Her Quest For Revenge

Her Quest For Revenge Episode 17 – 18




“Okay, I’ll talk but please don’t shoot me” He said as he stared at Roxanna in fear in his eyes.

“It’s miss Cordelia Lehigh” He said.

“Who’s Cordelia?” Roxanna asked.

Nathaniel walked towards her

“Cordelia is the girl that you saw kssing me” Nathaniel said.

Roxanna looked at him confusedly. Why would she want to kill Nathaniel?

She turned back to the man.

“What did she ask you to do?” Roxanna asked.

“She hired us to kill you” He replied.

She released him and hit him on the head, he passed out. She removed her phone and phoned the cops.

The cops came in shortly and arrested the two men. An arrest warrant was issued for Cordelia.

After everything was settled, Nathaniel drove Roxanna home. He stopped in front of her house.

“Take me to your house, we have a lot of things to discuss” Roxanna said without looking at him.

He made a turn and drove to his personal house.

Roxanna called her parents to inform them that she’ll sleep at Nathaniel’s place. They agreed because they knew already that they are a couple and also because they trust her.

The car stopped in front of his house and Roxanna opened the car door and came out of it then began walking to the entrance.

Nathaniel increased his pace and held her arm which made her stop.

“Are you mad at me?” He asked.

“Did you expect me to be happy? I don’t want to put the blame on you but it’s your fault I almost got killed. It’s because of your obsession for women that a lunatic almost killed me” Roxanna said not looking at him.

“And I said I’m sorry right, I quit that life long ago because of you” Nathaniel said

“How far I’m I sure that you are serious about that?” Roxanna said.

“Are you doubting me?” Nathaniel asked slightly adding pressure on her arm.

“Have you given me any reasons why I shouldn’t doubt you?” Roxanna asked.


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about you? Who knows the number of men you went in bed with” Nathaniel said in anger.

Roxanna yanked his hand off her arm and slapped him.

“Never you dare call me a $lut. Call me whatever you want but don’t you call me that ever again” She said and stormed into the house.


ruffled his hair and entered the house too.


“We meet again beautiful” Alec said with a smile on his face.

Yvonne’s body began trembling as she saw who was standing in front of him.

Tears escaped her eyes as the painful memories she’s being trying hard to suppress all came flashing infront of her.

She clenched her fists and landed a blow on his face.

The blow caught Alec by surprise as he wasn’t expecting that. He touched his lips and there was blood. He got angry and clenched his fists trying to suppress his anger. He’s in the public, he can’t tarnish his reputation like that….


smiled at her

“Till we meet again beautiful” He said and entered his car which drove off…

Yvonne walked back home as tears cascaded down her cheek. The memory she’s being trying hard to forget all came back to her and now it feels like she’s empty.

She’s not scared of him, in fact she wants to be the one to bring him down. She’s just sad and also in pains, it hurts so much…

She opened the door to Mason’s house and walked in.

“Finally you’re back what….” The words dried down in mason throat as he saw her in tears.

He rushed to her and held her shoulder.

“What wrong, what happened to you.” He asked worriedly.

She quickly hugged him tightly and cried loudly.

“I saw him, I saw him” She said.

Mason was confused as to who she saw. It later dawn on him that it was probably the person who took advantage of her that she saw.

He patted her back as she cried loudly. He carried her in a bridal style and walked to his room.

He placed her on the bed and released her but she quickly hugged him.

“No don’t leave me, please stay with me” She said.

He nodded and climbed the bed as he covered them with the duvet. She pulled him closer to her and snuggled with his chest.

He gently stroke her hair as anger began rising deep inside him.

“I pray we meet again, I’ll teach you a lesson you’ll never forget” He thought as he stroke her hair.

After some minutes he felt her grip over him loosen. He looked at her face and she was already sound asleep.

He kssed her forehead and pulled her closer as he told drifted off to sleep.


A maid prepared a room for Roxanna. She took a bath and changed into a dress the maid brought for her. It was an oversized T-shirt that ended at the middle of her thigh.


was served in her room. She ate and went to bed but she couldn’t sleep…

She turned in bed but still she couldn’t sleep. She covered her face with the pillow and after some minutes she removed it.

She then groaned loudly as she wasn’t feeling sleepy. All she kept thinking was about Nathaniel.

She stood up from bed and opened the door and then walked out of the room and coincidentally Nathaniel was also coming out of his room.

“I’m sorry” They both said at the same time.

They both ran and hugged each other tightly…

“I’m sorry I doubted you. I will never do that again, I promise. I love you so much” Roxanna said.

“And I’m sorry I called you a slut. I so much regret that, I love you so much and I’ll never cheat on you.” He replied…

He claimed her lips and she kssed him back.

He opened the door with his leg and walked up to his bed then he placed her on his bed.

He broke the kss and stared at her eyes.

“I love you”

“I love you too”

He smiled and then laid beside her. She hugged him and snuggled with his chest as she smiled widely.

“Can I ask you a question?” Roxanna said.

“Yeah go on” He said.

“Who’s Cordelia to you?” She asked.

“Well to me she’s the only mistake my father made in my life. You know when my father was still alive, he and Cordelia’s father where close friends.

They signed an agreement that he’ll marry Cordelia to me, I was 10 by that time and she was 9. After some years when my father died, the agreement was canceled but unfortunately she fell in love with me. I never loved her not even to think of having something with her.

She kept stalking me over and over till one fateful day, when she had to study abroad. I thought I’ll never see her again but looks like luck wasn’t on my side” He said while stroking her hair

“She’s really desperate to be with you!” Roxanna said.

“Well they can’t help it when I’m this cute and handsome but don’t worry baby I’m all yours” He said and kissed her forehead which made her chuckle.

“How did you learn to fight like that?” Nathaniel asked.

“Uh I’ll tell you another time, when the time is right” Roxanna said.

“Alright I’ll wait” He replied.

She raised her head and pecked his lips.

“Goodnight Nate” She said and drifted off to sleep.

He smiled and drifted off to sleep to…


Alec stormed in the house with an angry look.

His father was sitting in the living room smoking as usual.

He looked at his son and ached a brow.

“What happened to your face, it’s bruised” He said.

“It’s that dang bch. I think I didn’t fk some sense into her, maybe next time I’ll teach her how to respect me” He said.

His father chuckled and blew out smoke.

“So you mean a woman gave you that bruise, so stupid of you” He said.

“Shut up dad!!” He snapped.

His father removed his gun and aimed it at him. Alec removed his and aimed it at his father. The rest of the men present in the room aimed their gun at Alec.

“Not only I’m I your father, but I’m also your boss so never you dare tell me to shut up. I killed your mother and I won’t think twice ending your stupid life. Now put that toy down before my patience run down” He said

Alec lowered his gun and so as his father’s men.

Let me present to you Alec’s dad, Mr. Hector Jenkins, a world known drug syndicate. He has two brothers: Lance Jenkins and the second one,,,you’ll soon know about him.

“But you know, I’m still your father so I prepared a gift for your arrival. Go to your room you’ll see it” Hector said and continued dealing with his cigarettes.

Alec walked to his room and opened the door then smiled as he saw two nked ladies on bed staring at him $eductively.

“Thanks dad” He said and walked into his room closing the door.

“Tonight is gonna be a long night” He said as he unbuttoned his shirt, walking to the ladies.

_______Next morning

Yvonne slowly opened her eyes and smiled as she saw Mason sleeping peacefully beside her.

She poked his cheek and made some faces before sleeping back

Yvonne smirked naughtily

*You don’t want to wake up right?* She thought.

“Now that I’m awake, are you happy?” He asked and she nodded with a smile. He tugged her hair behind her ear.

“Yvonne, promise me something”

“What’s it?” She asked

“Promise me that you’ll not cry whenever you see that guy again. Promise me that if he tries some shitty with you’ll fight back” He said.

“I promise” She said with a serious look on her face.

He smiled and claimed her lips as he caressed her thigh


Roxanna straddled sleeping Nathaniel.

“Wake up sleepy head. You lazy ass” She said.

“A kss on the lips will do” He said with his eyes closed

She rolled her eyes and punched him on the stomach. He sprang up from bed while groaning.

“Ouch, that hurts” He said with a pout.

“That’s what you get for trying to bribe a kss from me.” She said.

“Since you refuse to kss me, I’ll destroy your lips with ksses. Come here!” He said and made her lie on the b.ed

“No, nate wait” She couldn’t finish her word as he sealed her lips with a kiss.


Cordelia destroyed all the things in the room. Yesterday the police came to arrest her but luckily she escaped.

“I can’t believe it. I’m now on the wanted list” She ranted while pacing to and from.

“I guess I have no option, call my stupid ex!!” She said.

“Yes Miss” One of her bodyguards said.

“In one way or the other, you’re going down Roxanna. And you Nathaniel either you belong to me or you die!!” She said….


Cordelia was sitting elegantly on a couch in her room watching TV while sipping on a glass of wine.

Suddenly a knock was heard on her door.

“Who’s it?” She asked.

“Miss, your ex is here” He said.

“Let him in” She replied and focused back on the TV.

Alec opened the door and walked in the room.

“You wanted to discuss something important with me?” He said with his hands in his pocket.

“Yeah, I need a tiny favor from you. I want you to eliminate a fly that’s disturbing my plans” She said and stood up then walked to him.

“A fly, if it’s a fly then I’m sure you can easily kill her.” He said.

“I can easily kill her but I can’t since I have been accused of attempted murder” She said.

Alec looked at her and scoffed.

“What’s the name of the fly?” He asked as he walked to the couch she was sitting and then sat down.

“Her name is Roxanna Martinez.” She said.

“Martinez? That name rings something in my head but I’m not able to pin point what it is” He said as he poured himself some wine.

“So would you help me?” She asked.

“If I do, what do I get in return?” He asked.

She smiled and unbuttoned her shirt then walked and sat down on his laps.

“You’ll have me” She said $eductively.


Roxanna parked here car in front of G empire. She walked in and entered the elevator which took her to the secret location.

As she walked out of the elevator, she walked up to Agent V office. She opened I and walked in and coincidentally the girls are there.

“Good thing you’re here agent R, we have a new mission for you girls” Agent V said.

She took her seat in front of the table.

“The police force needs our help in a new case. As you all know Cordelia Lehigh has been issued an arrest warrant and as well speak now, she’s no where to be found. Our main target isn’t her but Hector Jenkins the drug syndicate. We did some researches and we found out that Cordelia is Alec Jenkins ex and Alec is the son to Hector Jenkins. Of course Alec Jenkins record is clean, but still that doesn’t stop him from being in touch with his father. Now that Cordelia is on the wanted list, I’m sure she’ll turn to Alec for help and Alec will have no option to turn to Hector and that’s where we’ll catch him” Agent V said.

“But some of us don’t even know how Alec, Cordelia and Hector look like” Agent C (Catherine) said.

Agent V displayed their photos on the projector.

Yvonne immediately hit her hand on the table in anger as she saw Alec’s face.

“That ba$tard!! How can you guys say his record was clean meanwhile he was the one who took advantage of me” Yvonne said glaring at his picture.

The others eyes widened in shock.

“Wow, that means he is also guilty” Agent S (Suzy) said.

“Alright guys we’ll think about that later, the main objective is to catch the big fish which is Hector Jenkins, once he’s down the rest will follow” Agent V said.

They discussed about some ideas before the meeting came to an end.


Nathaniel parked his car in front his mom’s house. He alighted the car and walked in.

A maid told him that his mother is having her siesta so he walked upstairs to meet Jennifer.

He opened the door to her room hoping to surprise her but she wasn’t there.

“Too bad” He said and made to close the door to the room but something caught his attention.

Jennifer’s laptop was on. Out of curiosity he walked in and sat down in front of her office

He scanned through her laptop and saw an icon. It was in a bold letter G.

He clicked on it and boom alot of letters that he could understand popped up on the screen.

He clicked on an option which he didn’t know the meaning of it and gasped at what he saw.

He could view many places on the screen like a camera was placed there and he could view it on the laptop.

*What’s she doing with cameras* He thought.

He saw an icon that read ‘inbox’. He clicked on it and ached a brow as he saw some strange names like “agent V” “agent C” “agent R”

*Agent R, this reminds me of something* He thought.

He removed his phone and searched for Agent R and there he saw her the mask girl who saved the lifes of a thousand of women.

*What is she doing with agent R* He thought

“Son, are you there?” His mother said from outside.

He exited the app and stood up then walked to the door. He opened it and saw his mother in front of the door.

“Son, what a surprise you came visit” She said.

“Yes mom” He said

Nathaniel glanced back at the laptop and closed the door walking downstairs with his mother as the discussed.


“Aaaahh, Alec. You’re so good in bed” Cordelia said as she rested her head on Alec chest.

“I know baby” He replied.

“Do you have any pictures of that Roxanna” He asked.

“No, but she’s having short brown hairs, beautiful and she’s about my height but younger” She said.


He stood up from the bed and dressed up.

“I’ll be leaving now” He said and opened the door, walking out…


Roxanna decided to take a walk when suddenly someone bumped into her.

She nearly fell but he held her waist and pulled her up. She mistakenly pecked his lips.

“I’m sorry miss, hope you’re okay?” He said.

Roxanna stared at him for some seconds before coming back to her senses.

“Yeah I’m okay. Thanks for helping me out” She replied and her released her…

“Nice meeting you. Can I know your name” The man asked

“My name is Celia” Roxanna lied.

“Okay beautiful name for a beautiful lady like you.” He said and walked away smiling $eductively at her. She smiled back to.

As soon as he walked a little bit further away, Roxanna dropped the facade, her face became hard

She dialed a number.

“Hello agent V, I have some good news for you. I just came across one of the target, Alec Jenkins. I’m sure he must have went to meet with Cordelia. I’ll send you my location, I’m sure that Cordelia is around” Roxanna said and hung up

She scanned through the surrounding and walked away

Alec on the other hand kept walking while thinking about the lady he just met

“Celia, she’s hot!” He said as he walked away..

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