Korey Episode 32

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chapter 32- catching feelings

Jan was alre-ady discharged from the hospital. The wh0le pack members were happy to have her back home. They were all seated on the dinning having breakfast together with happy faces.
Jan was still feeling awkward about all and all. Korey was seated beside her…normally he sits opposite her but he chose to sit beside her.
She stretched her hands to the veggies and added some to her dish.
Korey looked at her and saw herl-ips moving in a 😯😋 way.
He gulped down and turned back to his food.
“um…wished mom was here” karissa said
“you can go see her someday” Sid replied since karissa happens to be the only one with her parents alive but far away.
“mom” jan thought as She remembered what was more like a dream.
She st©pped eating and korey noticed as he looked at her, she seemed lost
“mom?” she thought
“was my mom ever alive?” she thought as she sighed.
They were done with breakfast as jan hurriedly stood up going into her room.
korey watched her leave as he looked at the others and stood up going with her.

She got into her room as she ran to the mirror
“were you dreaming?” she asked herself
“ohhhh!!” jan gro-an ed and looked at her arm
“funny!” she said with a side smile
“you good?” korey asked from behind as she shook
“you startled me” she [email protected] as he laughed and walked to her
“saw your face during breakfast” he said
“oh…its nothing” she smiled
“you can open up to me” he said which took jan by surprise
“korey just said this??” she thought😯

“I guess it’s worth it” she said and explained all what she saw
“but I was told my mom died while giving birth to me” she said
“this is all confusing” korey said
“calm down and think of it…probably you’d remember something again” he said
“it all felt like they were my parents” she sighed as he held her shoulders
“jan” he called as she raised her head to look at him in the eye.
That same eye she stared into…..
His gaze fell to her arm as he had a sad face on
“hey..its okay.. you didn’t mean to” she said
“I still feel guilty” he replied as he began [email protected]£ss!ngthat arm. Jan refused to move a bit.
Korey walked closer to her as her head rested on his che-st. her hands went around his [email protected]!st as he hvgged her warmly.
That sweet Smell of her head went into his nostrils… they were like vanilla lattes
He smiled in plea-sure as he moved his hands around her back. Jan shut her eyes, “aren’t you going to work” she asked
“you’re more important” korey replied as she felt like a bell was rang in her head
‘did he just say I’m important!!” she thought

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She pu-ll-ed away from the hvg and smiled
“then we’ll work at home” she said as he wore this thinking face
“yippee… yup” he replied

Emmy was seated in Lucas office on his table as he walked in
“kitten!” he smiled as he walked to her, standing before her
“bad timing?” she asked
“what?…perfect timing” he replied
“what do you think.. I take you home…to my house?” he asked as she beamed happily
“yeah..love to” she smiled
“we’d go tonight… deal?” he smiled as she smiled in return
“deal” she replied

Silence took over for some secs, she bit her lowerl-ips and thought of what to say.
“we were doing something before” Lucas said
“oh..what’s that?” she asked not remembering anything
“at the hospital” he said as she did remember
She looked up at him to reply but got a k!ssfrom Lucas. She smiled between hisl-ips as she k!$$£d him back… pu-lling him more closer to her. Lucas k!$$£d her softly and gently as he encircled his hands around her [email protected]!st sliding them up and down.
He made his way between her legs as he slid his hands to her face, cupping them in his hands.
His hands then went below her Sk-irt as she [email protected] ed in plea-sure… that s-en-sation was like heaven on its own.

Korey was seated at the side of the be-d typing on his [email protected]©p same as Jan.
He had been eyeing her for the past few minutes.
“do you want to say something?” jan asked as she turned to him
“what! no” he replied
“then why do you keep looking at me!” she asked as she moved her stuffs closer to korey
” I’m here so don’t miss me” she smiled as he laughed
“you wish” he replied as he tried to reach for the popcorn before them but only s£nt their hands on themselves. Jan turned to him as he did same.
His hands were over hers and their face few inches away.
“uh..you can take that” jan stammered as she pu-ll-ed her hands away
“I’ll go get mine” she faked a smile as she stood up to leave but korey pu-ll-ed her Sk-irt down to sit her down but instead she tr!pp£dbefore him and fell against him s£nding his back to the be-d and his hands in her bu-tt……with theirl-ips against each other
Jan eyes went wi-de open same as korey… she blinked ra-pidly and tried to get off him but he turned her back to the be-d and went over her.
He looked down at herl-ips and at her eyes
“have I ever told you you’re beautiful?” he asked as she shook her head
“you’re beautiful” he smiled as she scoffed
“yeah…yeah” she laughed
“I’m being serious” he replied as he leaned forward to her and surprisingly k!$$£d her n£¢k
Jan [email protected] at that
“you’re not drun!kright?” she asked
“no…I’m not” he replied and k!$$£d her again
She swallowed heavily as she bit her lowerl-ips…
“you’re to be working” she said hoping he’d get off her
“why…you gon push me again?” he asked and remembered that night…it was really jan that pushed him but how.
He then got off her and sat on the be-d
“yeah…have you been feeling weird?” he asked
“yeah” she replied
“since when”
“it’s been long” she explained
“why did you ask” he asked
“nothing…I thought i was the only one” he lied
He didn’t want to ruin the moment with questions
“oh…I un-derstand… well kinda” she smiled as korey moved closer to her and took her hands in his.
“I’m really sorry for all my wrongs” he apologized as she gulped down
“you….” she [email protected]
“its okay…I un-derstand” she smiled
“to be frank…I thought I’d lose you” he whined and pu-ll-ed her to hvg
Jan smiled as she hvgged him back……if there’s anything she ever wants is to be happy with her husband

Emmy walked out of the car with Lucas. “really happy to be here again” she smiled
“well I’m more than you are” he smiled as he locked the doors and walked to her…wra-pping his hands around her shoulders as they walked in.
He got to the entrance and entered his [email protected] code.
“woah” she smiled as the door went opened he got into the large living room more like a kings sitting room…everything was all fancy.
Emmy was smiling alre-ady….”never knew it was like this” she smiled
“that’s because you never [email protected]£ here being yourself…either you’re drun!kor you’re unconscious” he laughed
“and the following morning… you barge out” he said as she scoffed
“duh..that’s all cos of you” she retorted.

Not so long Keegan, Lucas nephew walked out of the kitchen with a bowl of ch!ps
“we’re going upstairs” Lucas smiled as he held Emmy’s palm in his
“landlord Lucas brou-ght a girl home!” Keegan [email protected] as he hurriedly hid behind a chair
“your room?” emmy asked with a sm-irk
“uoooh!” he [email protected]
“mm…sounds sweet” Lucas laughed along with emmy
“if you say so” he sm-irked
“landlord is alre-ady a pr-stitute” he said with a disgusted face in his thoughts
“but wait this girl is pretty…and young… I must be older than her” he nods with a smile and crunched his ch!ps
“did you hear that?” Emmy asked after she heard the sound
“what?” Lucas asked
“it was like someone was munching ch!ps” she said as Keegan managed to step back slowly…but missed his steps and fell.

“Keegan!!!” Lucas exclaimed
“hi…hi” he stuttered
“hi!” emmy smiled
“what you doing here!” Lucas asked as he sat down…”what.. [email protected]£ to see you” he smiled
“arrgh…whatever…feel comfortable” Lucas said and walked away with emmy
“do it easily… you’re a novice though!!” Keegan exclaimed as Emmy laughed
“don’t lemme get you” Lucas replied as they both went to his room.

“I suggest you shower” emmy said
“yeah..I was about to” he said as he took of his clothes
“what the….!” emmy exclaimed as she shut her eyes
“what…!” Lucas laughed
“I’m in bo-xers” he added
“just go to the bathroom” she said
“let’s go together” he said as she let down her hand
“you and who?” she sm-irked
“really…fine” he frowned and went in with a towel
“you’d shower after I do…so get your nightie, from the other room” he said and went in

Lucas and emmy were both seated on the be-d.
“so what’s that thing you like ’bout me?” she asked
“everything!” he shrugged
“you gotta be kidding me… what do you know about me?” she asked
“what I need to know” he sm-irked
“oh..I see” she laughed

Silence took over….
“should i just tell him?” she thought
“no…to crazy…I can’t be the first to confess” she added
“what if he never asks you to be his girlfriend” she thought
“no…that’s not possible” she added and nodded
“what are you thinking of?” Lucas asked as soon as he noticed
“me?” she asked and stood up
“no..nothing” she faked a smile
“really…!” Lucas asked knowing she was lying
“you see…lately… I’ve not been myself” she started and turned back
“I’ve been thinking and thinking… that one guy has gotten my mind up so high” she started
“now all I want is just to be with him” she sighed
“I don’t want a one sided love….I alre-ady had enough” she sighed and felt Lucas hand around her [email protected]!st softly
“its not one sided….” he whispers into her ear
“that’s the same way I feel about you” he added as she turned back to look at him with a smile
“I love you kitten” he said into her eyes as he cu-pped her face.
“you opened my heart to new and wonderful things, you showed me what love really is….and showed me I really worth loving…. I don’t regret bu-mping into you” he said
“awww” she cooed
“kitten…” she asked
“yeah..that’s your nickname… you don’t expect me to call you Emmy” he laughed
“or….you want stray cat?” he asked as she slightly punched him
“ow!” he laughed as he pu-ll-ed her to himself
“I’m not gonna let any Zane take you away from me” he said as she laughed
“I love you lucas, you’re the only one who gave my heart some excitement and thrills when I’m with you I feel I’m at the right place” she said as he k!$$£d her soft pinkl-ips softly.
Emmy didn’t hesitate to k!sshim back….she did with excitement as they made a stumbling movement back to the be-d.
Lucas fell on his back as emmy went over him…k!ss!nghim like there’d be no other time.
“landlord!!!” Keegan called as he walked into Lucas room and [email protected]
“OMG!!!” he [email protected] as he shut his mouth with his palms
They couldn’t even notice his pres£nce💯


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