Conflict – episode 8

CONFLICT Episode 8

Lili on hearing about Ajah and Mali’s fight quickly called him.

“she used a big iron spoon and stone me breaking my head in the process, now I have constant headache, I wished I never agreed to all this things Lili, you are very important to me, please come back home so that you can take care of me, I have slimed down, I need you to come and take care of me Lili, please..mi won’t fight you again…i will be a good husband…i promise you…Mali insult me with every little opportunity she has…things i know you will never try she does it with pride…I’m so tired…please go and bring back the kids let’s be one big family…i need you to come and take care of me…because I’m always having headache despite i have treated it and taken drugs too…

“Ajah, I’m so sorry for what Mali did to you, I know you will be fine, stop telling me to come and take care of you Ajah, I baby sit our kids and still baby sit a full grown man like you, I’m not going to do that anymore…you really need to start being a real man, stop saying it start being it…me and Laju are work together, he helps out in everything, he is a friend or a husband anybody can pray for, I wonder why Mali never regards him, and I wonder why you have to be kicked by Mali before you realize how useful i am…”

“Lili, are you now wishing Laju was your husband now, you are not even grateful with what God has blessed you with, what lot of women will dye for, Laju is not a real man, I am a real man, because my wife will never raise a finger at me or insult me the way Mali has being doing since day one and is all because Laju allowed her… She was only lucky because I didn’t have strength to figh back yesterday …She would have had it hot from me”

“Ajah, you still have not changed…and I’m not coming home yet because you said in the beginning that Laju will easily get tired of me and will dump me quickly but reverse is the case, Ajah, you shouldn’t have slapped Mali, Laju wasn’t happy with that, she is still his wife and you have to respect that, Mali is not me that you will slap and get away with it, you better stop being violence because it won’t do you any good…and until you do what i want, I’m not coming home….

“Lili, please…I’m sorry, don’t count on what i said…or did, sometimes i forget myself…please come back home, home is lonely without you in it…i will do anything you want me to do, anything…please before that wicked lazy and foolish Mali kills me, I mean before Mali hurt me further, I was so enraged that was why i slapped her, I shouldn’t have…i know but there’s limit to what a man can take…I’m not making excuses…I’m sorry Lili for everything just tell me what you want me to do and i will do it…please

Mali was already tired with the wh0le thing, she has always gotten away with anything, Laju hærdly batter word with her but Ajah calls her alot of bad names and treat her so bad, despite she tried not to show any weakness to him but she misses her Laju who pet her if he notice a change of face, she wondered why Ajah will slap her when Laju has never raised a finger at her, she knows sometimes she can be annoying but Laju has accommodated her good and bad side, as Mali sat in her room she began to appreciate her husband who

She decided to call him on phone

“Laju, I’m tired, I want to come back home…Ajah is too annoying staying with him is like staying in a war zone…I’m tired of fighting…pleased come and get me ..

“Mali, you know you shouldn’t be calling me and you will stay with Ajah as your new partner.. You wanted to prove a point to me now you are calling me to come get you, Mali have had enough of your unnecessary nagging, you have to stay with Ajah until you begin to appreciate what you have, I’m enjoying Lili’s company, you two should try and work as a team just like we are doing here, we still have more 5days to go, get use to each other and become a better person, stop being violence Mali, as much as i hate what Ajah did but you breaking is head is cruelty, please no more calling, stop calling on everything and sort your misunderstanding out, focus on the tax ahead which is making yourself better….

“I’m better Laju, I’m better now, I have had enough from that Lazy and wicked Ajah I want to come home please…please…


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