Key To love epilogue

🔑🔑 KEY TO LOVE 💝💝💝
🔐🔐(It’s in your heart)❤️❤️❤️
Written ✍️ by Oluwatosin Ayomi ❤️💎


Dear future from Amelia’s diary,

“Dear diary, I don’t know if I’m excited or nervous about tomorrow, our tomorrow but I hope it holds great things for all of us.”

We’re done with college, I got a job and Dean is currently working for his father, the next chapter of our love story which is KEY TO LOVE is marriage.

Mina and I are getting married to the men we love most. Oh dear, she’s inside the room with me roving around, I can’t even tell her to calm down because I’m not. Marriage isn’t something I should ignore as if it’s nothing, it’s about our TOMORROW.

How cool is it, spending the rest of my life with Dean, my love? I went through a lot to have him and he also went through so much to have me. Tomorrow is the day, we will deal the deal of our love together and forever I can’t wait for tomorrow but why am I nervous? I’m tomorrow right?

“Amelia, I’m going to scream.” Mina interrupted her moment with the diary, her fingers which held her pen closer to her diary paused, she let out a soft sigh before turning her head around to reply to her.

“Let’s go outside and scream our lungs out maybe it will make us feel better.”

“No, no. We need to stay in this room and do that.” Mina disagreed

“Okay.” She struggled with her shoulder willingly, they exchanged looks and then screamed out loud on top of their voices.

Both of them slumped onto the bed and burst into delighted laughter. “That was insane,” Mina stated amidst laughter.

“Not really. I feel better now, or maybe half better.” She smiled, then roamed her hand on the bed before closing her diary.

“What’s that? Are you talking to your ghost friend now?” Mina made fun of her diary.

“That’s my diary, give it some respect Mina.”

They sat up at the same, a shard look at the far edge to see their wedding gowns sparkling under the spotlight. “How beautiful—” Amelia murmured admiringly.

Mina moved closer to her and took her hand. “Amelia, are you not nervous?”

“Of course I am,” she replied sharply and upset because Mina reminded her of what scares the hell out of her.

“We’re getting married tomorrow but not getting separated,” Amelia remembered the most beautiful thing both Alfred and Dean planned for two friends, they’d be living in the same estate with their mansions opposite each other which means even after being married, they won’t be separated.

“That’s right.” Mina let out a ghost smile.



The priest turned at the grooms. “Are you Dean Stewart ready to take Amelia as your wife, for now, forever during happy and hard times? You will care for her and only seek her happiness?” He recited the marriage covenant to Dean carefully.

Dean looked at her beautiful face, he could see her smiling even though the veil had covered her face, he nearly lost himself in her beautiful before he brightly replied,

“I do,” he answered without taking his eyes from Amelia, everyone present in the church rejoiced happily,

Then the priest turned at Alfred. “Are you Alfred Cooker ready to take Mina as your wife, for now, forever during a happy and hard time? You will care for her and only seek for her happiness?.”

“I do.” He answered lovingly.

The priest turned around and stood in between the two brides whose hands were trembling in nervousness. “Are you…”

“I do.” Mina and Amelia said in union, not giving him the chance to complete the sentence. The whole guests burst into delighted laughter, including the grooms.

“By the power vested in me, I hereby pronounced these two union husbands and wives. You may k-ss your rightful bride.” Intoned the priest.

Dean was the first person to draw Amelia close with alacrity, he drew her veil over her head, and looking at her admiringly, he leaned over and k-ssed her passionately. “You finally belong to me,”

Alfred never waited for a second either, he drew mina’s veil then leaned over, with his lips on hers, he k-ssed her passionately. After the k-ssed last for a minute, they both pecked their foreheads.

Dean and Alfred exchanged looks, it was as if they planned everything. Frankly, they had planned everything thoroughly the night before the wedding, there were more surprises that they were yet to unravel.

After they left the alter, they took numerous pictures, and families congratulation as they stole the guests’ hearts with their love, it was beautiful and passionate. Influential people are present, It’s the Stewart’s Heir and Cooker’s Heir weddings after all.

Eventually, it was time to leave, Amelia and Mina excused each other to use the restroom.

Instantly they stepped in, Mina looked at her abruptly. “Tell me, are you going to do it tonight?”

Amelia stared at her reflection in the mirror for a minute before answering “Yes, I can’t wait.”

Mina was surprised. She never expected that from her because she remembered how nervous Amelia was whenever they were talking about it.

“Are you sure?” She asked to be sure she wasn’t teasing her.

“Yes–” She gave an instantaneous response.

Mina sighed. “I guess I don’t have a choice too. I’m sure nervous but no problem.”

They exited the restroom together. They were told that they were the ones the grooms were waiting for.

They walked out in their elegant wedding gowns, accompanied by their relatives. Dean and Alfred waved at them where they stood by the car and they both walked up to them.

“I can’t wait to strip you,” Dean whispered to Amelia. She resisted the urge to roll her eyes.

“It’s time for the real chapter of our love, sweetheart,” Alfred whispered to Mina. The car door opened and the brides hopped in before the grooms. The chauffeur drove them to the airplane.

“Are we not supposed to head home?” Mina asked suddenly.

“There’s somewhere called a home for lovers, that’s where we’re going,” Alfred replied jer.

Amelia looked suspiciously at Dean with her puppy eyes. “Where? Tell me, love.” She seductively asked like she does whenever she wants him to expose the secret to her.

“I’m not going to fall for that, love. Why don’t you wait and find out.” Dean smiled broadly.


None of them ever mentioned to them about going to Paris until their airplane landed and they saw a welcome to Paris, boldly written. Amelia gasped, looking at mina surprisingly.

“Oh, my god!” She exclaimed.

“Are we really in Paris, Amelia!?” They hugged each other, jumping up excitedly, without minding if their dresses sweep the off the ground.

“Okay. Let’s calm down, we’re outside right now.” Mina cracked a joke with Amelia.

Two bodyguards walked over, they led them to the Lamborghini Aventador Limo, the doors opened automatically, the couples hopped in different Aventador Limos then the drivers drove them to the hotel.



Their rooms were opposite each other. Now that both of them were heading to different rooms, Amelia was getting nervous.

She knew there was nothing to tell Dean since mina already followed Alfred inside. Amelia went to the bathroom immediately after they both entered the room, she stepped under the shower and relaxed to the warm water as it soothe her body.


Mina stood by the door looking at Alfred who was thinking of what he was going to do to her. “Okay, there’s no way out tonight.” She began to walk close to him.

Willingly she submitted herself to him, he was surprised but then their romance got intense.

They got intimate eventually with Alfred being gentle with her since he knew it was her first time.

“I’m glad I met you. I love you so much.” Alfred told to her.

Mina had nothing to say at the moment, her head was laying on his chest while both of them were naked under the blanket, her private part hurts slightly but she was proud of herself.

She extended her hand to the side of the bed, picked up her phone, and sent Amelia a text message. Immediately it was delivered, she put the phone down and moved into his arm, shutting her eyes, and slept.

“I love you, Alfred.” She murmured in her sleep.


Amelia hadn’t budged an inch from where she was standing, it was as if her feet were pinned to the floor, she was staring at him as he also stared back. Wearing a bathrobe and Dean also in his shorts, his masculine body exposing itself for her to witness.

Dean noticed she was nervous and shy after spending a century in the bathroom before she came out.

It was awkward for both of them however he decided to break the awkward silence. “Okay, can we just quit staring at each other?”

Amelia shook her head. “I’m thinking something.”

“What are you thinking?” He started walking closer to her.

“Something crazy.”

“Do you mind telling me?” She shook her head in declination.

“I prefer not to tell. Dean, can we just sleep tonight then tomorrow we’re going to… You know what I’m talking about right?” she told to him almost in a whisper

Dean faked a frown and then say. “No, I don’t. Tell me.”

“I’m tired. We should sleep tonight please.” She eventually said.

He stood there contemplating for a while before nodding, agreeing to her suggestion.

Amelia sluggishly walked to the bed, she laid down and he also laid beside her. He wants to be close to her he also wants her to feel the same, waiting till tomorrow won’t hurt him after all.

Laying her head on his chest without saying anything when her phone beeped, she took her phone and read mina’s message.


After Amelia read the message she felt somehow uncomfortable. A glance up at his eyes which was about to shut. “Dean, are you sleeping?”

“Not really. Why are you not sleeping?” He asked her lovingly. She sat up and face him. After a while he also did. “What’s wrong? Do you need anything?’’ He asked.

Amelia shook her head shyly, A moved closer to him and then place a finger on his lip. “Don’t say a word. Let’s just do it now.”

“You’re not ready,” Dean said, already figuring what she meant out in her eyes.

“Of course I am,” she answered.

“You’re not, I will wait till when you are ready,” Dean replied,

“Then I should prove to you that I am ready.” she insisted and before Dean could utter a word, Amelia snuggled closer to his body, hungrily placed her mouth on his, k-ssing him slowly then left Dean completely surprised.

When he noticed she wasn’t backing out, he drew her closer and took control. With his hand all over her body, he took off her bathrobe and threw it to the floor like an illusion. He smooched her lips down to her neck. She couldn’t help but mo-ned his name repeatedly, s-x starvation running through her vein.

After an intense romance, he eventually gave her a taste of heaven. Pierced her innocence, she was completely overwhelmed with pain, sweetness, and pleasure. Both of them collapsed beside each other after they reached their climax.

Her head fell on his hand tiredly. He moved his hand to her face immediately and stroked her hair behind her ear. He pecked her forehead, hair then her nose.

“Thanks for completing me, amelia.”

With her eyes closed, she traced a circle on his chest. ‘I don’t know love can be this beautiful until I met you. I was afraid to fall in love but you showed nothing but true love, how to escape from my fear and allow myself to drown in a pool of your sweetness. I’m lucky to have you, Dean. I love you so much, Thanks for completing our love story with me,”

Dean smiled happily. “Of course not, we’re both lucky to have each other. Thanks for choosing me, and thanks for completing me. I promise to love you for the rest of my life, even if we fight I’ll always come to you.”

“Your key to love can only open my heart for now and forever will the KEY TO OUR LOVE blossom.”


Authoress pice of Words: this is the completion of my second story, it all started one day and now I have been graced to write two books. You audience are always there, a tight hug from me to everyone of you ❤️ your love will never be taken for granted🙇‍♀️.
I hope you enjoyed reading the story and please, learn from Brad, Tiana and every evil people in the story. LOVE IS FOR EVERYONE BUT PLEASE TELL THAT SOMEBODY THAT IT SHOULD NEVER BE FORCED.
WHAT YOU CAN ACHIEVE WITH PATIENCE MIGHT SLIP OFF YOUR HAND IF YOU CHOOSE IMPATIENT OVER IT. Preach love to everyone, share in other’s joy, don’t deprive yourself of happiness because this happiness is sufficient for everyone to take part in.

Share your thoughts with me at the comment section. How’s the story? Who are you going to miss the most? Are you happy with the ending? Tell me everything on your mind😁.
A word of prayer for me is needed too👌❤️. What do you have to say to Oluwatosin Ayomi?

Thanks for having me!!🤩🤩 lots of love from Authoress Oluwatosin Ayomi stories ❤️💎

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