Honey Moon

Honey Moon – Episode 3

Honey Moon – Episode 3

A tall pretty lady in her late twenties walked into the restaurant. She was such a beautiful figure to behold that those who were in the restaurant couldn’t help but stare. She was dressed in a smart black gown with silver shoes and bag to match, her chocolate skin glittered. She walked straight to where the couple were seated.
Dayo who was still on his feet was the first to speak up. “What the hell are you doing here?”
She smiled at him revealing a perfect set of white teeth, then frowned almost immediately. She clapped her hands together thrice and replied “Heheeeheee! Wetin my eyes no go see for in,side this world?” Foluke looked up sharply, more surprised about the lady’s use of ‘Pidgin English’ than the curiosity of who she was.
. “The lady looked too beautiful than what she’s vomiting”, Foluke thought then spoke up.
“Sweetheart, who is she?”
“Stay out of this Foluke”, Dayo replied calmly.
“Faith, I said what are you doing here? Dayo demanded.
“Eeenhenh? I heard that you were getting married but ‘I talk say na lie’. I doubted it Dayo, so I travelled all the way down to confirm and it is so
. ‘So you think say you fit dump me like that? E no go dey easy o my Bobo.’ I am not a trash Dayo, that thing you called wedding that was held yesterday, ‘na yeye one be that. Na now-now the real wedding go take place!’
“Between who and who?” Dayo interrupted her.
“Me and you of course’, Faith answered still fuming with anger.
“So, I am not the culprit here after all”, Foluke thought in her mind, “but who is this lady?”
Dayo’s voice interrupted her thoughts, “will you get out of here this minute or I shall call the security”, Dayo shouted.
“Call security for who?” Faith retorted. “After you have used me, you think you can dump me for this Idiot?
Foluke rose to her feet immediately and addressed Faith. “Listen young woman, I can’t stay here and have you insult me and my husband okay? Whatever transpired between you two was in the past, so please leave this minute.”
“And who do you think you are to be the Judge in this case?” Faith shouted. “Good question!” Foluke replied confidently, I am his lawfully wedded wife”, she showed Faith her wedding ring.
“Will you both stop this madness?” Dayo pleaded
“Oh! Don’t be silly, Faith replied ignoring Dayo. “You want to settle down with this cheat, this liar?”
“Yea! Because I married him for better, for worse!” Foluke answered positively.
“I can bet it with you, you can never enjoy your marriage with him, he belongs to me alone”, Faith emphasized.
“I reject it in Jesus name! My marriage will be blissful.” Foluke declared. “You are the one that will go back to hell where you belong, you daughter of Jezebel!
‘Paaaah!’ Faith landed a resounding slap on her face. ‘You dey craze. You think I am here to joke?’
Foluke cried out in pain, fresh tears running down her cheeks. “What is this Oh God! Barely 24 hours in my marriage?” She whimpered.
The restaurant workers came closer to intervene, one of them quickly dialed the number of the security while the rest awaited the reaction of the groom…
Poor Foluke, what do you advise her to do? If you were in her  shoes, what will you do?


“Did you just slap my bride?” Dayo thundered.
. “Yes I did and I will do it again” Faith retorted, not bothered about the damage she just caused for the new couple. A lot of things went through Dayo’s mind at the same time. He shut his eyes tight in a bid to bottle up the anger that was rushing through the wh0le of his being
. He threw both hands on his head and stamped his foot at the same time in an aggressive manner. He opened his eyes in a flash and turned sharply to Faith “now you have done your worst, leave this minute and never return to my life again, I regret the day I met you”, he roared.
“Sho? Na so e easy?” Faith replied non nonchalantly and sank into the seat next to her. She crossed her legs, flinged a few strands of the braids across her face to the back of her head, not feeling a bit concerned about what Dayo just said.
Foluke stood up, still holding on to her cheek, refusing to believe that what just happened was not a dream. Slowly, she moved away from the scene, and walked towards the elevator. She has no strength to climb the stairs at the moment. Too many things happened to her just at once
. The shock was too much for her to bear, she felt dizzy, her inner strength failed her, she wished she never got married in the first place and wondered who placed a curse on her on her wedding day…
Dayo leapt after her as she moved away, she saw him coming from the corner of her eyes. Dayo approached her and held her hand, “I am sorry Foluke, you can put the blame on me okay, are you alright? He pleaded.
“Get out of my sight” Foluke said in a soft whisper, snatching her hand from him, “I have had enough”, she responded trying to suppress the tears welling up again but she couldn’t, they flowed freely.
This time, Dayo was the one who felt so sorry. He felt as if a sledge hammer had been used to shatter his heart to pieces. His bride doesn’t really deserve this kind of embarrasment . Foluke exited the ground floor through the elevator. Dayo stood for some seconds not decided about what to do first- whether to console his bride or deal with the idiot in the restaurant. He went for the latter option; turning sharply, he approached the restaurant in fury, he needed to get rid of the trash he brought into his life with his own hands.
“Faith!” He shouted at the loath-some figure before him, “what have I done to deserve this great wickedness of yours? Is it a crime to be your friend in the first place? Must you be the one I will marry? You must be from the pit of hell like my wife rightly said and I will never forgive you for this.”
“Hold on sweet, calm your nerves, has she gone to pack her loads?” Faith asked expectantly. “You must be mad!” Dayo replied with so much hatred in his voice. “So that was your mission afterall?” To frustrate my wife to leave? You lie! It is obvious that you are sent from the devil himself, I rebuke you.”
Faith stood and walked up to Dayo where he was standing, she whispered into his right ear in a sed-ctive manner: “Sweet heart, even if you will not marry me, I won’t allow that lady to stay married to you too. It’s either me or no one else! What happened between us that night is what I will never forget and I will never let go of you as long as I breathe…”
“Then you should cease to breathe you demon! ” Dayo interrupted her angrily.
“Hahahaha!” Faith laughed and added, “your wish won’t come through my King, just marry me and you will have peace.”
Just then, the security men entered. Dayo quickly beckoned to them to get rid of Faith. She struggled with the men but in a jiffy, she was bundled out of the hotel. “I shall be back Dayo!” She scre-med over her shoulders, “I promise.”
“May I never set my eyes on you again”, he cursed under his breath.
He turned slowly and headed towards the stairs to face the wrath of his wife..

To be continued

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