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Heart of a beast 2 episode 36


(Love is the word💓)
BOOK 2 📚
❤Kayla’s POV❤️
“Love!” I mumbled under my breath, staring at the inscription as my thoughts diverted quickly to the past..

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This was the message, Priola had said the dots were trying to pass a message to Melvin and I, message that could free us..

“Kayla! W-what are you doing!?” Melvin voice shook me back to reality. I stared at his face and threw the pin to the floor.

“I’m not killing you, Melvin!” I said.

“No, you-

“No! I’m not doing it cos I love you and I know you love me too, right?”

“I do but this is not the time-
I cut him off as my body lowered to meet his and my lips met his in a kiss..
At that moment, I felt my body wanting to do more..

I’ve been in love with this guy without even knowing..
I fastened my lips deeply on his as I deepened the kiss, his lips slowly correspond and slowly, I didn’t feel the movement from his side anymore. I pulled away his face fell sideways, his eyes were shut and tears trickled down my cheeks..

I checked his pulse and he wasn’t breathing, I fell to the ground, crying out loudly.

👺Lucinda’s POV👺
The victory smirk remained on my lips as my eyes lingered on the calendar resting beautifully on my desk. I rotated the swivel chair; moving it slowly in a way that my gaze could still be on the calendar.
I wasn’t just staring at the calendar but at the marked date, the marked date I had been very much anticipating as the months ran by..

Finally, it’d be over and in a few seconds, just a few more seconds I’ll finally be able to rule everything, every damn thing I’ve always wanted.. The hindrance won’t be there any longer as it’d be useless to them.

“Ahh!” I breathed out in explosive happiness, resting my head on the headrest and letting my hair fall. I couldn’t contain the joy inwardly any longer so I had to breath it out.

It wouldn’t have been as hard as this if that stupid necklace hadn’t gotten in the way, I’d have gripped and taken over everything I wanted but the stupid necklace had to come in and disorganize things.
Mom had said there was nothing that could be done to destroy its powers.. it wasn’t stronger than us, I could boastfully say that nothing was. The Luvi on it’s own was just a superior to a very few of our powers and abilities but in the end, it’s powerless cos it’s more like little, very little compared to us.

And it had been the hindrance to my purposes but all that was coming to an end now.. I’ll be the one to wipe all of them, any living thing they possess, off this Earth and take over..
My long awaited wish is finally coming to pass. It’s not like it’s the first time tho but it definitely was the first one that had made me encounter some little issues, it was the first tiring task I had embarked on.

And above all it was the first I had done on someone I was formerly in love with that had betrayed me and it pained me more that it had to come with some issues..

If this turns out just as I want; which I have the highest hopes that it would then reality won’t be an issue at all..

I jammed my lips in a tight smile before standing up, sending the swivel chair to the right in a swift push..
I walked to the door and pulled it open and almost immediately, bumped into my clumsy stupid secretary who spilled the coffee she was carrying on a saucer, on my pants..

She gasped, seeing me and the mess she had made out of my lower cloth.. Her eyes and mouth wide open, she stared speechlessly and unbelievably at me and the next second, she was on the floor and her knees, begging for Mercy as her two palms rubbed each other violently.. her lips moving rapidly as words of apology flood out from them.

I crouch to her, a smile on my face.. it was surprising that even within me, I wasn’t affected.. obviously, today was going to be a great day and I wasn’t letting anything ruin or change that.. our gaze met and she quickly shut her eyes, words of apology coming out more rapidly.

Well, they never dared exchange eye contact with me. I wasn’t the overall superior here but I got so much fear and respect from them, regardless of who they were.
I gave her a smile.

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“Open your eyes, Lisa,” I said and her eyes slowly flung open, the fear very evident in them. She stilled after noticing my smile.. I ordered her to stand and she did.
“Take off your pants” I said.

“W-what?” She stuttered.

” You want me to repeat myself?” I asked and she shook her head negatively and repeatedly. “Since I’d be looking ridiculous cos of my pants that you ruined then it’d only be fair that you look the same as well. Don’t you agree, sweetie?” I asked and she pushed her head down, sniffing in tears. “You don’t?” I repeated.

“I-I do” she stammered.

“Good. Now I want you to look at me as you take them off. Can you do that, dear?” I asked and she nodded, her head slowly moved upward and she stared at me, our gaze met and she looked away, I pushed them back to meet mine, my index finger on her chin and tilting her head upward. “I’m waiting”

She sniffed again and her hand moved to her trouser (pants), they shook as they moved to the zip and she was about undoing it when I stopped her by placing my palm on hers.. her eyeballs rolled to look at me and I smiled as I used my thumb to wipe her tears..
“Today is a very happy day for me, Lisa, so tears is something I don’t want to see. And since taking your pants off is what is causing those tears then you can just keep them” I said and was about walking away..

” No miss Lucy, I’d take it off right now! I promise I won’t cry, please!” Her voice stopped me and I smirked.. I greatly missed that wicked me that would’ve taken advantage of this moment but again I remembered my promise, nothing was going to ruin today for me.

“No, Lisa it’s fine, really. It was a mistake anyway, you can leave work now and take an off for tomorrow and next. Don’t worry I’m not firing you, neither am I reducing your salary” I said and she gave me a surprised look. “I told you today is a happy day for me, I wasn’t bluffing!” I gave her a smile and continued my journey..

“Okay, everyone listen up! You all have been working really hard lately that you barely have time for your families and coupled with how great I feel today, I’m giving you guys a two days break. No work and no reduction in salary!” I said through the speaker and the next moment the once quiet building erupted with loud gasps and soft surprised whisper.
“Don’t get too curious and start packing up, your break starts in about five minutes!” I said, dropped the microphone and head back to my office to grab my bag.

I walked into my office and got to my table, I was about grabbing my bag when a slight darkness">darkness enveloped me and the room, I looked through the window with a blank expression and found the once bright sky, darkened..
A hard breath passed through my nostril.
I stared at the sky and it suddenly brightened up again, the sun showed up again strangely and a water droplet hit my face. The next moment, without a single warning, it began to rain and my eyes popped wider at the sight.

“No!” I shook my head as I stepped away from the window, I grabbed my bag in one swift attempt and hurried out of the building.

I’ve gotta stop them!
T. B. C

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