Hell's Nest 2

Hell’s Nest 2 – Episode 10

Hell’s Nest 2 – Episode 10

© Goddy Francis


She smiled wickedly and walk out.

” Is she going to kill you ?” Her friend ask.

” And maybe you too , I’m leaving be careful.” I said and walk out.

I entered my car and started the engine. I remembered her threat , of course that’s not a threat. I prayed in mind and drove off.

I was still driving on the road when a reckless driver hit my car. I stumbled on my steering and my head was bruised.

I packed the car and stare at my head , it was really bleeding. Someone hit my car behind me and I hit my head against the windshield.

” Holy Christ.” I said touching my already injured head.

It was bleeding and my eyes were almost covered with blood. I quickly pick up my face towel and clean the injury. I got up and came out of my car , the guy who hit me was found dead on his steering.

” Jesus.” I said looking around.

” Madam are you okay ?” A police officer asked.

I kept quiet and cried in my thoughts. I shake my head and entered my car . I was really frightened , this dude has definitely reinforced. I quickly drove to Melissa’s house and she was flirting with Jason.

” G.” Melissa called rushing at my bleeding face.

” What happened to you ?” Jason asked as they help me sit down.

” It’s a ****in long story.” I said sitting down .

” What do you mean ? Accident ?” Melissa asked.

” I guess.”

” Jordan is not back , how did it happened ?”

” I found the bracelet..” I said as Melissa wiped my eyes.

” You found the bracelet ? Like I don’t understand.”

” I found the bracelet , a girl owns it now. I talked to her about it and she’s already possessed. Her best friend says her sister slept and didn’t wake up. She said her twin wasn’t likely a twin , they always fight and she didn’t wake up . She died in her sleep.” I said and took a deep breath.

” Oh my God. So what are we gonna do about it ?”

” I’m calling the priest right away. She can’t harm more people. She’s behind my accident. She said it to my face that whatever thing that happened to me in the reign of Jordan will definitely happen to me again. I was involved in a fatal accident , thank God I survived.”

” Thank God you’re safe. You should call the priest right away. I’m giving you treatments.” Melissa said rushing upstairs.

” I’m truly sorry.” Jason said and I smiled.

” Thanks.”

” At least I’m happy I survived.” I said and he smiled.

This dude’s really crazy ,I hope his feelings is genuine this time. Melissa has suffered a lot.

” Hello father..” I called the priest.

” Giselle are you okay ?” He asked on the phone.

” I’m , at least I’m breathing. I found the bracelet.”

” You what ? Where ?”

” Around , a girl is wearing it . She killed her sister.”

” I’m coming right away.” The father said and I nodded.

I sighed and climb upstairs to meet Melissa who was gathering her tools.

” Mel.” I called jamming her door.

” You should be downstairs , you’re sick.” She said and I chuckled.

” I’m not sick dear.”

I sat down and sighed deeply.

” You’re okay ?” She asked sitting close to me.

” I should be asking you that . Are you okay ?”

” I’m fine. You’re funny , I’m only happy my best friend is safe.” Melissa said and I nodded.

” Are you sure about Jason ?”

She exhale and got up looking around.

” I don’t even know. I still love him, he’s my first everything and I can’t control myself.”

” Look the Smith’s might be cool but any single person can break your heart including your doctor’s son. You said he has a girlfriend abroad, a white chic Mel. What if he’s just trying to have fun and when all this demon stuff ends and he travels back what are you gonna do about that ?” I ask and she sighed.

” Chill I know you like him , but we should love with our brains not heart. It’s gonna hurt if you w-t your pillows till dawn.” I said and picked a towel to wipe my injury.

” Lemme help.” Melissa said and collected the towel and clean the injury.

She applied treatments and dab the injury with the towel.




I rushed over to rayne , he was smoking with toni. Danielle and boyfriend issues.

” Look we need to talk.” I said.

” Harmony not now. Your friend’s been acting weird and I’m really ****ed up.”

” She’s the reason I’m here.”

” What ?”

I smirked and nodded.

” You need to come with me , I wanna tell you something.”

He sighed and got up , we went in,side and he sat down burning the ash of his cigarettes on his ash pan.

” So what’s up ?”

” Where did you get that bracelet ?”

” Beverly’s Jewelry palace.”

” And how sure are you ?”

” Harmony what’s up with you ? I said I bought it.”

” Are you aware vane and danni died same night ?”

He was quiet for a while before he answered.

” Good , have you ever imagined the cause of their death ?”

” Of course vane was involved in a reckless accident because she was drunk. Danni had to die a natural death. She slept and died in her sleep.”

” Can you even hear yourself ? b**** those girls are not even up to 23 years old and you call that natural death.” I yelled.

” b**** don’t even dare raise your voice at me.” He said with a serious look.

” Rayne you stole it , the girl who died in September 12 was the owner , she died because she was possessed by a demon. A demon who destroyed every good thing around her , and now you gave that evil bracelet to elle , she’s going to kill you just as she killed her sister. If you’re wise , we’d find a way to stop her. The girl who died in September 12 , her sister visited and she told me everything . We need take that s*** off , you ****.”

” So should I believe you ?”

” You don’t have to , wait till your natural death visits you.” I said and stormed out.




Seriously , I barely can believe Danielle is possessed, it was hærd to believe. I went outside and threw my cigarette away. I was so annoyed , recently Danielle has been acting really strange and I don’t understand her.

” You’re okay ?” Toni ask.

” I’m not sure. Harmony told me something.”

” Like what ?”

” I’m not in the mood to share.” I said and sighed.

” Alright. I feel like partying tonight , you care to tag along ?”

” No , I’m fine. I just wanna ground myself for tonight.”

” Alright .. suit yourself.” Toni said and exhale on his stupid cigarette.

This dude’s ****ed up !

Later that day Toni left and I was alone thinking about what harmony said. I’m still finding it funny. I was lost in thoughts , I raised my head and saw Danielle standing beside my door smiling at me fiercely.

I flinched and sat up.

” For real ?”

” What’s up ? You’re scared ?” She asked.

” Not really, i was surprised.” I said and she grin.

” You’re okay ?”

” No. ”

” You need something ?” I asked and she nodded.

” I’m thirsty.”

” Okay.. maybe I should get you water or maybe a drink.”

She kept quiet and walk to where I was sitting.

” I need you blood.” She said in a man’s voice.

Her eyes turned red and they stare at me blankly.

” Elle what’s wrong with you ?” I asked scared .

” Let’s make your death natural.” She said and got up from where she held me tight.

” You can’t do this to me.” I pleaded.

” I hate love.” She said and scre-m.

She pierced her hand through my heart as blood ooze from my mouth.

” I love blood.” She said at once and pulled her hand out , my heart followed and I fell to the ground.

( Oops bye Rayne.)


* HUGO.”


” Why did you brought me here ?” I asked Danielle who brought me to a lake.

” Nothing , just felt like having fun.” She said and grin.

” Okay , you’ve been skipping classes lately , what happened ?”

” Nothing. Tell me your worst secret.” She said and smiled.

” My worst secret ?”

” Yeah , the one you hate to share , the one you’re afraid of.” She said and winked.

” I can’t swim.”

” What ?” She asked and I nodded.

” You can’t swim.” I said and I shyly shrugged it off.

She smiled and grabbed my neck.

” Elle what are you doing ?” I asked struggling  for breath.

” I want to teach you how to swim.” She said and threw me into the lake .

” Oh no.” I said drowning.

” Elle please save me.” I cried trying to swim.

She stood and there and laugh wildly.

” She’s possessed..”

To be continued

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