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KpaKpa Grammar School batch 2




-Episode 4

Dandy rode his bicycle with a box of ice cream on the front, if he had known the school very well. He would have avoided it like biblical hell fire, he rode to a tree shade far away from the school main building, close to the basket ball building were an incomplete building is situated just after the basketball court. A structure that the contractor have stole the money and ran away without completing, modus-operandi of Nigerians in power.

Distance voice: make ona come out for break time, mumu children [and noises erupt round the school as students marches out to have their lesson break]

Dandy: [smiling] my mind nofit lie, I be the only ice cream boy for this school environment, I must sell all my ice cream.

Cindy: [comes out of the midst of black and white, she walks to Dandy] how much for your ice cream?

Dandy: [grinning happily] fine girl, as na you. na just twenty twenty naira for one.

Cindy: [winks at him] I wan buy two, but I no get money to pay. But if you follow me enter that building [points the incomplete building some feet away from the basket ball court] you know na [smiling and licking her lips seductively]

Dandy: [his d_ick twitches in his brief] this ona school nodey thief?

Cindy: [touches his chest] them nodey thief na, the principal na very strict man. Nobody go fit try am.

Dandy: oya make we dey go. [Parks his bicycle and follows Cindy who leads the way]

The students started jubilating as they watched them enter inside the incomplete building, with speed of light all of them ran towards were the ice bicycle was parked to take one each for themselves.

Nonso: hey hey! Ona dey mad?! [he runs faster to overtake the others before him]

Mr. Johnbull the principal of the school was in his office having a quiet time, when two people on corper uniform appeared at his doorpost.
He asked them to come in and they did.

Corper Oyin: good morning, sir. Am by name corper Oyin Akindele.

Corper Aisha: am corper Aisha Ahmed, we are both transferred here.

Principal: you both are welcome, you can make yourselves comfortable, for years now government have stopped sending corpers to this school, I was surprised to know of you guys. But all the same, you guys are welcome.

Corper: thank you sir, we just came in to the village now.

Principal: your rooms are already prepared, the corpers quarter is in good shape. Let me send for the Senior Prefect to take you there. [Just then a students walks pass the principal’s office licking ice cream] hey you, come here!

Steven: [grumbles inaudibly] this man again [walks in the office] sir, I greet oh. You say my come?

Principal: yes, go call ona SP for me [Aisha and Oyin exchange glances] tell am say make em come now now, the new corpers them don come.

Steven: em never come school oh, make I go check if em don come [he quickly runs out of the office]

Oyin: sir, you allow them to speak pidgin, I won’t tolerate that [the principal starts laughing] I don’t mean to be funny.

Principal: stay away from those devils if you don’t want to be ruined.

Cindy stepped into one of the incomplete rooms without roof, brushed aside the elephant grasses that stood tall. Dandy helped her out and they made quite a good space to carry out the act.

Cindy: [raises her school’s skirt up to her waist] hope say you sabi f_ck and your thing big oh!

Dandy: [quickly removes his belt and pulls down his trouser, with his boxer coming down to his kneels] see am na, I nodey carry small thing waka.

Cindy: [turns back and sees it, she wraps it with her palm] correct guy, na the type I dey like to s_uck and f_uck. Long, strong, black, and curvy.

Dandy: [Cindy kneels in betwixt his legs and takes his hard d_ick in her mouth] ahhh! choii! ewooohh! this girl don finish me! aahh ayyhh!! [groans loudly with his eyes rolling]

Episode 5

Beside the SSS3 class corridor, a branch of tree giving two guys who leaned on the window side shade. And another student who stood before them telling them something, Theo the Senior prefect of the school was the one arms folded hugging it to himself, beside him is Caleb his assistant.
While the one talking to them is Segun.

Segun: [he kicks his leg in the air] that goal too sweet me, naso Papa Ijebu go off television as Man U score Arsenal.

Steven: [enters] good afternoon SP, good afternoon Dsp and senior, Bulldog say my call you.

Theo: [hisses] tell am say I dey come, in fact tell am say I get running stomach and I don go house for treatment.

Steven: [climbs the pavement and whispers to Theo] one fine female corper don enter school.

Theo: [a hand pats him on the back and he turns] Joy, w€tin happen again? principal say my come.

Joy: [rolls her eyes] I just clean something for your back, make you nodey form like say I like you. [She hisses and walks away]

Theo: guys, my go see Bulldog, I dey come. [He leaves]

Steven: [points his back and starts laughing, Segun and Caleb joins him. Without him knowing they starts slapping him] aaahhh! I don come down from the pavement na! make ona stop na!! [he runs away]

Caleb: Joy no get Joy at all [laughing] see w€tin she do her crush, I tell Theo say make em f_uck this girl before she go give am rat chop chop one day.

Segun: guy, pub dey come oh! [both of them walks away].

The principal and the two new corpers came out of his office discussing seriously and laughing, Theo walked up to them.

Theo: sir, you say my come?

Oyin: is this the senior prefect?

Principal: [ignores Oyin] go show them the corpers lodge.

Theo: [without looking back] make ona follow me, no time to check time.

Aisha: [reads the paper gummed on Theo’s back] you see this goat? na for sell, just ten naira [she starts laughing]

Principal: [laughing] Theo! Theo!! Theo!!! fine boy, escort them oh! ndor!! [he returns to his office]

Oyin: [laughs and stops] I will make sure I end all these madness in this school.

Both of them went after Theo, who was ahead of them walking without waiting for them.

Back to were Cindy and Dandy are….

Cindy: [pulls out his h_ard d_ick from her mouth and gets up] oya, na your turn to make me shout.

Dandy: you be bad girl oh! who teach you how to give blow job like that?

Cindy: I dey watch p_orn na, you tok dey talk. F_uck me jare! [she carries her skirt up to her waist, Dandy pulls down her pant to her waist]

Dandy: spread your legs well [Cindy spreads her legs making the pant hanging on her kneels to stretch] see yansh oh my goodness [he spits on his palm and rubs it on his har_d di_ck]

Cindy: [holds the wall and pushes her a_ss backwards, Dandy separates her ass cheeks and penetrates his h_ard d_ick] aaahhh! aahhh! Aaahhh! f_uck me fast! [she bites her lower lips]

Episode 6

Aisha and Oyin walked faster to catch up with Theo who wasn’t minding the distance he has created in betwixt them, they walked pass a big school farm and then a big mango tree.
After Theo walked past the big tree he walked directly to a building the painting was almost washing as proper maintenance was lacking, the repainting is an illusion as the Government have already forgotten about the building and the principal doesn’t seem to be interested about the so called corper’s building.

He removed a key from his pocket and trotted forward to the gate, he insert the key in the hole and turned the rusted gate gave cracking sounds and gave way to a compound. The weeds in the compound have already been taken care of and frequently swept over the years by the junior an instruction from the seniors, it was always used as end of year night party venue for the students.

Oyin: [eyes him menacing] what was the meaning of this nonsense?

Theo: [scoffs] you see that room [points a room at the right wing, the rooms were four in each wings and a kitchen is stationed at the other end with restrooms] na your room be that.

Oyin: [snarls] don’t ever dare speak such English before me, if you can’t speak queen English keep shut!

Theo: [chuckles] no be only queen English, na king English I go speak. aunty corper the next room na your own, I will come back later to check on you [Theo walks away ignoring their stares]

Aisha: [laughing] this school is na wa oh!

Oyin: what do you mean by that? ‘Cause with what am seeing, these students lack proper home training and proper discipline.

Aisha: Oyin, please for now, lets get our rest.

Both of them agreed to that notion and they dragged their bags along to their various rooms.

At the back of the class verandah was a girl glued to a boy’s body, he held her b*uttocks with his both palms squeezing it roughly as both of them were kissing, a boy walks in on them and Mmesoma broke the kiss and saw her boyfriend Jude, Mmesoma was a rich kid from a rich parents, she is the one providing most of the cameras for blackmail.

Mmesoma: Jude wait na! [she quickly runs after Jude and grabs his wrist] am sorry, is just a harmless kiss.

Jude: [shakes his head] yesterday na harmless se*x in the toilet, today na harmless kiss, the next one will be harmless ba*nging.

Mmesoma: [blushes profusely] no vex sweetheart, you know na only you I love. I just want change oil, I nofit leave you, you know I love. I bought something for you.

Jude: [eyes widen in amazement] talk truth, you buy something for me?

Mmesoma: I buy phone for you.

Boy: [glares at both of them] sas you don make me h*ard, if no be say you be my senior ehnn [he mumbles and leaves the lovers]

Jude was so happy about the the idea of having a mobile phone, he had never dreamt of having one ’cause his parents can’t even afford it, no matter what Mmesoma does he couldn’t leave her ’cause she is a financial bedrock to him.

Two girls were sitting under a tree behind them are students play soccer, Tina and Sandra were the ones under the tree. Tina is a girl in SSS2 while Sandra is in SSS3, three of them are extremely beautiful but Tina is the most beautiful girl in the school, Cindy and the two girls are best of friends.

Tina: where is Cindy na? the ice cream boy never still c*um or them dey for round two?

Sandra: na w€tin me no understand again oh, her own share go soon melt finish oh.

Tina: [sees Theo walking pass] sweetheart, Sp come na.

Theo: [sees her and his mood brightens] my Tin tomatoes [he walks to were they are] how far Sandra?

Sandra: [sighs] I just dey oh, you don see Cindy?

Theo: [breaks the hug with Tina and shakes his head] no, I go carry those useless corpers go their lodge, that new corper go ’cause trouble if we no do something quick oh [he warns]

Back to were Dandy and Cindy were having se*x.

Cindy: [pushes her a*ss backwards as Dandy’s thrusts becomes faster] ahhh! Aahhh! [she mo*ans and starts removing her buttons quickly, she didn’t wear any bra] press my brea*sts oohh.

Dandy: [every contacts produce slapping sound of kpakpa] aahhh! Aaahhh! [he gets holds of her br*easts and starts squeezing]

Cindy: faster am there… Oohh oohhh aaahhh [his balls slapping on her cli*ts pushes her over the edge, and she uses her right hand to stimulate her cl*it faster] aaahhh aahhh [she tigtens her pu*ssy walls around his har*d d*ick]

Dandy: aaaaaaaaahhh [he pulls out immediately and starts spurting loads of c*um on the grasses] you sweet die!

Cindy: [cries out as she releases, catching her breathes] you sabi fu*ck oh! Just dey come this school everyday, pu*ssy no be problem.

Dandy took his d*ck back to his brief and zipped up, Cindy pulls back her pa*nt to her waist and drags her skirt down. She wiped the sweats on her face and put back her buttons in place.

Dandy was so happy that the school girls are very cheap, just mere two ice cream he had se*x with this beautiful girl. Both of them left the place, how wish he knows what awaits him. He wouldn’t be smiling broadly as they left.


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