Forgive – Episode 16


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“I think I can recognise that voice… Is that not Nana Akua girl, Gilbert’s sister? Forgive are you pregnant for my Gilbert?” Afya asked.

“What is the problem with you at all? Can’t I have some privacy in my own hostel? And if in case I am pregnant, how does that concern you?” I asked.

“Hmm this girl is joking with me oo, I smiled in parables. If I should find out that you are pregnant for Gilbert, I swear, you will see the worst side of me. Read my l-ips. Why? You are trying to put enmity between Dr and I and now you want to finally take my Gilbert. You lie bad.” Afya threatened.

“These are empty threats if you care to know. I don’t fear toothless dogs like you. Do you really care for Gilbert? Have you ever stepped foot into his house to find out how he is doing after he was discharged from the hospital? Probably this should be the biggest shocking news you will hear. I am pregnant for Gilbert and very soon we will get married.” I rebated. Afya remained silent and shook her head, took her phone and called Gilbert.

“Tell me what am hearing is not true. Stop asking me what I heard. Tell me Forgive is not pregnant for you.” Afya said over the phone to Gilbert.

“Sorry dear, it happened unconsciously and my father insisted that I marry her. So yes, it’s true. Thanks for everything.” Gilbert explained to her over the phone.

“oh really! OK we shall see. The two of you just stepped on the tails of a scorpion.” she said and hanged up.

“Forgive I think this time around you have won hands down. Congratulations but I assure you that we will revisit this topic. The battle line has just been drawn. I will go with you to your village to see your father so remember not to leave without alerting me.” Afya said.

“How do you expect me to travel on the same bus with you after all these threats. Am I selling myself to be killed or what? Don’t take me for a fool” I advised.

“No. I said we will talk about that issue later so I am coming with clean hands and heart, I promise. There is nothing to fear.” she said.

“Alright I’ve heard you. I will be leaving in the morning but before then, I will go and pass through my aunt’s place before proceeding to the village. I need to take with me some few things that I left in the house. So maybe you can meet me at Tudu where I will be taking car.” I said to her. She agreed and left. “How can this small girl get married to my man and wants me to just sit back and watch that. I will teach her a lesson of her life. If the hunter can shoot without missing, then the bird must also learn how to fly without perching.” Afya said to herself.

I called Nana Akua and told her everything and told her to be expecting me as her sister in-law. She was happy for me. Nana Akua was such a nice lady, she likes me as well. I do advice her to take her studies serious but she was also into men affairs on her campus. Anyways, it is said that birds of like furthers, flock together.

The following day as planned, I left early to my aunt’s place only to find out that she left Mr. Dennis’ house last night leaving her husband alone at home and went to stay with the man of God that got her pregnant. She was expecting another pregnancy. I’d wished Mr. Dennis was not HIV positive, like I would have given the pregnancy to him and occupy my auntie’s position.

Mr. Dennis was very happy to see me around.

“Forgive am happy you are here. Your aunty left me to a different man. Right now I feel very worried about myself. I don’t have anyone to talk to nor to share my thoughts with. Afya has really disturbed me. She knew she was positive but went ahead to sed-ce me. Please forgive me and make peace with me. I don’t mind if you get married to the person who impregnated you. All I need is someone to be by my side. I even feel like taking my own life to end it all.

Yes, because even my subordinates at work stigmatise against me. My own family has rejected me. I think death is the best option here. The world is tired of me. Let me die and wait for the rest of you to join me on the last day of the universe.” Mr. Dennis said in tears.

“Uncle, please stop crying. Sorry for all that you are going through now. But you should know that you brought all these upon yourself. why should you sleep with Afya? I gave you all that you needed. I feel bad seeing you in this situation anyway. However, you have done enough for me so I can’t just turn my back on you like that. I will always be by your side. Please don’t ever think of committing suicide. It is all part of life. Some of these things need to happen to teach others lessons. I think this is the time you should get closer to God. He may have mercy on you and cause some miracle to happen in your life. Taking your life is no option to consider. No, that shouldn’t be an option. You were the person who got me to where I am now. I can vividly remember that.

I want to visit my father in the village, I will return in a day or two. Since I came to the city I’ve never been there and now that I’m pregnant, I need to go and inform him about it.” I said to him in a very calm manner. He thanked me for my words of assurance. I prepared some food for him, arranged things in the house and encouraged him to be taking his anti retroviral drugs very seriously.

I went for my things and left to meet Afya at the station where we both boarded the same car which took us to my village. On our way, we never spoke to each other until we got to Agorkpo.

Everything in the community had change so locating my house 🏠 became a bit difficult but at the end, I was able to find my route. There was no one in our house when we got there so I needed to ask some neighbors around. They were surprised seeing me anyway. They told us that my father was at the Adidome hospital receiving treatment. They said he was taken ill when my sister got married not long ago. I couldn’t believe that but I thanked them for the info and went with Afya to the hospital.

Honestly, my father had changed. He had grown lean and looked very old. I even felt shy of calling him my father. He couldn’t even recognize me because I’ve also become a big girl.

“Papa it’s me your daughter who went to stay with aunty Rose 🌹 in the city. It’s me Forgive.” I introduced myself.

“Oh oh oh! Forgive my daughter, thank you for coming back. Come and give me a hug. I owe you and your sister a lot of explanation and apology. I will soon die and you people need to forgive me.” he said. I went to hug him in the bed. “Why haven’t you been coming to the village to see your father after you left? I really missed you. I have some things to tell you and your sister before I die.” he said with tears engulfed his face. “Papa you are not dying now. You will be fine. Don’t you want to bless my marriage too?” I said to him. “Your sister left to get me some food. She will soon be back.” he sad. “OK but what brought you here and for how long have you been here?” I asked.

“My daughter, I can’t readily tell. I’ve sinned against God and you my children.” he said. “Papa, it’s okay, you are not feeling well, let all that long talks remain for now and let’s see to it that you are fine.” I said to him. In no time, my sister arrived with her husband and she was equally pregnant. “Forgive is this you? Hmm, this world is a small place. So where have you been?” she asked. “I was with aunty Rose but left for school. What is the problem with Papa? ” I asked. “The doctor said his too much intake of alcohol has lead him to develop liver sclerosis. He has been here for more than a month.” my sister explained.

I want to take this opportunity to advise those of you who use alcohol as your drinking water. Note that it can damage your liver and kidneys. The next thing for you after that is death. Some of you call the big belly as “rich men” belly. No, it’s an enlargement of the liver that causes that. Alcohol can take you to your early grave so beware.

My sister introduced her husband to me and asked why I didn’t come for her marriage ceremony because she expected me. I explained to her that I had no idea that she was getting married. She said she asked aunty Rose to inform me about it but she was told I was no more with them. “my sister, it’s a long story. Let’s talk about that later.” I said to her. “and who is this lady?” my sister said pointing at Afya. “She is a friend who wants to see father. I am also here to inform papa that I am pregnant and need marriage list for the man to come and perform the rites.” I explained. Afya only swallowed her saliva hærd upon hearing I was coming for marriage list. My sister welcomed her as well. She went close to my father and said she wished to have some chats with him. She asked, “papa can you remember Maa Jennifer, the petty trader who stays at kumasi.” “Jennifer, Jennifer, the slim tall and dark lady? Yes, yes, I remember her. It has been very long. Did she send you to me? Please tell her to forgive me.” my father recollected. Afya continued, ” was she your lover before?” “Yes, I had wanted to marry her in addition to my wife but my late wife stood against it.” my dad said and started coughing profusely. We rushed to call the nurses and they asked us to go out of the ward.

“But why all those questions? If something should happen to my father, I will hold you responsible.” I said to Afya.

“Forgive, it will interest you to know that your father impregnated my mother before leaving her alone. I am the product of that pregnancy. That man there is also my father.” Afya disclosed.

“What! You must be joking.” My sister said.

“Sister, I’m not joking. My mother is the Jennifer we were talking about.” Afya added.

“My friend, you cannot just come here and say things you have no idea of. Let my father himself confirm this.” I said to Afya.

One of the nurses that went in,side to attend to my father came out. We all rushed on him. We said in unison “how is my father?” the nurse said we should calm down and rather be praying for him. He said there are some complications so the doctor was coming to attend to him. He added that they will need some blood for him. Hmm. My sister and I were all pregnant so there was no way we could donate. My sister’s husband’s blood was also not compatible to that of my dad. The only option was Afya because they said they are short of that particular blood at the hospital’s blood bank. Afya is equally HIV positive.

Soon, the doctor came and after seeing him, said it has become necessary they refer my father if not he would die earlier than expected. He also asked of the blood and Afya said she will donate. I quickly said No. Doc please this lady must not donate blood to my dad. The doctor then decided that we agree and refer my dad. Afya said she will take care of the bills so they should process the referrals. We thanked her for the kind gesture.

The fact was that, she had her own agenda for doing that. My father was referred to 37 military hospital. Over there, they fixed some machines on him which brought him back into consciousness. We also bought some of the blood over there. We went to him to confirm if Afya was actually his daughter. My dad said Afya’s mother never told him she was pregnant so it’s not true that Afya was his daughter. Afya requested for a DNA test to be done on the two of them to confirm if she was not my father’s daughter. The test was done and the result was an interesting one. Hmm this world is really interesting.

To be continued

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