November 29, 2021

His Is My Golden Key episode 15


πŸ”‘ His is my Golden Key πŸ”‘

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πŸ”‘ Fifteen πŸ”‘

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The girl bow glaring at me as she walk to a seat beside a guy

There were over twenty people present
Most of them had the same cold aura to that of goldlex, but his was superior

They were all putting on white with a crazy kind of hairstyles

“Lord goldlex, we weren’t expecting you! “A man a bit older then goldlex said

“Indeed! I decided to pay a visit! ” Goldlex replied coldly

“How long do you intend staying?”A woman asked

“None of ur business councilor Maria! “He replied arrogantly

Everyone remained silent some were glaring at me furiously while others were glaring at me with curiosity

“Who is the girl my lord?? ”

“I told you, she is my wife! “Goldlex replied coldly


“But what? “Goldlex asked the man, daring him to speak

“Nothing! “He mutters then kept shut

On the one hand I was happy that goldlex had so much authority and on the other, I feared the eyes that were glaring at me

“If there is nothing else, then I suppose we end this meeting! “Goldlex orders and they immediately vanished


was hell shocked
How did they just vanish like that??

“You look shocked? “Crim asked with a smirk

“Well duh…..!”I replied grumbling making him laugh adorably

He shook his head and vanished also

“So you find crim’s laughter adorable? “Goldlex asked staring hard at me

“Crim is adorable, he looks like a white kitten !”I said care free

It was true though
Crim was really handsome and he had swag

“I also have swag! “Goldlex said whinnig like a child

I shook my head at the huge baby as I examined the huge room

“Beautiful! “I said immediately a huge hand wrap his hand around my waist

“Just like you! “He whispered kissing my neck

I turned to face him as we both engage in a deep kiss, exploring every inches of our lips

“Do you want to see my castle? “He asked kissing my neck and I mumbled a yes


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on tight baby! ”

Immediately I saw myself inside a huge Golden castle

This one was filled with chairs and tables with so many maids and guards moving around

When they saw goldlex they were beyond shocked at first but immediately bow to him in respect

“Woah! where are we??? ”

“Welcome to my birth home! “He said with a proud smirk

I look around and honestly it was beyond beautiful

Even more pretty that the huge room we were first in

“Goldlex??? “A old woman walk towards goldlex in tears

“Nanny Kim! “He ran and hug her tightly

She wept sadly looking at goldlex deep into his eyes

“We all heard of silver’s death, am sorry baby! “She said in tears and goldlex smiled sadly wiping her tears

“Am fine now nanny! “He muttered and she nodded

She turned and stared at me for a while

“Who is she??? ”

“She is my wife nanny! “He said and the old lady spank his butt

“Ouch! “He yelled scratching his itching butt

“Don’t you dare lie to me! “She warned and he nodded like an adorable doll

I chuckle at the sight
I have never seen goldlex so humble to anyone before

“Forgive the manners of this idiot!, I am nanny Kim! “She said and I bow slightly

“My name is Sophia Williams, it is a pleasure meeting you! “I said and stretch forth my hand for a handshake but she drew me closer and hug me tightly


have a great future ahead of you, a one filled with a lot of battles, you will face things that you can never imagine,just remember, goldlex is ur greatest source of power, he is ur biggest fear, and ur greatest gift, but never let ur emotions cloud ur judgement! “She whispered into my ears making me extra confused

“I don’t understand! “I whispered back but she just pulled from the hug abd smiled at me

“She is pretty! “She told goldlex and he smirk

“Yeah, she is!! “He winked at me making me roll my eyes

“Meet me whenever you have a problem or you are less busy okay? “She said and I nodded

I will definitely meet her soon
She need to explain to me what she just said

The woman walk towards goldlex and smiled

“Glad you could come visit son! “She said patting his back as she vanished into thin air

He shook his head and walk towards me putting his hands round my waist

He pushed me closer to himself as we both engaged into another deep kiss

I didn’t notice we were been watched until I heard slight giggles

I saw some maids looking at me in disbelief, while some in anger and only few with happy faces

“Stop!! “I muttered to goldlex who kept fondling my b00b’s

He paused then look around

“Let’s go upstairs! ” He whispered to me and I smiled

“Catch me first! “I muttered then ran in speed up the stairs as he ran after me


“Useless!!! “I yelled pushing all the files on the table down

“Pathetic!!!”I screamed In anger

“Barbaric insolence!!!!!! “””

“Arrrrrggggggggghhhhhhh!!! “I yelled while she kept watching me pulling up useless taunts

“Can you relax?? “She said and I frown

“Relax???, no sita I can’t relax!!! “I yelled

“How could you let this happen!!! “I yelled in anger but she kept painting her nails

“She was with goldlex, I can’t stop her!!! “She said calmly making me glare at her

“You are as useless as you are pathetic, I shouldn’t have brought you from the dead! “I voiced out in anger

“Watch your tongue !!”She warned

I twisted my hand as she fell down coughing out blood

“Remember who brought you from the dead sita,i did, and you have no right to talk back to me! remember, I can still send you back to the dead land,i have ur life in my palm!!! “I yelled and she nodded swiftly

I released my grip on her and she immediately collapsed coughing violently

“Am sorry my goddess! “She apologize still coughing

“Better! now you get ready, I will deliver the idiot to you, but first I need to know why goldlex brought her here! “I said and wave my hand and she immediately vanished

I turned to Sophia’s picture and smirk

“You are not that smart you know mitafer !”I said to the pictures caressing it surface

“You think taking a black bitch body will hide you from me?? ” I asked laughing tremendously

“No! no way darling, I tried to hard to eliminate you in ur past life and I did,this time I will do that again without hesitation! ”

“I can’t believe you! “I yelled throwing the picture away

“How could you recaniate and still have goldlex attention! you are not even beautiful!!? ”

“But don’t worry, this time I will kill you myself, I will ensure of that!! ”


time, I will not only end you, but I will ensure that you don’t come back again!! ”

“Get ready mitafer, bestie wants ur soul!!!”😈😈😈


A woman in a maid outfit ran into a building in speed

Sweat was dripping down her body like a maniac

She ran in speed like someone was chasing her

She got into a particular room and without knocking she ran in speed falling at the feet of someone

Inside the room, a woman was in a massage chair, as Various maidens were on her beck and call

They were all performing magic on her, it was kind of a manicure but with magic

“I hope whatever you have to say Lisa is very important, for you to barge into my special manicure!! “the lady said not sparing at the sweaty lady

“Yes my lady! it is confirmed! lord goldlex is back! “The maiden named Lisa said panting heavily

The lady in shocked stood up like she was been pursed

“What??? ”

“Yes my lady, I even confirmed that he came back with lord crim and a lady!! ”

“Hmm he came back with a lady?? “The woman asked and the maiden nodded

“Yes my lady! he address the council and called her his wife!! “The maiden said as everyone in the room gasp in shock

“His wife??? “SHe asked and Lisa nodded

“Interesting! so my nephew is back after so many centuries and he is with a woman?? ”

“Yes my lady! ”

“This should be interesting!! “The woman said smirking evilly


Presently, I,goldlex and crim was in a deep cave staring at a very old woman with grey hair

The woman eyes were cold as she stared at us

“Serena! “Goldlex addressed her coldly

“Lord goldlex!!”She replied coldly

“Mum! “Crim called and I gasp I. shock

“Crim” She replied coldly not looking at him

So the woman was his mum
Why was he acting so formal with her

“Serena we meet ur help! “Goldlex said and she smirk

Surprisingly for an old woman, I expected a rotten teeth, but her sparkles clean

“Don’t judge all women by what you have seen or heard! “The serena woman said making me gasp

“Ohhh my! can you hear my thoughts? ” I asked and she smiled

“I can hear everyone’s thought except his! “She pointed to goldlex who shrugged

“Like I said, we need ur help! “Goldlex continued

“I can’t help you! “She said still staring at me

Honestly I have no idea what we needed her help for or why we were even here

Goldlex didn’t tell me anything neither did crim
They only said it was for my good

“We need to know the powers she posses! ” Crim said and honestly I still don’t believe Serena is his mum

“Like I said I can’t help you! ”

“Why?? “Goldlex asked and she shrugged

“I don’t deal with people beyond my knowledge! “She answered simply

“What do you mean beyond ur knowledge? u and I know no one is beyond ur knowledge “Goldlex asked again

She turned to him as if studying him

“Nothing I can say, but what I advise you is, she is way more powerful than you goldlex, way more powerful than thousands of gods joined together! “The woman said and my eyes widened

What was she talking about ??

“Hmm, since you can’t help, thanks then! “Goldlex said and stood up and I immediately followed him

“She needs help with her training! I suggest you enrol her into the magical school here in zoan,let the teachers train her! “Senera said and goldlex nodded

Crim look at goldlex and as of communicating with each other

Goldlex held my hand and we both reappeared in his master bedroom

“Woah !! What of Crim?”I asked and he smirk sitting on the bed and I joined in

“He wanted to stay and talk to his mum,am sure u noticed their relationship aren’t a good one! “Goldlex said and I nodded

Silence fell between us for a while

“Do you want to go to high school here in zona?”He asked and I stared at him in shock

Do I want to go to another high school???

Filled with people I barely know and people am sure would hate me because of my skin color???

What do you guys suggest???


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