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Heartaches and Tears – Episode 12



A story by Kennedy C Katongo


Candle was always positive, she wasn’t the type of lady you would find beaten down by circvmstances of life. That was something I always admired about her because I was the exact opposite of who she was.

I easily got turned off, small things irritated me and at times such always made Nathan to move to the living room.

“Your food is ready!” I said as I gave her two glasses of juice to carry.

“What happened to the wine?” Candle asked me.

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“We haven’t stocked any. Who takes wine after eating Nshima?” I questioned her.

“If doesn’t kill to be a little tipsy after a good meal. Besides, I read somewhere that it helps to improve digestion.” She gave off a smirk look.

“Is that so? And where did you read that?” I asked her as we settled down in the living room.

“Google baby. Your friend doesn’t want me drinking. Can you imagine he looked me in the eyes and told me he wants to get me pregnant.” Candle said in disbelief.

“Why do you look so surprised about it, look at you, you as fertile as they come.” I added.

“You not helping. I hate it when he acts all horny and sh*t. He looks at me the way a poor man looks at hungry lion from outside the window.” She added.

“And I bet that turns you on.”

“Nope. It freaks me out. I don’t want to die in the line of duty.” She said in a dramatic way that just sent us off laughing.

“You are crazy!” I commented as I continued to laugh.

@@ @@ MWAKA @@ @@

“Am done.” I said as I came back with a trolley that was half way full.

“Are you sure that is going to be enough for the both of you?” Mr Saturday asked me.

“Don’t do that to me. You have already made me get all these things. Thanks a lot.”

“Huh, it’s nothing. It’s the least I can do to help you guys out.” He responded.

“Well, you have helped us out a lot. And am forever grateful. I’m saying this on Amanda’s behalf as well.” I said.

“Did someone say Aunty Amanda?” Kenny asked.

“Daddy! Are we going to see her?” Jay jumped in.

I never understood what Amanda had done to these boys. They really loved her.

“Won’t they tell your wife?” I asked him.

“Jay is most likely to tell her. Kenny not that much.” Nathan said as he beamed his teeth at the boys. I want to be Iron Man Kenny shouted, “Dad, can I be the hulk?” Jay asked.

“Why would you want to be the Hulk baby?” Nathan asked him.

Everything was paid for, he went on to offer me a ride home but I refused. He had already done much for the day. Besides home was just a few minutes away. For the good gesture he had shown me, I had to give him some information about Amanda. That was the only way I would feel at ease.

“You know Amanda loves you right?” I asked him as we were heading out. He always parked his car at the same spot no matter what. The front parking space, near the NAPSA building.

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“I know.”

“That’s good. She was really hurt by what Emmanuel said. His actions painted a bad imagine of you, ‘birds of the same feathers kind of drive’ in fact, she was more upset about it than I was. That shows just how highly she considered you to be.” I said, “You look good, you don’t seem stressed anymore. That can only mean things are going well at home for you. I would advise that you focus on your wife and leave Amanda alone. Let her be free, let her find a man whom she can call her own. That is a basic human right which should not be broken.” I added. I was deep in my words, and wanted to make sure my message was received sound and clear (though I was scared that he might mess things up with Mr Yadav).

“I guess you’re right. My wife and I have been trying to work things out. I got home one day and she was a changed person… I don’t know what happened but she was just willing to work things out.” Nathan said as he laughed in a low voice. He seemed surprised at what was happening, but seeing that he wasn’t broken anymore was a good thing. “But I hear you. I understand where you coming from. If Amanda ever talks to me – I will let her know. Nevertheless, there is one thing I want to ask of you.” Mr Saturday said in his now serious authoritative voice.

“Sure… What is it?” We were now standing outside the main entrance of Levy Junction. I had my trolley and the kids were the ones with the other one.

“I know she hasn’t found a job yet. Can I at least help her get a job?” He asked him.

“Now that will make her feel like she owes you something.” I responded while I shook my head.

“Well, it’s quite the opposite.” He smiled.

“OK. You can do that.” I said as I pocked him.

@@ @@ NATHAN @@ @@

When we got home, the kids were kind enough to help with the plastic bags. It was always a good site seeing them strive to do more at their age.

I immediately got my phone, Mwaka had told me that Amanda read every text and voice note I sent her through my other life even though she never responded to any of them.

I breathed out, chilled for a second as I dialed the record button. I was about to send her a voice note, Mwaka had lead me to realise that I had put her friend in a corner, I expected more from her than I gave her.

‘I wish I could explain how I feel about you. That ka feeling of seeing someone and then your heart skips a bit. You become sweaty and nervous lol. You still make me feel that.

At times I get scared when we go for long without sharing a greeting. Don’t judge me, I mean, have you looked at yourself? You’re a catch. And losing you scares me like hell.’ I said calmly.

‘Am aware of my mistakes. I didn’t want to share you with anybody else while you had to share me with Mabel. It’s selfish of me. I know that. That’s why this might be the last time you hear from me. There is one last thing I would love to do for you… Mwaka will tell you about it. Always know that I love you. Bye.’ The moment I hang up, Mable knocked on the window.

“You’re not coming out?” She asked me. She wore a yellow top, the elasticated ones with a black dress that had green and red flowers in it. With some patches of yellow for the pollen grains. She always killed these looks.

I smiled as I opened the door, “Hey!”

“Can I come in?” She asked me.

“Do you even need to ask?” I laughed on the top of my voice. I found it amusing, it then hit me, Mable hadn’t been in my car for a long time.

“You look worried. Is everything okay?”

‘Did she just notice that I was worried? Well, seems like she’s really serious about working things out with me. Maybe its about time I gave in. Further more, it’s a win win for the both of us.’ I thought to myself before I could respond to her.

“Don’t worry. You know me, am always stressed about something.” I said as I pressed the lock button on my phone and put it aside. Even though we hadn’t been talking much for a while, there was no way I would forget; Mable wanted all the attention she could get especially when being spoken too.

“I cooked your favourite. Come on, let’s go I prepare for you or you would prefer a bath first?” She asked me, one of her hand was massaging one of my hand.

“Well, aah!” I began to blush. I honestly didn’t know what I wanted. Though my attention was on her, my mind had drifted off to Thornpark, where Amanda was staying.

“Okay, will do this. You take a shower, and I will get your food ready. How does that sound?”

“It sounds amazing. Thank you.” I kissed her forehead. The boys had left a few things behind, I got everything and locked the car, Mable walked in front of me as I followed behind her.

‘Wow!’ ‘I can’t believe I had forgotten just how attractive this lady is, watching her swing her hips left and right like a pendulum.’ I thought.

“Hope you are not checking me out.” She commented.

“Say what! Hehehe! You never know these things. But how can I not check you out?” I asked her.

When we got inside, Kenny and his brother were already watching Boomerang. “I warm the water for you?” Mable asked me.

“No. It’s okay. But you might think of reconsidering. Maybe joining me for a bath.” I said if a flirty manner so that I could get her to join me.

“Baby I just did my make up.” She responded.

“Look what you have done to me? I pointed at my pants.”

To be continued…

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