Lost Career

Lost career episode 5 – 6



(💔 shattered Dream 💔 )





🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺 Lucrecia 🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺

When I got home,I met mum and dad conversing, well I don’t know and don’t ask me why cause they don’t seem to want me know. I greeted them and went upstairs,I changed into a top and shorts,I came downstairs to fetch something to eat so I discovered that there was some French fries and sausage and I picked them up and off to my room.
After one hour of practicing how I would talk to my parents,I prayed this should work I went to their room and I was ushered in by my dad.

Lucy:Mum,dad I came to talk to you

Mum:{with a shaky voice}about what?

Lucy:you are already tensed up mum it’s nothing bad

Dad:then it is good right?

Lucy: test it is good. Well erm erm to start first of all I want to appreciate you for taking care of me and the love you have shown me,I really appreciate it.

Mum:OK ,so proceed to the reason you are here

Lucy:Mum Are you chasing me{I said getting up from where I sat}

Dad:No no no don’t mind your mum,she is maybe a little stressed out.

Lucy:OK it’s about my life. Dad please I want you to consider the potential and talent given to me,Dad {I said with a teary eyes} I want to be a lawyer Please allow me to go for law. I have passion for this,mum please.
Dad:OK,I love the way you presented this matter{honestly she really got me but that does not mean I should allow her go for law I just want her to be a business woman it for her own benefits} well Lucy I am your Father,I know what is good for you. I can’t lead you to the wrong path you have to study business,my dear, please.


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your parents we have known you right from the beginning of your life up till this moments. We know the best for you

Lucy: OK if you insist no problem

Dad:That’s my darling


love you baby

Lucy:I love you both{I said defeated}

🌹🌹🌹🌹Cute Authoress 🌹🌹🌹🌹

Now Lucy have resign to fate that she is going for business. Well about her love life,her parents already know about it and they kind of accept it so she should also be happy with their opinion.
Lucy is disturbed about the whole thing she didn’t go to meet the counsellor again. she await her admission process to begin so she can get ready for the university.
She took up her phone and texted Jesse but he was not replying,she just dumped the phone on the bed. She was about to jump onto the bed when the phone rang. She took it and Jesse picture displayed on the screen she felt elated and answer the call. The duo conversed for a long time,before sleep wanted to take it’s course on Lucy,so they ended the call not without saying goodnight.



(💔 shattered Dream 💔 )




(The journey)

Dad:Now that you are going to the university,go and study and make me proud{I told my daughter with concern}

Mum:Yes you should go and focus on your studies and come out with good grades{I added to what my husband already said}

Dad:Lucy please be careful {I said with even more concern}


I will always be careful and I will try all my possible best to come out with good to come out with good grades to make you and Mum proud{I replied with sincerity in my voice cause I really want to make them proud but I think I can’t promise but I will try}

🌺🌺🌺🌺 Lucy Pov 🌺🌺🌺🌺

After the speech made by my Dad to focus on my studies that lasted for about 40 minutes to a hour. I get going ready to set for my journey . i felt awkward when i get to the car,Jesse was the one who offered to drive me to the university.


It was a 10 hours journey and must confess I am tired. I got down from the car and went straight into the adminstration office well not without Jesse trailing at my back.
The receptionist gave me my hostel number,my room key and other necessary things I might need. Jesse and I went into the room and settled down,Jesse helped me unpacked my luggage and he arranged everything for me. {That’s the work of love 😉😉 remind me not to leave, him no matter what I will always try to fix it}.

At 4 am the next day Jesse had woken up to begin his journey back home.

Jesse:Babe you know I don’t want to go cause I will miss you very much sweetheart {I just don’t want to go but who am I kidding she won’t allow me but seriously I will miss her,she is the only one who showed me so much love how will I not really really miss her even though I will be going to mine,I can’t help it🤧)

Lucy:You should know that I will miss you too like really really{wait no no no he can’t cheat on me I trust him but he should promise me} but promise me you won’t cheat on me.

Jesse:You also have to promise me{I trust her but she should also promise me cause I can’t afford to loose her}.

Lucy:I promise you

Jesse:I promise you too dear

Locked eyes staring deep into each others eyes I saw only love until he brushed his lips on mine I quickly deepen it,it’s was full of passion,love,care and promise it was a long kiss not until my phone rang out causing us to break the kiss and catch our breath we needed it but didn’t stop like the person really helped us stop. It was my Dad,we talked about the journey he even speak with Jesse before the call ended. I accompanied him to his car,he was about entering when he turned back suddenly and hugged me tight whispering “I love you baby only you and don’t forget your promise” into my ear I also replied him saying “I love you too and don’t forget your promise” he get into the car and drove off,I went back to my hostel to catch some sleep.


When he got home he called and that was when I realized how much I Already missed and will miss him more.
I got a personal timetable to keep me busy so as not to miss him too much. Every morning he will be the one to wake me and in the night we will chat or call till I sleep off,it has not been easy for me all through.
After Jesse’s call in the morning I get ready for lectures not without eating if am not late with my dressing and am never late I still don’t know how he does it but he always wake me one hour earlier than lectures even one’s that is to be takes very early and I don’t bother to ask cause it is helping me a lot. Some times I skip laugh because right after lectures I GI straight to the library for about two hours of practicing by the time I remember to check the time it either around 5 or 6 pm so I just go back home do some research and maybe assignment then rest for about 30 minutes or more after dinner before Jesse call me. We will talk till u sleep off,am always apologizing every morning for sleeping on call and he keeps on saying he understand that is due to stress I do get.{For I bless the day you created him 🤔} and like that we keep on going days turning into months and months turning into years.


who want to help Lucy cause it been stressful for her 😔😔

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