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Haunted love episode 31 – finale


This makes it exactly two days after my reconciliation with Christabel, things has been really moving fine for us all.
And to be frank, finding love is a great thing.
I really love her and that’s what I know.
The event that happened in school, between I and Christy trended through out the school, that even some junior students used that same scene as a part of their drama play.
Though I haven’t asked her out to be my girlfriend officially but I believe, I would be doing that anytime soon. let the first be calm.
Love is a feeling that intoxicates and makes you abnormal. lol, if you are not stupid in a relationship you are really not in love (Boss Nathaniel I hail ooo!! 😂)
That’s how it is, the past few days of knowing her, had been a pain killer that I haven’t come across for spans of life.
I felt new, refreshed and full of life and can always been seen smiling.
Some would always say it would end in tears, Ehhhhhh!! let it be till then.
The chemistry that works between both of us is unexplainable.
The love I have for her is just like a borrowed assignment, I can never understand it 😂.
Yea that’s how it was and I’m a hundred percent believer that she feels the same for me .
The exchange of calls, eye contacts and smiles both in class gives me nothing but joy.
I really can’t wait to ask her out.
Delay might be dangerous.
Stan is really one of a guy I just hope for the best between us.
I really can’t believe I could be so free with a guy.
As he is the most funny guy I have ever met in a while.
I really can’t wait for him to ask me out as his girlfriend.
I just hope he really feels for me up to the way I feel for him and not just being a flirt.
I can’t help but smile as I remembered the discussion I heard with Christy about Stan and Ken.
I couldn’t believe, I opened up to tell Christy how I really felt for Stan, amidst my face that was all red and my whole face downwards.
She really had a good laugh as she nodded her head as If she knew all this while.
Today’s class has been so so hectic, I really was tired.
I was just through with my bath, when Ken, called me.
“Hi Ken.”
I said smiling, fighting the urge not to call him any sweet name or pet stuff.
“Hi sweetie.”
He said across the phone, gently.
“How are you faring?”
He asked me.
“I’m cool Oohhh! just bored!! maybe I would be sleeping.”
I said.
“Why bored na!! when I’m always here for you.”
He said tenderly, while I smiled up, exactly what I expected, I always bring up this line of talk just to hear him repeat this process, I love it whenever he says it to me.”
“You can’t be serious.”
I said smiling.
“Ohhh!! and doubts me!! OK, would you care having an outing with me?”
He asked.
“Is that a date or what?”
I asked him, as the joy radiating through my face could lit the whole street lights in Nigeria.
“What do you think?”
He asked gently.
“OK I’m in. text me the address.”
I said with hidden joy.
He laughed out happily.
I jumped up happily as I nearly screamed down the room .
I jumped on the bed, purposely jumping on top of Stan, who roughly pushed me out.
“Alaye na w€tin na you want wound me?”
He asked me obviously annoyed as he was chatting with someone and I knew it was with Gina.
“If wounding you in the process of this good news go be the price to pay, my guy it is worth it.”
“OK na, suit yourself.”
He said as it was obvious, he just wanted to put an end to the discussion and continue with what he was doing.
“Guy no vex na, I asked Christabel out on a date this night and guess what she accepted.”
I said and he suddenly smiled.
He turned over to me, and asked.
“No not seriously. I’m here telling you the reality and you are here asking stupid questions.”
I said to him.
“OK oooo!! happy evening strolling with her. guy it get something I want to beg you.”
“Big kwa? what’s it?”
“It’s about You and Gina issue. you know I like her, but due to you guys case, I really haven’t been able to move things forward with her, because you are my bro and confidant, it would never look cool, to push things forward with the things hanging on between you guys not settled.”
he told me in a pleading voice.
“Ohhh! that! I have long forgiven her! still keeping malice for her is just like, me shooting myself in the leg, the whole story is twisted. I would see her tomorrow in school.”
“Yea that’s my gee.”
he said happily as he hugged me.
I had really approached Shantel for friendship, but unfortunately she refused.
Saying that the time she really expected me to come for her had really gone, as she had decided to move forward and moreover, I roll with women too much and she is a jealous type that she might get overly too jealous.
To me I didn’t see much point in her words, but I decided to move my way, moreover rejection was a normal stuff and she already has a boyfriend she claims she love.
I really have never felt so down all my life.
This really was my first time of failing in a game, that I supposedly called mine.
I started feeling hate for my lifestyle, all of a sudden.
I just can’t explain why the sudden hate on something, I used to enjoy.
I think I really need a therapist or something of that sort.
But how do I just go about this all?
Ken and Christabel could be seen in a very expensive eatery, they both could be seen eating and sharing glances at each other.
“I love your smile. you are so beautiful.”
Ken said looking at her so lovingly.
“You are too cute yourself and very much fun to be with.”
“When you hear of the name Ken what do you think?”
“that name Ken reminds me of, a very special guy, handsome, funny, so so amazing and above all very lovable.”
“How seriously? all this compliment just for me?”
Ken said as he paused looking at her.
“I have been meaning to tell you something all this while, but I think now should be the proper time. Christy, when I talk of someone so so amazing you are simply the exact definition of that, my dream girl? that’s a clear picture of you. dress wise? you killed the vibe. though we have really been through a lot of lately, but I think that really taught me to cherish such a jewel like you. Christy would you be my girlfriend?”
Ken said, looking at Christy who was stunned, and didn’t say any word, as she paused her food and starred straight at Ken, still motionless, as if processing what he just said.
Suddenly, she broke in to a smile and then she nodded happily.
“I really have waited for this moment for two years, Ken, for a torturing two years, I love you Ken and without thinking twice, I would be your girlfriend, as she stood up and they both hugged.
A young boy and a young girl could be seen in their different rooms and they all with a phone fixed on their face with a clear smile that spoke volumes, while they both talked over the phone.
“Do you know I started admiring you a very long time ago, starting from my first day in school.”
Stanley said calmly, as he waited in anticipation of her reply.
“Seriously? Wowwwww!! I never knew, but you never showed it for once, even when we see you just act like I don’t exist.”
She said as if a bit sadly.
“Lol actually I’m very serious! it’s just that one I really don’t need any problems, and secondly because of your earlier fracas with Ken so I decided to keep my distance to avoid any entanglement, with the ongoing issue.”
“mmmm!! OK ooo!! and what about Rosemary?”
“😂 seems someone is asking me questions like a jealous wife.”
Stanley said smiling.
“Hmmm!! whatever abeg!! just answer me.”
“OK ooo!! I have nothing with her, just that dance we had in her birthday that day was really the one That made us seem close, and she started being quite good and friendly to me that’s all dear!!”
“OK I trust you.”
She said and they both kept quiet on the phone for a while before Stanley suddenly said.
She replied him.
“I really like you. being close to you have really been one of the best things that has ever happened to me and I just feel that pushing things a little forward can really assure a lot between us, but I can’t really, push things forward without your support . Gina please would you be my partner to rob a bank?”
He asked her as he smiled nervously.
“Seriously? us it first bank? GT bank? or Zenith bank?”
She said as she bursted into laughter.
“😂? what do you think of robbing World Bank?”
“He asked.
“That would be dangerous but, would be such a sweet and lovely adventure that would have a story to tell. yes I accept, happy robbing a bank with you.”
She said as she smiled out happily.
“Seriously? wow so you accepted. I love you Gina.”
“Have been dying to tell you this also . I love you Stanley.”
“And I love you more sweetheart. I’m just so so happy. thanks to God.”
“I have anticipating it also dear, just that shyness really is another problem you have, I’m even surprised you could open up to ask me to be your girlfriend, though you never asked it directly self.”
“Ohhh my God!! I feel attacked!! So you think I’m too shy!! lol, I would kiss you in front of everyone in class tomorrow to show you I ain’t shy.”. .
“See who is talking of kissing me!! shyness would never allow you to attempt that.”
“lol, I would shock you tomorrow, just know one thing, I might be shy but when you get to know me better sweetie, you are in trouble. Stanley would really shock you tomorrow. I love you sweetheart.”.
And he really shocked her the next day.
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