Gabi’s diary prologue

Gabi’s Diary
By Gabriel Akilozi.
Yeah, now the story. Before the story, let me do a brief introduction of those you will meet in this story.
Meet Sucex, to me the darkest boy in the universe and the best room mate ever ( Sucex understands I love lying a lot ). If Sucex stands against a black cloth unclad, you might not see him because he is very dark, even I have to wear glasses to enable me see him sometimes. He is of average height, has a well built body but I dont know what happened to his face. He is from Delta and his father is a kind of multi millionaire, dont mess with Sucex. He is 16 years, I dont actually know if he is 16 or 15 ( Sucex no offence please, I just can’t remember your age but I know you are a small boy Sha) his dad own a micro finance bank, and his mom lectures in a secondary school. He is very troublesome but doesn’t fight, that is the only good thing about him, he is very good in biology.
Meet Amanda(that isn’t her real name o). Amanda is my house mate, I dont like calling it hostel, but to be sincere it is an off campus hostel. Amanda is just like my sister simply because she is from the same state as I. People who dont know her will say she is so strict( Ask Prince) but to me she is just good. She loves coming to read in our room at night, you know I am a serious guy. Amanda is very pretty, but what spoils her is the too much grammar she do blow for us. She is a queen in English just because she went to Queen’s college. She is the same age as myself and that makes us perfect ( hey there is nothing between us), she is from Benue state, and she is good in English. Her dad is a captain, so as you can see, she isn’t a small girl o.
Next up is Emeka( that is his real name) , this one is just fat like something else, he is a cousin to Amanda, a cousin from the mother side. If you want to kidnap Emeka, just give him food, if you want to make him sleep, give him book. The three times I went with Emeka to night class, I went there to sleep, because there was no one to read with me. I thought Emeka brought books to read, to my surprise there was only a wrapper and blanket in his bag. With all this I wonder how he passes his exams ( am sure he is among those that have masters in cheating) . Emeka is from Enugu, and he is the same age with me, 18 years ( am sorry bro, I promised not to tell anyone your age but you know I talk too much) . Emeka stays upstairs with his Cousin Amanda, he only comes downstairs to my room to play game or gist, Emeka never comes to read. I dont even know which Subject Emeka is good in, yes I know, “Foodery”. One funny thing about us in my hostel is that we are all science students, destiny brought us together. Emeka father is a big business man.
Now meet the queen of noise makers, Joy( her real name also) , ah, this girl can make noise for Africa. Once upon a time her shout almost brought down the building of the hostel, and the funny part is that she shouts for no reason. Joy is my age mate also although she looks very tiny. The first time I met her, I thought she was just 10 years ( am sorry Joy, but I do tell you the same real life) . she is pretty although I do tell her she is not ( why on earth would she be asking me If she is beautiful? Every ten seconds, Gabriel am I pretty?) She is pretty and lively, she is the most free of all my house mate, not only does she comes to read in our room every night, she sometimes sleep with us but I dont allow her sleep close to Sucex , I dont trust that boy. Many times in class, boys had come to ask me if she is my girlfriend, because we are fond of each other, anywhere you see joy, you see Gabriel and vice varsal. Trust me now, I do tell them yes, no wonder all the boys in my class do give me maximum respect. Joy is troublesome and loves fighting me, most times when i just abuse her, she will jump on me like she can beat me, idiot.
Now meet Ejiro( her real name also) Ejiro doesn’t live in my hostel, she lives two streets away from me. Ejiro is the most ambitious young lady have ever met. Ejiro is a graduate of physiology, but due to the passion she got for medicine, she came back to study it, she is just like three or four years older than me, she is short and also troublesome, I dont know the difference between her and Joy, they are both troublesome. Ejiro is that girl that always motivates me ,if she was much younger I should have dated her, just joking anyways. The funny thing about myself and Ejiro was that we happened to be enemies when we first me, although we do sit together but we never for once talked or even say hi. It was about after some weeks that she started greeting me ( Ejiro dont talk, I know I greeted you first). She is very good in biology, although she is always finding fault with physics.
Now let’s go to the next on my list, Nike( not her real name ), she is Sucex’s nightmare, His ex girlfriend. She is the girl that showed him pepper. She is same age as Ejiro, so you see that Sucex is a Mumu, she is elder to him with up to five or six years. She is beautiful too but she is a player and Sucex was her victim. She played him like tennis, even his ancestors were ashamed of him ( and I warned him o), her grammar is gbagam ( Sucex understands), she doesn’t live in my hostel o, she lives at back gate, the area after Uniben.
Now what of victor(Real name also) that one is an idiot, nothing else ( victor dont abuse me here, let’s chat privately) he doesn’t live in my hostel but do visits on daily basis . okay about victor, he is an idiot and nothing else. He is good in physics like me.
What about Tope( his real name also) he is the most handsome guy among us, followed by me. All this one knows is to be arguing about football, he is older than me with one year, he is 19. He is a Yoruba guy and that was even what brought the both of us close, I also do speak Yoruba. He is fun to be with but he is also stupid at times, not even at times, pretty much every time. He is very good in chemistry. Tope lives in the same area with Nike.
And now to the next person, Eze gburugburu of Physics, Apology in biology and Mazi in Chemistry, he is the Eze 1 of Benue state, minister of Women affairs, king of the sanga, amateur karate fighter, Igwe the 1st in lying, commander in chief of gossipers, and to conclude it, the best story writer. He is no one other than the boy himself, Me. I am Gabriel and I am 18 years, very tall, the tallest in my hostel. I do use my height as an advantage, when anyone ask me my age, I say am 21 ( igwe the 1st of lying), my dad is a science researcher.
As the story start, we shall  meet the others.

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