k-ss me one more night – Episode 7

k-ss Me One More Night – Episode 7
© Rosemary Okafor

“Oga Ken, good evening sir” Chinyeaka greeted with excitement

She has been seeking for a way to get his attention for a month now, yet her efforts seem to have no avail on her element of attraction. She was the newest sales girl to Chief Ezenwanma who was generally known at Odun Ade Building Material market, for sacking sales girls for little or no reason and replacing them with new ones fresh from secondary school.

It was said that no sales girl has ever lasted eight months in his shop without him accusing her of either theft, sleeping in the shop while she was supposed to be making sales, or looking sed-ctively at his male apprentices popularly called ‘Umu boy’

The last girl that left before Chinyeaka was employed was accused of shaking her massive buttocks deliberately to entice Uche, Oga’s head boy.

According to Chief Ezenwamma, the evil intention of the poor girl was to sed-ce Uche into a relationship where both of them will start using his money to enjoy life, eating ‘nkwobi and isiewu’ the girl must go, so she would not corrupt his boys.

The Oldest sales girl in his shop is Ukwuoma, and she has been with him for a year and four months, when asked why he has not found fault in Ukwuoma, Chief would answer:

“Nwata nwanyi ahu wala anya eji akpota ndi afia (that girl is very smart and knows how to bring costumers”

“Ehen… Kedu ka imere? (How are you doing)” Ken replied absent mindedly

“Am very fine sir” she replied wiggling her body like a warm on a hook

Ken and Edu were about leaving the Restaurant where they had eaten Onugbu soup and fufu, when Chinyeaka entered.

“Chinyeaka didn’t you also see me here?” Edu rebuked the girl angrily

“Sorry Sir, I no remember, no vex” Chinyeaka pleaded

“Umuaka kitaa (Children of these days)” was all Edu could say

“Oga Ken Gonye nu m nri kam rie, (buy food for me to eat)” she said, disguising her voice to sound like that of a child, smiling and batting her eye lids.

“Ehmn who has the one you want to buy kwanu?” Ken asked with toothpick hanging from his mouth.

“Na my madam get am o, she say make I buy food for am” Chinyeaka said while moving her body to the rhythm of Mr Flavour’s “Ukwu nwanyi owerri” blasting from the old speaker in the Restaurant,

“Nwanyi Owere! Biko Nye nwata nwanyi a nri ka orie, ya akarikwana two hundred (Owerri woman, give this young lady food to eat, it must not be more than two hundred naira worth of food” Ken said while walking out with Edu

Chinyeaka never wanted to eat anything, she just had her normal big pepsi and gala, she only wanted to establish a conversation with the Man of her dream, Ken.

“Madam abeg use the two hundred give me dry meat, I dey watch my weight” she said when she was sure Ken and his friend were gone


“Anambara man! Ewo! You no dey play with money o, see as babe wan make you buy food for am, you dey give am only two hundred naira food” Edu teased, pushing him softly by the shoulder

“Watin she wan chop? Na elephant? Me how much I chop? If not that I will be going to bible study from here, I wouldn’t waste my money buying food here, I for take time arrange my own soup, you know na” Ken defended

“Abegi… no dey tell me about your food again, the one you will not share with me after cooking, like you did the other day” Edu accused

“Ehen, who was the babe that you arranged that ‘ofe-akwu ‘ for the other day I was in your house?” Edu asked

“Edu please don’t start again, ah ah! I said there was no babe, at least not what you are thinking” Ken said

“Eehee? So there was a babe but not what I’m thinking… okay… oya tell me, what type of babe was she? Your sister?” Edu Probed

Ken couldn’t keep it secret to his friend and best man that Grace do visit him once in a while after they got divorced, and that it was Grace whom had kept him looking out of the window from his sitting room the day he prepared the ‘ofe-akwu’ waiting for her arrival

“It was Grace” he said

“You said who? O boy eh… I thought you guys are no longer together” Edu asked

“No… I mean yes… Edu you will not understand, this wh0le thing is complicated”

They have gotten to Ken’s shop, the one he used as his main office, edu would have wanted them to stand there and finish that discussion, but Ken dismissed him with a joke

“My man, tell me more, so you have been strafing something… no wonder you never took the advances from these ladies serious” Edu said, giving ken a knowing mischievous look

“onweghi mgbe idighi ekwugheri (you always talk rubbish) who is strafing who? She only came few times to pick somethings that was all

“Few times cha! My friend I must hear the end of this story o” Edu was excited

“ Nwokem jebe na shop gi, go to your shop its already five thirty, I want to start going to church” Ken said while laughing

Edu had already turned towards the road leading to his shop, but he was not satisfied with the little gist giving to him by Ken, he had always prayed that him and Grace would realize their mistakes, settle their differences and come together again

According to him, no woman fits Ken perfectly like Grace did, though both of them came up with this incompatibility nonsense, as the reason why they were getting divorced, he did not believe that.

“I must show for your house this night o, we must finish this discussion” he said as he walked away

“Go and get married so you can stay with your wife in the night, stop disturbing people when they are supposed to be sleeping” Ken shouted behind him


It was past eight thirty before Chinyeaka got to her house at Moshalashi Street, a one room apartment she shared with her cousin, it wasn’t so difficult to convince her cousin that she was coming back from a church program she was invited by one of the sales girls earlier that day.

“And when did you start attending to church programs” her cousin had asked

Knowing very well that Chinyeaka was not one who would lose her favorite Telemondo series ‘King of hearts’ to attend to any church program, besides, Chinyeaka has not even been to any church for the past one month.

“As my wahala don plenty na, na him make I follow my friend go deliverance for their church, see eh! That man of God too powerful, if you see as him dey command devil like say na him senior am…” Chinyeaka Narrated

“Did he pray for you?” her cousin asked curiously

“Yes now, the Man just dey command every spirit of stubbornness to die by fire, na so I dey shout, Amen! Amen!! Amen !!!, no be small thing o” chinyaka was dramatizing the section

“Thank God for you o” her cousin said with joy

“Halleluya!!” replied Chinyeaka.

Chinyeaka never knew she was this good at lies and fabricating stories, she had followed Ken to Church, just to be able to establish a cordial relationship, she already knew his days of weekly activities so she had decided to play her cards well.

She had carefully scanned through the pews and spotted him at the third Role, she had taken her seat two roles behind his, immediately after service, she located his car and hung around it.

“Oga Ken good evening sir” she had greeted

“Oh! Nne, do you attend this church? I have not seen you here before” Ken had asked,

“Yes sir, I always sit at the back sir” she lied so smoothly

“Okay, I didn’t know o” ken said

Chinyeaka make towards the church gate, while praying seriously that Ken would call him back for a lift.

Ken walked towards his car, opened the driver’s door, brought the car to life, drove toward her close to the church gate and stopped

“Which side are you going, so I can drop you”

“I no dey go far sir, just the other road o” She pretended not be interested while she prayed in her heart for him not to change his mind.

“No worry, it’s already late, make I drop you”

The interior of his Toyota Avalon 2014 model blew her away, the cold air from the AC hit her in the face and sent a cold chill through her body down to her toes, as she sank into the soft car seat, she blessed the woman whom had left Oga Ken for desperate girls like her.

The s-nsational voice of Rihanna ‘we find love’ saturated every part of the car as they drove in silence, Chinyeaka sang along, wiggling her body and making sure her voice was noticed by Ken.

When he dropped her at the junction that led to her street, she wished he would have stayed a little longer to watch her swing her hips for him as she walked home, but he zoomed off immediately her legs touched the ground.

She sat on her side of the bed, which also served as cushion, her cousin was fast asleep after the heavy Eba and egusi soup they eat, but she could not sleep, she kept reminiscing on the beautiful moments in his car, the scent of his collagen, the feel of his hand on her bare arms as he helped fasten the seat belt, she wanted his hand to linger, but it was over before she knew it.

She needed to get closer to him, so he can see her not like any other sales girl but as a woman capable of satisfying him and filling his loneliness, she must come up with a plan.

The thought lingered in her mind and sent her to sleep finally.


That same Night, Grace woke up to a tape at her door, she was afraid to open at first, but when she peered through the door h0le, there she was, standing in her night gown, her hair unkept, her eyes swollen and red, her lips with a bruise, Grace quickly opened the door, pulled her into an embrace and allowed her cry on her shoulder.

She didn’t ask her much question, Ahmad had beating her again, dragged her out of the house in her night gown and shut the door.

Imelda refused to eat, she stared at nothing like a deranged woman, grace took her to her room,  cleaned her bruises covered her with the only duvet in the room and went back to the sitting where she slept till morning.

To be continued

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