Hotel Palava

Hotel Palava – Episode 37


Hotel Palava – Episode 37

Henry’s POV
I received a call from Deji after a board meeting. He called to find out if I was at the hotel. “Wait, are you in Lagos”
“I just flew in from Ekiti,”
“I thought you were coming during the holidays” “I just wanted to check something out”
“Lilian?” I asked and there was a brief silence.
“I’m at the hotel sha” I answered, “See you there” he added then hung up.

Lilian knocked and walked in, she wanted to know why Adesuwa didn’t show up for work and I told her best friend wasn’t feeling too well.
I permitted her to meet Adesuwa at home since she would be in need of her best friend’s company.

Deji came in with dark shades on. “It not sunny in here” I snapped playfully at him and he laughed taking the glasses off.
“Hey Henry” he answered and I frowned at him.
“Mehn I’m still mad at you”
“I’ve apologized a thousand times”
“I’m not the one you should apologize to, it’s Lilian

. Have you even called her since you left?”
“Where is she?”
“She left already”
“She left?”
“Adesuwa isn’t feeling too well, she went to see her best friend” I answered and he raised his brow. I didn’t know why he did.
“How is that going? Your relationship with Adesuwa” He specified and I smiled.
“It’s been fine”
“How do you cope with the whole attention, family and friends…..” He asked and I laughed

. He probably was wondering how I cope with family tensions and conflicting opinions about me dating Adesuwa.”
“It hasn’t been easy” I confessed but I don’t care about what others think. What matters is my love for Adesuwa.” I answered and I watched him sigh, he was a bit disturbed.
“If you like Lilian”
“Henry you know me now, you know how I’ll always insult friends who end up getting married to people that are…”
“Everyone would be waiting for me to be with a girl with a good job, good sense of fashion”
“In order words you’re ”
“I’m scared! I’m scared of how people would view me, they’ll mock me. I won’t take long in Lagos, I just came back to see her, I’ll be gone before you know it”
“For what exactly? If you’re here to reconcile, fine but if it’s just to see her, I think you should just leave. You don’t want to hurt her again.”
“I’ve been having nightmares about her, I’m talking really messed up nightmares and Mom with her superstition has managed to get to me. I just have to see her”
“Whatever you say man, I’m just saying, the moment you take time to think of what you want for yourself than what people think of you, things would work out more smoothly, take it from me. It all matters what the heart wants.”



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was still ill when I got back home. It had become more serious. I suggested we went to the hospital but she declined, she said she’ll be fine before the next morning. I just had to let it be.
I couldn’t go to work the next day, I was scared to leave the house for a minute. “I can stay home and watch over you”
“You shouldn’t” she declined and I wondered why she was being stubborn.
“I’ll call Lilian to come take care of you, what if I call your cousin Ivie?” I asked and she shook her head. “I’ll be fine dear” she repliedly weakly.
“Are you sure?” I asked, “You’re scaring me”
“I’ll be fine, ” she answered and I kissed her on the lips.
“Bye dear” i added leaving the room then I knocked and i walked into mom’s room.
She was in her night gown. “Aren’t you going to work?” I asked and she shook her head. “I’m mad at your idiot of a father so I won’t go to work. I’m on strike”
“You don’t that with or without you, the company moves on?” I asked and mom glared at me.
“What’s your point? That I’m going on a fruitless strike” she asked and I smiled.
“What right do I have to question your reasons for striking” I asked in a sarky tone.
“Are you mocking me?” She asked and I kept quiet for a while, of course I was making mockery of her response. We both busted into laughter.
I noticed a Bible in her hands. “I never realized you still have one of those” I chipped in and she laughed sarcastically.
“Someone is trying to be funny this morning” she moved close to me, “I’ll just use this Bible to hit your head” she added and I laughed.
“Maybe I should try it, maybe your brains can reset from Adesuwa’s juju” she added and I nodded.
“Oh the charm theory” I added sarcastically and she nodded. I’ve missed this playful side of her.
“I was actually praying to this God, maybe some justice can come out for me after all. I was praying for God to fight against every injustices, for God to kill my enemies beginning with your father” he added and I shook my head.
“I’m waiting for an apologetic response from Theophilus, are you guys even talking to him. He’s been stubborn”
“Have you called him?”
“Over my dead body!” She went high-pitched.
“I’m leaving for work” I added and smiled.
“Have a blessed day son” she placed the Bible over my head. “You can actually open up a church business, it might really work for you” I added and she raised her brow in shock.
“How about I employ you as my prophet?” She asked chasing me with the Bible and I ran out playfully.
“I’ve missed this part of you” I said and she scoffed. “I’ve always been this way”
“You changed. When I got back, you were different, I would really love to see this side of you more often”
“Please help me take care of Adesuwa” I chipped in with all manner of seriousness.
“I know you don’t like her but I want you to help me, I really need your help”
“Take her to the hospital, I’m not a nurse”
“Mom please, help me out”
“Maybe I should try out my healing power on her, she might be my first member” she added and I laughed. That was definitely a yes.
“I’m not making any promises Henry. She makes me itch”
“Thank you Mom”
“I’m not making promises oh” she complained and I kissed her on her cheek. “Thanks” she added and she groaned.
“Please don’t thank me” she added and I walked out.


Babalola’s POV

Henry left me once again with Adesuwa. I stayed indoors reading old novels I’ve read before. I was seriously bored.
I went to the sitting room where I found Adesuwa walking almost lifelessly. “Are you okay?” I asked and she greeted me.
“Are you sure you’re okay”
“You know greeting are meant to be reciprocated ma”
“Are you sure you don’t need to be rushed to the hospital? You look pale” “I’m fine” she answered.
“I’m about to make breakfast” she added sneezing and covering her nose with her palm, she was indirectly asking me if I wanted to eat.
“I don’t want to eat something you’ve sneezed on or anything cooked by you. No thanks” i answered and she walked into the kitchen while I sat In the sitting room tuning the T.V channel to Channels news.

After a while, I heard a thumping sound from the kitchen. I walked in and I found Adesuwa on the floor. I panicked immediately.
“Adesuwa!” I tapped her but there was no response.
“Adesuwa” I called out again and she just laid there unconscious. I became scared. Then I remembered what Henry said.
I called Henry then I carried her to the hospital.


I heard Adesuwa was awake so I went to get her food. I hated being in situations like this.
I walked into the room where she was. She turned me, “What am I doing here?” She asked and I hissed.
“You fainted” I answered.
“I did?”
“Stop asking stupid questions Adesuwa, you fainted and I brought you here.”
“I didn’t want anyone to die on me, someone should not say you died in my son’s house”
“Thank you for bringing me here” she said and I paused, “Don’t thank me” I answered bringing out the food.
“I bought food from the restaurant down stairs, I don’t know how it tastes. I realized you must be hungry” I said placing the food in front of her.
“You were about making breakfast right?”
“I’m not going to eat this, who knows, it might be poisoned” she answered and I moved back feeling insulted.
“Give me back my food” she dragged the food from me. “Imagine the insult, why would I poison your stupid food. If I wanted to kill you I would have done it another way” I answered.
Then I thought of how hungry she might really be. I opened the food then I ate it, “See it’s not poisoned,” I answered giving it back to her.
“I’m sorry” she answered weakly.
“Thank you” she added with a smile then she slowly began to eat the food. I dragged a stool then I sat down.
“I was fine In the morning ”
“Don’t say rubbish Adesuwa, you were looking pale, I’m going to ask again, are you pregnant?”
“For the how many times now? I’m not pregnant. I shirk from taking drugs and my sickness eventually comes up. It’s a normal thing”
“Seriously?” She asked, “That sounds like something I would do before”
“The traffic was mad, I’m sorry I couldn’t get here early” Henry walked in meeting Adesuwa. “Hey babe” he said kissing her on her lips.
“Hey dear”
Then he finally noticed me. “Good afternoon Mom” “Good afternoon dear. Have you seen the work you had to put me through?” I asked and he laughed.
“Thank you Mom, I owe you one” he answered touching Adesuwa’s cheeks. “Are you okay?”
“Thanks to you Ma” she added, “Are you kissing my ass?” I asked and she laughed.
“What did the doctor say?”
“They’re conducting series of test” i stood up, “I better leave you two alone” I added leaving.

Adesuwa’s POV

“I’m about to make breakfast” I said to Mrs Babalola. It was a cue for ‘Are you interested in eating?’ then i sneezed, covering my nose with my palm.
“I don’t want to eat something you’ve sneezed on or anything cooked by you. No thanks” i answered and i walked into the kitchen.
I boiled water for tea then I took two eggs breaking it suddenly I felt woozy, my head was literally spinning. That was the last thing I remembered until I woke up in the a hospital.
I never knew the sickness would result to being very much real.

I was diagnosed with Malaria, the joy on Mrs Babalola’s face when he found out I wasn’t pregnant. I was discharged and taken home with prescriptions from the doctor.
That night I decided to watch a soap opera. “The heat is too much for me” I heard Mrs Babalola complain, then she walked into sitting room.
“Things I go through because of Henry’s girlfriend” she added and I chuckled. I’ve suddenly moved from being a tramp to being Henry’s girlfriend. That had to mean something good.
“What do you guys enjoy in all this soap operas, it’s the same thing”
“It has it lessons”
“Even with a wicked and ruthless mother-in-law, there’s hope for a good future with the man you love”
“Ouch” she answered and I laughed.
“I wasn’t referring to you”
“Yes you weren’t” she answered sarcastically.
“I just came to check if you weren’t dead. Why do I have to worry about you all of the sudden?” She asked, “Maybe you’re begining to like me” I answered and she scoffed.
“Like and worry, they’re two different things. I don’t even care about you, I’m just worried that someone’s child would have to die in my son’s house”
“Sounds like care to me”
“Have you taken your drugs?” She asked and I pointed at the drugs lying there.
“It still sounds as though you care”
“You’re impossible!” She rolled her eyes and I chuckled.
“Thank you very much for your help” I added and she walked away. “You’re welcome” she finally answered.

Deji’s POV
I told Henry I would be coming back to Lagos for the Christmas holiday but I had a change of mind after I personally had the sinking dream. Twice in a week was enough for me to change my mind.
I was sinking in a pool and no one could help me. It was different from what Mom explained. I wasn’t surrounded by girls. There’s was just one person stretching her hands at me; it was Lilian.
When I swam close enough to reach her hands, she dragged her hands back angrily. I was so dissappointed, I drowned.
I woke up arranging my bags. Mom was shocked when I told her I was leaving.
“Why?” She asked, “I’ll finish up somethings in the office before traveling, i have unfinished business in Lagos” i answered and she nodded. “What kind of unfinished business?” She asked and I sighed.
“You won’t understand”
“Try me and see”
“I offended someone and I need to apologise to her before I go mad” I answered and she nodded.
“A woman shea?” She asked and I nodded.
“What did you do?” She asked and I shook my head.
“I’m just being disturbed, I haven’t had a good sleep in a long time. I think I’ve been cursed by her or something”
“I thought you don’t believe in those things” she said and I slapped my forehead.
“How are you sure it’s not by other women”
“Cause I made it clear to other ladies that I was out for the s£x alone,” I zipped my luggage. “I didn’t make it clear to her. I thought I could start up something with her but then the plans changed”
“Did she do anything wrong?” She asked, “She didn’t, I was a jerk to her and I just want to apologise”
“Deji do you like this girl?” She asked and I shrugged. “I’m not sure about my feelings, all I know is that she’s a good person. The sweetest person I’ve ever met”
“Let us see her then I want to see this girl”
I ignored her and I picked up the bag. Only if she knew she has already met her.
“I’ll be back after I’ve dealt with this issue”
“Later mom” I snapped.
The first day I got to Lagos, Lilian wasn’t at the hotel. I called her later in the evening but she refused picking up my calls.
I didn’t stop calling.
She finally picked up my call the next morning. “Thank God!” I sighed, “You haven’t called for weeks and now you decide to disturb me with calls overnight. Are you okay?”
“Can we meet?” I asked, “I really want to see you”
“Why? Why now? I told you already, I don’t want anything to do with you” “I won’t stop disturbing you unless you agree to see me. It’s important Lilian” I answered and i heard her sighed.
“I’ll be at the hotel” she answered.
“Perfect, I’ll meet you there”

After being shown to the maids quarter I found Lilian there. She folded her hands looking at me. I smiled on seeing her. I’ve never been so happy seeing someone in my entire life.
“Hey” I moved close to her and she slapped me on the cheek. “I deserve that” I answered she scoffed.
“What do you want from me?” She asked and I clasped my hands together.
“I missed you Lilian” I said and tears poured down her eyes. I didn’t even know when I said it. “Is that what you’re here for?” She asked, “To tell me you miss me” she added and I chuckled.
“I miss your smile, what I’ll give to see you smile again”
“Deji, stop beating about the bush and just ..” I kissed her before she could complete her sentence. She kissed me back then she slapped me on my cheek again moving backwards.
“I’m sorry” I apologized, “I felt the need to kiss you again” I answered and this time she initiated the kiss, I wrapped my hands on her waist, placed her on a table as both locked our lips passionately and she bit her lower lip softly.
I missed watching her do that. I was turned on that moment.
“I missed you more than you missed me” she confessed chuckling.

. “That’s the Lilian I know” I chipped in and she laughed.
“I have something I want to tell you” she added and I wondered what. “I also have something I want to tell you” I replied and she nodded.
She demanded I go first and I nodded. “I know I’ve wronged you and I’ve hurt your feelings, I came all the way from Ekiti to ask for your forgiveness”
“Are you willing to accept me? It looks like you’re willing to accept me as ….” She stalled as she noticed my raised brows. I was a bit confused.
Then it dawned on me that she must have misunderstood my reasons for coming. “You didn’t come for reconciliation did you?” She asked and I opened my mouth in shock.
“It’s not that I … I didn’t plan for it to happen this way”
“The kiss?” She asked, “I just… It’s complicated” I answered. “I felt like kissing you” i answered and she jumped down from the table.
“Liliy it’s not what it looks like”
“You fooled me twice” she cried, “I can’t believe I thought you…” She held a pole leaning on it.
“Leave me alone Deji. Please leave me alone!” She yelled and I rushed out. I was heart broken about the way I left her.
I didn’t know whether to go back in and make things right. I looked up to heavens and I cried. “God you better give me some kind of inspiration before I get mad.” I paused covering my mouth soth my palm.
“What am I supposed to do?”

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