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Home Alone With My Adopted stepsister


Home Alone With My Adopted Step Sister Episode 1

No no no no I can’t share this house with anyone I said angrily
Come on Alex you need someone to keep you company mom said and look at dad
Yes son you need a sibling dad added
No I don’t need anyone and old enough to take care of myself I scream
OK that enough am tired of your stupidity Alex it is either you like it or not. we are adopting a child to this house mom said and leave
Dad shake his head and go after her.

I will make that child life miserable I said and went to my room
My phone ring and I pick the call
Me: hey Johnny
Johnny: are you ok
Me: yeah

Johnny: the guys wanna hang out later…..
Me : (cut him short) am in
we are picking you up by five he said and hang up
Fast forward<>>><>>>>>>>

Alexander mom called
They are back with the child I thought and rush downstairs
Yes mom I answered
Meet your new sister Amaya Mom said and I look at the girl beside her
She is very beautiful I look at her with my jaw dropped. This girl is supposed to be my girlfriend not sister . she was not looking at me ,maybe she is shy. How can someone be this cute is she really human.
But mom she is almost my age I finally voice out
Yeah I know she is cute and intelligent that why we adopt her mom said and dad nodded
Amaya baby let me show you to your room mom said and she follow her slowly
Gosh her walking steps is wow she has the body of a model. Is this how cute girl in the orphanage are ? I thought as I look at her until she is out of sight .
Fast forward >>>>>>>>>

You mean a girl of your age is bought home as your sister johnny said laughing
Yes and she is damn beautiful I added
That’s your chance dude James my other friend said
Which chance I asked
To f**k of course Bryan said
You haven’t had a good s3x for good three months James said

And the girl showed up what did you think u will do if I have a beautiful adopted sister johnny said
Have s3x with her James said

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Episode 2

But she is my sister I defend
She not your sister James said
She is adopted he added
Go fu.k her dude johnny said and we toast to it.

Fast forward>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

I was masturbating and almost cumming when someone bang the door.
Oh shit I quickly wear my short and open the door.

Oh hi Mom i asked me to call you she said not looking at me
I drag her in and lock the door, I am almost cumming before you bang on my door I said and she look at me but quickly look away
I smirked and move close to her
Won’t you do something to help I said touching her thigh

She shivered and look at me, what do you want me to do she flirt and rapped her hand around my neck

Her hand move down to my d**kson and she rub it slowly. My d**kson react to her touch.

You are too cute to resist handsome she whispers and kiss my neck. I was so shocked i just let her continue,am already hard but am trying to resist.

Mom want you in the living room she whispers and leave

Shit I look at my hard d**kson , I need a bigger short I thought


So Mom you are leaving me and Amaya alone in the house I asked unable to believe my ears

Yes sweetheart I need to attend your grandma funeral and me and your dad will also be attending to some business in London she said and I feel like jumping in excitement.

We will be taking your mom’s private jet Dad said and I nodded
Look after your sister sweetheart Mom said and kiss my cheek
We help mom and dad pack somethings and they leave .

Home alone with Amaya will be crazy I thought

We went back to the living room and Amaya immediately switch on the TV . not so fast I said and snatched the remote control from her

You are finishing what you stated she smirked and kiss almost immediately
I will sure make you moan my name I whisper and ripped off her top

Episode 3

She remove my shirt and threw it to Gods knows where.

Amaya’s pov
He is handsome and sweet who won’t want to get him wrapped around their fingers

He remove my bun short and his finger finds it way to my pu..y . he fingered me slowly and I moan loudly.he slowly added the other finger. I moan out his name, he thrust in and out of me , goshhh Alex don’t stop i moan and he smirked

He remove his finger and take over my lips he was already hard. I remove his short and his hard long d**kson make me gasped. He open my legs and enter roughly

Ahh he groans as he move in and out of me in an aggressive manner .

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God Alex you are hurting me I said trying to push him away . the pain is to much , he turns deaf ears as he bang me more harder . I was in so much pain but the more I try to push him off the more he bang harder.

Please Alex am in pains I begged but he did not stop

Alex’s POV
After turning me on she is begging me to stop . am not stopping until I reached climax. Alex please she keeps begging and I increase tempo

Ahhhhhhhh I groan and cum on her face.
I left her in the living room crying in pain. I went to my room and freshen up.

James called came in and I pick up immediately .

We are going clubbing man are you in James asked

Count me in I said and he chuckled
Have you f..k her he asked

I just finish banging the hell out of her I said and I could her laughter from the background
Are the guys with you I asked
Yeah he said

Alex better be careful remember what happen to the last girl you f..k he advised
Yeah I know but don’t worry I got easy on her I said and he hang up

Fast forward>>>>

Clubbing with the guys is fun and am already drunk

I staggered to my car and drive home
Am home I shouted and sit on the couch
Amaya come down stairs she was walking slowly I smile in satisfaction knowing that she was walking that way because of me .

How is that thing in between you legs I asked smirking

Not OK she said frowning
Why are you coming back by this time she asked innocently
I went clubbing and am back for you I said giggling

Let’s continue what we started she said and I smirked

Are you sure you can handle me I asked and she nodded

Come here I said and she smirked
Payback time she said and two guys came out of no where

See Alex this guys here are gays and they have not enjoy them selves for a very long time , they look hungry and they are ready for you she said and signal the guys

My drunk state immediately left me as I blink my eyes trying to think straight.

Take him to the room by the left he is all your she said and walk away

Episode 4

Immediately Amaya left I started bargaining . how much did she pay you I will triple the cash I said but they turn deaf ears

The blonde guy carry me on his shoulder while the other guy follow behind
They give me a blow job which was very good and I c#m trice. They make me fu.k their ass which I did .but everything change when they both fu.k mine the only thing I do is to bagged and cry.

They left and I drag myself to my room. I collapse in my bed and call James but it went straight to voicemail. I dropped the phone and slept off.

Amaya pov
I laugh as I watch the video of how Alex begged and cry. His friends are already getting their treatment.

Am not some kind of whore that he will roughly fu.k and leave in pain. I took the drugs I bought for the pain and slept off.
Two weeks later

Am now healed but today am very horny and in need of good s.x which only Alex can give me. I put on my transparent nightie and went to his room .

The door was slightly open and I entered not bother to knock. I saw him masturbating.I can see you are ok i said and he frown

Why are you doing that when you have me I asked and kiss him
He removed my nightie and inserted three fingers into my pu..sy . ahhhhhh i moan as he move in and out. He removed his fingers and slowly inserted his d*”kson
I moan loudly and he smirked
I will go easy am scared of torture he whisper and I giggle
He thrust in and out slowly but later increase tempo. I was moaning loudly, my body became hot and I started shaking
Ohhhhhhh mahhhh godddd am about to cum I moan as I cum
Ahhhh he groan and c#m on top of my pu##y

Alex pov
I look at Amaya as she sleep peaceful.
I put a call across Johnny and he pick at first ring

Hey man am just about to call we are meeting tomorrow in the usual he said
Ok I reply and he hang up
Amaya send three p*rnstar to Johnny and two gays to James.

I look at her and smile what have you done to me with your beauty I asked no one. I touch her lips and kiss it lightly before cuddling her.



some months later>>>>>>>>>>>

Mom and dad are back but they are both acting weird.
Mom keep asking me if I have feelings for Amaya but I denied
I already think about everything and I found myself falling in love with her. It crazy I got attached to her. I don’t club anymore and no girl attract me like her.
At first I taught that having s.x with another girl will help but it only increased

Amaya pov

Mom is asking me about my s.x with Alex she wants the full detail.
Mom that’s a personal question I said and she frown
Come on you and Alex are getting engage soon mom said and I shake me head.

Alex does not want me I said

No my dear Alex love you and I know that you are the perfect match for him she said and I smile

I try to decline but my phone interrupt me .

Mom check the caller and giggle

It is Alex she whisper and picked the call for me

Hey I said
Hi babe are you less busy he asked
Babe!!!!! Did I hear him well or it’s just my thought.

Are you their he asked snapping me out of my thought

No I won’t less busy I replied

OK go and get dress am taking you out here said

Huh!!! You are taking me out I asked

Yes I will be their in the next twenty minutes.

Mom was grinning from ear to 👂.

Come on go and shower mom said immediately I hang up

Mom I need some privacy I said and she chuckle

I will get you what to wear she said and leave

Twenty minutes later>>>>>

This restaurant is really big I said looking around.
Fast forward>>>>>>
We talk about a lot of things and he went on his knees looking straight to my eyes

Babe I know that this is so sudden but I can’t wait any longer the feeling I have for you is killing me slowly, I know you are surprised but my heart beats for you from the very first day I set my eyes on you. I taught it was lust but after everything i still feel the same. He said and asked the question
Amaya will you marry me he asked
Yes yes I said and he stood up and kiss me.

Don’t worry about Mom and Dad i will explain to them

Alex POV
I was very happy I look at Amaya as I open the door for her. We hold each other hands and entered the living room.
We are very happy on your engagement Mom and Dad chorus and I look shocked

Wait mom how do you know about it I asked
It is all over the news my son mom said smiling happily
Amaya hear is not the child we are adopting dad drop the bomb
Then who is she I asked
She is the daughter of your Dad old friend mom answered
The day we are to adopt the child we almost run over a girl with my car. She fainted due to shock and your mom and I take her to the nearest hospital and her dad show up immediately . Due to some of her good behavior and intelligence we brought her home as our daughter- in – law Dad explained and I look at Amaya

Dad, Mom you guys know everything I asked still trying to recover from the shock

Yes! Including how those gays teach you a very good lesson they chorus
Everything is settle our marriage is in two weeks time , all thanks to mom
She want the wedding to take place earlier so that I can take over the company.
I was in my bedroom with my fiancee. She was cuddling me , honey and hot I said and she giggle
That we be after our wedding she said and I frown
But I want you now I protest

Amaya pov

Alex is really strong headed we are still arguing on my decision on not to have s.x until after our wedding when we heard Dad voice.
We are watching you guys Dad said and we both freeze
Dad put CCTV camera around the house that’s how they know everything that happens when they are away.

Alex have been sweet for the past few weeks. He is the best boyfriend any girl would asked for.

Wedding night
Time to have what I have been waiting for Alex said and his lips find it way to mine .

Alex and Amaya live happily ever after . Amaya took in some months later and give birth to twin a boy and a girl. Alex name them sim 1 and sim 2 😂😂 just kidding some should name the twins abeg 🙏🙏🙏


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