Her Quest For Revenge

Her Quest For Revenge Episode 20



Written by: Chidimma Mirabel


Nathaniel went back home and was sitting on his couch as he was deep in thoughts.

*Who’s agent R and what connection does she has with my sister? Could it be Jenny?* He thought as he was sipping on a drink.

Suddenly someone wrapped her arms round his neck. He smiled as he recognized the scent of the person.

“Heartbeat?” He said with a smile

Roxanna walked in front of him and sat on his laps.

“How’s my cupcake doing?” Roxanna asked.

“Well I’m good, just missed you” He said with a pout.

“I was just gone for some hours” Roxanna said.

“Still I miss you when you’re not around me. How about you come live with me, I feel so lonely in this huge house” He said.

Roxanna chuckled and wrapped her hands round his neck.

“Come on, don’t be silly. When the time comes, we’ll live together. I’m just 18 remember” She said.

“Yeah I know but it’s too far…talking about age, in the next two days I’ll be 21” He said as he buried his face in her neck…

“So your birthday is loading. Nice, I’ll have to think what I’ll give to you then” Roxanna said.

“Well having you in my life is the best gift I could ever ask for. All I want is for you never to leave me” He said and kssed her.

Roxanna closed her eyes.

“And I will never leave you. That’s a promise” She said.

“Then I’m happy, that’s all what I want and all what I need” He said and sucked on her neck.

“Nathaniel…” Roxanna m0aned out his name.

He smirked and stopped then looked at her.

“I love that cute sound you just made” He said with a smile revealing his dimples.

“You’re such a naughty guy” She said and he chuckled…

His face hardened and he looked distant, like he was in deep thoughts.

Roxanna noticed it…

“Hey, what’s wrong? Anything bordering you? You can tell me” She said.


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it’s about Jennifer” He said.


“Yeah, this morning I went to visit my mum and her buy she wasn’t around. Out of curiosity I went to her laptop and I saw confusing things like she has cameras that enables her to monitor the whole city. She also communicate with agent R. I don’t understand what mess my sister is into, I’m just worried about her safety” He said with a worried expression.


eyes widened, how can Jennifer be so careless to leave evidence behind.

*If only you knew that agent R is in front of you* She thought.

“Um, Nate. The best thing I can advice you is let her be, if she kept that a secret from you that means it’s for a tangible reason. Give her some time, maybe one of these days she’ll explain everything to you” Roxanna said…

“Yeah you’re right maybe she has her reasons” He said as he rested her head on her chest


ached her brow.

“Hey what do you think your doing, get up” She said.

“No, they are so soft. I feel like sleeping on them.” He said and closed his eyes.

“You’re a per.vert of a higher level!!” Roxanna said and he chuckled

She shook her head and began stroking his hair.

“Nate, what will you do if you find out that I’m agent R?” Roxanna asked.

He chuckled and snuggled with her chest.

“Well if one day I find out that you’re agent R, I’ll be super mad at you.” He said.

Roxanna’s heart increased in beating and he noticed it since his head rested on her chest.

“Why will you be?” She asked

“Well I’ll be mad because you engaged yourself in dangerous and risky mission. And I don’t want you get hurt” He replied.

Roxanna chuckled and hugged him tightly.

*I’m glad that you’ll still love me when you find out the truth* She thought.

“Hey your suffocating me with them” He said.

She released him and hit him playfully which made him laugh


Cordelia paced to and fro in her room. She almost got caught for the second time by the police but luckily her men saw them coming, they escaped before time…

“Miss Alec is here” Her men said.

Almost immediately Alec walked in with an angry expression.

“What again Cordelia?” Alec snapped.

“Do you realize that we were almost caught by the cops, how did they get to know my location?” She ranted

“How I’m I supposed to know” He said and scoffed.

“When you walked out of the our previous location where did you go?” She asked…

“Where else was I suppose to go apart from home…What a minute, I remember. I bumped into a very cute and hot chick, we accidentally kssed” Alec said.

“How was she?” Cordelia asked.

“Well she’s about your height but shorter. She has short brown hairs with bangs and she has golden brown eyes” He said…


thought for a moment before picking up her phone she searched for the ‘ROSY girls’ on the net and then zoomed on Roxanna’s pic.

She then showed it to Alec.

“Is she the one you’re talking about?” She asked.

“Yeah she is, I remember her name is Celia” He said.

Cordelia grabbed him by the collar.

“You fool, her name isn’t Celia. She is the Roxanna I told you to get rid of” Cordelia said and Alec’s eyes widened.

“So she’s the one who told your location to the police?” Alec asked surprised.

“I’m quite sure. And I think she knows that we are meeting, that’s why she called the police” Cordelia said.

Alec was stunned, he didn’t care a damn about Cordelia but what preoccupied him the most was his image.

“So for the last time go out there, kill her and end of the story” Alec said.

“Who are you to give me orders?” Alec snapped at her.

“I’m not giving you orders, I’m telling you what you should do, because if I fall you and your smoker of a father will fall with me. Remember, I know your every secrets” She threatened.

“How dare you threaten me?” He asked.

“Take it or leave it, I don’t care” Cordelia said and turned her back to him.

“Leave when you’re done” She said.

He clenched his fist as he glared at her. He then smiled.

*Looks like your time on earth is coming to an end* He said inwardly and walked out of the room.


Catherine was in a haste to get to get to school because she was already late for the lecture when she bumped into someone and they fell on the ground.

“Oh I’m sorry….Chris?” She said as she saw his face

“Hi Cat” He replied looking at her.

“Hi” She said staring at his deep blue eyes.

“Uh, can you get up, people are staring at us” He said with a smile.

She quickly got up and helped him. He dusted his self and smiled at her

“See you around beauty” He said and winked at her before walking away with his guards behind him.

She looked back at him and smiled before continuing her road…..


“Alright what’s the most craziest thing you’ve ever done” Suzy asked.

“Well I fell in love” Rulian replied.

They were having a walk down the street as usual. People were staring at them but what can they do…

“Wow so mister frowny face is in love, Nice” Suzy said.

Rulian pulled her into a jewelry shop and bought something.

He pulled her out as usual.

“Will you stop dragging me, I’m not a piece of wood” She said with cute frown on her face.

“You look cute when angry” He said with a slight smile on her face…

She blushed and frowned more. He chuckled…

He walked behind her and wore something on her before fixing her hair.

Suzy looked at it and was confused by what he just bought…It was a necklace in a shape of a half heart

He wore his too and showed it to her, its the other half of the heart…

“Here all settled, you have of the heart which signifies that my heart won’t be complete without you” He said and looked away.

Suzy’s heart raced as she stared at the heart and then at him. She smiled….

“Here have this” He said and stretched his hands that was holding a red rose in it.

She slowly took it and smelled it, smells nice

“Thanks” She said…

“Suzy, there’s something that I really want to tell you but I don’t know how you’ll react to…”

She placed her finger on his lips…

“No need to say it, I know already what you wanna say. Just kiss me already” She said.

He leaned towards her and stared at her eyes, he leaned further and they nose kissed. He stared at her eyes with a whole new emotion in him

He then held her waist and pulled her closer to him.

“I love you”

With that said he claimed her lips into a gentle and passionate kss. Her eyes shut down and she held unto his jacket with one hand, pulling him closer.

The people around cheered for them as pictures, videos were taken.

*They look so good together
*That guys is so cute, I’m so jealous!
*Another couple, remaining Olivia

He broke the kss and cupped her cheek.

“I love you” He said with a smile on his face.

“I love you too” She said reflecting his smile with another…

They held hands and walked away as they waved at the crowd.

“Rulian, don’t you think it’s time for you to tell your mum that we were just pretending?” Suzy said.

“Yeah, you’re right. Come on let’s get going” He said

They entered his car and drove off. Well he bought himself a car and also a new house.

He parked his car and they alighted the car and walked in the house.

“Mum, I’m home” Rulian said but he got no reply.

Suddenly they heard someone crying upstairs. They quickly rushed upstairs to Rebecca’s room and saw her crying while sitting on the floor.

Rulian rushed to her and Suzy followed…

“Mum, what’s wrong. Are you hurt?” Rulian asked in panic.


“I can’t take it anymore” She said while crying…

“Mum, what’s wrong. Please tell me” He said.

She cupped his cheek while crying.

“Son, I was never rapped, your father is alive and you have a brother” She said while sniffling in tears.

Rulian froze…..


Rulian froze…

Right now it looks like his brain has been put to pause. What kept ringing in his head is that he has a brother and a father.

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“Mum, please tell me you’re lying” He said.

“I can’t take it anymore. I wish I could tell you that I’m lying but I can’t. You have a brother and a father Rulian” She said while wiping off her tears.

Rulian released her as he knelt on the floor, not knowing what do anymore.

“Why didn’t you tell me earlier” He asked calmly.

“I’m sorry I kept that from you, I should have tell you this earlier” She said and made to touch him but he shifted away and stoof up.

“Do you know how many years have past with me thinking that my father is a rappist a bad person. Do you know the number is insults I received for all these years? Mum why did you do this to me” He asked and wiped off his tears.

“I’m sorry son, I’ll explain…”

He stormed out of the house before she could finish speaking.

Suzy looked at his mother and then at the direction he took.

“Please follow him, he might harm himself” She said as she stood up from the floor wiping her tears.

Suzy nodded and ran toward the direction. She ran out of the house and scanned round the area. She saw him leaning on a pillar with his head down as tears dropped.

Suzy walked up to him and held his shoulder.

“Rulian..” She called

“Why did she lied to me. She is the person I trust most in my life why?” He said as tears dropped on the floor.

“Maybe she had a reason for keeping it a secret from you. You should try and listen to her and give her a chance to explain herself” Suzy said.

“And what, so that I should listen to more and more lies?” He said bitterly.


“Please stop I’ve heard enough. If you have no other things to say, you can leave” He said.

She removed her hand from his shoulder.

“I was just trying to help but if you don’t want to listen. I will take my leave now” She said and began walking away.

He hugged her from behind which made her stop.

“Please don’t leave me, I’m sorry. You’re the only reason I am still sane” He said as he buried her face in her shoulder.

She turned and faced him then wiped off the remaining tears. He suddenly claimed her lips kssing her.

They broke the kss inorder to catch their breath.

Suzy cupped his cheek

“Please, let her explain her part. Please?” Suzy said.

“Okay anything for you” He said.

She held his hand and they walked back in the house. They met her sitting on the couch deep in thought…

“Mum?” Rulian said.

She stood up

“Son, please I’m sorry…

She hugged her tightly before she could finish her words. She hugged him back too..

“I’m sorry I yelled at you, you can punish me if you want” Rulian said.

Rebecca chuckled as they broke the hug.

They all settled down on the couch as they patiently waited for her to start speaking.

“Well your father’s name is Maximilian Jenkins. He’s the youngest son of the Jenkins family. Their family are all drug lords…Like a fool I fell in love with him, he promised he would change. We got married and I conceived his child. I gave birth to a set of twins. You and Ronald, one day I find out that he was still into drugs. I confronted him and he beat mercilessly telling me a place of a woman is either in bed or in the kitchen. Everyday he would beat me, rappe me till one day I had enough, I decided to escape. I succeeded in escaping but with only you, I had no other choice but to leave your brother behind” She narrated as she wiped off her tears…

“I’m so sorry mother” Rulian comforted her with a hug..

“Do you know where Ronald is right now” Suzy asked.

“I don’t know, the only thing that I know is that he’s out of town with my husband” Rebecca said.

Suzy sighed loudly.

*What will agent V do when she’ll find out that Rulian is the son of a drug lord* Suzy thought…


Yvonne decided to sleep again at Mason house and as usual her parent’s granted her the permission.

They have already eaten dinner and now they are getting ready to go and sleep…

Yvonne peeped her head out of the dressing room.

Mason was laying on the bed, shirtless as usual. He looked at her direction and ached a brow, confused as to why she’s peeping at him.

She walked out of the dresser and his mouth dropped to the floor as to what she was wearing.

It was a white transparent night gown that ended at the middle of her thigh. She let her hair fall freely making her look more alluring…

She laid on the bed beside him and smiled.

“What was that?” He asked with wide eyes.

“What? You bought that for me remember? I wanted to wear it for you” She said as she hugged him.

He smiled and hugged her back too.

“Mason, if you discover that I’m doing a very dangerous job what will you do” Yvonne asked.

“Well I’ll be super mad. I don’t want you getting hurt” He said as he stroke her hair.

She chuckled

*One day I’ll tell you and on that day I’ll kill Alec with my bare hands* She thought.

He came on top of her and brushed the back of his palm on her face.

“How is it possible for someone to love you just the way I do” He said.

She smiled and blushed.

He leaned towards her and paused as their lips where just inches apart.

Yvonne opened her eyes and stared at him before kssing him. He wrapped his hands round her waist as he kssed her back too.

After he was done he looked up at her.

Yvonne smiled as tears glistened in her eyes. Mason, the first and only man she feels comfortable with, the only person her heart beats for, the only person who was able to love her despite knowing her tragic past.

“If there’s a word greater than I love you I would have said it already. I love you Mason” Yvonne said…

He kssed her forehead before looking at her.

“Are you sure you’re ready?” Mason asked and she nodded.


Alec walked into Cordelia’s hideout with a confident smile on his face. The guards let him in since it was Cordelia who called for him.

He opened the door to her room and smiled as he saw her laying on the bed with her black lingerie on.

She smiled $eductively at him. He walked up to her bed and sat down at the edge. She the hugged him from behind as she kssed his neck.

“I called you here because I couldn’t sleep and I wanted you to make me feel sleepy” She said and kssed his neck.


Alec stood with his back facing Cordelia as he got dressed up.

“Thanks for tonight” She said, smiling at him.

“You’re welcome. Its your last anyway” He said.

“What do you mean by…..”

She didn’t finish her words as three bullet pe.netrated her chest.

Her eyes widened in shock as she stared at Alec who kept back his silent shooter.

“Why?” She said as blood came out of my mouth.

“You were becoming a bone in the throat for me. I once told you never to threaten me unless you’ll regret it well that day finally came to pass” He said with a bright smile on his lips.

She closed her eyes and fell on the bed as blood oozed out of her, tainting the the white sheets…

Alec looked at her dead body and chuckled. He removed his phone and called one of his men.

“Call the police and tell them that you know the location of miss Cordelia. If they ask you how you managed to know, tell them that you followed one of her men” He said and hung up.

He wore his coat and walked out of the room and saw all of her men on the floor, dead.

“You did a good job” He said to his men

*I can’t let a woman bring me down* He thought as he walked out of the house…


Hector was sitting on his seat watching the stripper dance on the stage when he received a phone call…


“Uncle, Nice hearing your voice. I’ll be landing tomorrow” The voice said.

“That’s great news then, I’ll be expecting you” He said with a smile on his face.

“Sure dad, I bet you will love my visit” Ronald said as he was sitting elegantly on his seat with a smirk plastered on his face…

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