In Love With A Crazy Girl

In Love With A Crazy Girl episode 6 – 8


EPISODE SIX (06)-(8)

I called the principal back the next day when i came back from work. Before I could even lay my complaint, she told me she had accepted her back that there was nothing between them again. I was really over joyed. We talked for a very long time and she also asked about Angelica. She promised to come visit me over the weekend. Somehow I felt she was all over me. She really was a talkative and she asked about different things which I refused to tell anyone.

I was really happy that finally, I started going to school smoothly. The principal was no longer harsh on me. She was now caring and gave all attention to me as if I was I child. I and Stacy were no longer friends again. I started seeing her as an enemy . I avoided her badly and never talked to her again, though she tried making amends with me.

That morning when the driver dropped me at school, it was like a new beginning in my life. Once I got to my class, everywhere went dead silent. Everyone was looking at me and I felt a little bit awkward. I went to my seat, then I sat down. Betty too was looking at me.

“What happened? Why are they staring?” I whispered into Betty’s ear.
“We thought the principal was gonna expel you because Kyle made a declaration this morning that you will not be able to come back to this school ever again”. Betty whispered back.

I gave a loud hiss and scoffed out angrily. “Is that all? That’s the reason they are staring at me like baboons”.
I turned to Kyle’s seat. He was not in class. I was pissed off. I really did not understand why a boy like him was brilliant. Boys like him we’re supposed to be dull and unserious.


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looked at jade. He was looking at me but he immediately turned away after our eyes met. I walked towards his seat. Standing before him, I squatted beside him and whispered something on his ear. I stood up and he also stood then we walked out of the class. I stood near the wash room waiting for him and he came in moments later.
“Why did you call me here?” Jade asked somehow feeling irritated.
“Where’s Kyle” I threw at him. He looked at me again then gave me a glare.
“He’s with his mom. They are inside the office”. he said and pointed towards the office direction.
“I Know. But what is he doing there?” I asked somehow feeling irritated.
” I don’t know!! You can go see for yourself if you want to know”. With that, he barged out.


my gosh. Kyle’s friends were all just like him. I gave a loud puff. I just wanted to beg him, if that was the case. I hated keeping malice with people, especially boys who were as tough as a lion. I stood there fidgeting over the situation. I need to act fast.

😜 KYLE 😜
I walked out of the office looking as happy as ever. Mom just told me to accept Angelica as my sister and told me to treat her the way I would to my sister. She told me she had her reasons. I had promised her that I would have heed to her instructions but that was never to happen. I didn’t like her in any way, except her body are body and stature, but I loved all girl’s body.

She was too crazy for my liking. What I laughed about was that mom believed me. She didn’t Know that I was gonna make life a living hell for Angelica. I wanted to show her that nobody messes up with my and go Scot Free.

I was creating a very huge plan on her to humiliate her. As she got on my nerves gradually, I started making up a plan.

It was already two days to the end of year party in our. We had written all our exams a week before so everyone was glad. There was celebration everywhere as everyone decorated the school party hall. Everyone was happy Including the principal and other staffs of the school. We danced and some rehearsed but remember, Kyle and Angelica were nowhere to be found around the hall. They could be busy or something but I don’t care, I had to enjoy the party.

The day of the party finally came. I was happy because i loved parties and I liked to party. I put on my blue t shirt and a pair of trousers. I styled my hair into another part just to make me look handsome today. I had also promised myself to possibly lay some girls. I was so happy and contended when the thought of Angelica hit my mind. I thought about it then gave a nod, I will do that when am less busy I said that to console myself.

I looked at my wrist watch to see the time and I found out that I was late. My mom had already left when I was still on bed. I went to the sitting room to have a warm coffee. While sipping the coffee the maid offered me, my eyes caught the picture of my dad and mom on the table. I picked it up and stared at it for a very long time, tears burning down my eyes. I missed my dad so much, though he was the reason am spoilt. He sincerely had told me that he loved my mom so much but was scared to admit ever since they filed for a divorce. I really wanted them to be back to each other. I quickly cleaned my tears sighting Jade and Edwin in the sitting room.
“Hi boss”. Edwin said and we took turns in shaking.
“Aren’t you coming with us to the school party?” jade asked.
“Why not, I will be right back. Gat to get my car keys.” seconds later I was back. We hopped into the car and zoomed off.

We got to the school right on time. Jade and Edwin got off from the car promising to see me later, while I drove I to the premises. I got out of the car and and and………. I saw the most beautiful girl I had ever seen in my life. Angelica was walking towards me smiling. She was putting on a black gown together with a pair of black high heels and a red lip stick to match. It was right there I knew what it felt like to be confused. She was so so cute. I couldn’t believe that this same Angel was who I was planning for. But then, I had my pride. Pride was the only thing that kills me but I had my ways.
“So, aren’t you going in?” she asked once she got to me.
“And how is that your business young lady?” I asked feigning anger.
“Because you are staring too much.” she took my hand and dragged me out, towards the hall.
I looked at her. This girl was really crazy. How can she still like me after all what I had done to her? Or was that one of her plan for me?
I smiled to myself. I was still gonna make her life miserable.


We got to the hall, hand in hand. Music was already blaring from the background and girls were already dancing with their boyfriends. While she held my hand to dance with me, I did the most shocking. I ripped off her hand from my hand and walked away to her friend Stacy. Maybe that will teach her a lesson.
“Be my partner.” I said to Stacy and stretched my hand forward.
“The pleasure is mine” she said and took my hand blushing.
Angelica walked away. She wasn’t angry and had no expression on her face. She was expressionless.

I was a bit pissed off but I didn’t let the feeling show out on my face. I walked to Betty, she was talking with a guy who happens to be jade. She was smiling happily. I guess jade was a great company to her. I sat on a chair and offered myself a glass of chilled juice. Cool music was blaring out of the background and some danced a cool walking dance. The principal and other staff of the school were in a high table discussing on some important issues, I guess. I figured out a more quieter place to seat as I watched everything that took place in the hall.
After all the drinking, partying, dancing and all the enjoyment. Everyone was tired and stressed out. Some slept while drinking and some continued dancing to the sour music.

The principal came up on stage and announced that she needed everyone’s attention. Those who slept were woken up and became agile listening to the principal as she spoke.
“I can see that you are all happy”. Everyone gave a loud wail. “Anyways, I and all the staffs of the school had came up with a befitting way of how you can can have a happy holiday. We have made up our mind to do a school camping trip and we are sure you guys are gonna love it. Is that ok by you?”

Everyone gave out a wailing sound. We were all happy about the declaration the principal made. I was personally happy because I loved camping. But I thought about my dad, who would be there for him when I had gone for camp. There must be a way because I was not planning to miss out in any extra curricular activities done by the school.
Music soon began again and everyone danced. Then I noticed that Kyle and Stacy were nowhere to be seen around the hall. I couldn’t muster where he could possibly be. Jade was still whispering things in Betty’s ear, she laughed too and I was a little bit jealous.

After drinking two to four glass of chilled juice from the glass, I became pressed. I decided to use the rest room.

When she got to the rest room, she eased herself and came out. She watched her hand on the water closet and also washed her face. She drew out some cotton wool from the cotton swap, then wiped her face and hand with it. She applied some lip gloss on her lips.

As she turned to go, she felt someone drew her hair from behind. She gave a loud m0an as that same person swept her body threw to tiled floor. She tried dragging herself back put the person continued pulling her into the back door. As she gave a loud wail, someone emerged gigantically from within and hit her head with a rod. She fell to the ground lifelessly. Blood oozed out of her head as she spurred to the ground. Her sight became blurring, that was all she could remember, every became very blurring to her. She wished she was dead because the pain up on her head was eating her up gradually. Her eyes closed and darkness invaded her.


I looked around the party hall, Angelica was nowhere to be found. She was sitting alone in a quiet corner the last Time I saw her. I asked jade if he had seen her walked out of the hall but he gave me a negative answer.

“She’s not a child, ok. She will be back, Why are acting as if she’s lost or something. Just cool that off your mind”. jade said consoling her.
She gave a negative nod.
“No! I feel something is wrong here. It’s my friend we are talking about here, so don’t tell me to cool it off.” Betty said.
“Ok fine. Do whatever you wish”. Jade answered as he bit his lip harder.
Betty walked away from him. She was putting on a very worried look and ki some bit of tears fell off her eyes. She walked to Kyle in a silent corner of the hall. There he was romancing and kissing Stacy. She gave out a loud scoff. Why was she even here?
“Hello”. She said to him for him to here her out.
He turned with a red burning up eyes.
“What!!” Kyle shouted at her. “Can someone gets some privacy here? what”.
“Hmm sorry. Please did you see Angelica?”.
He gave a loud hiss and returned back to stacy, he continued kissing her all over again.
“Sorry” Betty turned and walked back again walking inside the hall. Where could she possibly be? An idea hit her mind. Maybe she was inside the rest room, but she would have been back by now if that was the case.
She turned back again and started walking back to the rest room area. When she got there, she knocked on all the doors but no one was in. As she turned her back to see the back side of the washroom, something took her leg and she fell down flatly on the floor.
“Oh my gosh”. she cried out lightly. When she used her hand to support herself as she stood up, her hand met with something thick. She smelled it.
“Blood?? Where could this blood be coming from?”.
She quickly drew out her phone with her left hand from her pocket and switched her phone touch on.
“What!!!! Angel…. What the hell?? What’s happened to you”. she called as she got near her shivering. Blood continued coming out of her head.
“Angelica Please don’t do this to me please…… Somebody help me! ” she screamed. “Help! someone is dying”. She stood up from the ground as she staggered towards the hall, tears blurring her sight.

“Help somebody. Help” Betty said as she rushed inside the hall. Music stopped playing and everyone rushed towards her asking different questions even she could not answer one at a time. She was too confused and tired to speak, she just pointed at the restroom and everyone rushed there.
After a thorough look at the washroom, Angelica was brought out with the principal gasping out for air.
“Let’s call the ambulance.” Secretary Kim suggested.
The ambulance arrived minutes later and Angelica was carried inside. The principal and Betty suggested that they would follow her, they hopped in the ambulance and the bus zoomed away.

I walked round the sitting room fidgeting with my two hands. It was already past twelve in the mid night and Angelica was yet to come. My phone rang, I picked it up and it was the principal. I hissed loudly and threw the phone on the sofa. I wasn’t in for all her useless talks. Or was she calling to tell me the where about of my 👼 angel? My phone rang again and I quickly picked it up.
“Hello, how may I……” I started but she quickly shut me down.
“Come to Seoul hospital right now. Your daughter was just admitted some hours ago. Please be fast your attention is highly needed”. The principal spoke in the phone.
“But….” She quickly cut the call which kept me worried. I quickly changed into better clothes and took my phone from the sofa. I shut the door after coming out .

I swayed past the hospital door into the premises. I was completely heartbroken and shattered. After doing everything necessary for me to see my daughter, I was given a room number to go to. I was really happy; I thank the doctor sincerely. When I got to the corridor of the room, I found the principal and her friend Betty crying badly. Once the principal saw me, she jumped on my shoulder and hugged me as she sobbed silently.
“Did anything happen to her?” I asked as I released from her hug.
She stifled a little” The doctor just operated on her and given us the information that she would be okay after a little rest”.
I gave a nod and walked past her into the door. I looked at her and sighed badly, just an innocent girl suffering the sins of her father. I held out her hand and kissed it warmly. Then an idea hit my mind, I remembered the threats and looked at her.
“I will be right back Angel. Dad has to take a good look into something”.
I picked up my phone and dialled Theresa’s number.
“Meet me at the usual spot”. I spoked into the phone and ended the call. I knew it must be theresa and no one else. I would have acted fast on her threats if I had known. It was time for me to avenge my wife’s death.

“You nothing bitch. How could you have done that, I never expected that from you”. I said to her.
She laughed out loud devilishly and mimicked my words.
“So you think you can mess up with queen theresa and go Scot free?? Hell no, ok. Mind you, this is just the beginning. You are so lucky I didn’t kill her, if not……”
I raised my hand to slap her and she held it firmly.
“How dare you Hale? Trying to slap me or what? Let me make something Clear to you; you caused all these for yourself when you left us to marry your filthy late wife”. Theresa mumbled in a devilish way. I bit my lips and looked into her eyes with my red burning eyes.
“Do not forget that I told you to sign the properties to me since you did not accept to take us back? You forgot right?. Mind you, this I just the beginning. The next will be on your bastard daughter, Angelica. Mark my words!!” She opened the car door and hopped into it giving me a wicked grin.

I stood there looking at her as she drove out of sight, I didn’t know she followed me all the way from the states to Korea. I quickly cleaned a tear that fell off my eye. I knew my days on Earth were numbered.


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