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I’m Engaged episode 5


(Betrayed trust) (Episode 5)

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Minutes later, I felt my throat suddenly become dry like a desert. I realised I was thirsty and needed water to quench my thirst. With my hands, I searched under the car seat for the malt Alex had bought me the previous night.

Alex had bought the malt when he realised I had become drunk from the alcohol I consumed. Alex said it was going to help douse the effect of the alcohol I had drank, and also reduce the headaches I felt.

I was so drunk to an extent, I felt Alex was giving me another alcohol to drink. I didn’t even wait to listen to him, neither did I bother looking at the can of malt he held in his hands. I tossed his hands away and shook my head. Haven noticed I was not interested in drinking the can of malt, Alex placed the malt under the drivers chair. before driving me home that night.

I felt relieved when I found the malt lying under the chair. I picked it up and like a fish, I galloped its smooth content down my throat.

I leaned my back on the chair, and with my head raised towards the roof of the car, I tried to recall how I had found myself in Alex house, instead of being taken to my own house.

Yesterday was Friday, it was clubbing day. Alex was someone who loved to club on a Friday. He had always insisted that I followed him to the club. But for some reasons, clubbing was just not my thing. I always turned down his offer claiming to be busy. This was one of the reasons Temi always teased me.

Whenever she invites me to club with her on a Friday, I had one excuse or the other to give her. She called me a church girl. Most times, she said I behaved like a reverend sister and was pretending to be the holy person.

“Na only you wan go heaven? Shey me wey the club go enter hell fire na?” Temi will hiss and walk away.

But that wasn’t actually the reason for refusing to club on a Fridays. As a matter of fact, I had grown up in an area where clubs and bars were the raining businesses. I have watched people visit clubs and bars to drink. My mother owned a bar where she sold drinks too. I grew up working in my mother’s bar during my teenage days. It was there I met different kind of men.

I saw the good, the bad and the ugly. I saw those married men with pot bellies that looked like that of a clay pot. I saw the bad guys whose lips had turned black from years of smoking weed and cigarette, and whose hair looked rough and unkempt like that of a mad man on the street.

I have seen those s£xually starved men, who came to pick up ladies who will spend the night with them. Most of these men where married men with children and a beautiful wife at home.

I have seen fights break out in my mothers bar severally. I have watched an angry man smash a green bottle on the head of another angry man. I have seen people being stabbed with a knife because of a little disagreement.

It was in my mother’s bar I learnt the act of being rude to men who wouldn’t respect themselves. Men who would spank my buttocks when I turned to walk away after serving them their drinks. Men who would forcefully draw my hands so I could sit on their laps. Men who would touch my [email protected] and run away, after paying me for the drinks they had drank. Some even attempted to kiss me with their smelling breath that stunk like that of a dogs poo.

The truth was that I hated men from my childhood days. I hated their wild nature. Dayo’s heart break only made it worse for me to accept any other man in my life. I hated clubs too.

I had seen so much in bars and the clubs during my teenage days. There was actually nothing new there for me to witness. I derived no fun there. Visiting any club was only going to dig up old memories I have buried somewhere in my heart.

But this particular Friday, Alex had pleaded with me to accompany him. He was persistent. He made me feel like a bad person when I said no to him. He claimed he was going to watch over me and protect me should anything bad arise. Alex made me feel safe in his hands.

I immediately placed a call to Temi to inform her of my outing with Alex. When I announced to her that I was visiting the club with Alex, Temi screamed.

“My babe don fall in love o. So your bestie like me no fit carry you commot, na Alex finally win. Weldone you here.” She spoke rather jealously.

We both laughed over it before I ended the call.

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Even though Temi had known of my relationship with Alex, Temi had never met Alex before. This was because I refused to introduce Alex to Temi. I did not want to introduce a man that I knew will not last with me – a man I was just trying to study and build trust with. I wanted to get to a certain point in our relationship when I would boldly introduce Alex to Temi and my family members too. I didn’t want my relationship to be rushed like that of Dayo and I.

Few weeks after meeting Dayo, the love I felt for him led me into Introducing him to all my friends and family. They saw us like future couples. I flaunted his picture on Social media, and made everyone know I was in a relationship. I did this without Dayo even proposing to me or putting a ring on my finger.

Only for Dayo to break up with me years later. I felt so stupid. I still remember how I had to find an excuse to tell those who knew the relationship Dayo and I had. To some, I had to tell a lie because I was too ashamed to tell them the truth. To others, I simply faced my fears and shame, and told them the truth.

My relationship with Dayo was an eye opener. It made me realise that dating Alex doesn’t really mean I was going to end up with him. So it was best to keep my relationship secrete until I see signs of a future together.

We finally got to the club that evening, and Alex led me to the VIP lounge. It was a very beautiful place, filled with colourful bulbs and expensive drinks, which were neatly arranged in a small mini bar.

On a soft cushion which was just a few steps from Alex and I, I sighted a small girl whose head was placed on the chest of a white bearded man, with a big stomach which was the size of a drum.

This man was over seventy years old. I turned to look at the skinny girl whose skirt looked like a mini pant, and whose crop top looked like a G-string. This lady was in her early teenage years or probably in her early twenties.

“Is this where you visit always?” I asked as my eyes walked round the room like a police officer carrying out an investigation.

“Yes babe. I come here once a while. But I have other clubs I visit. This is just one of my best spots for me.” Alex replied.

“What usually brings you to the club. What fun do you derive from clubbing?”

Alex didn’t really seem disturbed with my question. All I just wanted knowing was the man I was dating. I wanted to understand the man who was soon going to be a fiance to me. Marrying a man who clubs was never my dream as a lady. I detested men who drank and smoked.

Alex claimed that sometimes he just visited the club to drink and just stare at the beautiful and s£xy looking women who danced. After the the party, he then drove home to sleep.

I remember asking Alex if he had ever taken a girl home from a club before. Alex bursted in laughter.

“Me? Carry a girl home from a club to my house? A total stranger? Ah common Kemi. I cannot do that jor. I am not that kind of man that sleeps with a prostitute. But I have done that once o. The lady was just too drunk to go home, so hence my house was close, I decided to give her a ride. She only spent the night in my house that’s all.”

When Alex saw the look of disbelieve on my face, he raised his left hands up and placed his right hands on his chest.

“Kemi trust me nau. You know I cannot lie to you. I have never taken a lady home with the purpose of sleeping with her. It was just that lady I took home and.…”

“Alex and what?”

“Okay Kemi. She tried something funny but…”

“I knew it. I knew you have taken a lady home before and slept with her. Look I know how these things

work. I have worked in a bar before o. You see that old man and that girl over there, I have seen such several times. It is not a new to me. So just stop lying. I love it when a man is being sincere to me. I hate lies.” I spoke in a high-pitched tone.

I was already getting upset and angry with Alex for no reason. It was obvious that my anger was soon going to spoil the mood. The old memories of my bar and club experience was already taking over me.

The thought of Alex always visiting the club and claiming never to have taken a lady home just to have s£x with her, sounded unbelievable and unrealistic.

I became restless and uneasy. My mood was spoilt within a twinkle of an eye.

“Kemi calm down. Don’t get angry again naw. See that was the only lady I took home. I swear to you, she was drunk and needed help. I cannot lie naw. What will I gain in lying to the woman I love.”

“What was the name of the woman you took home? Tell me Alex. That’s what men do. They take a woman home from a club to satisfy their selfish desires, only to fall asleep and wake up the next morning without even asking the name of the lady they had taken home.

” Alex, If you took her to your house you should have had a friendly conversation together. So what was her name?” I asked slightly raising my voice.

To be continued…

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