Hell's Nest

Hell’s Nest – Episode 17

Hell’s Nest – Episode 17
End of season 1

A story by Goddy Francis


” Leave the way, this is an emergency. They need treatment as soon as possible.” An eye witness who saw the accident shouted.

Three nurses ran outside and took the girls to an emergency hall, they where both unconscious. It was later discovered that the other party who was involved in the accident died after the crash.

They where given treatments immediately , few minutes later Jordan walk in and stood behind the door of giselle’s ward .

” Reckless soul.” She said in her thoughts.

” Who could believe you will die this way.” Jordan said and closed the door of her ward.

She smiled and sit close to Giselle who was still unconscious. She sprained her ankle, and her head was bleeding. Jordan got up and removed the drip from Giselle’s wrist ,she disconnected everything and walk out.

She entered Melissa’s ward and she was also lying unconscious. Jordan look around and removed her oxygen mask in which she was breathing with. She pull off the drip and walk out.

” See you in hell.” Jordan said and left.


” Holy Christ , who did this ?” A doctor asked.

Melissa was jerking and was about falling off her hospital bed.

” Hold her still. Quicky put on the oxygen mask , she’s dying.” The doctor shouted.

The nurses hold still as few other nurse put back the oxygen mask. She exhale loudly and fell unconscious.

” The other patient also suffered the same fate , they removed the drip.” A nurse said to the doctor on their way out of Melissa’s ward.

” Who is this wicked soul ?”

” We have no idea.”

” Lord have mercy.” The doctor said and they parted ways.


Jordan was all alone at home , she cried and stabbed her wrist endlessly. She bleed and fell on the floor unconscious. She hated her life more and the people around her.

Later that evening , Melissa wasn’t improving but Giselle was already awake. Jordan entered the hospital and stand a bit far from giselle’s ward.

” Thank God you’re awake . Someone tried to kill you. He or she must really hate you and your friend. She removed your drip and your friend’s oxygen mask.” A nurse said.

” How’s she ? My friend ?”

” She’s still unconscious. The doctors said they can’t tell her fate.” The nurse said and walk out.

” Jordan.” Giselle said and sighed.

She closed her eyes and sob gently. Jordan walk in and smiled at Giselle who was already frightened.

” Good to have you back.” Jordan said and closed the door.

” Jordan you don’t have to listen to him. You can fight him out , please don’t listen to him.” Giselle pleaded.

” Listen to who ?” She asked in a man’s voice and smacked giselle’s face really hærd.

” Please don’t do this.” Giselle pleaded.

” I want to watch you die , make sure you don’t scre-m.” Jordan said and brought out a little knife.

” You don’t have to.”

” Really , I will take it slow and gentle.” Jordan said drawing a line with the knife in giselle’s arm.

She scre-m and Jordan pierced the knife really hærd on her skin.

” I told you not to scre-m.” She said.

Giselle cried and tried to console herself , she was already bleeding. A doctor rushed in , it seems he heard Giselle’s scre-m.

” What are you doing ?” He asked.

Jordan turned around and stabbed his heart. He fell to the ground and died.

” Oh my God.” A female nurse cried. She was standing shock with mouth agape.

” What do you seek ?” Jordan ask walking to her direction.

” Please don’t kill me.”

” I won’t.” She said and buried knife on the nurse’s neck.

The hospital blew an alarm, she quickly walk out of the ward and ran away .

” Who did this ?” A troop of doctors asked.

” I don’t know.” Giselle cried.

” Get the police involve , go.” The doctor in charge ordered.

Jordan staggered to the beach and stand facing the riff.

” The end is here.” She said and removed the jacket she was wearing.

She turned around and face the express way after the beach to take her life.



Christian became worse , he was no longer talking. His wh0le body was paralyzed and his eyes has finally turned white.

His mother hurriedly walk in with an exorcist.

” Christian please don’t leave your mother.” His mother cried.

” He’s possessed by the blood of a demon possessed girl.” The exorcist said looking into his eyes.

” What are we going to do ?” Mrs Smith cried.

” I need to see the girl.”

Just then Mrs Smith’s smartphone popped up , it was a strange number.

” Hello..” she said on the phone.

” Hi, am i speaking with Mrs Smith ?”

” Yeah.” She said pacing around hopelessly.

” Just wanted to inform you , a girl named Melissa who works in your hospital was involved in a fatal car accident and they are in emergency ward. She and a friend name is Giselle.” The caller said and ended the call.

” Why is all this happening ? What on Earth is wrong with Jordan ?” Mrs Smith cried and threw her phone away.


She took a turn and face the busy express way. Her tears were blood and her heart was heavy. She saw a moving van coming with speed , she proceed to run Into it , but something hold her and threw her away smashing a block of flats.

The driver of the car hurriedly came down, everywhere become crowded. The driver stare at bleeding Jordan who was bleeding on her nose.

” What did you do to her ?” The crowd asked.

A siren was heard afar and the cops troop in. She was seriously bleeding and unconscious. A cops knelt down close to Jordan and felt her heartbeat. He stopped and looked at the others.

” She’s not breathing.” He burst out.


” Where can I find her ? She’s evil.” Mrs Smith lamented.

” Calm down ma , I’ll go look for her.” Jones insisted.

” No please she will hurt you.” Mrs Smith said.

Suddenly Christian gasped and exhale loudly. He moved his body in a rather uncontrollable manner.

” Christian.” His mom called rushing at her son who was almost giving up.

” Hold him.” The exorcist said to Mrs Smith.

” Please get me a holy water.” The exorcist said to Jones who rushed to get it.

” He has stopped breathing.”
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The end of season 1.  Thanks for reading, please comment.

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