ERUKA (episode 11)

© Oby Chinyere
I sat with Mara and planned on how to move, she told me she will go over to his street, very close to his house and act like she was stranded, and with that she will be able to get to Bazil. She asked me not to bother doing anything, that she will do all the work and collect my money, she said I don’t need to pay her or worry over anything, I should just relax that she will recover my money from him, which was all I needed, I don’t care about Bazil, if he lives or die, that’s not my problem again, my main focus now is my money and I was glad I will get it back, even if is half, Mara will help me achieve that.
Mara said I should just trust her, she told me that after collecting the money from him which will be a gradual process she will render him useless before dumping him, even though I don’t trust her but I’m ready to risk it.
I gave her his house address and his picture and she proceed, I try to give her money to buy enough recharge card so that she can call me ones she and Bazil meet, she will just call and after I pick the call she will leave it so that I can be listening to their conversation, Mara told me not to bother myself by giving her money that she will recharge enough card on her phone and will call me immediately she starts speaking with him, I nodded, she said she will drop her car and go like a broke girl, which was a good idea, I asked her to change the way she saved my name to something less suspicious so that Bazil will not know that he has being set up, she agreed and quickly came up with an idea which sound pleasant, she changed my name to kid sister, so that even if she calls or I calls her, Bazil will not suspect anything, he will think that is her younger sister that is calling. It was all a good plan and I hope it turned out as planned
As she left I went to the market, I retrieved my phone from the shop, the phone was off so I quickly charge it and call Bazil that I just bought the phone and he was happy, he remind me of giving him back the money he loan to me for the phone and that I should add interest on it so that he can return it back t the owner, and also his upkeep money.
I smile and nodded to myself, Bazil was indeed shameless reminding me of all of that, by the time Mara start executing the plan, he will be force to go and get a job because I know Mara will drain him until he is dried up.
Through out that evening I did not hear from Mara, I decided to call her when I got home from the shop that night
And she told me that she went over just as we agreed and she pretend to be stranded when she saw him coming, and he was so willing to help her when she asked for his help, they later exchange number and she left, Mara said that she just ended a call with Bazil after he called to check up on her not long before I called. I asked her why she didn’t call me as we agreed and she said meeting with him happened so fast and there was no time to call, and she planned to call me this night to update me
So I suggested she record every call and chat with him so I will know how is all going, I hate to be left in the dark and she agreed to do that.
Two days later I decided to go over to Dave’s place, I silently prayed that he will be home.
I dressed up and went to his house, i knocked twice before he came to open, he was dressed up, I guess he was going out, Dave was surprise to see, I know he was not expecting me coming back to his house but here I am, I kept praying that he will be nice to me and forgive me for hurting him
“Ruka…uhmmm…Ruka…what are you doing here…
“I came to see, please we need to talk…can I come in…
He wasn’t sure if he should let me in or not but later give way for me to enter and I quietly went in and stood in the centre of his parlour, he came to stand in front of me, he kept some distance from me.
“So…what is that you want to talk about…
“Dave… is my sin so grave that you can’t even offer me a sit or even a drink, I know you hate me but please don’t treat me like a murderer…or the worst criminal on earth
“as you can see I was about going out before you came…so I don’t really have much time…point of correction I don’t hate you Ruka, you made your decision, you went with who you wanted to be with and I have accepted that already, and I seriously don’t want to talk about it…is all fine, we have both moved on…
“Dave, will you ever forgive me…I know I wronged you…I know I don’t deserve a kind and loving man like you…I betrayed you…I know all my sins Dave…all I asked is for you to please for give me…I am deeply sorry…please…Dave…
“Wait a second…is this is all you came for…then I’m sorry to say that you have wasted your time coming down here Ruka… I have forgiven you even before now…let’s try not to talk about it, is in the past now, and hope he has not left you again for another woman and you remembered that I exist…
“why are you so harsh to me…if you have truly forgiven me you won’t be sounding and acting all angry…yes, I’m no more with Bazil, he didn’t leave me for another woman rather I left him, it was time for me to move on, and I’m just here to make amend with you…
“and for me to fall for your tricks because Bazil is no more in the picture…and ones you succeeded in making me to fall face down for you…you will leave me again and run back to him, probably when he comes begging…I won’t give you another chance to hurt me again…I loved you Ruka…how could you do that…you made me look so foolish…you betrayed the good trust and feeling I had for you, even if you did not want me again isn’t it proper for you to at least tell me, and leave me to nurse my heart…It would have being better than…lying to me, deceiving me and making me look like a fool, all I wanted for you was nothing but the best, I loved you Ruka, I was ready to support you to any length, I have a big plan, a big picture, I wanted you to be one of the youngest
entrepreneur ever sorted after, I loved your spirit of hustle, you were strong and hærdworking, and you do it all with joy, I wanted more for you that was why I never said no to you anytime you ask for anything…Ruka I thought we got future together…I thought we were headed somewhere I never knew you were using me to chill for the moment until your ex returns back to you, and when he finally came back you moved on and continue to deceive me…if not that I caught both of you k-ssing that day I will never have found out what was happening…you would have keep leading me along…you and your boyfriend will turn me into whatever you want and you will be the pioneer, calling me fool behind… all because I love you…the same Bazil you complained off, he beats you, cheat on you and spend your money on other women…I seriously don’t understand you…how can you still go back to the same person, if you have left me to be with a better man who loves and supports you It wouldn’t be so painful …I will not be so broken the way I felt…but for a man like Bazil…I almost thought something was wrong with me…because I couldn’t understand what kind of love will make you go back to such a man…then I realize that you are probably confuse…you don’t really know what you want…and you were blind not to be able to know your right from your left…Ruka…I told you I don’t want to talk about this…anytime I remember it I feel so angry all over again…and I hate this conversation…I don’t want to be angry with you for making your decision, rather I want to respect it and leave the past where it belong… Ruka please…don’t remind me of what I’m trying to forget…is so painful….
“I couldn’t tell you when Bazil came back, because I don’t know how you will take the news, I was scared…I did not want to hurt you…it was never in my intention…Dave…I’m sorry, please…I’m really sorry for everything, I’m not here for you to accept me back but to make amend, you supported me and build up my business when it was about to collapse, you were there when I needed a friend, I took your love for granted and I am deeply sorry…I regretted it all…I made a big mistake that I will forever regret…i don’t want to be taking back because I don’t even deserve a good man like you, but if I’m giving another chance just to be a friend…I will try everything possible to right my wrongs…everyone deserve a second chance…I just want to be a friend…that’s all I ask…please don’t treat me like your enemy…
He looked at me and then looked at my mouth and back to my eyes…he fold his hand into a fist and shake his head, he seem to be battling with something as I kept pleading, when I felt I was getting somewhere with him, I was gradually getting his attention as he started looking at me fully, I moved very close to him and tried to hold his hand which he didn’t resist, I moved even more closer and went into his arm, I wrapped my hands around him, he didn’t reciprocate neither did he push me away, he felt so warm, and I knew I have really missed him, I felt tears in my eyes as I wondered why I ever chose somebody like Bazil over him, he was what most girls will call a perfect man, many will do everything to have him and keep him to their selves forever, what was I even thinking, hurting a man who has never made me feel bad about myself, I remember the way he use to hold me and k-ss me, he was always gentle, he treated me with respect unlike Bazil. I wanted Dave to hold me like he use to but I know that will be asking for too much, just a little patient and it will happen.
He was looking straight ahead and after sometime he looked down at me before biting his l-ips, he place his hand on my wa-ist and when I thought he was going to k-ss me he didn’t instead he pushed me away from him and stepped back from me
“I have to go out Ruka…stop tormenting me…you have already hurt me so much…I can’t do this with you again…I can’t…I don’t want to give another chance and allow you hurt me all over again…
“I promise never to hurt you Dave…I promise…please, just another chance to make it up to you…another chance to right my wrongs…I promise not to hurt you…do not accept me back in your love life…I just want to be a friend…everyone deserve a second chance…accept me as a friend…
“we can’t be friends…can’t you see that…I can’t be just a friend with you…you know that already…whenever you are close to me my emotion is running wide…despite the hurt I can’t push you away or out of my house…because…I hate to see you hurt, but you enjoyed hurting me…how I’m I sure your ex won’t show up again and you trash me into the bin and move back to him
I tried to reassure him with everything in me that it will never happen but he was proving difficult to believe me, he asked me to leave that he wants to go out so I started walking away, I left him standing, after sometime I hærd him locking his door but I didn’t bother looking back as I crossed his gate and left, I walked slowly hoping he will call me back but he never did, I was almost getting to his estate gate, on my way out to the main road I hærd a car horn, he drove beside me
“Ruka…Come in let me drop you close to your place…
I smile and rush to the car before he will change his mind, he didn’t say a word or even look at me, as he drove on, he did not look at me until he got to a nearest bustop very close to my house, he turned and looked at me and I refuse to go down immediately, Dave took my hands into his, he squeezed it gently and said the best thing I wanted to hear
“I will check you in the market tomorrow…take care of yourself…I got to go…I’m already running late…
I nodded with a smile and with the emotion in my heart I k-ssed his cheek before getting down.
I stood as he horn again before driving off.
That night I remembered that Mara still haven’t called me since two days, so I called her
“Hello Mara, what is going on, no update from you, this is not what we plan…
“I know Eruka…I am doing my job, relax, don’t panic, if I keep calling you or you calling me it will distract me and Bazil may start suspecting that something is fishy, I have just recovered little cash from him which he gave me for shopping and making my hair, don’t worry I will be relating to you whenever I’m free to do that, trust me…I’m on top of things here…
I wonder why she keep saying I should trust her when she is making that difficult to do, if I know I would have handle Bazil myself and get all my money.
Well, let me not conclude yet, she maybe right. I just hope she will go accord
ing to the plan, all that matters to me now is Dave, Bazil can go to hell, and if Mara tries to outsmart me then she can join Bazil in hell, I will try not to hurt Dave ever again and i also Hope that Mara is on top of things as she claim to be.
I felt feverish that night, I threw up twice, I wonder why I was feeling that way and vomiting all of a sudden, I took some drugs before going to bed.
To be continued… 
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