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His mistress episode 1


His mistress??
Episode 1
I ran quickly and squatt beside my mum who was sitting down on the floor in our one-room crying profusely
“Mum wat is it…why are u crying” I asked already scared
“Jade am sorry that I have disappointed u,all that u have ever dreamt off will not be a reality,am so sorry” she said admist tears
“But mum wat happened I don’t understand” I asked
“I was sacked at my work place today” she said and I gave a curious look
“But u can always get a new job elsewhere” I said
“U don’t understand jade,a million naira was missing in the manager’s office today and I was the last person that entered the office since am the cleaner and now the money is missing”she said still in tears
” so wat will happen now mum,were…were u accused of stealing”I asked in fear and she nodded while I fell down in shock
“So wat will happen now mum” I asked after I have regained from the shock a little
“The manager did not not believe I stole the money,she told me that it was a setup and she sent message to the head office that she will investigate the case and find the real culprit but during that period I will stay in the boss house and work as a maid instead of the police station” she explained
“So wat will happen if the thief is not found soon” I asked
“We might stay there and work for the rest of our lives” she said broke into fresh tears while I hugged her
“Mum everything is going to be alryt,we should just have faith in God” I said while some tears dropped from my eye
The next day,we packed all our belongings except for the furnitures and we left for the boss house
Wow!!!! I gasped,is this a palace or a house I muttered when we got to the gate of the house
“It is really magnificent” my mum said
“Yes mum and so beautiful, I can’t believe we will live in this house for some time,though am a little sad but it is like a blessing in disguise” I said and smiled
“Don’t be carried away by all this riches ok,coz we are staying for but only a while” my mum said and I nodded
I knocked on the gate….the most beautiful gate in the estate and a security man,dressed in a neat and well ironed uniform which was meant for guards can out
“Who are u” he asked in a fluent English,u can hardly see a security man who spoke good English
“Am jade and…..”
“Don’t worry the madam is expecting u” he said and opened the gate for us and we entered and saw the real deal,woaw!!!!!
“Mum are u Sure we are in the right house” I asked and she nodded, the manager gave me the address herself”she said and I nodded and we walked to yhe entrance and saw a maid that led us into the living room…this house just keep surprising me,it speaks money…the floor was marble, the wall gold and the chandelier,I looked and quick looked down coz it was gleaming
“Jade” my mum muttered a little with a trembling voice and I turned to see the woman that made her to tremble,a gorgeous woman maybe in her thirties,dressed in an expensive gold armless gown that flowed down to the floor and her hair was gorgeous, u might think it is weaveon but if u look closely u will find out that is is her hair and her neck was just the place all the different type of jewleries were made for and the one that was in her neck make her look like a queen and her eye was a sky blue, but was spitting anger and fire
I wonder who she is coz,she showed this kind of authority that is annoying and fearful
“Are u deaf or daft?”her voice ringed through the room

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