamed as Audrey pulled out her heart and Landon laughed

“Such a pity, Bella was a really bright lady” Landon laughed

“I will kill you” I said as an anger rose inside of me and my eyes glowed red

“Finally, come on Jayden, don’t hold back anymore, fight me with all your strength” Landon said

I superspeed towards him and gave him a punch throwing him to the ground

“Wow” he said as he stood up and I walked towards him angrily

“Hey, angry wolf” someone said behind and as I turned to see who it was, I got a kick on the face from Audrey

“You!!” I growled as I grabbed her and ripped out her arm

She screamed in pain and fell on the ground
I made to pull out her heart but Landon came in front of me and grabbed my hand

“Enough of the playful fight, I came here prepared Jayden, the goddess made you strong so I got Richard’s help and became stronger, come on Jayden, have a taste of my power” Landon said as his eyes glowed blue and he twisted my arm and slashed my chest with his fangs

Luna’s POV
Richard threw Daisy to the ground and then grabbed her throat

“Coming here was a sucide mission for you, did you really think you’ll be able to match my powers!” he said as he tightened his grip and daisy groaned

“Stop, stop you are killing her!” I yelled

“Oh I will kill her and since you’ve decided to side with the very people that condemned your own father to death, I will kill you too!” he said angrily

I looked around and everywhere was a mess
Killan was crying over Bella’s body, Brie was on the ground, brutally wounded and Jayden wasn’t doing so good with Landon
Landon obviously got more powerful and Jayden couldn’t stand a chance against him

Landon suddenly gripped Jayden by the throat and I remembered my vision
He’s going to kill him

“No, no” I muttered
Everything was going wrong and there’s nothing I can do
My head was aching and I felt dizzy
I clutched my head and closed my eyes
No, this can’t be happening

“Stop!!!!!!” I yelled and my voice resonated all through the woods with a powerful wave I couldn’t understand

I opened my eyes and I found myself by the lakeside, along with Jayden, Daisy and Brie

“What….what happened?” I stuttered

“You happened Luna” Daisy said as she stood up “You saved us and brought us all here”

“How?…. I…. You….you used magic too, how?” I asked

“There are a lot of things that has being kept hidden from you, I guess it’s time you know about your lineage, you are a powerful sorceress Luna, the first of your kind”……


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