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Chapter_ twenty two

Asha smiled widely as she cleaned the counter. She was so happy because Tara was going to be discharged tomorrow since the doctor said she’s better now.

She was the only one in the restaurant since she stays there and besides it was still very early in the morning.

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” Hello, who’s here?” Someone spoke from the outside.

Immediately, she stopped cleaning and rushed to the door and to her surprise was Otto standing in front of the door, smiling at her.

” What should I get you?” She asked immediately they took their seat.

” Pineapple juice please.”

” Alright.” She uttered with a smile and scurried off. After few minutes she came back with the pineapple juice.

She dropped it on table and shifted it to his direction.

” Sweet, thanks Asha.” He said as he briefly took a sip of it. Tasha just smiled still staring at him.

He moved forward and tucked her hair behind her hair, after doing that he patted her on the head and she frowned.

” Stop, don’t do that.” She gro-ned and he chuckled.

” Why?…I have the right to, after all am older than you.”

Immediately he said that she burst into fits of laughter and he frowned while looking at her. She was making him look like a fool right now.

” How old are you? 17?” She asked and his frown deepened.

” Am eighteen.” He said and she smiled.

” Am still older than you Otto…am twenty.” She grinned and he gasped.

” So…how do you know my work place?”

” Don’t underestimate me darling, I have my ways….so why didn’t you come to school yesterday?” He asked and she smiled lightly.

The morning breeze blew inside the window and her hair got scattered again covering her face.

Otto moved forward again and tucked her hair behind her ear while she just smiled.

” I love seeing your face.” He uttered before resting his back comfortable on the chair and she just smiled without saying a word.

” Well, it’s because am working and I need to pay off my rent, so I can start living properly.” She explained. ” How about you? You should be in school.”

” I want to ditch school today, so I can spend more time with you… just take me as your younger brother.”

” Sure… thanks.” She replied and he licked his l-ip, making it more pinkish.

” So, don’t you have any family to support you? Why working your ass off?”

” I do have a daughter, am a single mom… that’s why am working my ass off… I’ve revealed my secret to you, so now don’t accuse me of having too many secrets.” She playfully warned.

” Wow!” He said with his eyes almost bulging out.

Asha laughed while staring at the funny expression on his face.

Mr Lucas sat on a sofa in his study as he fl-ipped through the pages of a newspaper he was reading.

A man who was dressed in suit stood beside him holding an envelope.

He has been here for almost forty-five minutes and Mr Lucas hasn’t said a word which was getting the man frustrated but the man didn’t complain, he didn’t want to lose his job.

Being a private investigator to Mr Lucas was an opportunity everyone would want to grab because it has good pay and the man didn’t want to lose such opportunity.

” Hand me the envelope?” Mr lucas said immediately he dropped the newspaper he was reading.

His private investigator handed the envelope to him and he opened it while pictures fell out from it. Mr lucas frowned deeply as he looked at the pictures one after the other.

It was pictures of Camdan and Asha in the restaurant together.

” Who’s she?” Mr Lucas asked pointing at Asha in the picture.

” I don’t know sir, but due to my research I found out that she’s a waiter in the restaurant and it seems Mr Camdan likes her as he often goes there.” He explained and Mr Lucas hmmmed.

” Camdan likes a waitress…. interesting.” Mr Lucas said as his frowned deepened.

Asha was fully dressed, the red gown fitted her perfectly. It was time already and she was feeling nervous.

She hasn’t gone to a date before and everything felt new to her.

She smiled as she recalled the conversation with camdan.


” I want to take you out on a date Asha and i would love you to wear this dress tomorrow.” He said and she widened her eyes in surprise.

” What do you mean?” Asha asked and camdan took a deep breath before speaking.

” I know this sounds crazy but I love you…am in love with you.”

Asha shook her head sideways as she dropped the dress on the table giving it back to him.

” Am sorry but I don’t love you…and besides this is too sudden.” She said.

” I know it’s sudden but I can’t just get my mind off you, I think about you all the time. I feel like if I don’t see you always I will pass out…” He trailed on his words as he held her hand.

” I love you Asha… just say yes for the date please.”

Asha yanked her hand away from his grip and bit her bottom l-ips h-rd while staring at him. She felt pity for him and didn’t want to turn him down. She swallowed h-rd before speaking.

” Fine, I will go out with you.” She said and he immediately stood up and hugged her.

” Thank you so much.” He muttered as he t¡ghtened the hug.


” I already said yes and I can’t go back to my words right? He said he loves me but he didn’t know am a single mom… it wouldn’t be bad if I tell him right?” She asked nobody in particular as she held her chest.

She breathed out and carried the only fancy bag she had and headed through the back door. She had told Camdan that she would go to him, that she didn’t want him to come pick her.

She didn’t want anyone to take a glance at her. Earlier that day, she told her boss that she wanted to rush off to somewhere and luckily he gave her a day off.

She flagged down a taxi and entered, she told the taxi driver where she was heading to and he sped off.



Asha alighted from the taxi and payed him off. She was about going inside the restaurant when she saw Camdan already waiting for her.

She was surprised as she just smiled, he was such a gentleman.

Camdan was dumbstruck as she stared at her. She was looking do breathtaking as her hair fell freely on her shoulder. Her red l-ipstick made her look like those wealthy women in the business world. He was ready to stare at her all day.

” Are we going in or what?” She asked jolting him out if his thoughts.

” Sure, you are so beautiful.” He said and she uttered a thank you before going inside.

” We could have eaten at the place you work.” Camdan said and she laughed lightly.

They were actually eating right now and Camdan couldn’t stop smiling. She was beautiful and was almost taking his breath away.

” That’s hilarious, how can we have a date at the restaurant I work?” She asked. ” I like it here.”

” Me too…Eat up, I have some here to take you to.” He said and she replied with a nod.


” Wow, this is beautiful Camdan!” She exclaimed as she inhaled the flower scent.

They were done eating and he brought to the place he had told her he will take her to.

It was a flower b£d, so beautiful with different kind of sweet smelling flowers.

The sight was just too beautiful to behold from the mountain they were standing on.

Camdan just smiled as she inhaled the flower scent again. He was so happy she was right beside him, to him she was his everything.

He stared at her red l-ip and suddenly felt like having a taste of it.

She turned to him and smiled showing her not so deep dimples. She was feeling it was the perfect time to tell him about her being a single mom.

” Camdan there is something you need to know.” She said and he immediately crashed his l-ips on hers as he held her wa-ist.

He k-ssed her so deeply as he s-cked on her lower l-ip, she was finding it difficult to breathe as she clutched on his suit t¡ghtly. After all it was her first time k-ssing a guy.

He broke the k-ss and rested his forehead on hers, she was trying to catch her breath.

” What was it you needed to tell me?” He asked and she couldn’t say a word as he captured her l-ips again.


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