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His Mistress episode 8 – 9


His mistress??
Episode 8
4months later
I went back to rest under the bridge because I was so tired from Hawking pute water which was my new source of livelihood, I stared at my protruding stomach,nobody agreed to allow a pregnant young girl to work for them so I resorted to selling purewater….come on sweeties let’s go and get something to eat,I called them sweeties because they were two lives growing in me,the last time I went for scan,the doctor confirmed two babies in me,two boys,I was so happy I can’t wait for jerry to come back even if he doesn’t find me In his house I know he will look for me
Jerry’s mum POV
“Wat do u mean” I asked my private investigator in anger
“That stupid girl hasn’t died yet?” I asked
“Yes ma’am she is currently living under a bridge in one of the markets,she seems to be suffering but she is not showing any sign of dying” lex explained
“Then wat are u waiting for, kill her!!” She fired
“Okay if it is wat u want” lex said and left the study
I sighed in anger and stared at my phone they has been ringing and picked it without looking at the caller ID
“Who d hell is this?I said
” it is your son mum and y do u sound so angry? “Jerry asked
” it is nothing, it was one of those maid”I lied
“So how are u doing there in London?” I asked
“Fine,mum wat of jade is she in the house?” He asked and I rolled my eyes in anger, he hasn’t forgotten her
“No,she left already” I said
“Y?when?where to?” He asked,I could sense agitation in his voice
“I don’t know,she just left with her mum one morning and never came back again” I lied and I could hear my son sigh
“Son? Are u there?” I asked when he didn’t reply
“Yes…yes mum,I will hang up now” he said and hung up and I stared at the phone angrily, he hung up on me because of that stupid girl…. I don’t need to worry about a again because this is the last night she will live and her stupid baby
Jerry’s POV
Mum was so indifferent while I was speaking to her,she even told me of jade’s whereabout without insulting her first, I walked to and fro in my new office in London thinking why mum attitude was like DAT ,since I was the acting CEO,my late dad office was mine now and was guarded by my uncle who was my assistant to run the company
“Jerry are u ready for the board’s meeting” my uncle voice cut through my thought from the entrance
“Yes… Yes” I said and followed him out of the room

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Episode 9
Jade’s POV
It really hurt,I groaned as I sat down under the bridge to sleep it was past midnight already and the others who sleep under the bridge were trooping one by one each going to their shade to sleep,good night sweeties I whispered to my babies and lay down to sleep
“Pls go!!!!,don’t look back,don’t save me plss!!!”the voice was too loud and I woke up and found out it was a bad dream while I was trying to regain my breath I heard another frightened voice and I turned and saw a girl struggling with a man who held a knife
” pls run!!!”the girl was staring at me pleadingly while I gasped and stood up not knowing wat to do while she continued begging and the man pushed her away and was running towards me but the girl held his leg still looking at me and I started running without looking back until I entered a deserted street and I stopper to catch my breath,buy started running away when I heard some footstep while looking back continuously and when I turned to look front a bus almost hit me if he didn’t press the brake fast and I quick went to meet the driver while breathing fast
“Pls help me someone is after my life,plss” I cried and he came down and opened the passenger sit and I entered quickly and he drove off and when we got to a point in front of a house he stopped the Hus and turned to me,he was a young man in his thirties and handsome in a way
“Miss who are u and who was pursuing you?” He asked
“Am jade and……” I narrated all that happened from the day my mum was framed to my narrow escape from my predator I don’t need to hide anything again since he is my new saviour
“So pitiful” he said
“Ok I will take u to my house and Introduce u to my wife and maybe u will stay with us until u are goof to go” he said while I smiled
“Thank u sir,am so grateful” I thanked and he just smiled
“This Is where I live” he pointed to the compound and we got down and entered the compound,different rooms form a circle in the middle,it is more like a face me I slap u house,he led me to one of this rooms and we met a woman,maybe his wife but too ugly to be his wife…..she is slightly short with a sphere shaped face and she has this face that scare u at first sight without her frowning
“This is the room and parlour I and my wife share”Emma said,he told me his name while we were coming and his wife turned coz she was facing the other side and stood up like a beast whose kid has been stolen
” so she is the b—h!!!!”she fired without allowing Emma to greet her when he opened his mouth to
“Wat b—h?” Emma asked
“Don’t u play dumb Emmanuel,she is the reason why u come home late everyday and now she is pregnant with ur child abi? And u think this house can contain the both of us?” She asked sarcastically
“Kate don’t be silly she isn’t my mistress, I…..”Emma was about to talk but she cut his short
” I don’t need ur stupid explanation,all I know is that,this b—h should not stay here till the next morning or else”she fired and went inside the inner room,all the while I my head was bowed because I didn’t know wat to do to help because Emma looks confused too
“I guess I am causing nuisance I will leave first thing tomorrow morning” I said
“No u are not leaving ok,don’t worry I will talk to her,just stay here and make yourself comfortable” he said and went inside too while I sat down on one of the sofa feeling uneasy…

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