Her Prince Charming

Her prince charming episode 44 – 45

( Head Over Heels…)


By, Summer Gold R.



Iris plucked one of the beautiful flowers and inhaled the smell

“Wow” She muttered,the flower smell so nice and even more amazing with the purple color.

“So,you decided to come here after everything you did?” A voice said behind her

Iris scoffed without turning back,she already recognized the voice. She continue plucking and picking different flowers

“Are you ignoring me now?” Saint asked and moved closer to her

Iris groaned and faced him

“What do you want?? I thought we agreed not to talk to each other again” She said

“When?” Saint asked and Iris arched her brows

“You said it yourself that I shouldn’t talk to you” She said

“Good,since I was the one who said that. But now I’m ready to talk to you,okay?”

Iris scoffed

“I will be the one to decide if I will talk to you or not” She rolled her eyes and turned back to the flowers

“Seriously? Should I leave then?” Saint asked

“Yes you should,your voice is distracting” Iris muttered without looking at him

Saint kissed her neck and the flowers in her hands fell

“Are you crazy?!” Iris yelled and faced him with an angry look,but the moment their eyes met,her anger subdued.

Saint smiled naughtily

Without thinking,Iris grabbed his face and crashed her lips on his own…. Almost immediately she got herself back and moved away

‘What am I doing?’ She thought inwardly as she stared at Saint who was still slightly shocked

“That was…..I wasn’t……” she tried to explain

Saint draw her closer by her waist and their lips met again,Iris didn’t push him away,instead she sunk more into the his lips,holding unto him tightly.

They broke the kiss after a while,staring into each others eyes.

Saint smiled

“I guess we’ve made up” He muttered and caress her cheek

“Your smile is annoying” Iris muttered before walking away

Saint chuckled and turned to look at her leaving,his hands dipped In his pockets

“Why is she so hard to deal with? She kissed me first” He said and also left the garden.



Adrian threw the plastic arrows into the dartboard continuously,though he never hit the bullseye,his mind was somewhere else.

He just kept on throwing without hitting the bullseye until Saint came in.

He watched Adrian for a while before moving closer

“Just go back,I really want to be alone” Adrian muttered,not taking his eyes from the bullseye

“This is bad” Saint said

“What?” Adrian asked

“You are throwing the arrows out,jeez” Saint said and took an arrow,he threw it and it hit the bullseye at once

“Learn from the best” Saint teased

“I’m not in a good mood!” Adrian yelled and Saint chuckled

“Is this funny?” Adrian asked

“No it’s not,continue” Saint said and walked to the fridge,he grabbed one of the Canned drinks and opened. He brought it to his lips and was about taking a sip…

“Jewel and I are dating” Adrian dropped the bomb and Saint spit the drink in his mouth out

“What?!!!” He shouted in total disbelief

Adrian roll his eyes and dropped the arrows in his hand before facing him

“Are you serious right now?” Saint asked

Adrian sat down

“Last night” He muttered

“Wow,I can’t believe this.” Saint said and sat down somewhere else

“Why?” Adrian asked

“I mean,what are you going to do about Molly? Isn’t that…trouble? Is your parents aware?” Saint asked and Adrian glared at him

“Are you crazy? How do you expect me to tell my parents at this moment??” Adrian asked

“Exactly what I’m saying,it’s trouble” Saint said and sipped from his drink

“Anyway,I won’t have a choice than to tell them about her later” Adrian muttered

“Can you really do that?” Saint asked

“I wouldn’t have a choice,I can’t continue with Molly,I already told them,and Molly too. I’m only worried about Jewel” Adrian sighed


“She want us to keep it as a secret,I guess she’s scared. But the truth is,I’m even more scared than her,I don’t know how else to talk to father,He’s just….I don’t know,it’s frustrating” Adrian muttered

“Well,you should just enjoy while it last. You two look good together tho” Saint grinned

“I’m crazy about her” Adrian muttered and a smile escape his lips

“Good for you” Saint chuckled,drinking again


“Actually….” Jewel muttered on her way to the restroom with Iris

“What?” Iris looked at her

“Adrian and I started dating last night” Jewel muttered and Iris smiled

“Whoa,I knew this was going to happen!!” Iris shouted

“Stop,it’s a secret for now” Jewel whispers

“Oh…why?” Iris asked

“I don’t know,but I’m concerned. I don’t want to be the center of attention,the students love gossiping alot” Jewel said and Iris nodded

“I’m so happy,my dream” Iris said and Jewel laughed

They entered the restroom area and began hearing voices from one of the rooms,they stopped and decided to eavesdrop.

“You really think you can make a fool of us?” Amy said to Leilani who was washing her hands in the Zinc

“What do you guys want?” She asked and faced them

“What do you think we want from you? Nothing,you’re not even useful enough” Jane said and Leilani glared at her

“What do you mean by that? I added the drug successfully into her drink,it’s not my fault that you guys decided to call Francis and not someone else,you did a dumb work,not me!” Leilani snapped

Molly slapped her angrily

“How dare you talk back?!” She yelled

Leilani touched her face and glared at Molly

“What,stop glaring at her” Jane pushed Leilani’s head backward

“Let me go,I don’t have time for you guys” Leilani muttered,trying to go out

“Come back here you bitch” Amy grabbed her hair and pulled her back,Leilani fell on the floor

“What do you think you’re doing?” Leilani tried getting up but they pushed her back

“Next time,don’t mess with me” Molly smirked

Jane brought out her phone and played a video,,It’s a video of her drugging Jewel’s drink.

“What do you think will happen if this get to the school management?” Jane asked with a smirk

“What are you saying?? Delete that video,I only did what you sent me!” Leilani shouted

“How dare you talk back” Amy slapped her

Molly folded her arms under her breast

“You look so pitiful without your friends,they always save you from me. But look at you now,I finally get to fulfill my dream,gosh,you’re so dumb. You know I detest you so much but you still betrayed your dumb friends for me,awwwwn” Molly said proudly

“She want Adrian too” Jane mocked and they laughed

Leilani wiped the slow tears falling from her eyes

Molly grabbed Leilani’s hair

“Let me go!” Leilani snapped and Molly added more grip

“I hate it when you act like you’re a hard girl” Molly said

The door opened all of a sudden,pushing Amy out of the way.

Iris and Jewel entered angrily

Jewel glared at Leilani on the floor first before looking up

“Let’s go girls” Molly roll her eyes,attempting to walk toward the door.

Iris shut the door with her leg

“What is this?” Molly frowned

Iris moved to her back and held Molly’s hands tightly

Jewel moved closer to her and released an heavy slap on her face

Amy and Jane gasped

“That is for thinking of even hurting me” Jewel said and slapped her again

“That is for using my friend against me” She said and slapped her again

“That one is for having it in mind to make me a shameless bitch like you” She said and released another slap on her face again

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“This one is for hurting my friend after using her” Jewel muttered

“Ex friend” Iris corrected with an eye roll

She was about slapping Molly again when Jane pushed her away

“Are you crazy?!!! Who the f**k do you think you are?!!” Jane yelled

Iris kicked Jane’s leg from behind and Jane fell on the floor

“Continue” Iris muttered and Jewel slapped Molly again

“Lastly,you’re a f**king disgrace to your royal kingdom or whatsoever,you don’t deserve to be called a princess you crazy bully!!!” Jewel yelled and slapped her again

Molly’s face was already red as she struggled out of Iris grip

“Bitch,you can’t move until I release you.” Iris said and pushed her off

Molly landed on the floor

Iris grabbed Amy and Jane at a time,she hit their heads together and threw them on the floor roughly

“Next time you come near any of my friends,I swear I will make you pay so badly. Should I just start now?!!” Iris yelled and moved closer to them

Molly and her friends immediately shifted back in fear

“Triple D” Jewel said

“Dumb dumber dumbest” Iris completed and kicked Molly’s leg before helping Leilani up.

The three went out of the restroom

They stopped when they got out

Iris and Jewel faced Leilani who was still in tears

Iris moved close to Leilani and slapped her twice

“You’re a devil,Molly is better than you. Stay away from us from now on,do you get that?! Or I’m gonna destroy your pretty face” Iris said angrily and grabbed Jewel’s hand

“Let’s go fairy” She said and they walked away

Leilani wipe her tears and sighed

“Fairy,are you crying?” Iris asked and Jewel raised her head

“No I’m not,but it hurts. When I was suspecting Leilani,it didn’t hurt me this way,but now knowing well that she’s really behind it make me so sad

“You can’t trust anyone okay? But I’m not like that,you don’t have to trust me but I also hate betrayers. Just forget about her” Iris said

Jewel smiled and hugged her

“Thank you Best” She muttered

“You’re welcome fairy” Iris smiled,patting her back



Delilah was in her office,less busy and on her phone. The door opened and Zayn entered

“Boss,you have a visitor” He said and Delilah looked up

“Visitor? Who?” She asked

The person showed up,he was using a mask and a cap which covered half of his face. But she recognized him right away

“Zayn,you can leave” Delilah muttered

“You know him?” Zayn asked and Delilah nodded

Zayn walked out of the office and Delilah immediately stood up

“Mateo?” She called

Mateo removed his cap and took off his mask

“It’s really you” Delilah smiled

Mateo walked close to her and kissed her immediately

Delilah responded to the kiss as if she’s been waiting for it.

Mateo deepened the kiss and lifted her up on the desk,Delilah wrapped her arms around his neck,pulling him closer,his hand caressing her waist.

Their tongues fighting in each other’s mouth,

They were almost out of breath when they broke the kiss

“I missed you” Mateo muttered,still staring at her lips

“But…you didn’t call” Delilah said,looking away

“I’m sorry..that’s why I am here. Do you know the courage it took me to even come here?” Mateo asked

Delilah smiled and cupped his face

“I know,I’m surprised too” She said,kissing him again

“Are you busy?” Mateo asked,kissing her neck

“No” Delilah moaned

“Go out with me then” Mateo said and moved back

“What do you say?” He asked

Delilah stared at his eyes

“You’re manipulating me” She muttered and Mateo laughed

“Just my charms” He winked

Delilah spread her arms and he carried her and dropped her back on her feet.

“I love you” He said to her and Delilah smiled

She carried her bag

“Let’s go” She said leading the way

Mateo’s eyes followed her,her walking steps killing him,her @ss looking so hot,her legs just…..fire

“You’re so perfect” Mateo muttered and Delilah turned

“What were you staring at?” She asked frowning

Mateo chuckled

“You’re hair” he said

“My hair?” Delilah raised her brows

“Of course,I love ponytails” Mateo winked and pecked her lips before using his mask and cap

They both walked out of the office



As Francis ran out of the class,he bumped into Jane and she fell on the floor with the books In her hands.

“Oh sorry” Francis immediately helped her up and packed the books for her in a hurry

“I’m sorry” He said again and ran off before Jane could talk

‘Gosh,he didn’t even look at my face’ Jane thought sadly



Jewel opened the texts in front of her carefully,

“Studying?” Adrian sat down beside her and she looked up

Adrian pecked her lips

“How did you know I’m here?” Jewel asked,smiling

“Iris told me,she left anyway and I think most students are gone already” Adrian muttered

Jewel gasped and checked the time

“Wow” She said

“Is your driver coming to pick you up?” Adrian asked and Jewel faced him

“I wish we can spend more time together” He added

“Don’t worry,I already told him not to worry” Jewel said and shifted closer,her arm around his neck

“Let’s go to the mansion” She said in a flirtatious way and Adrian smiled

“Really?” He asked

Jewel nodded and kissed him

“You’re seducing me” He muttered

“Oh,that’s not my plan tho” Jewel winked and stood up

She immediately packed the books and arranged it back to the right places

“Let’s go”



“Wow,it’s been weeks right?” Jewel muttered as they entered

“Did you quit working at the restaurant?” Adrian asked

“Yes” She said and Adrian smiled

She took a spoon from the ice cream in her hand and faced Adrian

“Where’s your room? Should I guess?” She grinned and ran to the stairs

Adrian followed her

“You’re going somewhere else queen” Adrian called back and Jewel turned

“Did you just call me a queen?” She asked

“Yes,because you’re one” Adrian smiled

Jewel moved close and wrapped her arms around his neck,smiling

“I love you” She muttered

Adrian lifted her up and she immediately trapped her legs around his waist.

Jewel bite her lips as they both stared at each other,giving him seductive looks.

“What are you waiting for? Your room” Jewel muttered

Adrian smiled and grabbed her butt before he started walking,,seconds later,they entered Adrian’s room.

“Whoa” Jewel muttered as Adrian dropped her

“Amazing” Jewel said,walking around

Adrian sat down on the bed

“Your room is so beautiful” Jewel said and turned to him

“This room or your palace room?” She asked

“Palace,it’s more bigger and amazing” Adrian said

“I know,I wish I can see it tho” Jewel muttered,suddenly Adrian’s phone started ringing and Jewel turned to him

Adrian checked his phone and dropped it

“Who?” Jewel asked

“Father” Adrian replied and stood up

“You need to go?” Jewel asked

Adrian nodded, moving closer to her

“So,we are leaving now?” Jewel asked sadly

Adrian draw her closer and slammed his lips on hers hungrily,a moan escaped Jewel’s lips as she responded to the kiss just in the same fast pace.

In a second,they are on the bed,not breaking the aggressive kiss,Adrian on top,kissing and sucking every part of her mouth like candy. He broke the kiss and went to her neck,he gave her gentle bites on the neck before kissing her down to her chest.

“Adrian” Jewel moaned,her eyes closed as his lips did magic in her body

They were interrupted by Adrian’s phone which started ringing again

Adrian ignored it and continue his job

“Adrian” Jewel called softly

“You should go,it may be important” She muttered and Adrian got off her.

He pecked her lips

“I will take you home” He said and Jewel smiled

She hugged him

“I love you muffin” She muttered

“I love you too”



Jewel was helping granny Pina while she knit when suddenly her phone rang out

It’s a call from Maria,she answered the call happily

“Jewel,I’m outside” Maria said and Jewel gasped

“Really?!” She stood up


“What” Granny Pina asked

“I think she’s finally here to see you for the first time” Jewel said

“Oh” Granny Pina smiled and Jewel went out

Maria came out of the car

“Wow,you’re really here” Jewel smiled

“Of course” Maria pat her hair as they started walking in

“My granny have been expecting you,I’m sure she will be happy to see you finally” Jewel said

“Me too,” Maria said

They finally entered,Granny Pina raised her head up immediately

Maria let out a gasp as she saw her face

“Is something wrong?” Jewel asked

“Court Lady?” Maria called and Granny Pina stood up

“Maria?” She also called as they stared at each other shockingly while Jewel watched in total confusion


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