Hell's Nest

Hell’s Nest – Episode 7

Hell’s Nest – Episode 7

A story by Goddy Francis



That same night…

Jordan’s mysterious ways has started again. I locked her in her room and she stayed there banging on the door continually. I was really pissed with everything , only God knows what happened when Christian took her out.

I called the parish priest.

” Giselle..”

” Father..” I called and cried.

” Is Jordan okay ?”

” She’s not , she’s turning from bad to worse. ”

” Calm down , I’ve been praying for her and she’ll be fine soon. You’ll need to bring her to church .”

” I’m really tired. She’s a threat to everyone. I’m really scared.” I said and cried softly.

” Calm down. You need to be strong for her. This is the time she needs your more. Be brave and stay with her.” He said.

” Thanks. I need to check on her.” I said and ended the call.

I climbed upstairs and stood at Jordan’s doorpost. She has stopped banging on the door , she mutter to herself in Latin and laugh to nothing in particular. It seems someone was speaking to her.

” Giselle.” She called my name in a strange man’s voice.

” Who are you ? ” I asked.

” I’m the Lord.” She said and laugh wickedly.

” What do you want from her ?” I asked standing close to the door.

” Her soul. I will continue to torment each and everyone of your family , she will end useless like her mother and you will follow her too.”

” Please don’t hurt her , she did nothing to you.” I said and cried.

” No one will save you , not even your stupid priest he’s like his forbidden name. Adam.” She said and laughs again.

I sighed and sat down close to her door post. She was lamenting in Latin.

She scre-m and bang on the door loudly. I quickly got up and ran downstairs.




My l-ips still hurt , my mom had to visit. She was always treating me like a teenager. I’ve called Jordan and she’s not picking up her calls since the incident. I was really worried, I pace around and murmur.

” Christian what happened to your mouth ?” Mom asked me.

I sighed and sat down.

” Mom I’m fine. Is that why you came to my house. Look I’m cool it’s just an injury.”

” Really ? What happened Christian ?”

” Mom I slumped and that led to this.” I lied.

” I was worried, I don’t want anything to happen to any of my kids.”

” Nothing is gonna happen to me.” I said.

My mom rushed at me and hugged me.

” Alright , I’m gonna choke.” I said and she released me.

” I’m leaving , Jason called, your brother is really a bad ass son .” Mom said and jammed the door.

I rolled my eyes and entered the bathroom to shower. I wanted to see Giselle , she need to explain things to me cause I was getting really confused. I got out of my car and saw Giselle attending to a customer. I waved at her and she scoffs.

We were always fighting , I barely can tell why.

” Christian what do you want ?” She asked taking me to a corner.

” We need to talk.”

” Talk ? Look if it’s about Jordan then I can’t tell you anything. Just leave her alone.” She yelled.

” Giselle you need to listen to me. I like her a lot and I’m really sure she likes me too ”

” Christian Jordan doesn’t like you. You should let her be alright. If you love your family you will let Jordan go , just leave her alone. Bad things are gonna happen to you and your mother if you don’t leave her alone.”

” You’re confusing me Giselle. I can’t just leave her.” I protested.

” You don’t even know her. You’re just an imp. Christian move on. Don’t talk to her fine she’s gonna hate you but she will understand. Jordan is not who you think she is.” Giselle said touching my shoulders.

” Then who the **** she is ? I truly love her.”

” You don’t love her b****, you are just lost.” Giselle said and walk away.

I called after her but she refused to reply me. I angrily got in my car and drove away. I was hurt, how does she expects me to forget about her. In one way Giselle is right , I don’t even know her enough. I only know she’s a nurse in my mom’s hospital and she’s Giselle’s sister. I sighed and fastened my key in,side the keyh0le , I felt a presence. At once I knew it was Jade crazy body spray.

” What do you want ?” I asked looking at her.

” Christian you can’t dump me. I love you and I won’t give up on you.” She said wanting to touch me.

I looked at her hands and kindly dropped them.

” You know we can’t be together, you ****ed up Jade. I already told you, you’re a stripper, keep stripping you’re gonna buy a car soon.”

” I told you I’m sorry..” she said and wanted to cry.

” Sorry ? Jade we can’t be together , you were too cheap to send your nudes to an Indian man on the net. The day you ****ed him is the day you ****ed us. You’re just a dirty b**** , just get out of my house.” I yelled at her and turned to open my door.

” So it’s because of her right ? I know her. I will haunt her and make her life miserable. You know I don’t joke with my words , if I can’t have my man back then no women will have him.” Jade said and turned to leave.

I sighed and opened my door. I slammed it and slump on my chair. Jade was just over reacting.




Jordan was in,side for days , I refused to let her out till she’s fine. Four days she was indoors and Melissa was forced to call.

” Giselle sup sis.” She said on the phone phone.

” Hey.” I said pouring flakes on a bowl.

” What’s up with you ? You barely call and Jordan is no where to been seen around the hospital. What’s up !”

” Lissa I’ve been busy with work and Jordan is a bit sick she traveled back home to receive treatment.” I lied.

” s***, thought you said Jordan don’t have a parent.” She cut in.

Oops lies gone wrong..

” Sorry I forgot. I’m totally stressed out.”

” Giselle are you okay ? Are you hiding something from me ?”

” No, i mean Jordan is sick she’s taking few treatment at home.” I said and sat down.

” Giselle you know I can help. Doctor Sally Smith is really worried about her. She was beginning to like Jordan.”

**** ! I touched my head and sighed.

” Thanks Lissa. She will resume tomorrow. It’s a tiny fever.” I said and smiled at myself.

” Sure. But you can holla at me if anything happens alright ? I’ll be glad to help anytime any day.”

” Thanks Mel.”

” You’re always welcome. Talk to you later , patient’s call.” Melissa said and ended the call.

I sighed and dropped my phone. I barely concentrate this days , I was worried what if Jordan ends up like her mom ? These were the questions running through my mind. She’s too young to be going through hell. I got up and went to her room , she was fast asleep.

I sit close to her and touched her forehead, she was hot. She opened her eyes slowly and smiled at me.

” Hey.”

She smiled and refused to say a word.

” You’re okay ?”

She cried and I quickly cleaned her eyes.

” Will I ever be okay ?”

” Yeah. You’ll be fine . We are visiting the priest soon. Maybe next week , I just want you to be sound first.”

” Thanks G.” She said and I nodded smiling.

” I made dinner.”

” I’m not hungry.”

” You’re , you need to eat something okay. I guess you’ll be strong enough to resume work.” I said and she sat up.

I hold her hands and took her downstairs , I already prepared dinner. She sat down to eat and I watched her.

” What do you have with Christian ?” I asked.

That was the first time we are having a fruitful discussion since the last incident. She kept quiet and gaze outside, I turned to look at what her eyes was staring at . Christian !

He would never give up.

” I’ll be back .” Jordan said and walk outside.

I followed her and she turned to look at me smiling.

” I’ll be fine.” Jordan said and smiled.

” Be careful.” I said and she nodded walking outside.

Christian was standing outside really sober. Is this truly love , I’d call this blind love. Silly love. I smacked my head gently and returned back to the dining table.



” Hey.” I said to Christian outside my apartment.

He smiled and looked at my eyes.

” What happened to you ?”

” Nothing I’m fine. What are you doing here ?”

” Wanted to see you , I was worried about the last incident.” He said and I chuckled deeply.

” But Christian I told you to stay away me. I’m not interested in you.” I yelled a bit.

” Really ?” He ask.

” You’re strange. You don’t even know me. You can’t force yourself on me. I don’t love you alright.” I yelled, this time it was really embarrassing.

He nodded and smiled.

” I didn’t say I love you either alright. I care about you as a friend.” He said.

” I’m not your friend Christian , you’re just confused. Why don’t you focus on your relationsh¡p and let me be. Don’t look for me anymore. I don’t want you alright. Stick to your s***. ” I yelled and walked out.

I could feel his pain , that was the only way to chase him away . He was just too stubborn. I have hurt too much people already and Christian should be the last person to eat from my problems.

I opened the door and closed it , I look backwards and he was still standing there sober. He smiled and walked away down casted.

To be continued

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