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Key to love episode 73

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πŸ”‘πŸ”‘ KEY TO LOVE πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’
πŸ”πŸ”(It’s in your heart) ❀️❀️❀️
Written ✍️ by Oluwatosin Ayomi β€οΈπŸ’Ž

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πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™ Chapter 73πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™

“If you understand this properly then it will be easy to identify what heterotrophic 0rg-anisms are, plants can’t ever be heterotroph because it’s a manufacturer,” Dean explained understandably to her without any form of distraction.
“What makes it a manufacturer? Is it because of a process which they used is ph-otosynthesis? Is that what makes them Autotrophs?” She asked
“You understand this so quickly, were you teasing me when you said you never know about it? Was this a trick girlfriend? Just to sΒ£nd me away girlfriend?” Dean teased seductively.
“I’ve read lots of things about 0rg-anisms nutrition, I just get confused while trying to differentiate most times,” Amelia stated as she fl-ipped the pages of the textbook over.
“Plants make use of ph-otosynthesis for manufacturing food, the only reason they are considered Autotrophs is that they can manufacture food on their own,” Dean quitted jokes and started explaining.
“They are not dependant on animal or other 0rg-anisms for nutrition, why don’t they depend on them then?” Dean paused, while he took a book and started jotting on it as he speaks.
“The reason is that they can manufacture on their own, they get their nutrients mainly from sunlight. Did you get that?” Dean asked while he jot down a few points in her book.
Amelia nodded her head instantly but when she realized his eyes were not on her she said; “I understand it now,” she quickly said then he smiled while he raised his head.
“Should I teach about the mode of respiration or you can study it after I have gone?” Dean asked after he finished jotting.
“That’s not a problem for me. You can leave now, it’s almost late,” Amelia responded
“I don’t mind staying here till next morning, one of the things I don’t care about is the dark cloud,” Dean shrugged his shoulder nonchalantly
“Whatever, I need to get dinner before sleeping, you should start leaving,” Amelia insisted
“Are you sΒ£nding me away?” Dean pitilessly asked. She looked weirdly at him without saying a word before she arranged the books on the bΒ£d together.
“Can I at least deliver a message I was sΒ£nt to you then? I will leave after that,” Dean asked
“What sort of message is that? Have you come up with something to joke with?” Amelia scoffed
“Dad asked when you will come to visit, toshould I tell him you will come after school tomorrow?”
“I have almost forgotten about that, I will come this weekend, express my apology to him that I am sorry for not remembering,” Amelia replied
“You can say that to him when you come.” he answered
”Make use of that note next time while studying, I’m leaving,” Dean informed
“I thought you’ve gone home? So you’veou’ve been with Amelia!” Arnold surprisingly said as they both walked in him watching in the sitting room.
“Yes he has been with me, I have issues with understanding some topics, so he stayed by to explain,” Amelia immediately said with her eyes blinking rapidly now and then.
“I went to her room because I wanted to see her but I met her battling with books,” Dean truthfully said
“Why did you go to see her?” ” You could have told me to get her for you,” Arnold suspiciously asked.
“She wouldn’t have come if I didn’t, moreover I am leaving now,” Dean replied
“Yeah. I’m seeing off him already, we can discuss when I am back,” Amelia joined the conversation in fright.
“Why do I feel suspicious seeing you two together? Is something going on?” Arnold muttered
“Did you see us fighting? Can’t he help me? Nothing is going on!” Amelia snapped
“Something is going on but I don’t know if you can be permitted to speak or not,” Dean was the one who talked.
Amelia snapped her head towards him in fright then nodded her head for him not to speak. What does he want to say?
“I want you to speak, Amelia is nervous and she does that when she’s caught doing something bad, tell me what’s going on please, Dean,” Arnold pleaded while he stare at Amelia who look unnecessarily quiet.
“Nothing is going on aside from us dating, Amelia is my girlfriend,”
“Dean is such a crazy dude! What did Arnold say after that?” Mina exclaimed
“That mouse congratulated me for being his girlfriend, he spat out different rubbish after Dean left, I felt suffocated” Amelia angrily shared
“Rubbish like what? Tell me about it without hiding anything from me,” Mina commanded
“You get interested mostly in what isn’t your business,” Amelia blurted
“Yeah because I don’t like minding my business, tell me what he says,” Mina replied.
“He said things like he saw it coming, he was excited because he will be sharing another bond with Dean aside from a teacher, different words came from hi wide mouth!” Amelia irritatedly explained
“Arnold is so sweet! I want a brother like him, I only wished I was there!” Mina ranted.
“What would you have done? I wished I could tell him it’s a fake relationship, but Dean said I shouldn’t tell anyone,” Amelia tiredly said
“Within you, do you want this to remain a fake relationship?” Mina questioned
“I don’t know… I’m still giving it a trial, if it works then fine!” She narrowly answered.
“If it doesn’t work because of Brad then it should work because of Tiana, I can’t wait to dance at your wedding!!” Mina gibbered.
Amelia shut her eyes annoyingly then opened them to say; “Do I rear Crazy people around me or, Crazy people reside in my environment?”
“I knew I would somehow run into you today, how has life been? Have you been killing your soul around?”
“My soul can’t be killed as Amelia lives in it,” Dean responded boldly.
“How does your soul survives with what is mine??” Brad coldly asked.
“You wanted it to be yours but it has never been, good people deserve good things,” Dean taunted
“Who classified you as a good people?”
“I become good after Amelia accepted to be mine,” he replied
“You are still Add-cted to her? She can’t be yours!”
“Minutes ago that I checked, Amelia is still my girlfriend, the woman I love and also loves me!”
“I already told you what her aim is, she only wants to play you, she’s my girlfriend!”
“I believed until I was told by her that nothing ever existed between the two of you,” Dean replied
“So you even find out?” Brad surprisingly asked.
“No lies can be hidden forever, moreover, Amelia and I are meant to be,”
“Not when I am still alive, she either be mine or no one else!”
“What can be done now? Because Amelia already accepted to be mine,”
“Just a word that comes from the mouth can’t be believed, the one that comes with action is the main word, Brad said
“That means?” Dean scoffed
“I will get Amelia back in different ways, she will be mine!”
“She can’t be yours, what do you want to do? She’s already taken by me!”
“I will make her a source of my pleasure, I have always wanted to satisfy my urge with her, I’m not stepping back till I achieve my aim, Amelia will spend a night on my bΒ£d, she will sΒ’r-am out my name when I am fu*king the hell out of her!” Brad spat out, and instantly without second thought,Dean punched his face and then pushed him back backward
“What did you say? You want to have s*x with Amelia? You want to hear her sΒ’r-am your name? Do you want to die?” Dean shrieked then tried to give him another punch, Brad, stood firm on his feet and then escaped his punch which made Dean release the punch on the wall instead of Him.
It was painful but Dean doesn’t care because he immediately turned around to face him.
Brad laughed sarcastically behind him then he returned his evil smirk back to his face, “one of the things I don’t believe in is giving up,” he informed
“I will kill you, if you go near Amelia, I will kill you,” Dean threatened in anger.
“I’m leaving with a punched face by you, my coming back won’t meet you well, because I will definitely take Amelia away from you! Watch her back when she walks, mystery happens during unexpected time,”
“Why did you fight with him? He isn’t worth it!” Amelia nagged.
“But you do, you worth it and I won’t let him harm a hair on your head,” Dean stated
“He wouldn’t have done anything, you could have walked away,” Amelia replied
“He threatened to take you away from me, he said he would take advantage of you, do you know how I felt when I heard that? I knew he can’t do it but remembering it provoke me further,” Dean angrily said and Amelia’s shoulders relaxed by itself lazily.
“I will kill him if he touches you, he has no idea how far I can go to revenge for making me stay away from you without any offense,”
“I have tried controlling my anger, he better let us be without coming closer to you because I won’t spare him,”
“I don’t mind fighting for your love over again but, if he tries to take you away from me, I will become the worst nightmare of him!” Dean threatened while she just watched him speak.
She had no idea such a brave side exists in Dean. Brad must have really provoked him! what the hell is wrong with Brad?

So Arnold found out already 😁

Brad won’t stop finding trouble πŸ₯ΊπŸ’”

Thanks for the punch Dean πŸŒπŸŒšπŸ€—

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