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Heartbreaks episode 2


episode 2

The song “Queen of my heart” by westlife was playing softly in my head as I was sleeping, I could see myself relaxed and comfortable at that very moment, I turned in order to arrange myself to continue in this sweet sleep. And then my eyes met with his, he was staring at me with a wide smile in his face. “Good morning” he said, I was startled as I jumped up awakening myself fully to the green lights that were now on in the room.

Good morning Joe, I managed to say. Please what is the time? I asked him gently because I wanted to so much .disappear to my room. It’s almost 6am he replied. Please could you escort me to my room please? I need to settle down And without saying anything he got up from under the blanket. He dragged a towel and tied around his waist and then he said oya let’s go

I was wondering if it was just this boxer and singlet he wore throughout the night to lie down close to me. And so I said, ” Joe please don’t be offended I want to ask u a question. Go ahead he said. Please o, I woke up in the middle of the night because I felt a hand on my body trying to pull off my trousers, I also felt a hand on my [email protected] Though am not sure but I want to ask you, did you by chance try to touch me while I was sleeping?

There was a surprise look on his face as he replied me and asked how would u think such of me? I never touched you. He was staring directly into my eyes maybe to see if I believed him or not and it was obvious from the way I was looking at him that I didn’t believe him and so he quickly added ….”if I touched you last night, may thunder strike my mom wherever she is right now ”

At this point I held his mouth and urged him not to say that. OK I am sorry for assuming things, I guess I was dreaming but please don’t swear for your mom. I am sorry. He smiled and looked at me and said, it’s OK Stephanie, and then he touched me by my side and added, “or did you want me to touch you”? He asked jokingly!

Get away joor I replied as I opened the door and walked silently to my room.
When I was safely inside, I called Lucy but she didn’t pick. So I sent her a text that I was already in our room. I went straight into the bathroom to have a shower. There was an 8am class and I had to prepare.

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While in the bathroom I was thinking of Joe. He must really be a gentle guy, for not making any attempt on me throughout the night. I felt bad for accusing him like that. Anyway, I will go to the market and cook soup and stew later. I will serve small for him as a peace offering.

Before I finished my bath, Lucy was back to the house. I could see that she was okay and smiling, I didn’t bother to ask anything. We dressed quietly and then went to class.

Just before leaving the house Joe and Smart came to ask us if we were ready, we were having the course together. They were both chemistry students and we were both biology students, but this was a general course for all. We walked together to the venue. They made it easy for us as we didn’t struggle to look for the venue.

Joe held my hand , I didn’t struggle at all, because I saw other boys and girls holding hands and laughing……..it wasn’t long we got to the school and then we separated as everyone struggled to get a seat . the lecturer was already around.

After the lectures, I asked Joe of the direction to the market and then he offered to escort me there. I was thrilled. We went together and I was surprised how a guy can be this nice. He bought things for himself and paid for some of the things I bought. And soon we went home. I prepared fine egusi soup and stew, boiled the rice and then served for Lucy and Smart. Then I dished a big bowl of rice as if I was serving my father and then I took it to Joe. He was happy . he asked me to eat with him and we sat and ate together. At some point, he would feed me, I could feel butterflies in my stomach, I was feeling things I haven’t felt before in my life.

After the food we fell on his bed breathing heavily. He put on his generator and then a film. We were watching, hosting and laughing, then he drew closer to me and said! “Stephanie you are beautiful, please be my woman’” I was quiet, I was just looking at him, he drew closer to me and kissed me fully on my lips, I didn’t struggle, I didn’t push him away, and so he continued. I was kissing him back, I was enjoying the feel of his hands on my [email protected], he was squeezing it softly and gently, it was painful and sweet at the same time, and then he went further by unbuttoning my trousers, he was trying to put his hands inside my private parts and then I stopped him. I caught his hand and sat up. “Joe please stop. What is wrong he asked? I’ve not done this before I answered. He turned and looked at me and said lies. U are lying. A big girl like you, how can u tell me that. I looked at him again and told him I was not lying. I haven’t done it before and I don’t want it now.

Do u love me? He asked, love? Just now? How did we get here just now? I don’t know I replied. I may love u because since yesterday I cannot explain how I feel for you, but please let’s not rush things please I said.it’s okay he replied as he left me, picked up a shirt that was on his bed and told me,I will be outside the house is hot. With this he went outside and all plea from me to him to stay fell on deaf ears.

After waiting for Joe for like 15mins without seeing him, I picked my plates and left his room. I was feeling so bad. What was happening? Soon Joe came back but not to my room. He didn’t even call me, he just went past my room to his own room. He didn’t talk to me for the rest of the day. And that was how my whole day became so moody

Next morning before I woke up, Joe had already gone to class . I came home few hours later and sat outside since he wasn’t back. And about an hour later, I saw him coming home with a fine slim tall beautiful girl . I couldn’t explain the kind of anger I felt but I was angry. He walked past me wit the girl. I greeted him and he answered me without even looking at me. The girl also greeted me and walked past me. They both entered his room closing the doors behind me.

Why would Joe suddenly start treating me like I don’t exist. I waited for Lucy to come home, and then I told her all that has happened, she blamed me for pushing him away to another girl and saying guys like Joe are rare and I should be glad he likes me.

I felt bad but I was head strong .. Just because I refused to have s£x with him he chose another girl? That means all he really wanted was to have s£x with me, let him go joor, am okay without him. .l said these words to myself and went to my room to sleep. I must take this guy from my thoughts.I was unhappy but what can I do about it? Nothing!

Do u think Joe really likes me? Or he just wants to have s£x?

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