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Written ✍ by Summer Gold πŸ”πŸ”

Episode Twenty Six πŸ’—πŸ’—

Alex πŸ’˜πŸ’˜

ONE YEAR LATER ____________________________________________________________________________

Alot of things has happened, I and Rihanna got married One year ago, actually all the group wedded on the same day, we planned it that way,and it was fun.

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The others have given birth, Theo and Babianca actually got a baby boy, Raymond and Lizzy have a boy also

Only Stephen got a baby girl,, I wish mine is a boy though πŸ˜‹

Rihanna is pregnant, and I should be expecting a baby very soon , I can’t wait to have a child of my own.

” Honey!!!!!!!! ” I heard Rihanna shouting from the comfort room

I ran to her immediately, she’s in pain.

” honey, my water just broke ” she said,,,,,,,
” babe, you will be fine ” I said and carried her

All the maids came to me, I quickly ordered them to help me with the needed things.

I rushed her to the hospital immediately,,, I feel hurt hearing her going through pain, I even wish it’s me

Few minutes later, the doctor came out, I immediately rush to him

” how is she? ” I asked
” congratulations Sir ” the doctor said grinning
” tell me what’s happening ” I said impatiently
” she gave birth to a set of twins, a boy and a girl ” he said

I rushed inside the ward, I met her sleeping, I went to check on the babies, they are so cute.

The boy look just like me, and the girl like her,,, am so glad.

She was discharged the second day,, the house was filled with people,,, of course the almighty Alex just got babies πŸ˜‹

” Alex, you are the man here ” Theo said and we all laughed
” of course, you should know am the boss here ” I said
” nope, I actually told my Honey Sharon not to give birth to twins ” Stephen said and we laughed again.

Rihanna πŸ’˜πŸ’˜
” Omo ( Oh my God in Korea) this is my Alex, he’s so cute, he also gat the same eye as him ” Alex mother said and k-ssed my hair.

” and the girl took after my jane, don’t you dare think she’s like you ” jane said

she has been flirting with me since yesterday,,

” finally, I have a brother, and a sister ” she said jumping round the house

The boy was named, Jasmin and the girl Jessie, I love the names
Theo named his son Guan,, Raymond named His son Jasper and Stephen named his daughter angel,,

” am so lucky to have you in my life,,, ” Alex said while we both sat down on a balcony
” I love you so much best ” I said and k-ssed him

We heard the babies crying, we quickly disΒ£ngaged, we laughed.

” you are not allowed to make my babies cry, don’t forget they mine alone ” he said
” are you sure?,, but why are they crying at the same time? ” I asked
” idiot, that is called twins bond ” he said

I smack his head, he pull me to himself and k-ssed me, we were almost lost in the k-ss when the babies cry h-rder

We ran to meet the cute babies,,,,


Written ✍ by Summer gold πŸ’―

Epilogue πŸ’–πŸ”‘

Five years later,,,, many things has happened, the star boys career keep on moving, they are the best,

And their children also are following their steps, they all have a wonderful voice anyone would fall for.

Theo son, Guan is a great dancer and Stephen daughter angel also, while Raymond son Jasper is a good singer.

And trust me Alex Twin, Jasmine and Jessie are good in both,,,

All these kids are close friends, While Jessie and Angel are the best friend.

Right now, all these families are out for a picnic, they decided to spend a wh0le day together.

The parents watch their children playing

” Am so happy to see the kids this way ” Theo said while everyone nodded in agreement except Stephen
” Someone is trying to be serious here ” he said without looking up while they all laughed
” I guess angel has taken your step, she’s a comedian aside from being a singer ” Raymond said

Suddenly Jasmine and Jessie ran to meet them, they were p-nting heavily

” what happened to you guys ” Alex asked immediately
” Dad,,,, Jasper said he’s gonna marry my twin sister when they grow up, ” Jasmine said while everyone was surprised

Jasper and Guan also came with Angel, they keep on laughing

” So jasper, you wanna Marry my daughter? ” Alex said and faced Raymond

” Dad Can I also marry Angel? ” Jasmine said and Alex scre-med
” shut the hell up, you guys are too young for that ” he said
” sorry, we just wanna be like you and our mommies ” they said at the same time

” it’s okay, you can go and play ” Rihana said and the children ran off

” Seriously, Jasper and Jessie will make a great couple ” Raymond said without looking at Alex
” I support this ” Stephen and Theo said
” you guys ” Alex chased them away

” Aren’t we the lucky girls? ” Lizzy said to the other pinkies
” of course ” Babianca replied
” I really love Your twin, they look really cute, I always watch Jasmine trying his best to protect Jessie, I love that ” suzan said, while Rihana keep on smiling.

Thinking about her life without Alex,,, a chuckle escape her l-ips
” I think Rihana is lost ” Lizzy said
” Awwwn, someone is getting Add-cted to Alex ” Babianca said and Rihanna smack her head.

The boys and their kids came at the same time

” selfie time ” Lizzy shouted with a camera in her hand while everyone pose happily


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