His Sweet Addiction

His sweet addiction episode 3 – 4

Romance of a lifetime

{ Lovesick for you….}


THEME ; Romance Of A Lifetime.

Gbemi Writes

✰ Her Mistake ✰

“What’s wrong? Why aren’t you saying a thing?” Michelle ask down the line.

“I think– am in a huge trouble ” Tahlia replied starring back at Romeo Rocchi.


“Huge trouble? Is Romeo Rocchi there already?” Michelle voice came down the line jolting Tahlia back to the present.

“He is” she said starring at Romeo who kept watching her closely.

“Close the door” Michelle ordered and immediately she shut the door on his face, resting her back against it.

“What am I going to do? Am the first girl he saw” Tahlia said in agitation while Michelle told her to keep it cool.

“Take it easy. We can’t really tell that you are the first girl Romeo Rocchi has seen today, so let’s not jump to conclusion” Michelle said easing a little of her worry.

“So you are going to open the door and you are going to let him in. If it turns out that the spell has work on him, then obviously you will see the sign” Michelle said.

“Are you sure about this? Should I let him in?” Tahlia asked feeling a bit unsure.

“If we want to be certain about this, then you’ve got to do it” Michelle told her and after promising to be in touch, they ended the call.

Drawing in a deep breath, Tahlia opened the door hoping for a moment that Romeo wouldn’t be there but she ended up getting disappointed.

“Good morning, how may I help you” she said trying to be cheerful.

“The reason why you shut the door on my face isn’t because you think me to be a hoodlum who came to kidnap you in the wee hours of the morning, right ?” Romeo asked slowly.

“I won’t deny that I did thought that since I have no idea who you are and what you are doing here early in the morning ” She lied through her teeth.

“Am surprised that you have no idea who I am? Haven’t your sister ever mentioned me before?” He asked.

Oh, she did. She did talk about how you broke her heart, you jerk…Tahlia thought before replying coolly.

“If she did, I would have remember. If you are here looking for her then it’s best that you–”

“Romeo, what are you doing here?” A surprised Stephanie called behind them and she watch as a smile lit Romeo’s face on her sister arrival.

He had been frowning while talking to her but a smile had appeared on seeing Stephanie. Could the spell have work after all, she thought as her sister pulled Romeo into the house.

“Your sister was just about to tell me where you went off to when you arrived” he said starring at her, that frown appearing on his face again.

“Well am on the night shift now and I doubt if you two have met each other. Romeo this is Tahlia, my sister and this is Romeo” Stephanie introduce and Tahlia wondered why she didn’t mention Romeo as her boyfriend.

“I will leave you both to talk, am in my room if you need me” Tahlia said before dashing off to the bed room.

As soon as Tahlia got to her room, she couldn’t relax cause she kept thinking about Romeo.

If the spell had work then she would have seen a little bit of sign in him but he had been frowning at her like he disapprove of her, Tahlia thought.

She picked up her phone to call Michelle but ended up changing her mind, so she move towards the door and quietly got out of the room so she sneak up on them.

They were both seated on the same sofa and Romeo had his arms around Stephanie who was crying.

“You should be happy, why the tears?” She heard Romeo ask.

“Don’t get me wrong Romeo. Am very happy, this are tears of joy” Stephanie replied while Romeo cradled her more closely.

As quietly as she could, she went back into the room thinking of the scene she just witnessed.

The spell certainly work cause Romeo is now back with her sister, she thought as she felt a huge relief.

Moving towards the window, she stood starring at the morning sky, glad about the fact that the love spell had work when she felt someone watching her.

Her gaze move from the morning sky only to collide with Romeo.

He was standing beside his car watching her in a strange way. Feeling uneasy about his stare, she quickly move away from the window.


“Don’t worry Michelle, I will let you know every little detail, have got to go now” Tahlia said into the reciever before ending the call.

A smile lit her face and immediately she ran as fast as she could into the waiting arms of a man who as soon as she got into his arms, spun her around till she began to feel dizzy.

“Have missed you so much” she said in excitement while Louis let her down.

“Same here, my love” Louis replied before claiming her lips.

“Common, I reserved a seat for us. We have a lot to catch up–”

“I think that will have to be later, perhaps tonight” Louis said.


“Remember the company bid I told you about?” Louis asked and she nodded in return.

“Well, after weeks spent in court trying to win it. We finally did and so the company is holding a party for it tonight and have got to be there. If my flight hadn’t been delayed, we would have been able to spend the afternoon together. Right now have got to get home and get ready for the party which will be taking place in an hour from now” Louis said which got her frowning a little.

She knew what she was getting into when she chose to date Louis, a successful lawyer and one of the best in the field.

She had fallen in love with him on sight and had chased him till he couldn’t resist her charm even though she had been a high school senior then.

Though he’s been away frequently for business over the one year they’ve been dating, their love have manage to scale through which is why she have no problem with him attending a party tonight instead of spending it with her.

“Hope you aren’t angry?” Louis asked which got her laughing.

“Of course not. I understand that your work comes first and I–” she stopped talking when he gave her a kiss.

“You come first and that’s how much you mean to me. The party tonight isn’t for me alone, it’s for you too” Louis said confusing her for a while.

“You will be accompanying me to the party and no excuse. I want you there with me tonight, come with me” Louis urge and she had no choice but to accept.

As soon as Tahlia got home, she rushed into the room heading straight to the kitchen to pour herself a glass of water.

“Sis!” She called in excitement ” Am going out for a party tonight. Louis is back and he wants me to accompany him and so I was wondering if you could borrow me that sexy red dress of– Arrgh!” She let out a scream when she saw Romeo seated on the couch while going through Stephanie’s favourite magazine.

“What are you doing here?” She asked.

“Waiting for Stephanie” he replied as he got off the couch, walking towards her.

“So, you are going to a party tonight?” He asked.

“I am and I think it rude of you to listen in on people’s conversation ” she let out in annoyance.

“Well you were quite loud enough for everyone to hear you. You can’t blame me for listening” he replied coolly.

Choosing to ignore, she made to walk past him but he obstruct her path.

“Who is Louis?” He demanded rather than ask.

“My boyfriend though it’s none of your business” she replied frostily and made to walk past him again but she trip which got him holding her by the waist to steady her.

This got her in close contact with him and she kept starring at him while he did the same.

“I love the colour of your eyes” he said softly and that got her pulling away from him.

“Gosh! Am sorry I took long. I heard you mentioning the red dress, you can wear it” Stephanie said to Tahlia before taking hold of Romeo’s hand.

“See you later” Stephanie said while Tahlia watch them both leave.


“Wow, Its so huge” Tahlia said as she got out of Louis car all dressed in the red dress for the party.

“It belongs to my boss and since he’s the one throwing the party, he decided to have it in his own home” Louis told her.

“I wonder what it will look like from the inside” Tahlia said having a thing for interior design.

“Then we might as well check it out” Louis replied and as they were mounting the stairs, he got a call which got him telling Tahlia to head in and that he will join her soon.

As soon as Tahlia walk into the house, she couldn’t help but to notice how beautiful it was.

She was still starring around her when she got a message from Louis telling her that he has to attend to something important and will not be able to join her and that she should stick around a while longer before leaving.

Saddened by this sudden info, she made to leave only to see Romeo walk in.

Why is he here? She thought as she turned away not wanting to be seen by him when she collide into a passing waiter whose drink spill on someone dress.

“You’ve ruined my dress! Are you crazy!” The lady yelled at the poor waiter and knowing it was her fault, Tahlia quickly intervene.

“It’s my fault. If I hadn’t collide into him, It would never–” Tahlia didn’t get to complete her word when the lady slapped her face.

“How dare you both! Who do you think I am for you to do this to me?” The lady shriek out while starring at her dress.

“Judging by the dress you are wearing, I can tell how cheap you are. Who even let you in to the party? I am sure that you snuck in like a rat just to–”

“I invited her” came a cool reply from behind.

Tahlia turned only to see Romeo walking towards them. Great, she had been trying to avoid him only to end up like this.

“Romeo” the lady called looking like someone who just committed a hideous crime.

“The dress you mentioned isn’t cheap, rather it is a sexy dress which happens to be enchanting on her and also Tahlia here is a great guest of mine, I won’t have anyone treating her like she’s a nobody” Romeo said which got everyone starring at her with curiosity.

“Apologise” Romeo said softly and that got Tahlia trying to protest but he ignored it.

“The slap wasn’t necessary. If you don’t want to lose your job right this instant, apologise” Romeo stated and immediately, the lady did as he said.

Romeo took hold of her hand and made to leave but she trip on her heels. Turning back to her, he scoop her into his arms overiding her protest and straight into a room.

Where he made her seat on the sofa before taking hold of her leg to check out the broken heel.

“I can do it myself” she protested forcefully this time and he allowed it.

“Where the hell is this perfect boyfriend of yours? Shouldn’t he be here when you need him?” Romeo angry question got her starring at him.

“He had something important to do”

“More important than you?”

“Look! Am grateful for you helping me but that doesn’t mean you have the right to talk bad about my boyfriend and you have no right to meddle in my affair” she said hotly.

“Really? Why do you think that?” He asked in return.

“You dating my sister doesn’t mean that you can tell me what to do with my life” she replied tautly.

“Dating your sister? You think am dating Stephanie?” He asked.

“I can’t believe this! How dare you deny it when it’s obvious that you are dating her?”

“Tahlia, I think you are mis–”

“Save it, I have no intention of listening and I will pretend I didn’t hear you say that cause Stephanie would be heartbroken again if she knew, goodbye!” She said as she got out of the room and away from the party.

“You are back early. How did the party go?” Stephanie asked when Tahlia walk in.

“Great. Though I wonder why your boyfriend keep sticking his nose in my problem” Tahlia said slowly.

“Did Ken go to the party too?” Stephanie asked.

“Who the hell is Ken, I was referring to Romeo” Tahlia said and that got Stephanie laughing.

“You’ve got it all wrong. Am not dating Romeo, am dating Ken who is Romeo’s cousin” Stephanie revealed making Tahlia lost for a while.

“But I thought Romeo was the guy you are dating and besides, you’ve been going out with him through the whole of today and you were also crying in his arms” Tahlia said quickly.

“Well that’s because Romeo helped me to get back with Ken and the reason for going around with him was because he asked me for a favour in return” Stephanie said.

“What favour?”

“Turns out Romeo is in love with you and he wants me to help him win your heart which I agreed to ” Stephanie replied.


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