Just For Love

Just For Love – episode 1

AUTHOR:Benjamin Ojika



waking up by d sound of my alarm clock ringing was so annoying because it woke me from my dream which was very annoying especially wen I was dreaming about fiona I was about to k-ss her wen d alarm woke me I was so pissed off dat I throw d alarm so hærd dat it broke wen it hit d floor I got up 2 minutes later.
So my name is Jeremy Clarkson I an2 fifteen years old I grew up in a wealth family I am last in my family of three my eldest sister’s name is Sandra while the second is gift ohhh sorry about d name I mentioned ealier fiona fiona is a my best friend and a girl I always admired and have a strong crush for her for her since third grade( I was five then so nw) i have loved her for ten years but I didn’t have d courage to ask her out and please don’t call me a coward if u knw d feeling I have for her I juat couldn’t lose her as a friend if she said no so I was stuck in d friend zone
Although I have dated a lot of girls since third grade but i still couldn’t get over my crush for her she too have dated few boys she is currently dating tyler my friend a cute boy like me but I think am cuter tyler plays football with me but am better than him
I Am d Most cutest boy in “elvins High”d sch I attend which is owned by my dad am d best footballer in d entire sch which made girls to trip for me
Been In a sch owned by my dad has it advantages like no teacher can punish me but it also had its disadvantages like my dad made all d teachers to be monitoring my movement in sch
My dad is a very strict man who doesn’t take rubbish

after Taking My bath and eating breakfast I told my mom bye and left to sch with my car “land rover” sports, I decided to stop at fiona’s house to see if I will see her I didn’t but as I started d engine of my car she came out looking as beautiful as ever she was wearing a cream coloured gown d was at her knee her looked like those model I saw on magazines
wen she saw me she smiled and got in,side d car.
oo sorry I forgot to tell you fiona and i have been going to sch since we both started high sch fiona family weren’t as rich as my family but still day were wealth i loved been her driver taking her to sch n bringing her back home it wqs fun n we both got to no each other alot more
She sensed dat i was lost in my thoughts so she decided to ask me something “so u were about to leave me right” she said but I said” I wasn’t I was just warming d engine” she started laughing n I joined her we then went to school.

we got to sch thinking day few people were dere because some students dont like to start sch early but we were mistaken because we saw a lot of students they were all busy talking to each other I think fiona read my mind because she kept staring at d crowd den at me she was smiling but was also surprised so her smile was some how confusing.
I parked my car n we both got down I saw my 2 best friends James and scott they were wooing some girls n d girls kept on laughing I didn’t want to disturb them so I went we fiona to her class fiona and I are both finalist preparing to write waec and jamb she was in art class she wanted to become an actress while I was in science class I wanted to become a doctor soon our assembly bell rang n we all went to our line fiona line was far from to mine but we could still make eye contact from were she was.
assembly was short it lasted about 28 minutes d principal came to congratulate everyone on a splendid performance last term we won d international quiz competition twelve students were chosen 4 day competition fiona and i was part of d 12 students chosen we did our best made it to d finals we had 2 travel to new york 4 d final but we needed our parents permission my dad agreed so did fiona’s parents new york weather was in summer so it was favourable to us
after we arrived 3 days latet d competition started it lasted 4 to days we won the competition thanks to everybody’s hærd work.


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