Kiss me one more night

k-ss me one more night – Episode 20

k-ss Me One More Night – Episode 20
© Rosemary Okafor

“You are pregnant!”

Grace has been sitting in her office since that Thursday morning, she wasn’t in the mood to do any work at all, those words from her doctor kept her week since she left his office;

“How?” she had asked Doctor Harts

“I should be asking you that Ma’am, when you came here to remove the IUCD you said you are no longer with your husband, and it was no longer necessary, so …” Doctor Harts said

“Yes yes yes…”

She had come back to him to remove the IUCD, she didn’t want to be constantly reminded of the grievous thing she did to Ken.

“…I know you to be a very careful woman, so when I saw your result yesterday, I thought maybe you just want to have a child” Doctor Harts was saying

There was no other explanation to her getting pregnant than the single night she was lost in passion with Ken.

“Thank you so much Doc” she said and stood up to go

He stopped her as she was about to open the door;

“I think you should keep it Grace, you may not know the miracle a child could bring” he said to her

She nodded and hurried out of his office, she didn’t know how she got to her office, she couldn’t believe that she could come to this point in her career life where she would be made to choose between becoming a mother and moving ahead in her job.

“Welcome Ma’am” Imelda greeted her with concern

They had left home together, and Grace dropped her off while navigating towards Duro Soleye Hospital, BY Kudirat Abiola Way.

“Thank you” she said

“Did anyone look for me, any call…message or mail?” she asked Imelda, trying to pretend like everything was fine

“No message, there is a mail from Strong Tower Insurance company …” Imelda said

“Oh good, I have been expecting their responds since Monday, I will go through the mail immediately…”

“And you had a call by Mr. Morg-n, he said I should tell you to please agree to see him one more time” Imelda added

“I don’t want to see him Imelda, any other message?”

“Yes… he… brought Breakfast for you…” Imelda rushed the last message, holding her hands together nervously she didn’t know what Grace’s reaction would be

What is wrong with that Man? Grace thought, he thought he could buy her with gifts and flowers, he has been on this about a week, bringing breakfasts and flowers to her, twice she had turned the delivery guy away, but it kept coming. He had sent her an SMS, stating that he would continue to do that even if she did not like it until she agreed to go on a date with him one more time.

Mary had been the one feeding her already fat self with the meals all the time and commenting on how rom-ntic Morg-n was, while Lamenting on how old fashioned her husband was;

“If not that my Village people will be on my case, I would have dated this Man I swear” she had said one morning, liking the sauce from the plate that one had chicken wings and pancakes in it.

“You can as well Divorce your Husband and profess love to Mr. Morg-n, I guess he would be thrilled” Grace had said to Mary

“Ah ah now, I can’t do that, and besides he doesn’t fancy Orobo like us” Mary replied

“Ehen! So rest na, and enjoy your free breakfast while it last, until it get stuck in your throat” Grace told her

“See grace, no make me swear for you o, no make this my morning enjoyment end, can’t you see girlfriend? This man loves you, he has shown that in every way possible” Mary pleaded

“No Mary, he just wants a trophy, a beautiful lady by his side, nothing more” Grace corrected

“And what is wrong with that? A man wants what he wants, relax girl and enjoy the money” grace had said.

Grace had ignored his calls, she decided not to respond to any of his messages but he had kept trying,

“That Man is not giving up anytime soon Ma” Imelda said to her

She was still standing, waiting for Graces reaction towards the food

“he is the least of my problems now Imelda” Grace said and was about entering her office when Imelda asked

“What about the breakfast Ma”

“Share it with Mary”

“Mary is not here yet Ma”

“It’s obvious, she wouldn’t have waited for me before diving on the food” Grace said and worked into her office.

She opened her mail box to read the mail sent to her, but she couldn’t, her mind kept wondering

“I am so foolish, how could I have allow this to happen?” she said to herself

“I am so stupid, God! How can I be blinded with passion that I forgot to ask him to use protection?” she mumbled under her breath

And Ken should have known, or did he deliberately skip using c-ndom? Just to make sure she becomes pregnant and come back to him? That could explain why he was just being too nice irrespective of what she did to him, No Man would forgive so easily the way he did, she thought.

“He want to get back at me, to spite me, so I can come crawling back to him and he will then give me the treatment he know I deserved” she muttered

“How shouldn’t I have seen this? He had studied my circle when we were still married and possibly he set me up… could he has known that I no longer have the IUCD?” she was confused

“I want to if you need anything Ma” Imelda walked into her office

She had wanted to ask her Madam what the medical report said, Grace had woken up with fever and low appetite on Tuesday, she gave her

‘Panadol’ when they came back from work that Tuesday night, but it became worst on Wednesday, she insisted that Grace should see a doctor on their way back

“Am fine Imelda”

“You have not eating anything” Imelda pointed out

“I really don’t feel like it Imelda” Grace replied

“But you have to eat some…”

“What is it Imelda? Do you realize that I am not a kid and is capable of taking care of myself, if I say I don’t want to eat then that is it, beside I am your boss here you don’t talk to me like I am under your care” Grace snapped

“Sorry Ma, I was only looking out for the woman that has been looking after me, am just concerned, forgive me for bothering you” Imelda said and made for the door.

“Imelda…” Grace called her back

“Am sorry, am really sorry, just that I am miserable right now…” she broke down in tears

“Is it what the Doctor said?” Imelda asked her, Grace nodded in affirmative

“What is it? What did he say to make you cry like this?” Imelda asked, holding Grace’s hands tenderly

“I can’t tell, not here at least” Grace said

“It’s okay if you don’t want to say anything now, you will be fine…”

“Hey ladies… what gist did I miss this morning?” said Mary from the hall

Grace dashed in,side the bathroom to freshen up, she doesn’t want Mary to see her crying and begin to ask questions, Imelda stood up from the chair and straightened her cloth, and Mary made her noisy entrance


It has been a progressive week for Ken, everything was working out perfectly, with some advice from Grace, he was able to look into the report he had drafted and made some corrections,

“I owe you for this my small woman” he had said to her over the phone on Tuesday

“You don’t owe me anything K, and don’t call me ‘small woman” she had said

“But you are small” he argued

“I am not! Am just petite, there is a different” she had defended

He loved arguing with her on this, he knew it stroke a nerve whenever he called her ‘small’ but he loved the look on her face when she tried to defend herself, he wished he could see her face and how she would stand on her toes to prove that she was not as small as he thought;

“See! See!! I am almost at your shoulders” she would say, measuring her height with his body.

Ken had noticed the strain in her voice that Tuesday Morning,

“Are you alright Grace?” he had asked

“Yea, just a little feverish” she had responded

“You need to go see a doctor for a proper test”

“Don’t worry, I will be fine, one I take a Panadol”

He had insisted that she visited the hospital on Wednesday when he called her, she was reluctant though.

He has been trying her number since that Thursday morning and her line has not been available. He looked at his wrist watch; it was almost four pm,

“I need to know what is going on with her” he looked around him, he still have a lot to do, he has not been steady in the  office for some time, and he needed to go through his sales and records to make sure the sales persons there were not siphoning his money.

To be continued

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