Hidden Dream

Hidden Dream – Episode 13

Hidden Dream – Episode 13

A Story By Tisa Phiri


” what are you going to do now?” Aunty Nelly asked me as she hanged the clothes outside.

I had just been telling her how I had been looking for Angela a couple of months after completing school. I had tried to call her a million times, leaving texts but there was no response.

” I don’t know aunty Nelly. Am really bothered, if only she knew how much I miss her and want to see her before I leave next week. ” I complained.

She was the only person I had told my feelings for my teacher and as always Aunty Nelly gave me sound advice . She told me if I was able to have such persistence it meant I trully had fallen in love.

I had gone back to the school after we completed school but I didn’t find her. They told me she was still on leave and won’t be back until after a month. I had asked the teacher who I thought could be friends with her to give me the number she was using but she told me Angela never contacted her since she left and she also didn’t know what other numbers she had.

She asked why I went looking for her and I lied she had not cleared me on the clearance forms and that she had to sign my scholarsh¡p. I knew I shouldn’t have brought in the scholarsh¡p thing as her friend took it serious and asked me to talk to the head so that maybe he could find a way for my papers to be signed. I pretended to go the head teacher’s office but turned away leaving the school premises.

” you surely love her” aunty Nelly sighed.

” I do love her and I know she must have something for me but she’s hesitant. She should have given me a chance though, I won’t forget her that easily. ”

” since you can’t find her and have tried your best to look for her, just give her some time. Am sure she’s not comfortable with the fact that you are 2 years younger than her and the circ-mstances under which you met makes things some what complicated” she explanned.

“Seriously though, I don’t think that’s an issue ” I kept on saying.

I was to leave the country after going through the wh0le procedure with the sponsors. My father insisted that I don’t go and wait until I went to college. I had passed with 22 points and that was more than what I had expected. I could see my father trying to open up to me but never wanted to get closer to him. I feared if I did he would end up convincing me to drop my scholarsh¡p.

I knew having him otherwise was the best way so that I could avoid feeling bad if I let him down.

” do what you want”, he clearly told me one day.

” But count me out. Am not going to support your dance career. And you can as well forget about me sponsoring you to the university if you leave for Paris. That will mark the end of you being my responsibility.” He warned me.

I didn’t care though. At that point in life i wasnt going to need so much of his help. The scholarsh¡p i had was to cater for all my expenses and so I was okey.

The weekend before I was to travel to Paris, I took one of the cars from home and drove into town.

It had been my 21st birthday the previous day and as was the trend in our home they had made a small party for me and my friends which also served as a farewell party.

I agree I had a lots of funny with my friends. I had invited John, Oswald, Ben and some other guys from school.

Tracy who heard the news from John also came over and I was surprised to see her. I had not really communicated with her since we completed school trying to stay clear from her.

She had acted out like my girl as usual and the guys envied me telling me how she and I made a perfect couple. Surprisingly she bonded well with my sister Tina who went on parading her in the house.

I could see aunty Nelly shooting glances at me and when I asked her why, she had laughed so hærd.

” you my friend are in trouble with this girl. I see how she’s all over you and your family. Imagine she had the guts to go and greet your parents” she laughed.

” what? She did? ” I asked shocked.

” Yeah, your sister’s took her and I over heard her telling them you where good friends from school. Your mother commended her beauty. I can tell she liked her daughter in law.” She teased me

” forget it aunty Nelly am never going to marry that girl. She’s too loud for me?” I shrugged leaving her laughing before joining my friends.

Surprisingly, my parents gave me the latest Samsung phone as a present. I even gave away the small Samsung duos I was using which I got from Pep.

So, I drove to town taking John who came all the way from Kafue for my birthday.

” I really wish I could also go out of the country man,” he giggled. ” so how are you feeling ?” John looked at me.

” am excited man, you have no idea but am just hurt I won’t be saying bye to her. I have not seen her since we completed school. ”

” Her?” John scoffed. ” I thought your girl was there at the party yesterday man, who are you talking about?”

” Tracy is not my girl man, she’s just a friend and you know how she likes dominating, I have never been with her and I dont plan on doing so. It’s someone else” i told him shrugging as I held on in the steering sitting upright

” No way! , how come I wasn’t told about this babe that has got my friend under her sleeves.? Its evident you are way crazy about this girl man and I need to know her. Who is She?” He questioned me now paying attention to me.

I smiled at the thought of Angela and without hesitation I mentioned her name.

” Angela” I announced smiling ” her name is Angela and yes you know her. From LUBO” I told John who held his forehead trying to recall any Angela from school.

” Angela, Angela…..” He repeated her name shaking his head.

” No man, tell me the truth I can’t recall anyone by that name. Was she in grade 10 or 11? Cause we had no such name in our intake”

” it’s because you are thinking of students John ” I laughed.

” she wasn’t a student” I added looking at him.

” Angela,” he frowned thinking hærd

” No ways, you don’t say? Am I thinking about the right person?” He raised his eyes in surprise.

” Yeah,” I sighed. ” Ms Jere ” I told him blantly and I saw him hold his face laughing.

” Jay, you are the most mysterious Human being I have ever known. How did you pull it out with that hot teacher man? come on, this is the news I would love to sit and listen to. It’s so unbelievable. Come on tell me more! ” he shouted sitting up as I drove him to Kafue.

” well, what can I tell you my friend, I fall in love with her but she turned me down you know how it was. I was just a student and her my teacher plus she was 21 when I was 19 so…” i shrugged.

” But you told her how you feel?” He asked.

” I did but she didn’t seem to accept. I promised her I would get back to her and prove I loved her and not just crazy. But i have not seen her for the past 3 months. Her line has been off and I can’t seem to find her. I really wish I could say bye to her and tell her to wait for me till I come back. Maybe keep in touch you know”.

John was quite for a while and then he held my knee.

” you should have told me this man, we are friends.” He complained.

” I know man. But you know how it was I couldnt tell anyone. It was complicated ”

” anyway I get you man, now listen I love you my friend and from what you have told me I know you feel the hot teacher so I will help you. I know of a girl who was in the other class 12 B , I guess, she was the niece to Ms Jere and she can probably tell us about her whereabouts.”

I almost lost control with excitement. ” you do? And you sure this girl can lead us to my Angela?” I asked almost panicking.

” Yeah let me try call her man, she’s my friend and am sure I can find something from her right now”

I watched as John talked to the Niece to Angela laughing and smiling as he talked.

” Yeah sure thing I can take note of it” I heard him say and extended his hand for me to hand him my phone.

” right, thank you so much sweetie, I owe you one. But please don’t tell her I asked. We want to pay her a surprise visit and thank her for being a good teacher” he added before hanging up.

” what? ” I asked turning my head from the road as the vehicle moved on..

” here you go, she in Lusaka. That’s the address there” he smiled handing me the phone.

” wow! You have no idea how happy I am right now. Thanks man” I chuckled looking at the address and increasing the speed.

” you owe me one Jared!” He shouted whilst laughing.

” I surely do ” I smiled. ” let me drop you right here you get on a bus man,” I teased him

” don’t you dare you jerk! ” He frowned and we both burst out laughing.

After dropping him I went straight to the address I was given. It indicated she was in Avondale. Instead of going to Lusaka West I took a turn and joined great east road. I had to see her. I only had that saturday and Sunday before leaving on a Monday. I was scheduled to Fly with the 14 Hours flight.

I came to a halt when I drove in front of a meroon gate. Taking in some deep breaths. I was so excited all along I didn’t think of how I was going to reach her place that day. All I had thought of up until then was just seeing her again and didn’t get to plan what I was going to do when there.

Pulling aside the in,side mirror, I took a look at my anxious face and wiped it a b it before sighing deeply.

I walked to the gate not wanting to start hooting. Rubbing off the sweat from my hands.

To be continued

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