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(K!nd, crazy & cold-h£arted)

Episode 10

By: Faith Lucky.

Mi cha (Cold-h£arted)
I walked along th£ corridors, com!ng across a lot of agents – most of which were j√$t parad!ng th£ place.

“h£y boss-baby” some of th£ boys called ©vt to me but I didn’t even smile at th£m.

Well, I only smile wh£n necessary and that’s mostly wh£n I’m on a mission that requires me to smile.

I took th£ stairs to th£ second floor and met th£m th£re at th£ balcony.

Th£re were a lot of th£m and all seemed to be hav!ng fun – natter!ng, danc!ng and smok!ng.

“Boss-baby” one of th£ ladies th£re called ©vt to me as soon as $h£ spotted me.

Th£y looked surprised. Well, that’s because I don’t m!ngle.

“J!n” I called ©vt to who I was th£re for.

$h£ dropped h£r gla$$ of w!ne and came to meet me, still hav!ng a litted cigarette with h£r.

“h£y, wats up?” $h£ asked wh£n $h£ got to wh£re I was.

I didn’t say a word as I took h£r away from th£ oth£rs, go!ng far from th£re.

Wh£n we were far enough and !n a quiet place, I stopped walk!ng and turned to face h£r.

“I need your h£lp, J!n” I said, lowly.

“Um…okay. What is it?” $h£ asked.

I looked @r0vnd and sigh£d.

“I need you to get me th£ s*x pills. Its important. I need to take th£m right away.

“You know Josh is @r0vnd and h£ doesn’t want me to leave th£ build!ng. But if you leave, no one would question you and that’s why I need you to do it for me. Can you?” I asked and $h£ kept mute for some seconds.

“Uh…” $h£ itch£d h£r h£ad.

“Of course, sure. I’ll get it”

“Thanks” I said coldly and $h£ left.

I took !n a deep breath and watch£d h£r leave. I j√$t hope Josh doesn’t f!nd ©vt ab©vt th¡s because if h£ does…I’m dead.
Kim ji (K!nd)
Mum and I returned home with h£avy bags and immediately, I ru$h£d to th£ toilet to free myself. I was so pressed right from th£ mall.

Wh£n I was done, I hurried [email protected]¢k to th£ sitt!ng room so I could a$$ist mum with th£ th!ngs we got from th£ mall.

On reach!ng th£re, I found h£r look!ng moody, with h£r phone !n h£r [email protected]

Oh, God! What happened? Why’s $h£ look!ng th¡s way?

“M…Mum?” I called, look!ng at th£ phone !n h£r [email protected]

Don’t tell me $h£ went through th£ calls…

“I j√$t got off th£ phone with your pr!ncipal” $h£ said and I h£aved a sigh of relief.

Thank goodness it had noth!ng to do with th£ call nana and I made

But, what ab©vt th£ pr!ncipal?

“Why did you lie to me, Kim?” $h£ asked and my h£art skipped.


“You told me your suspension would be over by monday, but th£ pr!ncipal j√$t told me you were suspended for two weeks and that’s because you didn’t j√$t b**t up h¡s son like you said, but you actually broke h¡s h£ad and made h¡m end up !n an hospital! Kim!” $h£ half yelled and tears almost came runn!ng to my eyes.

Oh, my God! Why did nana do such a th!ng?? I mean, was $h£ that troublesome?

“What exactly do you want me to do, Kim? I tried talk!ng to h¡m, but h£ wouldn’t listen and !nsists you stay away from school for two weeks. Do you know what that means??? You won’t be go!ng to school for two weeks, Kim! Two weeks! Is th¡s what you want for yourself?”

I bent my h£ad to th£ floor !n sombre.

Oh, my! $h£’s so mad at me. But I didn’t do it. How can I tell h£r? $h£ shouldn’t stay mad at me – please.

“I’m…I’m sorry, mum” I w!nced and $h£ huffed and m©v£d h£r hair [email protected]¢kwards.

“Well,your apology can’t change th£ pr!ncipal’s m!nd. I’ve warned you countlessly ab©vt th¡s attitude of yours, but you wouldn’t listen. Do you really want to keep hurt!ng me th¡s way?” $h£ asked and I shook my h£ad dolefvlly.
I suddenly felt bittered.

How am I sure nana isn’t caus!ng havoc with my name !n Seoul?

j√$t th£n, we h£ard a knock on th£ door.

“Who’s it?” Mum asked, tiredly.

“Its me, Hannah” a woman’s voice replied and mum’s eyes beamed.

“Hannah! Please, come !n ” $h£ said excitedly and th£ door opened, reveal!ng a young pretty woman.

“Take th£se bags to th£ kitch£n” $h£ wh¡spered to me before turn!ng [email protected]¢k to look at h£r visitor.

I quietly carried th£ bags to th£ kitch£n, feel!ng really bad.
Kim nana (Crazy)
I stood !n th£ kitch£n and munch£d on a loaf of bread.
Gosh! Th£ bread was div!ne?!

It was so soft, yet thick and milky!! I’ve never tasted a bread like th¡s before and I can’t believe it.

I ate with my eyes closed, enjoy!ng th£ moment.

I reach£d for th£ fridge and took ©vt anoth£r cold bottle of dr!nk. I actually consumed one some m!nutes ago.

I opened th£ dr!nk and started gulp!ng it d©wΠ.
Sh*t! Th¡s was so good. I can’t expla!n it.

I kept th£ dr!nk on th£ table and took !n m©r£ bread. Th£n, digested it with some gulps of th£ cold dr!nk.

Seriously, if I had grown up as Kim ji !nstead, I’d have had th£ shape of ten people!

Suddenly, th£ door opened and I turned to see th£ jerk of a step broth£r com!ng !n
Grrr. I really don’t need anyone to ru!n th¡s moment.

I turned [email protected]¢k to my half – h£aven combo and cont!nued eat!ng.

“h£y, you” h£ called angrily as h£ got to wh£re I was.

I didnt even spare h¡m glance or act like h£ was stand!ng next to me.

“Why th£ h£ll did you speak rudely to me a while ago?” h£ asked but I still rema!ned silent as I gulped !n some dr!nk.

“Hmmm” I hummed and |¡¢ked my f!ng£rs.

“Are you deaf?” h£ snorted but I still didn’t look at h¡m.

“h£y! I’m talk!ng to you!” h£ snapped and and turned me roughly by th£ [email protected]


“Have you gone crazy?” I squealed and forced my [email protected] away from h¡s.

h£ scoffed.

“Did…Did you j√$t ask me that?” h£ asked !n disbelief, po!nt!ng to h¡s ch£st.

“You’re really so bent on ru!n!ng my even!ng, huh?”. I asked angrily and took up th£ bottle of dr!nk, ₱0ur!ng it on h¡m.

[email protected] !n shock.

“I’m try!ng so [email protected] to stay away from you but s!nce you want trouble, trust me, I’ll make you run mad” I snapped and th£ door opened immediately, reveal!ng a young pretty woman who looks like h¡m
$h£ should probably be h¡s moth£r.

$h£ opened h£r m©vth !n shock at th£ sight !n front of h£r.

“M…Mal-ch!n?” $h£ called, surprised

I kept th£ bottle on th£ table and h£aded for th£ door, tak!ng th£ bread with me.

“What th£ h£ll’s go!ng on h£re?” $h£ asked and wh£n I got to wh£re $h£ was, $h£ blocked th£ door.

“If you don’t get ©vt of my way, I’m gonna smash th¡s bread !nto your fat face” I told h£r and forced my way ©vt of th£ door, brush!ng h£r arm.

Ugly people.
Kim ji (K!nd)
I arranged don’t th!ngs mum and I got from th£ mall !nto th£ kitch£n. Th£y were k!nd of ch£ap food items – th£ likes of which I didn’t grow up to eat. But, I don’t have a problem with it.

As long as I’m with my moth£r, I’m okay. I don’t ¢ar£ if I have to live ch£aply or not.

Wh£n I was done arrang!ng th£ th!ngs, I tried go!ng to my room and on my way, I overh£ard mum and th£ visitor discuss!ng !n th£ sitt!ng room.

I didn’t want to eavesdrop, but th£ visitor’s words suddenly gripped my attention and I stopped to listen.

“So, th£y’re !n need of a cook for two weeks and I was th!nk!ng you’d be chanced to do it because th£ pay is quiet awesome. You know how wealthy th£y are”. Th£ woman said to mum.

Huh? Who’s !n need of a cook?

“I understand, Hannah, but I don’t th!nk I can do it. I mean, its j√$t for two weeks right? If I quit my job as a janitress, th£n how what will I do wh£n th£ two weeks is over? You know how difficult it was gett!ng that job !n first place” mum grouse.

“Yes, yes, I understand. I thought ab©vt it as well but j√$t decided to !nform you. No problem, th£n. Maybe some oth£r time. I need to hurry up for a meet!ng right now” th£ woman said and stood up.

“Okay, Hannah. Thanks a lot. I really appreciate”.

“Please, it’s noth!ng.”

Th£y started walk!ng towards th£ door and an idea suddenly hit at me.

Becom!ng a cook!

“Wait!” I popped ©vt of my hid!ng place and th£y both turned to look at me.

“Kim? What’s wrong?” Mum asked, probably surprised at th£ way I sh©vted

“Um…ma’am Hannah” I called.
“I’m !nterested !n th£ job”.

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